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2019 Bathurst Road Series Championship Brief Update (after Round 6)
With only two rounds remaining in the 2019 Bcc Road Cycling Series most of the Grades looked to be almost decided with last years A Grade Champion Brad Rayner looking set to make it back to back A grade Titles with only last year’s runner up Mark Windsor a mathematical chance of defeating the defending champ.

Currently Rayner is on 148pts to Windsor’s 108pts, youngster Daniel Googe is in third on 76pts just in front of Josh Corcoran (68pts) and Will Hodges (53pts). However it should be noted the overall points spread is not an indication of the racing as there have been a number of different round winners in 2019 with Will Hodges (Olivers), Craig Hutton (GPM) and Charlie Gascoyne all undefeated in this season’s A Grade rounds. 

David Reece has a big lead in the B Grade Series, having scored 118pts to Glen Partridge’s 100points. Jack Cannon is the inform rider in the Grade and currently sits third on 83point only 1pt in front of Rod Esdaile and 5pts clear of Graham Stait who have moved up into B grade during the 2019 Series. Nathan Pearce, Ben Taylor and Toireasa Gallagher are close enough to move into the top5 with Toireasa the top ranked female in the 2019 Series.

With only 2 rounds remaining no one can defeat David McKellar in C Grade, he has 137pts with his nearest rivals Neville Krahe (81pts) Braedon Smith (67pts) Peter Wilson (47pts) & Darren Fenton (38pts) unable to mathematically score enough points in two rounds to defeat the series leader.

It’s much closer in D Grade with only 7 points separating Jette McKellar (142pts) and Phil Cole (135pts) in the race for the 2019 title. It is also a great battle for the minor placing with Gary Baker (77pts) & David Hyland and Alex MacQuarrie both on 60pts.

BRIEF UPDATE - 2019 Bathurst Road Series Championship - Current placings after 6 of 8 Rounds:
A Grade:
1Brad Rayner, 2Mark Windsor, 3Dan Googe, 4Josh Corcoran, 5William Hodges, 6Craig Hutton & Charlie Gascoyne, 8Luke Tuckwell, 9Stuart Renshaw, 10 Others - Chris Couper (Dubbo), Emily Watts (Syd Uni velo)
B Grade:
1Dave Reece, 2Glen Partridge, 3Jack Cannon, 4Rod Esdaile, 5Graham Stait, 6Nathan Pearce, 7Toireasa Gallagher & Ben  Taylor, 9Scott James, 10Jim Lavis. Then - Rob Stephen Kalinda Robinson Chris Davis Steve Bennett Rod Lovett Tony Shaw Others Paul Whitfield (BMts) Drew Tuckwell (Org) David Eggleton (TBC)
C Grade:
1Dave McKellar, 2Neville Krahe, 3Braedon Smith, 4Peter Wilson, 5Darren Fenton, 6Wayne Powell, 7Cadel Lovett & Jille Harris, 9Rob Barlow, 10Jim Allan Gary Theiss
D Grade:
1Jette McKellar, 2Phil Cole, 3Gary Baker, 4David Hyland, 5Alex MacQuarrie, 6Caroline Robertson, 7Rosemary Hastings, 8Norman Wise, 9Greg Cross, 10Marian Renshaw, Garry Taunton

2018 Bcc Road Series:
A Grade 1.Brad Rayner, 2.Mark Windsor, 3.Steve Dunstall
B Grade 1.Hayden Booth, 2.Andrew McGrath, 3.David Reece
C Grade 1.Rob Stephen, 2.Neville Krahe, 3.Graham Stait
D Grade 1.Rosemary Hastings, 2.Norman Wise, 3.Alex MacQuarrie

General Discussion / 2019 RMS Region Bicycle Forum – Dubbo
« on: May 13, 2019, 01:10:01 PM »
2019 Region Bicycle Forum – Dubbo 14th May 2019
The Annual RMS Western Region Bicycle Forum will be held in Dubbo 14th May 2019. A very diverse group of presenters from Government Authorities, urban designers and architects, Cycling Historians, Cycling Mechanics / shop owners and Sport technicians / Scientists will guarantee a wide range of cycling issues will be covered.

The Forum will open with a welcome from the Dubbo Mayor Ben Shields and Manager Local Government RMS Jodi McIntyre with acknowledgment to Country by Forum Presenter Jacqueline Anderson.
The first topic will be Bicycle Friendly Communities by Global Operations Manager CycleLifeHQ Anna Gurnhill, that will be followed by New technology in bikes and then Future directions in Landscape architecture and urban design.

The Forum will also hear reports from some of the regions councils and cycling user groups, plus Interactive workshop.

Tony Dunn & Paul Reynolds of Wheeler Cycles talking of new technology in cycling.

Road Race Report / 25km Ind Time Trial - Rd6 Bcc Road Series
« on: May 13, 2019, 07:54:35 AM »
Individual TT - Long course TT, 25km (Ryans/Newbridge)

Bathurst Cycling Club hosted round 6 of the 2019 Road series on the weekend with a 25km Time Trail contested on the 2 Road Circuit.

At the half way point there was very little between the top 3 in A Grade for the overall fastest on the day however it was Orange Champ Charlie Gascoyne that finished the stronger to take the win in a very quick 36min 28sec. Bathurst Road Champ Brad Rayner was only 4second behind with another 28sec back to Current Bathurst Time trail Champion Mark Windsor.
State Masters Medallist Ben Taylor was an impressive winner of B Grade in 39min02sec with David Reece and Jack Cannon again on the podium in 2nd and 3rd place
Braeden Smith continued his rise through the local cycling ranking recording a 44min 24sec to defeat Nev Knahe and David McKellar in a great battle
Meanwhile Caroline Robertson was a big winner in G Grade recording 47min 42sec to defeat Jette McKellar and Greg Cross
Top Female performer on the day was Toireasa Gallagher with 43:31 infront of Caroline Robertson and Jette McKellar

A Grade 1st Charlie Gascoyne 36min 28sec 2nd Brad Rayner @4 3rd Mark Windsor @32 – 4th Dan Googe

B Grade 1st Ben Taylor 39min02sec 2nd David Reece @2:15 3rd Jack Cannon @2:33 – 4th Rod Esdaile 5th Jim Lavis 6th Toireasa Gallagher 7th Graham Stait 8th Glen Partridge 9th Chris Davis

C Grade 1st Braedon Smith 44min 24sec 2nd Nev Knahe @39 3rd David McKellar @52

D Grade 1st Caroline Robertson 47min 42sec 2nd Jette McKellar @2:14 3rd Greg Cross @5:13 - 4th Alex MacQuarrie 5th Phil Cole

Pro Racing / 2019 Giro d'Italia
« on: May 13, 2019, 06:32:35 AM »
Mark Renshaw has started his 17th Grand Tour on the weekend in the 2019 Giro d'Italia:
In 2005 Mark Renshaw got a Grand Tour Start in his first season solely focusing on the Road:

Mark Renshaw started his 17th Grand Tour on the weekend in the 102nd Giro d'Italia, this is made-up of 10 Tour de France, 2 Vuelta, and 5 Giro d Italia starts.

In the twilight of his wonderful career, it is ironic that he is back doing the Giro as the last time he did the event was back in 2012 but the Giro d Italia was the first Grand Tour he contested back in 2005.

Having come off the Athens Olympics Track program the year before, the 2005 Giro start with FDJ was very exciting and full of expectation as the young championship was having his first season specialising solely on the road.

The Giro d'Italia was particularly exciting as Renshaw was considered by the team as their best chance in the tour’s opening Prologue. Looking back it must have been a very stressful and emotional start to his career on that street in Reggio Calabria, and while the young champ looked calm and in control on the starting ramp he would finish only 2 seconds off the pink leaders jersey in 8th place overall in his Grand Tour debut. He was Française des Jeux best finisher in the prologue however Mark certainly has replayed the stage start in his head many times afterwards, as he had the talent to take that leaders jersey.

Young Mark Renshaw calming down before the 2005 Tour Prologue.

Although working for Baden Cooke, Mark Renshaw actually finished that first grand tour as Française des Jeux best placed rider on the Mountains Classification and the Point jersey equal with the very experienced Sandy Casar. Yet he never considered this statistic at any point, as his future in Grand Tours would be built around supporting teammates and what a magnificent career it would be. 

Road Race Report / 2019 “David Reid Homes” Grafton to Inverell
« on: May 11, 2019, 07:24:51 AM »
Bathurst Cycling Will Hodges (of the Olivers Real Foods Team) has won the 2019 “David Reid Homes” Grafton to Inverell CYCLE CLASSIC Hodges defeated Bridge Lane teams mates Dylan Sunderland and Nicholas White in another top class performance.

Earlier this year Hodges was Bathurst Cycling Clubs best ever performer in the historic Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic finishing 4th behind Nick White. In turning the tables on White and the BridgeLane team in NSW’s premier Road Race Hodges became the first ever Bathurst Club rider to win the Grafton to Inverell which was first contested in 1961.

The significance highlighted by Bathurst only ever having a few riders to finish in the top grade, with Blair & Mark Windsor and Jess Ridders the only riders in recent memory to finish in the top dozen of the Division 1 event.

Ridder was 5th behind Parramatta’s Jennifer Manefield in 2002, but miss the 2003 event when she dominated the National domestic scene. Mark Windsor best chance came in 1986 when he broke away with 83 winner Rick McCorkell, however the pair taken off course by the lead car at Glen Innes resulted in them re-joining the race behind the Andrew Logan group and he finished 11th. Meanwhile Blair Windsor was part of Budget Forklift very successful era being the team leader on the road. In 2012 Blair was in the leading group when team mates Peter Herzig Michael Cupitt attacked to finish 1st and 2nd, Blair taking a top 10 finish behind the pair. Others to perform well in the top grade include Craig Hutton who put in a very aggressive ride in his first Grafton to Inverell appearance, attacking at the start and only fading in the final stages to just miss the top40 in A Grade.

With the Bathurst Club (established in 1884) having such a proud history, Will Hodges history-making performances this year are something to be very proud of.

Brief Results 
2019 “David Reid Homes” Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic
A Grade - NRS Event.
1st William Hodges Oliver's Real Food Racing
2nd Dylan Sunderland Team BridgeLane
3rd Nicholas White Team BridgeLane

Road Race Report / All-in Handicap - Cross Roads (McKay Trial)
« on: May 10, 2019, 12:54:01 AM »
All-in Handicap - Cross Roads

Bathurst Cycling Club contended an All-in Cross Roads Handicap on the weekend (6th may 2019) in preparation for the annual Jack McKay Memorial Event which will be run Mid May. A solid field consisting of 32 riders contested the Handicap with a 40 minute spread between the riders who had to face a cross headwind on the way out.

At the turnaround a big bunch of middlemarkers formed who set about chasing down the 35 and 27 minute bunches who lead the event. However strong Orange rider Mitch Bland (27min) went solo and stayed away for the win. Dave Hyland (35 min) also a solo effort for 2nd.
On the return trip the Scratch markers caught the chasing bunch with Brad Rayner (Scr) riding through the field to claim 3rd and fastest time (1:14.56), Co-Markers Chris Couper and Luke Tuckwell also impressive rounding out the top 5.

Next home where block riders Ben Taylor (6th) and Steve Bennett (7th), while Orange Champ Charlie Gascoyne (Scratch) finished 8th place infront of Jack Cannon (Block) and Kalinda Robinson (14 min) who was 10th and the top placed female

Road Race Report / Round 5 Bcc Road Series - 3Roads Scratch
« on: April 28, 2019, 12:48:23 PM »
Quarry Hill Scratch Race with Sutho Drive Finish:
Today we had round 5 of the Bathurst Road series with 4 separate grades racing on the Quarry Hill Course and then finishing on the notorious hill top finish at Sunderland Drive
The attacks started early in A Grade with Daniel Googe jumping clear not long after the start however a counter attack by Josh Corcoran resulted in Brad Rayner Dubbo’s Chris Couper Mark Windsor and Corcoran moving to the lead. In the final stages Windsor looked like stealing the race with a late attack however he was caught on the finish Climb where Rayner was too strong winning from Couper and Corcoran.

Former Bathurst Champ Steve Bennett was back racing in B Grade with a very strong bunch of Bennett, Jack Cannon, Nathan Pearse and Dave Reece building a winning lead on the flats. Jack Cannon put in an impressive burst on the Finish Climb to win from Bennett, Reece and Pearse with Rod Esdaile finishing very fast to take 5th place

Former World Masters Championship representative Peter Wilson simply out climbed very one in C Grade, Jille Harris finished fast to get second infront of Dave McKellar Braedon Smith and Nev Krahe.

D Grade was won by Jette McKellar with her major rival for the BCC D-Grade Road Series Phil Cole 2nd & Alex MacQuarie 3rd. Bad luck for Garry Taunton who punctured while in a good position.

More Soon --

Road Race Report / 2019 “Private John Ford” Anzac Memorial Race
« on: April 24, 2019, 09:56:30 PM »
Bathurst Cycling Club honours “John Ford” in the 2019 Anzac Memorial Event

Jack Ford was a wonderful Bathurst Cycling Club member, who prior to World War 1 was a massive promoter of cycling in the District not just for his impressive performances in major events but particularly for his involvement is a number of high profile cycling challenges.

However his cycling career was cut short when he answered the call to fight for his country in World War 1. He was entered in the Bathurst to Sunny Corner Rtn race (now famous for that magnificent photo of the race start in William Street Bathurst which features so many of the Bathurst Cycling Club World War 1 veteran) but enlisted for the war in the lead but to the race. 

The following year he was one of the Australians involved in that now infamous bayonet charge up the beach at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915.

2019 “Private John Ford” Anzac Memorial Race
The Memorial Race is a Handicap Events over 25km on Anzac Day, this year is the 25th running of the Event and will be the 6th time a member of the local cycling community that served in WW1 will be honoured in the event.

EARLY HANDICAPS – 25km 25th April 2019
14mins - Julie Gardiner, Alex MacQuarrie
12:30mins - Fran Walker, Phil Cole, Rosemary Clifton
10:30mins - Caroline Robertson, Gary Baker, Mark Craig, Garry Taunton, Patrick Crump, Daniel Crump
7mins - Bruce Hutton, Peter Wilson, Nick Barrett, Braedon Smith, Brian Draper
6mins - Glen Partridge, Chris Davis, Graham Stait, Rob Stephen, Rod Esdaile
5mins - Scott James, Jack Cannon, Tony Shaw, Nathan Pearce
Scratch - Brad Raynor, Josh Corcoran, Chris Couper, Mark Windsor

Road Race Report / ROUND 4 BCC ROAD SERIES - 52km Easter Scratch Race
« on: April 22, 2019, 11:09:57 AM »
21 April 2019 - ROUND4 BCC ROAD SERIES Easter Scratch Race – Xroads, 52km
There were smaller fields in the Easter Sunday Racing at Bathurst, however there was plenty of great cycling action with exciting solo wins for Ben Taylor (B Grade) and Gary Baker (D Grade), while Brad Rayner won his second race in a row in A Grade.

Brad Rayner has moved to the lead of 2019 A Grade Bathurst Road Series after four rounds. Will Hodges jumped to an early lead in the series by winning rounds 1 and 2. However Rayner defeated Luke Tuckwell and Mark Windsor on the weekend in the hilliest round of the series over the Caloola Ridge to move a comfortable lead in the series after winning the Premier Grade in Bathurst Series in 2018. There was plenty of drama in the A Grade race with Mark Windsor falling and then having to avoid an aggressive brown snake during the 52km race.

B Grade was an exciting race with 3 riders (Ben Taylor Drew Tuckwell and Scott James) breaking clear of the bunch on the Caloola Climb. On the return trip Ben Taylor attacked, and although Tuckwell and James chased hard, Taylor recorded and impressive win from Tuckwell and James with veterans Rob Stephen, Graham Stait & Glen Partridge not too away.

David McKellar had an easy win in C Grade however D grade was another exciting race with one of the race favourites Jette McKellar suffering a puncturing early in the race. However a quick wheel change got her back in the event. By the top of Caloola Gary Baker had built a winning lead, yet things changed quickly with Caroline Robertson and Jette McKellar breaking clear of Phil Cole and Alex MacQuarrie and joining Barker in the lead at the half way point. Baker and Robertson pushed the pace but it was McKellar that attacked on the return trip and looked set for a remarkable victory. However Baker counter attacked and in a great battle held a small bit winning gap to the finish.

Track Racing / 2019 Harold Buttsworth Memorial Wheelrace
« on: April 10, 2019, 08:26:09 AM »
2019 Harold Buttsworth Memorial Wheelrace
After the Scratch marker Harry Carter got up for the win in 2018; Outmarker Phil Cole was simply too fast for the field in the 2019 Harold Buttsworth Memorial Wheelrace at the Bathurst Velodrome (5th April 2019)
Cole defeated front marker John Kitchen and former club track champ Drew Carter off 30m, with Kalinda Robinson (40m) and Toireasa Gallagher (130m) rounding out the top 5.

Road Race Report / The 9th Bcc Hurt on Dirt Classic - 7th April 2019
« on: April 07, 2019, 12:03:53 PM »
2019 Hurt on Dirt (7 April 2019)
Raced on the tough Guestinthorpe Loop, the Hurt on Dirt Classic (or Alloy Classic) is regarded as one of the more prestigious cycling events on the local Bathurst Cycling Calendar. It’s a tough course which includes a number of dirt sections resulting in some great cycling action.

First held in 2011 the Bathurst gravel event was inspired after local international champion Mark Renshaw won the world famous gravel race, the Tro Bro Leon in France 13years ago in April 2006. That hype for gravel racing was further heightened with another Bathurst International Dean Windsor racing both the Tro Bro Leon and America Gravel Classic the Tour of Battenkil.

When Australia’s premier road series, the NRS, introduced a gravel event in the Tour of Adelaide it was again a Bathurst rider starring with Blair Windsor taking the win in South Australia.

It comes as no surprize then, that former European Pro Dean Windsor, Mudgee International Ayden Toovey and Continental Contract riders Blair Windsor & Harry Carter all won the A Grade Hurt on Dirt event in the first 6 years, with the Windsor brothers both winning the event twice.

However since then it’s been all Craig Hutton, who on the weekend become the first rider to win the A Grade Hurt on Dirt classic for the third time. The GPM contract rider defeated Brad Rayner (D2F) by centimetres after Rayner attacked on the last lap and Hutton only caught him in the final few metres of the race. Josh Corcoran took third in front of Mark Windsor who actual got the race winner Hutton, to remove a bee sting from his face mid-way through the race. Dan Googe rounding out the top five in A grade with champion Sydney Uni Velo rider Emily Watts the top placed female on the day.

After finishing second last year in B Grade, Blue Mountains cyclist Paul Whitfield was a deserving winner in 2019 defeating Jack Cannon and David Reece in the B grade Race. The top female rider from the inaugural race in 2011 Toireasa Gallagher, was again impressive finishing 4th with Lithgows Glen Partridge rounding out the top 5 in front of Nathan Pearce, Chris Davis and Graham Stait.

Rod Esdaile was an impressive winner in C Grade defeating David McKellar and Rob Barlow with Peter Wilson and Darren Fenton the top 5. While local champion marathon cyclist Gary Baker was too strong for Phil Cole in D Grade with Jette McKellar finishing 3rd in front of David Hyland.

Junior Racing / 2019 National Junior Track Champs
« on: March 31, 2019, 03:37:29 AM »
Bathurst Juniors Rider Impress at National Track Champs
All 3 Bathurst riders have returned from the 2019 National Cycling Champs with Medals with the All Bathurst Team of Kalinda Robinson and Tyler Puzicha riding a super race in the Teams Sprint to finish with the silver medal behind the Victorians on the final day of competition. It was a super performance by the Bathurst pair in the Team Sprint to go under the 36sec barrier and break the existing Australian Record, however the Victorians went faster again to take the gold.

Bathurst club member (Orange Resident) Luke Tuckwell won his medal on day 1 of the championships in the Teams Pursuit while Kalinda Robinson was in super form at the titles taking Gold in the 500 TT setting a massive PB to win her first National Gold Medal in an individual event.

The Central West of NSW made a massive impact at the Nationals with the Dubbo and Orange riders responsible for some mighty performances.  Including National Titles to Dubbo’s Danny Barber Hayley Fuller and Oranges Ben Anderson.

See More --

Very impressive just to have a teams sprint team made of just Bathurst riders at the Nationals - let alone medal winners - Congrats to All --

Bcc Facebook photo

Road Race Report / Bcc 2 Roads 25km Handicap
« on: March 31, 2019, 03:28:43 AM »
Bcc 25km Handicap

Cold conditions for the Bathurst Cycling Club Handicap on the weekend with the club opting to use the shorter 25km Quarry Hill course for the event.

Endurance rider Gary Baker was not suited to the short fast event, but work well with promising young Orange riders Paddy Crump and Xavier Bland and Mitch Bland to set a fast pace early in the Handicap event making the task even more difficult for the backmarkers Mark Windsor and Daniel Googe.

Middle marker Rod Esdaile pushed the pace on quarry hill with a new group moving to the race lead however they were soon overtaken by the very swift moving block markers of Jack Cannon, David Reece and former Rockley Cup Winner Ben Taylor.

The backmarkers looked out of contention with Windsor having to make his move on Quarry Hill to try to catch the leaders. The front trio would fight out the finish with Taylor defeating Reece and Cannon, Mark Windsor finished fast to get 4th and fastest time in front of Rod Esdaile.

Top 8 - Bathurst 25km Handicap. 31-03-19

1st Ben Taylor 2nd Dave Reece 3rd Jack Cannon - Fastest Time Mark Windsor

Track Racing / 2019 State Masters Track Champs
« on: March 29, 2019, 11:42:00 AM »
NSW State Masters Track Cycling Championships:

Last weekend saw 6 Bathurst Cycling Club members contest the NSW State Track Cycling Championships at Dunc Gray Velodrome in Bass Hill ,Sydney.

Rosemary Hastings ,Toireasa Gallagher and Marian Renshaw had great results returning with 13 medals between them. They contested a wide range of events including Individual Time Trials and Pursuits, Scratch and Points racing. Gallagher and Renshaw also teaming up for the Team Sprint to come away with a well eared Silver Medal.

Hastings put in a great weekend despite carrying a injury which robbed her of trying to achieve a Australian record in the 2000m Individual Pursuit.

Gallagher performed extremely well over her chosen events with some exhilarating fast paced action and close finishes.

In the men ,Charlie Gascoyne, Glen Carter and Graham Stait also had to contend with some current Masters World Champions in their fields. Gascoyne returning to the Velodrome after a couple of years break to claim Gold in the Scratch and Points races. Carter also making a return after retiring from track racing in his earlier days to contest the Sprints ,Points and Scratch races, this also being the first time to try out the boards on the velodrome for State Titles. Stait a long time local cyclist claimed a Bronze in the Points race after some hard fast laps.

In all the Club secured 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 6 Bronze being quiet an achievement.

See Alexander Grant story here --

Pro Racing / 43rd Driedaagse Brugge-De Panne
« on: March 27, 2019, 06:54:07 AM »
Renshaw to start the 2019 Season in Belgium

Bathurst Mark Renshaw starts his 2019 cycling season tonight our time in the 43rd Driedaagse Brugge-De Panne. The Bathurst champion had his season put on hold since being hit by a car on a Bathurst round-about in the off season, breaking his pelvis.

It will be the first time Renshaw has raced the event with Dimension Data however he has raced the event before with Etixx-Quick Step, Columbia–HTC and Française des Jeux. However Driedaagse De Panne was a 3 day tour when he raced it previously; it changed to a 200km One Day event last year. The new format suiting Elia Viviani winning in 2018 and back to defend the title in 2019 with his all-conquering Deceuninck-Quick Step team.

However Viviani and Deceuninck-Quick Step team look to have plenty of competition with sprinters such as Gaviria, Bouhanni, Kittel, Dupont, Ackermann, Coquard and the very fast Groenewegen all in contention. Renshaw will be looking forward to setting up his sprinter Giacomo Nizzolo who is capable of springing a surprize win if Renshaw can give him a chance against the dominating Deceuninck-Quick Step team.

The event starts in West Flanders at Bruges and then races through Ypres (an area well known to Australian tourists) before doing a finishing loop at De Panne. Renshaw has rode well at the event in the past with top 10 stage finishes in 2015, 2009 and 2005

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