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Title: ROUND 7 RENSHAW'S PEDAL PROJECT BCC Road Series - Sutho Hill
Post by: Mark on June 06, 2021, 12:14:49 PM
40km 3-Roads Scratch Race (SUTHO. DRIVE FINISH)
Round 7 of the Renshaw's Pedal Project 2021 Road Series featured a hill top finish which produced results that have tightened up all 4 grades of the 2021 Renshaws Pedal Project Series with only a couple of rounds remaining.
Victory in A Grade going to Cowra hard man Jeremy Ryan who defeated promising young Bathurst Climber Cadel Lovett. Craig Hutton finishing very fast to race past Mark Windsor to snatch third, Jack Cannon rounding out the top 5 in front of David Nichalas who did a brave attack just prior to the hill, which made it very difficult for him on the climb.
The B Grade group came to the finishing climb all together where Will Lesh out climbed the bunch to defeat Dave Reece and Steven Scott who caught and passed Brad Rayner on the finish line. Ray Thorn is starting to come back to form after a recent setback rounded out the top5 in B Grade in front of Scott James Tony Shaw and Rocket Lovett.
Will be interesting to see C and D Grade Series points after the weekend with tear-away D Grade series leader Kevin Bell moving into C Grade for the last few rounds of the series, the likely series winners now difficult to pin-point in both Grades.
Damien Bennett continued his excellent form to win C Grade from talented young climber Charlotte Lovett who caught and passed Tim Roebuck on top of the Sutho Hill. Mick Foran pushed C Grade Series leader Rob Stephens back to fifth. New Starter Angus Mann rode well to defeat Jill Harris for 6th with Peter McKinnon Bruce Hutton and Kevin Bell rounding out the top 10.
Meanwhile young Orange cyclist Lachlan Crump showed he is a bit of a climber in D Grade, surprising everyone, including placegetters Peter Hickey and David Hyland with the speed at which he climbed the final hill.  Cathy Adams and Rosemary Hastings rounded out the top 5 ahead of junior country championship medallist Lara Allen.
Title: Re: ROUND 7 RENSHAW'S PEDAL PROJECT BCC Road Series - Sutho Hill
Post by: Mark on June 06, 2021, 11:44:34 PM
A Grade
1Jeremy Ryan 2Cadel Lovett 3Craig Hutton 4Mark Windsor 5Jack Cannon 6David Nicholas
B Grade
1Will Lesh 2Dave Reece 3Steven Scott 4Brad Rayner 5Ray Thorn 6Scott James 7Tony Shaw 8Rod Lovett
C Grade
1Damien Bennett 2Charlotte Lovett 3Tim Roebuck 4Mick Foran 5Rob Stephen 6Angus Mann 7Jille Harris 8Peter McKinnon 9Bruce Hutton 10Kevin Bell
D Grade
1Lachlan Crump 2Peter Hickey 3David Hyland 4Cathy Adams 5Rosemary Hastings Lara Allen