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Title: 2019 RMS Region Bicycle Forum Dubbo
Post by: MarkW on May 13, 2019, 01:10:01 PM
2019 Region Bicycle Forum Dubbo 14th May 2019
The Annual RMS Western Region Bicycle Forum will be held in Dubbo 14th May 2019. A very diverse group of presenters from Government Authorities, urban designers and architects, Cycling Historians, Cycling Mechanics / shop owners and Sport technicians / Scientists will guarantee a wide range of cycling issues will be covered.

The Forum will open with a welcome from the Dubbo Mayor Ben Shields and Manager Local Government RMS Jodi McIntyre with acknowledgment to Country by Forum Presenter Jacqueline Anderson.
The first topic will be Bicycle Friendly Communities by Global Operations Manager CycleLifeHQ Anna Gurnhill, that will be followed by New technology in bikes and then Future directions in Landscape architecture and urban design.

The Forum will also hear reports from some of the regions councils and cycling user groups, plus Interactive workshop.

Tony Dunn & Paul Reynolds of Wheeler Cycles talking of new technology in cycling.
Title: Re: 2019 RMS Region Bicycle Forum Dubbo
Post by: MarkW on May 15, 2019, 03:10:59 AM
Regional Cycling Stats
Some of the discussion at the 2019 RMS Regional Bicycle Forum at Dubbo was centred on cycling accidents. Collected data suggested there was 118 cycling accidents requiring attention in the region this period with 3 fatalities of which all there Males (over 50) (and one without a helmet).
Problems with vision on Roundabouts and Dooring was identified as challenges for urban design in regard the cycling safety. 

Informal local records of Bathurst cycling group suggests Roundabouts as the major concern regarding local major cycling accidents with around a third of serious Bathurst Cycling Accidents occurring on Roundabouts. Other causes being Road Conditions, Livestock/Wildlife and Equipment Failure/ Erratic Riding   

Breakdown of Local informal records:
46% Collision with Motor Vehicle (These occurred on Roundabouts 75%)
24% Equipment Failure/ Erratic Riding (collision with other rider)
15% Road Conditions (Pot Holes, Road Works)
15% Livestock/Wildlife (Kangaroos, Livestock).