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In the Media / Re: News December 2017
« on: January 08, 2018, 03:22:01 AM »

Windsor wins Bathurst Triathlon
PRIME TV Video – December 18
Bathurst Star Nick North is a prolific local triathlon winner, but in his last appearance of 2017, injury robbed him of a shot at glory.

In the Media / Re: News January 2018
« on: January 08, 2018, 03:17:32 AM »

The Red Devils' main race will feature a Fresh Format
Jake Humphreys January 4 2018
After drawing inspiration from the Commonwealth and Olympic games, the Mudgee Red Devils have decided to change the format of their main race this Sunday.

In the Media / News January 2018
« on: January 07, 2018, 11:13:46 AM »

Corcoran’s road race attempt ends early at nationals
Alexander Grant January 7 2018
IT was always going to be a difficult task for Josh Corcoran to stay in touch with a red hot men’s under 23s road race field at the Road Nationals on Saturday, but the Bathurst rider can take heart in knowing he wasn’t alone in his struggles

Emily Watts places fifth in under 19s road race
ANYA WHITELAW January 7 2018
EMILY Watts capped off an impressive Cycling Australia Road Nationals campaign on Saturday by placing fifth in a testing under 19 women’s road race in Ballarat.

Harrisen Bryant impresses at Cycling Australia Road Nationals
ANYA WHITELAW January 7 2018
A FLAT tyre may have seen Harrisen Bryant’s campaign at the Cycling Australia Road Nationals end on a disappointing note, but it did not dampen his enthusiasm to test himself against the best.

Miller wins Para-Cycling road race gold at Ballarat
ANYA WHITELAW January 5 2018
BATHURST handcyclist Emilie Miller marked her first appearance at the Cycling Australia Road Nationals by claiming a Para-Cycling gold at Ballarat on Friday.

Bathurst cyclists excel in Road Nationals criterium and time trials
ALEXANDER GRANT January 4 2018
BATHURST cyclists turned heads at the Road Nationals in Ballarat over Wednesday and Thursday with their performances in the criterium and time trial events.

Bronze for Watts after strong criterium ride in Ballarat
ALEXANDER GRANT January 3 2018
A BREAKAWAY move in Wednesday’s Road Nationals Under 19s Women’s Criterium might not have seen Emily Watts score the top prize but it helped her claim a bronze medal.

Corcoran ready for his Road Nationals debut in Ballarat
ALEXANDER GRANT January 2 2018
LAST year Josh Corcoran went down to watch the Road National Championships in Ballarat but this time he will be part of the action.

A Ballarat battle for Bathurst’s Hutton at Road Nationals
ALEXANDER GRANT January 2 2018
AN eighth crack at the Road National Championships will begin for Bathurst cyclist Craig Hutton on Wednesday when he journeys once again to the familiar streets of Ballarat

Pro Racing / 2018 Australian Road Nationals
« on: January 07, 2018, 11:06:58 AM »
Cycling Australia Road Nationals
EMILY Watts’s bronze medal in the U19 Womens Criterium and Emilie Miller's victory in the Women’s Hand Cycle have been real high points for the local riders at this year’s Australia Road Nationals but the results were good right across the board with a new crop of local talent graduating to Australian Cycling biggest one-day cycling Promotion.

Of Course, Craig Hutton remains from the older generation when the Bathurst Club was a major player in the Ballarat Championships. Both Mark Renshaw and Dean Windsor winning silver medals in the open Men Professional Championships and Toireasa Gallagher a Bronze in the Open Women Pro Title. The ever-reliable Craig Hutton is a consistent performer at the top level and finished 2018 with an excellent top 20 finish in the Men Criterium Championships which he backed up with a good ride in the Road Race where he survived the big surge on Lap 9 to race into the business end of the race, but lost contact with a large group on lap 12.

Emilie Miller is a real inspiration and her victory in the Women’s WH1 Hand Cycle is another major step in his amazing athlete’s career.

It was the first time the Under 19’s National Road Champs were contested at the big Ballarat Nationals promotion, and the Bathurst Club was very excited with the performances of Emily Watts and Harry Bryant. Watts in the medals with a super ride in the crit were she attacked the field before being joined by eventually winner Sarah Gigante. Meanwhile Bryant put in a top performance in the Under 19 men Crit were he finished 12th behind former B2B short course winner Stephen Cuff. In the Time Trial Emily Watts was 12th and Harry Bryant was 17th while Watts finished 5th in the road race over 3 minute in front of the main bunch.

Another young Bathurst rider who continues to impress is Josh Corcoran who finished 15th to regular Bathurst visitor Cameron Scott and B2B winner Dylan Sunderland in the Under 23 criterium. Saddly Western Division Champ Will Hodges didn’t start in his Ballarat events.

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 Bathurst Mid-Week Crit Series
« on: December 27, 2017, 07:38:00 AM »
2017 Summer Criterium Series – Final Results
Plenty of praise for Race director Norman Wise and Officials Elaine Ryan & Rosemary Hastings after the Sulman Park Summer Criterium Series concluded after a series of events at Mount Panorama.
A Grade
Final round winner in A grade Craig Hutton used the event as part of his training in the lead up to the National Championships at Ballarat on Wednesday 3rd January. Mark Windsor 4th place behind Hutton, Brad Rayner and Josh Corcoran good effort for him to take the A Grade series win after consistent results in each round of the Series. Hutton was impressive winning the final 2 rounds of the series to finish second overall with Brad Rayner 2nd place in the final round giving him 3rd overall in front of Corcoran. 
B Grade
New Bathurst Resident Julian Wood has made an impact on the local cycling scene winning the B Grade series after finishing 3rd behind Stuey Renshaw and Drew Carter in the final round. Nathan Pearce was second overall and Emily Watts was the leading female in the series finishing 3rd overall in B Grade.
C Grade
Bathurst Club treasurer Hayden Booth showed off his cycling skills defeating Toireasa Gallagher in the final round of the series to take the overall C Grade series win. Gallagher not only the leading female in C Grade but also 2nd overall in the C Grade series in front of Bruce Hutton.
D Grade
John Kitchen used his latest restored steel framed bike to win the final round from the series organiser Norman Wise however both were beaten in the D grade series by the clubs World Masters Champ Rosemary Hastings with wise runner up and Claire Kirby third overall.

See Full Results Here -

See @westernadvocate Report on the Final Event -

Road Race Report / 2017 Harold Weal Trophy
« on: December 27, 2017, 06:52:41 AM »
David Reece wins 2017 Weal Trophy
David Reece has taken out the Harold Weal Trophy for 2017. The very historic award goes to the most consistent performer in Bathurst’s two major Handicap events, (the Jack McKay Memorial and the Rockley Race).
Reece was a comfortable winner, defeating Rob Barlow and Hayden Booth with Bathurst Veterans Graham Stait and Rob Stephen next to finish in the ranking with Brian Draper and Darren Fenton. Top Female rider in the 2017 Weal Trophy was Jette McKellar. 
The Weal Trophy celebrates the Weal Families connection with local cycling, which goes back to the birth of the Bathurst Bicycling Club in the 1880’s when John Weal was the Club Treasurer. However it was his son Harold Weal who was the Bathurst Champion and Scratchmarker at the end of World War 1 who organized the Trophy in honour of his father and the Weal Family Connection to Bathurst Cycling.

2017 Harold Weal Trophy
1st David Reece
2nd Rob Barlow, Hayden Booth
4th Graham Stait
5th Rob Stephen, Brian Draper
7th Darren Fenton
8th Jette McKellar

Weal Trophy Winners (Last 10yrs):
2007 Craig McAlister
2008 Ryan ODonnell
2009 Harry Carter
2010 Simon Egar
2011 Joe Summersby
2012 Ben Taylor & Blair Windsor
2013 Mark Windsor
2014 Josh Corcoran
2015 Kirsten Howard
2016 Dean Windsor
2017 David Reece

General Discussion / 2018 Office Bearers for Bcc
« on: December 22, 2017, 03:06:49 AM »
Bathurst Cycling Club have selected their office bearer for 2018 with Mark Simons going into his 3rd year as President. He leads a very experienced team, including a couple of life members and some who are carrying on a family tradition in Bathurst Cycling.
Established in 1884, the 2018 Bathurst Cycling Club office bears are part of a long and prestigious list of cycling administrators, which includes many of Bathurst great pioneers. In fact one of the world’s greatest cyclists Dr H L Cortis formed the Bathurst Bicycling Club after he inspired the cyclists of NSW to establish the NSW Cyclist Union a matter of months before.
Member of Parliament and high profile Bathurst Doctor, Dr W.R. Cortis, the Mayor of the city Dr Spencer and the son of the Colonial Architect Mr Barnett where all involved in the forming of the first Bathurst Bicycle Club. Then other great pioneers of Bathurst, including Mr Lewis Lloyd MLA and Dr T A Machattie would also take major roles in the local bicycle club in the first couple of years of formation to set very high standards of management and a great club prominence in the local community.
Simons vice president Damien Bennett is not only a cyclist himself and father of a Junior National Medalist but his Grand Father and Great Uncles were excellent performers for the local club. Likewise club Treasurer Hayden Booth is a second generation Bathurst Cyclist. Club Secretary Elaine Ryan is a Bathurst Cycling living legend and life member having held the position for around one and a half decades.
The committee is also full of experience with Glen Partridge stepping up from Club Captain to Road Coordinator and award winning official Tracey Robinson working in the Junior Coordinator role. The Renshaw and Windsor names continue a tradition in Bathurst cycling, with WRAS coach Marian Renshaw and former UCI Accredited Cycling Director Sportif Mark Windsor on the committee while long serving club rider Scott Allen continues in his role as the Coordinator of MTB and Cycle Cross.
After riding at the Cycling Age Championships in France in 2017 Steve Scott has taken on the role as Club Captain.

President - Mark Simons
Vice President - Damien Bennett
Secretary - Elaine Ryan
Treasurer - Hayden Booth
Committee - Glen Partridge (Road Coordinator) Marian Renshaw (Track Coordinator) Tracey Robinson (Junior Coordinator) Scott Allen (MTB / CX Coord) Mark Windsor (BBP Delegate)

Road Race Report / Bathurst Triathlon 2017 Xmas Club Triathlon
« on: December 19, 2017, 06:41:39 AM »
Bathurst Triathlon - 17th Dec 2017
Bathurst Wallabies Triathlon Club hosted its annual Christmas Club Race with big fields and excellent media coverage, plus a number of Triathlete Santas which is coming something of a tradition.
Main event was won by Mark Windsor after local champ Nick North withdrew injured in the run leg,   
 Josh Stapley was second and the flying Santa Tom Hanrahan 3rd overall. Orange champ Jess Richards defeated Brianna Adams and Kate Thornton in the Female division.
Great to see top athlete Stacey Fish back in action winning the Female Short course event from well-performed duo Danielle Patterson and Caroline Robertson, with Wes Gibson defeating Mitch Nelson and excellent cyclist Geoff Short in the male division.

Brief Results
Overall Long Course:
1st Mark Windsor 53:20 2nd Josh Stapley 56:19  3rd Tom Hanrahan 56:31
Female – Long Course
Jess Richards 1:02:30 Brianna Adams 1:08:00 Kate Thornton 1:09:30
Short Course Male:
Wes Gibson 43:42 Mitch Nelson 45:29 Geoff Short 46:30
Short Course Female:
Stacey Fish 00:45:30 Danielle Patterson 49:47 Caroline Robertson 51:28

See Bathurst Club Facebook Site for full details

See Western Advocate Coverage –
Mark Windsor prevails in Bathurst Wallabies' long course triathlon | Photos

Jess Richards wins female long course triathlon on the back of strong cycle leg

Wes Gibson runs his way into first while Stacey Fish flies as well

See PRIME TV Report –

Road Race Report / 2017 Remembrance Day Trophy Race:
« on: December 19, 2017, 05:11:14 AM »
David Hyland claims his biggest race win:
The Bathurst Cycling Club “Remember Them” Trophy is very stately silver cup in honour of the fallen Bcc Members who gave their life in the World Wars. The event is scheduled on, (or around) Remembrance Day with local soldiers Robert Dale, Jack Sandry, Kenneth Adlem, Ron Harper and Ivor Ezzy acknowledged on the trophy.
The long running road race, (starting in the 1940’s), gives riders of all levels an opportunity to win with a handicap format to decide the winner of the trophy. In fact since the trophy was reintroduced to the local cycling Calendar, the Backmarkers have never caught the very motivated outmarkers to claim the trophy. 2013 winner Michael Robinson having a lot to do with this, delivering a stirring introduction to the 2014 event explaining if there was ever a race where you try a little harder for the guys you a riding with, it is this race.
It was the out markers again winning in 2017 with David Hyland, riding off 18min taking the win from co marker John Kitchen with Eliza Bennett in third place with 12minute co marker Chris McEwan 4th ahead of Rosemary Hastings and Norman Wise both off 15minutes. Fastest Time going to Craig Hutton (Scratch) in 0:37:35

Road Race Report / 2017 Screamer/Dash
« on: December 19, 2017, 04:30:54 AM »
The 2017 Screamer:
Around the year 2000 Club Development Officer (JDO) Johnny Stephens re introduced a cycling event between Bathurst and Perthville & return, which would be the shortest event on the local Road Calendar and focused on Harold Buttsworths long standing race record. The event was referred to as the Record Breakers or The Screamer and later The Dash.
Although the race would change courses a number of time it remains today as a celebration of cycling on the Vale Road. Johnny Stephens re-introduced the Record Breakers “Screamer” event to pay respect for the past performances on the historical course; in doing so he made a connection to the earliest road cycling courses used in Bathurst.
Club records showing the Bathurst Pro Club racing on the course in the 1890s when the Safety Bicycle become more assessable, with a formal event contested by the League of Wheelmen racing on the course in September 26th 1896, while earlier in the 1890s the Cycling Union was using a Road Race loop course on the Vale Road.
The 2017 Screamer was won by Ian McEwen riding off 9 min Handicap with state junior rep Eliza Bennett second off 7minutes, 3rd was Claire Kirby riding off 9:30 min and the top 5 David Hyland and Tom McClelland.
Traditionally there is a big focus on Fastest time honors, and although well out of the placing, Cowra champ Will Hodges recorded a very impressive 19:36 for the event, while the Fastest female was Brooke Tuynman in 22:52

Road Race Report / 2017 Hotel Canobolas Christmas Cup
« on: December 19, 2017, 03:55:39 AM »
Rees wins 10th Edition of the Hotel Canobolas Christmas Cup:
Orange cycling premier Handicap event, the Hotel Canobolas Christmas Cup returned to the Forest Road Huntly Road course in 2017 for the 10th anniversary of the iconic event.
The event was dominated by the outmarkers with Orange’s Dave Rees defeating team mate Sue Bonnar who was also second overall and fastest female in 2014. Popular Bathurst riders Rosemary Hastings and Caroline Robinson taking 3rd and 4th placings with 2013 winner Matt McGrath finishing 5th.
Cowra’s Will Hodges who rides for the Bathurst Cycling Club recorded fastest time in the event for the second year in a row. This is something to be proud of, given the quality of scratch markers in the race over the last decade, including Bathurst superstar Mark Renshaw.
Likewise Orange’s Katey Sutton claimed the prestigious Female Fastest Time award in 2017 which was won by top NSW representative Leonie Burford in the inaugural event when European Professional Dean Windsor finished first and fastest.

In the Media / Re: News December 2017
« on: December 18, 2017, 07:06:50 AM »

Bathurst’s criterium stocks display power in summer series
Western Advocate December 26 2017
CRAIG Hutton gave himself an ideal preparation for the National Road Championships by taking out the final round of the Bathurst Summer Criterium Series. Mark Windsor winning the Series.

State Track Championships test for trio at Dunc Gray Velodrome
ALEXANDER GRANT December 7 2017
BATHURST club and competition riders Harry Carter, Emily Watts and Harry Bryant are storming the boards starting in this Friday's NSW Under 19s and Elite Track Championships

Watts and Carter collect medals on Dunc Gray boards
ALEXANDER GRANT December 11 2017
EMILY Watts and Harry Carter have come away with a haul of medals from the 2018 NSW Elite and Under 19s Track Championships at Dunc Gray Velodrome.

Watts to become a warrior on road
ANYA WHITELAW December 14 2017
LAST weekend she showed her skill on the boards with a pair of state track gold medals, but now Emily Watts has road cycling in mind

Bathurst Cycling Club duo ride at a Commonwealth Games venue
ANYA WHITELAW December 6 2017
Both Tyler Puzicha and Luke Tuckwell competed in the third round of the National Junior Track Series as part of the Western Region Academy of Sport (WRAS) team.

Carter takes honours in festive road race
Bradley Jurd December 20 2017
Brad Rayner won A grade Bathurst Cycling Club Christmas Hamper B grade on Sunday in a time of 37 minutes and 16 seconds, just one second ahead of Harry Carter and Craig Hutton.

In the Media / Re: News December 2017
« on: December 18, 2017, 07:04:17 AM »

Mark Windsor prevails in Bathurst Wallabies' long course triathlon | Photos
ANYA WHITELAW December 18 2017
TIGHT muscles and a quick final transition were critical in deciding the long course honours in Sunday’s Bathurst Wallabies Triathlon Club’s race, Mark Windsor recording 53 minutes, 20 seconds, with Stapley (56.19) second and Tom Hanrahan (56.31) third.

Jess Richards wins female long course triathlon on the back of strong cycle leg
ANYA WHITELAW December 18 2017
SHE may not have enjoyed the cycle leg as much as usual, but it was Jess Richards’ work on the bike which saw her as the female long course winner in Sunday’s Bathurst Wallabies Triathlon Club race.

Wes Gibson runs his way into first while Stacey Fish flies as well
ANYA WHITELAW December 18 2017
WHEN Wes Gibson emerged from final transition in Sunday’s Bathurst Wallabies Triathlon Club’s short course race, he had a 48 seconds time gap to make up.

Fran and Chris Grady notch up top 10 results at Ironman Western Australia
ANYA WHITELAW December 5 2017
Fran Grady has proven herself as an ultra distance runner, but now she is finding success in the sport of triathlon. She and husband Chris raced at Busselton on Sunday

Triathlon date moved to January
Mudgee Guardian 5th December.
The Cowra leg of the Central West Interclub triathlon series was called off on Sunday morning.

Mudgee triathlon club boasted a strong junior representation in its third club race
Mudgee Guardian  December 12 2017
Sian Potter might have been the only junior girl to enter the women’s long course event on Sunday but that didn’t stop the 15-year-old from giving it a shake up on her way finishing third.

Junior series returns from this weekend at Dubbo Triathlon Club
Nick Guthrie December 8 2017
When the new committee at Dubbo Triathlon Club took over they were keen to put an emphasis on junior development. This Sunday will see the return of Tri-Stars Junior Triathlon Series.

Martins’ Gold Coast triathlon mission
Bradley Jurd December 28 2017
Even with two events to go, Dennis and Jodie Martin are in a strong position to qualify for next September’s International Triathlon Union World Triathlon Grand Final on the Gold Coast.

Road Race Report / ITU Worlds Qualification 2018
« on: December 06, 2017, 07:43:19 AM »
2018 World Olympic and Sprint Distances Championships
Nice start for the Bathurst Triathletes attempting to qualify for the Team to race the 2018 World Olympic and Sprint Distances Championships on the Gold Coast. A series of selection races will be held around Australia during summer. After 4 rounds of the Sprint Triathlon World Championships Qualifiers 3 of the Bathurst athletes are in good positions.
Jodie Martins 2nd at Kurnell certainly got her qualification off to a get start but its husband Dennis that has impressed after 2 rounds as he is effectively in 3rd place on the pointscore after a 4th placing at Canberra.   

Briefly (off the top of my head) some of the other central west triathletes well up in the points include –impressive orange athletes Kim Dale and Brian Sharp who currently  lead the 40-44 womens and 70-74 mens qualifying.
While things are looking good for young Orange Star Connor Whiteley who currently sits second in the 16-19yrs points score.
As always Orange’s Brian Kennelly and Julie Middleton are in the mix while both Phil Tudor (Orange) and Cowra’s Andrew Fisher currently hold places in the top 20 in the 50-54 qualifying. There are plenty of other in the mix with the orange club boosting a large number of members in the points....

See More on Canberra here --- ANYA WHITELAW November 29 - Jackie Fairweather Memorial Triathlon

Current World Champs Qualifier Table
Brian HUMPHREYS 57 (3 events) Mark WINDSOR 48 (2 events) Chris WOOLDRIDGE (2 events) Dennis MARTIN 45 (2 events) Michael DIXON 44 (2 events)

Julie GOLLAN-FOARD 74 (3 events) Julie-Anne ROCHE 63 (3 events) Kelly GRAHAM 54 (3 events) Deb JAMES 50 (3 events) Niki HALE 45 (3 events) Jodie MARTIN 45 (2 events) Jo WHITHEAR 38 (2 events)

For More Details/Points for Worlds Championships Qualifying

In the Media / News December 2017
« on: December 05, 2017, 07:05:55 AM »
Tracks looking good thanks to rain ahead of Cross Country Olympic series
Max Stainkamph December 5
The 2018 Mountain Bike Australia Cross Country National Season will arrive in Orange this weekend, and it will bring former Commonwealth Games and Olympic competitors with it.

Record breaking night for Carter at Bathurst velodrome
ALEXANDER GRANT December 5 2017
Carter won the rescheduled pursuit championships A grade title in a club record time of two minutes and 17.06 seconds before backing up later in the evening to win the scratch crown.

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