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Title: 41st Annual BDSRC Sports Awards
Post by: MarkW on March 28, 2018, 05:04:50 AM
2018 Bathurst BDSRC Sports Awards
Sell-out crowd where on hand for the 41st Annual BDSRC Sports Awards Dinner at the RSL Club on Friday 9th March 2018. The Bathurst Cycling Club’s international achievements have resulted in the club regularly taking the trophies on the night with a number of local cyclists featuring on both the Sportsperson and Junior Sportsperson of the Year throughout the last 41years.

This year it was hard working local coach Marian Renshaw who joined her champion son Mark with a BDSRC Sports Award taking home the Coaching Excellence Trophy. Marian not only involved with some of the current National medal winning Juniors in Bathurst but continues to assist at the grass roots level where she is developing Bathurst’s next generation of Champions. 

There was also plenty of excitement in Cycling Circles on the naming of Kalinda Robinson as the recipient of the Jack Gunning Special Recognition Award. A very popular junior in the Cycling Club, Kalinda has a go at all events, and certainly impressed at the Australia Junior Track Nats (along with local stars Eliza Bennett and Record Holder Tyler Puzicha) taking home medals although being one of the youngest in her age division.

The Major Bathurst Sportsperson of the year Award was won by Lisa Griffith, while that was a win for Cricket, we are keen to point out the connection through her father Greg who has recently taken up cycling and is a successful racer with the club. Big Congratulation to Lisa who is a very deserving winner of the Award.

Awards Winners - 41st Annual BDSRC Sports Awards
Lisa Griffith (Cricket) Sportsperson of the year
Sara Matthews (Basketball) Junior Sportsperson of the year
Bathurst City Womens Premier League Hockey Team – Team of the Year
Bathurst District U16’s Cricket Team – Junior Team of the Year
Denison College Yr8 Girls Volleyball Team – School team of the Year.
John Maynard (Rugby Union) – Jean Alexander Award
Bathurst Parkrun – Organisational excellence
Marian Renshaw (Cycling) – Coaching Excellence
Libby Dallimore (Netball) – Refereeing Distinction
Kalinda Robinson (Cycling) – Jack Gunning Special Recognition Award
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Post by: MarkW on April 04, 2018, 10:55:24 PM
Sportsperson of the Year (Elders Nicoll & Ireland Real Estate)
In 1977 the Bathurst Sport Council (BDSRC) held its first Bathurst Sports Awards - Initially the prestigious Nicoll & Ireland Bathurst Sportsperson of the year Award was just a stand alone announcement in a gala dinner ceremony which included a high profile guest speaker. The Uncle Bens Organisational excellence Award was first awarded in 1979 and then the Jean Alexander Administration Award in 1981, followed by the Devro Junior Awards in 1984.

Sportsperson of the Year:
1977 Sally Coopes (Hockey)
1978 Ron Graham (Rugby)
1979 Michael Ashwood (Swimming)
1980 Wayne Morgan (Hockey)
1981 Warren Hickey (Karate)
1982 Wayne Morgan (Hockey)
1983 Peter O’Malley (Golf)
1984 Brian Morgan & Wendy Burke (Hockey)
1985 Peter O’Malley (Golf)
1986 Allan Cunynghame (Motor Cycling)
1987 Greg Brown & Arthur Davis (Rally Car)
1988 Matthew Stocks (Rugby)
1989 Marty Roebuck (Rugby)
1990 David Horton (Motor Cycling)
1991 Marty Roebuck (Rugby)
1992 Peter O’Malley (Golf)
1993 Kevin Geyer (Cricket)
1994 Sonia Bonham (Endurance Riding)
1995 Peter O’Malley (Golf)
1996 Peter Wright (Basketball Refereeing)
1997 Damian Dennis (Boxing)
1998 David Horton (Motor Cycling)
1999 Steve Williams (Rifle Shooting)
2000 Jay Taylor (Motor Cycling)
2001 Mark Renshaw (Cycling)
2002 Mark Renshaw (Cycling)
2003 Toireasa Ryan (Cycling)
2004 Toireasa Ryan & Mark Renshaw (Cycling)
2005 Archie Thompson (Soccer)
2006 Matt Naylor (Hockey)
2007 Ben Grabham (Motor Cycling)
2008 Nicole Kullen (Para Dressage)
2009 Rachal Miller (Hockey)
2010 Trent Copeland (Cricket)
2011 Mark Renshaw (Cycling)
2012 M Coles (Clay Target Shooting)
2013 Hayley Lepaio (Basketball)
2014 Tamsin Bunt (Hockey)
2015 Renee Covington (Cycling)
2016 Mark Windsor (Cycling)
2017 Lisa Griffiths (Cricket)

Uncle Bens Award:
1979 Womens Hockey
1980 Bathurst Rugby
1981 Womens Softball
1982 Miniature Railway
1983 Men Hockey
1984 Bathurst Baseball
1985 Bathurst Rugby
2017 Bathurst Parkrun

Jean Alexander Award:
1981 Viv Cranston (BSRC) Cricket Umpire
1982 Bev Case (Hockey)
1983 Peter Cole (BPYC) Bathurst Police Youth Club (Junior Soccer)
1984 Pat Sewell (Softball)
1985 Ken Laird (Rugby)
2017 John Maynard (Rugby Union)
Title: Re: 41st Annual BDSRC Sports Awards
Post by: MarkW on April 04, 2018, 10:56:34 PM
Junior Sportsperson of the Year (Devro)
1984 Bev Graham (Hockey)
1985 Natasha Cope (Diving)
2017 Sara Matthews (Basketball)

Junior Team of the Year (Devro)
1984 Mitchell Soccer U15s
1985 Girls Hockey U15s
2017 Bathurst District U16’s Cricket Team
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Post by: MarkW on May 07, 2018, 08:23:03 AM
The Jack Gunning Special Recognition Award:
1988 W Aspros
1989 S West
1990 R Covington
1991 I Thomas
1992 Bathurst 75 Soccer Club
1993 R Howard
1994 A D Turnbull
1995 P Wright
1996 Railway United
1997 G Coles
1998 B Grabham
1999 W & J & E Turnbull
2000 A Willott
2001 S Turnbull
2002 K Fearnley
2003 M Johnson
2004 Kelso Fire Brigade Championship Team
2005 T Gallagher
2006 C Aberley
2007 K Bestwick
2008 N Pearce
2009 A Johnston
2010 A Siejka
2011 D Taylor
2012 M Hope
2013 J Dean
2014 J Simson
2015 G Hawkins
2016 K Howard
2017 K Robinson
Title: Re: 41st Annual BDSRC Sports Awards
Post by: MarkW on May 07, 2018, 08:24:11 AM
Coaching Excellence (Reliance Credit Union)
1998 Kevin Shute (Hockey)
1999 Dave Conyers (Rugby Union)
2000 Mark Windsor (Cycling)
2001 Ian Paxton (Cricket)
2002 Brian Morgan (Hockey)
2003 Mark Commerford (Soccer)
2004 Greg Griffith (Cricket)
2005 Jillian Long, Jeff Conroy (Hockey)
2006 Dave Elvy (Rugby league)
2007 Katrina Ferris (Basketball)
2008 Paul Wayne (Soccer)
2009 Jim Muldoon (Rugby league)
2010 M Hooper P Miller (Rugby Union)
2011 Mark Rooke (Soccer)
2012 Kevin Grimshaw (Rugby league)
2013 Jerry Sheader (Volleyball)
2014 Amanda George (Hockey)
2015 Kieran Purvis (Basketball)
2016 Paul Masters (Basketball)
2017 Marian Renshaw (Cycling)