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SERIES 2 (Sept/Oct 2021) National Club ESports Series

RACE 6 - Wednesday 20 October 2021 – 6:30PM (Daylight Saving Time)
23 km -3 laps of the Champs-Elysees to finish the series
It is flat and fast with a 3.2km leadin to the 3 laps of 6.6km




SERIES 2 (Sept/Oct 2021) National Club ESports Series

RACE 5 - Wednesday 13 October 2021 – 6:30PM (Daylight Saving Time)
27 km Mountain bike race in the Watopian Jungle on the Serpentine8 Course –
This course is a bit of a mystery to most of the team as few have used the mountain bikes in Zwift, so the setups will be interesting.



Bathurst still have a chance of the podium with only 1 round remaining of the Auscycling National Club Esports Cycling Series. Bathurst remain in fifth place behind Canberra’s Vikings Cycling Club who look to have the series won with 1542 points. The Bathurst Cycling Club are in a tight battle for third place with eRANDWICK and Waratah Masters Cycling Club, only 76pts separating the 3 clubs going into the final round.

20 Bathurst riders finished the 5th round of the series this week, and although that was down on recent rounds the locals ranked high in most of the grades contested. Attached is the list of Bathurst Team finishers (RACE 5 National Club ESports Series) where - Alex Banner, Angela Falzarano, Laura Renshaw, Claire Scott, Toireasa Gallagher, Charlotte Lovett - Mark Windsor, Luke Tuckwell, Jack Reen, Jeff Frank, Matt Cowley, Cal Baker, Jack Cannon, Cadel Lovett, Cameron Arnold, Ryan ODonnell, Peter Wilson, Gary Hamer, Gary Baker & Steve Cox.

In the female events Toireasa Gallagher was again one of the clubs best performers featuring on the podium again in the D Grade Women event, likewise Laura Renshaw performed well just missed the podium in C grade finishing 4th with the very consistent Claire Scott again in the top 20 in C Grade.
Promising youngster Charlotte Lovett impressed in had her first ESports race finishing in the points and just one place behind former National Road and Track champion Julie Speight. Meanwhile Bathurst had two riders in the female B Grade with Alex Banner and Angela Falzarano riding well to finish 13th and 14th respectively.

Former Bathurst junior Zac Marshall showed his class winning the overall  A Grade men’s event defeating Ryland Short and Ben Hill (a former wearer of yellow jersey in the Tour of Slovenia) in a time of 36min 35.9sec. But luck wasn’t with the talented young Illawarra cyclist as he was removed from the results after losing his Heart Rate connection in the race.
Bathurst’s Mark Windsor continues to climb the ranking with another top 10 finish in A Grade he now moves to 5th overall behind Series 1 winner Chris Ling (Randwick) with Ben Hill (Canberra) Jonathon Cridland (Southern Cross) Nick Squillari (Hawthorn) and Windsor making up the top 5. Western Division Esports Cycling Champ Luke Tuckwell finished 13th in A Grade, while Jack Reen continues to improve recording 44m41 for the 27km in the top grade.

Bathurst had it best ever results in the B grade men’s event, with 4 riders finishing with top 30 series points. Jeff Frank recording the best finished by a local team member in B Grade this season finishing 12th in the big field, with Matt Cowley also finishing up with the leaders in 18th place. Also scoring points in B Grade Cal Baker and Jack Cannon with top 30 positions, while promising young rider Cadel Lovett wasn’t much further back recording 44min 09sec for the 27km followed in by the hard riding Cameron Arnold.

Ryan O'Donnell continued his great start to Cycling's Virtual world, scoring big points for the club with another podium finish in C Grade, his impressive results will see him re handicapped to B Grade for the final round of the series. Meanwhile Peter Wilson had his best ride in the series so far scoring top 30 Series Points in the very competitive C Grade event. After a series of falls out on the road Peter has been continuing to improve through the ranks in ESports Cycling and it comes as no surprise to now feature in the series points. After winning his way through D Grade in Series 1 Gary Hamer continues to improve in C Grade with another good finish in Round5.

Bathurst can always rely on Gary Baker and Steve Cox for points in D Grade the pair always perform well Gary was 12th in round 5 with Steve just a bit further back in 18th position.

The final round of AusCycling 2nd National Club Series will be contested next Wednesday on the Paris Course

Teams Classification – going into the final round
1 Vikings Cycling Club 1542, 2 Canberra Cycling Club 1231, 3  eRANDWICK 1083, 4 Waratah Masters Cycling Club 1044, 5 Bathurst Cycling Club 1007, 6 Hawthorn Cycling Club 757, 7 BrunZwick 742, 8 Parklife Cycling Club 686
ALSO 19th Dubbo Cycling Club, 43rd Mudgee Cycle Club and 45th Orange Cycling Club

SERIES 2 (Sept/Oct 2021) National Club ESports Series

RACE 4 - Wednesday 6 October 2021 – Is reported as says 6:30PM (Daylight Saving Time)
28km Road Race in Watopia on the Watopia’s Waistband course.
Most will be familiar with riding in Watopia due to the Renshaw’s pedal project rides – expect a very rolling hill and a sprint to the finish. Total Elevation is 95 m



All up the Bathurst Cycling Club had 21 finishers in Round 4, which consisted of a 28km Watopia Zwift Course, with the locals featuring in the top 10 in most categories contested.
The good news being Bathurst tightened its position in the top 5 National ranking in the series behind the powerful ACT and Sydney clubs.

CURRENT AusCycling National Club ESport RANKING After Race 4 –
1 Vikings Cycling Club 1195, 2 Canberra Cycling Club 962, 3 Waratah Masters Cycling Club 886, 4 eRANDWICK 849, 5 Bathurst Cycling Club 817, 6 Hawthorn Cycling Club 585

RACE4 Finishers –
Ange Falzarano, Laura Renshaw, Claire Scott, Alex Banner, Toireasa Gallagher, Mark Windsor, Craig Hutton, Luke Tuckwell, Jack Cannon, Cal Baker, Cadel Lovett, Cameron Arnold, Matt Cowley, Ryan O’ODonnell, Rod Lovett, Ray Thorn, Gary Hamer, Peter Wilson, Glen Carter, Gary Baker, Steve Cox

With only 2 round remaining in the National ESports Club Cycling Series No.2, Bathurst Cycling Club has 2 riders currently on the podium in the Individual Points core with Laura Renshaw and Gary Baker sitting in 3rd place in their respective grades after 4 rounds.

In Womens C Grade, Bathurst’s Laura Renshaw has amassed an impressive 98points and current sits in third in the grade behind Canberra’s Kirsty Lower and Jindabyne’s Tania Launder, while Bathurst Team mate Alex Banner is only 1point out of the top 10 in 11th place in the standing.
Bathurst’s Toireasa Gallagher has quickly adapted to the ESports Racing holding 5th place in the Women D Grade rankings behind Adelaide’s Gemma Kernich, while Angela Falzarano is the club top place rider in Women B Grade which is currently lead by Bizzy Butterworth of the Mornington Cycling Club.
Top Canberra athlete Vicki Whitelaw remains undefeated in Women A Grade with Bathurst’s Kirsten Howard in 12th place.

Bathurst’s Mark Windsor has moved into the top 10 in Men’s A Grade, Windsor holding 8th place behind Series One Winner Chris Ling (Randwick), who holds the top ranking from Jono Cridland (Southern Cross Cycling Club) and B2B winner Ben Hill of Canberra. Also holding top 30 placing in the A Grade ranking are Bathurst Club riders Luke Tuckwell (20th) and Craig Hutton (26th).
Victorian Oliver Nisbet leads the B Grade series with Cal Baker Steve Jackson and Jack Cannon all in the points, while fellow Victorian Steven Flaherty leads the C Grade Points with Bathurst’s  Rodney Lovett in the top 20.
Western Division Men D Champion Gary Baker currently sits in third place in D grade behind Canberra’s Rob Fisher St George’s Edward Bourke, meanwhile Bathurst’s Steve Cox continues to score good point moving into the top 15 in the D grade series. While back from Injury Glen Carter has already moved into the top 30.

SERIES 2 (Sept/Oct 2021) National Club ESports Series

RACE 3 - Wednesday 29 September 2021 - 18:30
30 km gravel race - 2 laps of the Chain Chomper
Today's stage is one for our gravel specialists using the dirt roads of Yumezi
Twice over the Temple KOM for a total Elevation of 184 m



Last Night AusCycling held the 3rd Round of their National Club Series, this is the second time AusCycling has held the series with the Bathurst club finishing third in the inaugural series.
Last night’s round was a 30 km event held on the Zwift Chain Chomper circuit which includes two climbs of 160m (altitude) and some gravel sections.
The tough course didn’t deter the riders with big field in all 8 of the categories contested with Canberra International Vicki Whitelaw again winning the Female A Grade and Singapore rider Ken Cheong defeating Mt Panorama Hill Climb record hold Ben Hill in the A Grade Male event.
The Bathurst ESports team currently sit in 5th place in the national ranking and a hoping to hold that position with an impressive 22 finishers in the Round. They were: -
Bathurst BxCC Results – Round 3 AusCycling National Club Series
A Grade (Male) - Mark Windsor (43:38) Craig Hutton, Jack Reen
B Grade (Male) - Cal Baker (48:18), Stephen Jackson, Cameron Arnold, Jack Cannon, Cadel Lovett
C Grade (Male) - Rod Lovett (53:13), Ray Thorn, Steve Bennett, Peter Wilson, Gary Hamer
C Grade (Female) - Laura Renshaw (57:07), Alex Banner, Ange Falzarano
D Grade (Male) - Gary Baker (59:33), Steve Cox
D Grade (Female) - Claire Scott (1:00:39) Toireasa Gallagher Marian Renshaw

SERIES 2 (Sept/Oct 2021) National Club ESports Series

RACE 2 - Wednesday 22 September 2021 - 18:30
23 km road race on the Knickerbocker Course
This is the climbing stage of the series with a total Elevation of 346m in the 23km stage on the roads of New York Manhattan’s Central park.
Rolling hills with a big 1.4km (over 100m of elevation) climb in the middle of the ride -- the bunch will break apart on this climb with small bunch sprints the decide the final placings. See More info here --



Impressive Ride by Bathurst ESports Team:
Bathurst Cycling Club had 22 finishers in Round 2 of the AusCycling National Club Series overnight.
The event was set in New York’s Central park and was the hilliest race of the 6 Race Series
In all - 5 riders finished A Grade, 4 in B Grade, 6 in C Grade and 7 local club riders finished the D Grade race.
The point score for the leading club has not been released, but Bathurst is expecting to hold its position in the Top 10

Bathurst BxCC Results – Round 2 AusCycling National Club Series
A Grade (Male) - Luke Tuckwell (29:11), Mark Windsor, Craig Hutton, Jack Reen
A Grade (Female) - Kirsten Howard (38:31)
B Grade (Male) - Cal Baker (32:54), Cameron Arnold, Jeff Frank, Cadel Lovett, Jack Cannon
C Grade (Male) - Rod Lovett (36:54), Steve Bennett, Peter Wilson
C Grade (Female) - Laura Renshaw (39:58), Alex Ban., Michelle Patton
D Grade (Male) - Gary Baker (42:02), Steve Cox, (and Glen Carter*)
D Grade (Female) - Claire Scott (43:45), Ange Falz, Toireasa Gallagher, Marian Renshaw, Bec O'Connor

SERIES 2 (Sept/Oct 2021) National Club ESports Series

RACE 1 - Wednesday 15 September 2021
24 km Crit - 12 laps on the Bell Lap Course in Crit City World.
Although this is described as a flat fast Criterium stage, it had few small climbs all together totalling 8m each lap.
Given its 12laps around 100m in the 24km, but it is intense so you will be looking for a fast aero bike setup

See more Info on the Bell Lap Course can be found here:-



BRIEF REPORTROUND 1 - SERIES 2 National Club Series – 16th Sept 2021
The 2nd Series of the Auscycling ESports National Club competition started with a bang last night with record field of around 700 riders entering in the 4 separate male and female grades. Held in Zwift’s popular Crit City World, Promoters AusCycling showed they are serious about the competition announcing the performances in A Grade may also be considered as part of AusCycling’s selection criteria for the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships.
After finishing third in the inaugural series the Bathurst team had 24 riders entered in the first round a 23km criterium, however due to a variety of bad luck stories the local club ended up with 19 finishers in the very hotly contested Round 1 on the Series.
Performing well in A Grade was Kirsten Howard, Mark Windsor and Craig Hutton, with Kirsten top 10 in the female race, while Windsor and Hutton also in the series points in the Male event.
B Grade was a huge field with Craig McAlister the leading Bathurst club rider only a hand full of seconds in front of teammates Jack Cannon and Cameron Arnold; just behind them Jack Reen and Luke Gillmer.
The female riders again lead the way in C Grade with both Laura Renshaw and Alex B expected to be named in the top 10 on corrected times. Cadel was the first of the boys, finishing in the top 20 with father Rod was in the top 40 and Peter Wilson and Gary Hamer also riding very well finishing the 23kms in around 35mins.
Steve Bennett made a grand start to his esports cycling events finishing 4th in D Grade with Western NSW D Grade champ Gary Baker in the top 20 and new starter Steve Cox in the top 30 in an impressive debut. While another of the Western NSW Esport champs Claire Scott was 4th and Toireasa Gallagher likely to finish in the top 10 on corrected placing after finishing 11th across the line in the female division.

Even with a number of bad luck stories, Bathurst Cycling Club still managed to finish in the top 10 ranking after Round 1 of the on the AusCycling National Club ESports Cycling Competition (Series 2) this week.
Big Canberra Club “Vikings” surprised last season winners “Waratah Cycling Club” (Sydney) by taking the early lead in the competition while Bathurst Cycling Club holds 8th position.
The local female riders played a starring role for Bathurst scoring the majority of the points in Race1; with Claire Scott 28pts (D Grade) Laura Renshaw 27pts (C Grade) and Alex Banner 24pts (C Grade) the top performers for the Bathurst Club, while the top Male performers for Bathurst included Gary Baker 22points (D Grade) Steve Cox 17points (D Grade) and Mark Windsor 16pts in A Grade.

Finishers --
A Grade (Male) - Mark Windsor (16pts), Craig Hutton (1pts) 
A Grade (Female) - Kirsten Howard (HR)
B Grade (Male) - Craig McAlister (1pts) Jack Cannon (1pts) Cameron Arnold (1pts), Luke Gillmer (1pts), Jack Reen (WKG)
C Grade (Male) - Peter Wilson (1pts) Gary Hamer (1pts) Cadel Lovett (WKG) Lovey Lovett (HR)
C Grade (Female) - Laura Renshaw (27pts), Alex B (24pts)
D Grade (Male) - Gary Baker (22pts), Steve Cox (17pts), Steve Bennett (UPG) 
D Grade (Female) -Claire Scott (28pts), Toireasa Gallagher (HR)

RANKINGS – National Auscyclung Club series after RACE1
1st Vikings Cycling Club 280
2nd Waratah Masters Cycling Club 223
3rd eRANDWICK 200
4th Canberra Cycling Club 183
5th Hawthorn Cycling Club 164
6th Parklife Cycling Club 144
7th Jindabyne Cycling Club 143
8th Bathurst Cycling Club 134
9th Port Adelaide Cycling Club 134
10th Gold Coast Cycling Club 131

See more results at --

SERIES 2 (Sept/Oct 2021) National Club ESports Series BATHURST "BxCC" TEAM

This is Currently the BxCC ESports Bathurst Team for the 2nd Auscycling Club Series
A Grade (Male) - Luke Tuckwell, Ace Windsor (BxCC), Craig Hutton, Jack Reen4221
A Grade (Female) - Kirsten Howard BxCC

B Grade (Male) - Jack Cannon (BxCC), Cameron Arnold, Craig McAlister BxCC, Luke Gillmer (BxCC), Stephen Jackson BxCC, Cal Baker (BxCC), jeff frank[BCC], Cadel 6722, Matt Cowley, Stuart Renshaw, Ryan ODonnell 
B Grade (Female)Jenn Arnold

C Grade (Male) - Paul Jones (BXCC), Ray Thorn BxCC, Gary Hamer (BxCC), Mick Robbo8875, Peter G. Wilson BxCC 1613, Will Lesh 1280, Lovey Lovett 4876, Steve Bennett3235.
C Grade (Female) - Laura RENSHAW (HVR), Michelle Patton (TBR), Alex B, Ange Falz, Claire Scott (BxCC)

D Grade (Male) - Gary Baker (BxCC), Glen Carter BxCC, Steve Cox, Joshua Jackson (BxCC), (TBH) - Tom McClelland
D Grade (Female) - Bec O'Connor, Toireasa Gallagher1430, Maz Renshaw 9081, Jo Renshaw, Charlotte Lovett.

NOW you are a member of Bathurst BxCC - There are a few things worth doing before you race

You have to enter the race yourself - Easiest way is to use the Companion App – just scroll through the events to Wednesday 6:30pm and enter the correct grade –
(Note make sure you select the correct event as there is both a male and female race at 6:30pm)
You can also use the race link below in the Round details

Auscycling would like us add BxCC to our account name in Zwift (however haven't asked for it in Series 2 yet)
So you notice that many of the team member have updated the name field in their profile ie added (BxCC)
The BxCC logo should come up automatically in theZwiftPower results

At the moment we use basic blue Zwift Jersey.. It is called Basic 3 –
You just go to your Zwift garage to put that on.
While in the Garage you should have a bit of a think about the best setup for the next race.

Are you a member of the Bathurst Cycle Club and a Zwift Rider – why not join the BathurstCC ESport Team “BxCC” for the coming AusCycling Club National Club series.
To Join the Bathurst ESport Team – connect your Zwift account to a Zwiftpower account then Join BxCC – see below

No1. Before you start you need to FIND YOUR ZWIFT ID
see instructions at-
Write down this Zwift Account number.

No2. MAKING A ZWIFTPOWER ACCOUNT and connecting to your Zwift Account:
see instructions at


No3. You should be already login to Zwiftpower profile so you can Join the Bathurst Cycling Club Esports Team “BxCC” with this link.
There should be a “Join BxCC” in the top Right Corner.

2021 (Sept/Oct) AusCycling National Club ESPORTS SERIES TWO:
The National Club Esports Series returns this month after a successful debut in July. Unlike other Zwift races, this series is exclusive to the clubs and members of AusCycling, making it a genuine Australian club-versus-club contest. The inaugural series finished in a clean sweep for NSW clubs, with Waratah Masters taking victory ahead of Randwick and Bathurst.
See Full AusCycling Press Release here –

For any proof that AusCycling is taking the ESports very seriously check out their “General & Esports Technical Regulations” in the Link Above
Plus the announcement that:-
Performances in A Grade (in Series2 of the Club National Esports Series) may also be considered as part of AusCycling’s selection criteria for the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships.
Later this year, AusCycling esport riders will have the chance to unlock an exclusive Australian jersey.
Stay tuned for announcements about that.

Inaugural Podium AusCycling National Club ESPORTS Series – July 2021
GOLD - Waratah Masters Zwifters
SILVER - Randwick Cycle Club
BRONZE – Bathurst Cycling Club

Making up the Top 10 -
4Port Adelaide Cycling Club, 5Jindabyne Cycling Club, 6Gold Coast Cycling Club, 7Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club, 8Dubbo Cycle Club, 9Hawthorn CC, 10Coburg Cycling Club,

AusCycling & Zwift will be conducting their 2nd National Club ESPORTS Series over six-rounds in September and October 2021. There is a change with the club teams open to J15 and above aged riders who will be able to score points for their club. Plus this series all riders MUST be a financial member (primary or secondary) of the IRL (in real life) club they are registered to for the series. Riders can chose which club they wish to ride for, although they cannot change during the series. Riders will be required to hold a current AusCycling Lifestyle or Race – All Discipline or Off-Road membership.
Full Details Click Here -

SERIES 2 (Sept/Oct) - 2021 AusCycling National Club Series
Wednesday 15 September 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Open The Bell Lap - 24 km12 laps
Wednesday 22 September 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Open Knickerbocker - 23 km1 lap
Wednesday 29 September 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Open Chain Chomper - 30 km2 laps
Wednesday 6 October 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Open Watopia's Waistband - 28 km1 lap
Wednesday 13 October 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Open Serpentine 8 - 27 km1 lap
Wednesday 20 October 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Open Champs-Elysees - 23 km3 laps

GRADES for RACE 2 (RPP Lockdown events)
Just for the record ONLY
These where the full Grades for Race 2 of the RPP Lockdown Series -- These have been upgraded for the next race in the series if Lockdown continues

Grades for RPP Chop-off Events - Current for 4/09/21 -- NOW UPDATED!
For the latest Grades see--

A Grade
Mark Renshaw (TdF)
Ace Windsor (BathurstZwift)
Luke Tuckwell (BathurstZwift)
Craig Hutton (RPP ZwiftTime)
Stuart Renshaw (RPP ZwiftTime)
Tirian McManus (RPP ZwiftTime)
W Hodges (RPP ZwiftTime)
Hobbo0 (RPP ZwiftTime)
S Dunstall (RPP ZwiftTime)
Simon Heppell (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Nick North (Ftp estimate)
Cameron Arnold (RPP_Podium)
Craig McAlister (RPP_Podium)
Ryan McDonnell (RPP_Podium)
Kurt Eather (NRS level) Dub
Dylan Eather (NRS level) Dub
Shane Haertsch (100k 300+)
C Lovett (Bath A)

B Grade
Cal Baker (BathurstZwift)
Luke Gillmer (BathurstZwift)
Karl Addison (BathurstZwift)
Jack Cannon (BathurstZwift)
Jenn Arnold (BathurstZwift)
Kirsten Howard (BathurstZwift)
Stephen Jackson (BathurstZwift)
Troy Eastlake-smith (BathurstZwift)
Cowpat Climber (RPP ZwiftTime)
M Riley (RPP ZwiftTime)
M Cowley (RPP ZwiftTime)
A Giovanetti (RPP ZwiftTime)
T Antechinus (RPP ZwiftTime)
Dave Reece (RPP ZwiftTime)
M Marsh (RPP ZwiftTime)
T Cleasby (RPP ZwiftTime)
Graeme Peadon (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Kate Spicer (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Neil Diamond (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
S Bennett (RPP_Podium)
Paul Jones (RPP_Podium)
Ray Thorn (RPP_Podium)
Stuart Jones (ZwiftOct 20-B)
Mark Simons(D2FAdventure) (Bath/Zwift)
Ella Falzarano (?Priv Bx)
Lovey Lovett (?Priv Bx)
Rod Mildner (?221 ave)

C Grade
Gary Hamer (BathurstZwift)
Geoff Short (BathurstZwift)
Will Lesh (BathurstZwift)
*Belly** (RPP ZwiftTime)
P Wilson (RPP ZwiftTime)
R.RPP (RPP ZwiftTime)
C Morgan (RPP ZwiftTime)
L Renshaw (RPP ZwiftTime)
S Shaw (RPP ZwiftTime)
Dave Huges (RPP ZwiftTime)
Phil McFarland (RPP ZwiftTime)
B Readsled (RPP ZwiftTime)
Jamie R (Cowpat Climbers) (RPP Zwift Time)
Aaron Seaman7958 (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Ben OBrien (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Dan Stewart (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)   
Daniel Richardson (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)   
Dave Flemming (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Jason Farr (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
John Curley (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Rick Reynolds8237 (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Seb Hanscomb (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Tim Howlett (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Darren Fenton (FTP estimate)
Mick Marshall AHDR (RPP RideTime)
Mick Robbo (RPP_Podium)
Gary Baker (RPP_Podium)
James D (?-Priv - RPP time)
Georgia Farr (?-Priv Dubbo)
L Reynolds (?-Priv - Dub)
Josiah Cooke (New-Zwift/Org)
Adam Young (AHDR) (?Priv 262w15/4win)
Jimmy Leno (?170w)
Jeff Frank (ZwiftPower)

D Grade
Bec O'Connor (BathurstZwift)
Claire Scott (BathurstZwift)
Glen Carter (BathurstZwift)
Joshua Jackson (BathurstZwift)
Ken Addison (BathurstZwift)
Nicole Purdon (BathurstZwift)
L Wheeler (RPP ZwiftTime)
G Hope (RPP ZwiftTime)
B Evans (RPP ZwiftTime)
C William (RPP ZwiftTime)
T opcat S (RPP ZwiftTime)
J Renshaw (RPP ZwiftTime)
Steve Cox (RPP Zwift Time)
Gary B (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Mark Collett (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Michael Howlett (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
tony simic (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Michelle Patton (ReGrade)
Alex B (ReGrade)
Mel Thorn (RampTest Zwift)
Graeme Bell (?Priv Bath)
Brooke Tuynman (Bath)
Sam Stringfield (?Level 3)

The pace was on in A Grade, with the strongest field to ever race one of the Renshaw’s Pedal Project Events. Riders from all 4 major centres in the Western Division (Bathurst Dubbo Orange and Mudgee) racing for overall victory.

In the end it was the current Western NSW Esports champions Luke Tuckwell of Orange (& Bathurst Club) and Kate Spicer of Dubbo that took overall victory in the open men and womens events.

Luke Tuckwell set up his win with an attack in the final 2kms of the event which brought all 4 Dubbo Riders (Kurt & Dylan Eather Simon Heppell and Spicer)to the front of the pack to chase. In an impressive display Tuckwell hung on for victory infront of the fast finishing Nick North who is continuing to improve after recovering from a recent injury. Third was a dead heat between top young cyclist Dylan Eather (Dubbo) and Cadel Lovett (Bathurst) with Race One winner Mark Windsor (Bathurst) and Dubbos Simon Heppell rounding out the top5 overall.

Western Regions top ranked rider on the road at the last two regional Road Championships Kurt Eather (Dubbo) was next to finish. It was an impressive display by Eather who may not have won but put out almost 350watts average for the race, which is very close to the record for an RPP event.

Craig McAlister (Bcc Vic) Cameron Arnold  (BxCC) and Stuart Renshaw (Bathurst) rounded out the top 10 in A Grade, with a special mention to Craig McAlister who has rapidly climbed the ranking from C Grades only a matter of weeks ago to establish himself now in A Grade.

Runner up in the recent Overall Men Western NSW ESports Title Mark Windsor took-out the Green Sprint Jersey in A Grade recording 24.20sec to defeat Dubbo pair Simon Hepple and Kurt Eather.

RESULTS A GRADE - 1Luke Tuckwell (Bcc Orange) 2Nick North(Bath)  3Dylan Eather (Dubbo) & Cadel Lovett (Bath) 5Mark Windsor (Bath) & Simon Heppell (Dubbo) 7Kurt Eather (Dubbo) 8Craig McAlister (Bcc Vic) 9Cameron Arnold  (BxCC) 10Stuart Renshaw (Bathurst)
Green Sprint Jersey – 1Mark Windsor (Bathurst) 2Kurt Eather (Dubbo) / Simon Heppell (Dubbo)

Tuckwell makes his move:

Stephen Jackson shows his experience in B Grade:
Bathurst most experienced ESports Cyclist Stephen Jackson put in a personal best performance to win B Grade in the Weekends RPP Lockdown Cycle Race. Jackson recording a very fast 27min 43sec to defeat Western Region Female Champion Kate Spicer of the Dubbo Cycling Club.

Ray Thorn (Bathurst) is the big improver in the sport, finishing in 3rd place in B Grade winning a 5 ride sprint to the finish, defeating Bathurst team mates Steve Bennett, Luke Gilmer, David Reece and Jack Cannon, with only a handful of seconds separating the 5 riders.

Bathurst club rider and current Western NSW C Grade Champ Paul Jones (Victoria) took the Green Jersey in B Grade after a blistering sprint, recording 24.03sec to not only win B Grade but set the fastest time overall.
Meanwhile recent gold medallist at the Western NSW ESports Titles in the B Grade Female Category, Jenn Arnold was again the top Female performer in the grade.

RESULTS B GRADE - 1Stephen Jackson (Bathurst) 2Kate Spicer (Dubbo) 3Ray Thorn (Bathurst) 4Steve Bennett (Bathurst) 5Luke Gillmer, 6David Reece (Bathurst), 7Jack Cannon (Bathurst), 8Paul Jones (BxCC – Victoria) / First Female - Jenn Arnold / Green Jersey - Paul Jones

Mudgee Win the C Grade Event
Mudgee rider Jeff Frank certainly got under the handicappers guard in the weekends C Grade Lockdown race, Frank not only winning c Grade but finishing Top 10 overall in a super time of 27m37s, the performance will mean he is likely to go straight to A Grade from C grade.

Seb Hanscomb of Dubbo rode well to finish 2nd in C Grade in front of former Bathurst coach Mick Marshall (now of Illawarra). After winning D Grade at the last the last Lockdown event Mick Robinson (Bathurst) showed he is well up to C Grade finishing 4th infront of Adam Young (AHDR). John Curley (Dubbo) taking 6th place in front of Peter Wilson (Bathurst) and current Western NSW D grade male champ Gary Baker.

Jeff Frank also won the Green “Sprint” jersey recording 26:42 to defeat Adam Young (AHDR).

RESULTS C GRADE - 1Jeff Frank (Mudgee) 2Seb Hanscomb (Dubbo) 3Mick Marshall (Illawarra) 4Mick Robinson (Bathurst) 5Adam Young (AHDR) - 6John Curley (Dubbo) 7Peter Wilson (Bathurst) 7Gary Baker (Bathurst)
Green Jersey – Jeff Frank 26:42


Western NSW D Grade Champ Claire Scott (Bathurst) continues her good record in local Zwift events winning todays Lockdown Race-Steve Cox and Jo Renshaw also on the Podium. Luke Wheeler continues to improve in 4th place, while Graeme Bell made a nice start in his Zwift Racing Debut finishing 5th in D Grade.

RESULTS D GRADE – 1Claire Scott (Bathurst), 2Steve Cox (RPP), 3Jo Renshaw (Bathurst), 4Luke Wheeler (Bathurst), 5Greame Bell (Bathurst).

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