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Road Race Report / 2022 Carroll/Scott Memorial Triathlon
« on: March 20, 2022, 06:37:39 PM »
13th running of the Carroll/Scott Memorial Triathlon Today.
The inaugural event was held February 2008 but in recent times the event sadly had to be cancelled a couple of times due to covid19 and road permissions.   
Considered much more than just the premier trophy race of the Bathurst Wallabies Triathlon club’s calendar, in the early days the event was also considered the club championship. It is also very much a part of the club’s DNA as it is linked to the establishment of the club, remembering life members Dave Carroll and Dave Scott who were both at the initial meeting to discuss the forming of the club. 

The men’s event has been dominated by 2 athletes, Richard Hobson in the early years and then Nick North.
It was Nick North that continued this amazing record again in 2022 defeating Will Kelly and Mark Windsor in the feature event setting the fastest time for that course this summer. Former Club Champ Josh Stapley 4th with Sebastian Prior rounding out the top 5 in front of Declan.
Nick now has the remarkable record of racing the Carroll/Scott Memorial Triathlon 8 times and winning every time he has started it.

While there has been a female winner each year since the 2008 event, it seems Carroll/Scott Memorial trophy for the female triathletes was first awarded in 2012. In that time there has been many impressive winners however the 2022 winner Mercede Cornelius-Feltus will certainly go down as one of the most impressive; doing an extra lap in the pool before winning in an excellent time. Top Bathurst sportswomen Candice Falconer was runner up in front of Chelsea Hosking with Tania Pringle and Virginia van Gend making up the top 5, and Fallon Weal, Bec Oconnor and Amanda Robinson rounding out the top 8.

The Club also held a Long Course Support Event which was won by Aaron Burgess in the mens category and one of Bathurst top endurance athletes Kathleen Stutsel defeating  Catherine West, with Barb Hill talking 3rd infront of Rebecca Hamment.

General Discussion / Local Racing Events & Results for 2022
« on: February 23, 2022, 11:11:00 PM »
2021 Bathurst Cycling Club Road Season:
See Bathurst Cycling Club Website/Facebook for official information

2nd January 2021 – No Race

9th Jan 2022 -- Bathurst Screamer All-In Handicap “First Race of 2022”     
1Darren Fenton 2 Gary Hamer 3 Glen Partridge, 4 Jille Harris 5 Cathy Adams
Fastest Time - 1 Mark Windsor 25m23sec 2Jack Cannon 3 Craig Hutton –
Fastest Female Toireasa Gallagher 28min 57sec - First Female - 1 Jille Harris

16 Jan 2022 - 30 km 2Roads Handicap
RESULTS - 1Steven Scott (5:45s), 2Ebony Robinson (8min), 3Toireasa Gallagher (8min), 4Damien Bennett (5:45s), 5Mick Foran (8min),
Fastest Time – Craig Hutton 41:05 2Jack Cannon 3Stu Renshaw 4Mark Windsor 5Ian Grant - Fastest Female – 1Ebony Robinson 48:10

23 Jan 2022 – Individual Time Trial (Velo Start)
A Grade - 1Simon Hickey 29.57 2Dave Nicholas 32.01 3Jack Cannon 33.11
B Grade - 1Ray Thorn 33:50 Ian Grant 34:02 Tony Shaw 34:12
C Grade - 1Darren Fenton 35:27 2Toireasa Gallagher 3 Tim Roebuck
D Grade - 1Peter Hickey 42:00 2Rosemary Hastings 3Cathy Adams

30/01/2022- 20km BCC Bathurst Isuzu Ute Handicap
RESULTS - 1David Nicolas 2Nicholas Barrett 3Craig Hutton 4Jack Cannon 5Mark Windsor
First Female 1Jille Harris 2Bec OConnor 3Lara Allan - Fastest Time - David Nicolas 24:26

6th Feb 2022 - Bcc 16km - Time Trial
A Grade - 1Jack Reen (21:14) 2Mark Windsor 3Nick Barrett
B Grade – 1Ray Thorn (22:28) 2Ian Grant 3Dave Reece
C Grade - 1Toireasa Gallagher (24:21) 2Jille Harris 3Ebony Robinson
D Grade – 1Bec Manning (25:45) 2Cathy Adams 3David Hyland

13th Feb 3 Roads Handicap
RESULTS – Rosey Hastings (20min) 2Sam Welsh (20min) 3Bec Manning (9:30s) – FT Craig Hutton (Scr)

20th Feb 2022 – Rd 1 RPP Road Series Crit Champs – Sulman Park
A Grade 1Luke Tuckwell 2Craig Hutton 3Stu Renshaw
B Grade 1Ray Thorn Dave 2Reece 3Scott James
C Grade 1Ebony Robinson 2Bruce Hutton 3Gary Hamer
D Grade 1Sam Welsh 2Cathy Adams 3David Hyland

20th Feb 2022 - 2021 Presentation Dinner
Weal Trophy -- 1David Reece 2Cadel Lovett 3Luke Tuckwell - Top Female Jille Harris
Carroll Award -- Damien Bennett

27th Feb 2022 - Bcc 26km Handicap
RESULTS - 1Toireasa Gallagher (7:15) 2Sam Welsh (15min) 3Mick Foran (7:15) 4Gary Hamer 5Peter Wilson     
Fastest Time - 1 Nic Barrett 41min 42s 2Jack Cannon 3Mark Windsor
Fastest Female - 1Toireasa Gallagher 46min 40sec 2Cathy Adams 3Rosemary Hastings

6th March 2022 - 2 Roads Handicap - Sutherland Drive Finish - 29km
1Scotts Roots (4:30) 2Josiah Cooke (1min) 3Bec Manning (2min) 4Ian Grant (2min) 5Jille Harris (9:30).
Fastest Time 1Cadel Lovett 44:46 2Josiah Cooke 3Nic Barrett
Fastest Female - 1Bec Manning 46:24 2Hannah Roots 3Charlotte Lovett

13th March 2022 - Bcc ITT Champs -(Rd 2 RPP Road Series) - ITT Course
A Grade 1Jeremy Ryan 20:30 2Craig Hutton 20:58 3Jack Cannon 22:38
B Grade 1Ray Thorn 22:46 2Dave Reece 3Rod Lovett
C Grade 1Darren Fenton 24:20 2Toireasa Gallagher 3Bruce Hutton
D Grade 1Cath Adams 27:18 2Rosemary Hastings 3Joanne Renshaw

Road Race Report / Bcc - Graded individual Time Trial (16km)
« on: February 06, 2022, 03:27:42 PM »
Bcc 16km - Time Trial - 6th Feb 2022
Bathurst Cycling Club held a Graded individual Time Trial on it Championship Course on the weekend.
Considering the tough windy conditions the times where fast in all 4 grades –

New rider Bec Manning recording an impressive 25:45 for the 16km event to dominate the D Grade Category, second was the current D Grade champ Cathy Adams with David Hyland defeating Lara Allen Bec OConnor and Amanda Robinson for third place.

The female riders also dominated C Grade with Toireasa Gallagher continuing her good recent form to not only win the Grade but also the fastest female overall, stopping the clock at 24:21. Former Masters Champion Jille Harris and Junior Champ Ebony Robinson finishing in a deadheat for second ahead of Nev Krahe, Scott Allen, Peter Hickey and junior rider Charlotte Lovett.

Ray Thorn recorded a personal best of 22:28 to win B Grade from strong Blue Mountains rider Ian Grant with David Reece finishing third.
It was a good battle in A Grade with Mark Windsor leading early in the event before top local triathlete Jack Reen fought back to level pegging around the midway point. Reen stopping the clock at 21:14 to record the fastest time of the day 13seconds in front of Windsor. Nicholas Barrett finishing in third place ahead of promising junior rider Cadel Lovett.

RESULTS – 16km Time Trial – Champs Course
A Grade -  1Jack Reen (21:14) 2Mark Windsor 3Nick Barrett
B Grade – 1Ray Thorn (22:28) 2Ian Grant 3Dave Reece
C Grade - 1Toireasa Gallagher (24:21) 2Jille Harris 3Ebony Robinson
D Grade – 1Bec Manning (25:45) 2Cathy Adams 3David Hyland

Road Race Report / 20km BCC Bathurst Isuzu Ute Handicap
« on: January 30, 2022, 09:54:37 PM »
20km BCC Bathurst Isuzu Ute Handicap – 30/01/2022
Eventful start to the Local Isuzu Ute Bathurst Cycling Club Event (presented by Clancy)  with competitors having to wait for the floodwaters to clear then a change to the course due to the heavy rain overnight in Bathurst.
Once racing started Bec OConnor look set for an all the way win but the BackMarkers burst onto the scene in the final couple of kilometres to steal the win.

Bec OConnor led the way from Rosemary Hastings Cathy Adams and Lara Allen early in the race, with a bunch that included Phil McFarland Peter Hickey Bruce Hutton Scott Allen and Jille Harris looking the main threat to the leaders.
At the turn Bec OConner was riding strongly and looked to have built a winning lead however a bunch of Middle Markers including Glen Partridge Darren Fenton Rob Stephen Peter Wilson Glen Carter Phil Stapleton & Rod Esdaile had moved into second place on the road and looked threatening.
However there was also plenty of action at the back of the race with Craig Hutton and David Nicolas quickly joining Nicholas Barrett Jack Cannon and Mark Windsor and soon after joining Steve Scott Dave Reece and promising young orange rider Oscar Hanson after fast starts.
With less than 3 kilometres to the finish Bec OConnor was still leading but was starting to tire after the long solo ride and suddenly the backmarkers burst onto the scene to fight out the finish.
Jack Cannon the first to go however Craig Hutton brought him back only to have David Nicolas and Nicholas Barrett sprint past to take first and second, Jack Cannon Mark Windsor rounding out the top 5.
Leading the next group in was Bruce Hutton and Darren Fenton in front of Glen Partridge Rob Stephen Peter Wilson rounding out the top 10 in front of top placed female Jille Harris and Phillip McFarland in 12th place.
After all his recent representation duties including a medal at the Paralympics at Tokyo Dave Nicholas has been looking easy back and enjoy his cycling more. The more relaxed approach is certainly paying dividends, as his first and fastest performance in the weekends event would be probably his best performance since racing with the Bathurst Club; his time for the event 24:26 was very fast. Meanwhile Jille Harris finished fast to defeat the unlucky Bec O’Connor for first female
RESULTS - 1David Nicolas 2Nicholas Barrett 3Craig Hutton 4Jack Cannon 5Mark Windsor 6Bruce Hutton 7Darren Fenton 8Glen Partridge 9Rob Stephen 10Peter Wilson
First Female 1Jille Harris 2Bec OConnor 3Lara Allan 4Cathy Adams 5Rosemary Hastings
Fastest Time - David Nicolas 24:26

Bathurst Wallabies "Narellan Pools" Australia Day Triathlon (Round 2 Interclub Series) - 26/01/2022
For Many years now Bathurst Australia Day celebrations include the Bathurst Wallabies Narellan Pools Australia Day Triathlon. The event not only a wonderful way to celebrate Australia’s National Day, but also was round 2 of the Forager Central West Triathlon.
The Mudgee Red Devils have been impressive this year and currently lead the Central West League but with Bathurst successful in both Male and Female events on the day the local Triathlon Club looks certain to move to second in the series behind Mudgee.

Brief Results -- See Club Site for full results
Bathurst Wallabies Male Narellan Pools Australia Day Triathlon (Round 2 Interclub Series) - 26/01/2022
1 Jack Reen (Bathurst) 49:00, 2 Gareth Fuller (Mudgee), 3 Matt Webster (Mudgee), 4 Hamish Jackson (Mudgee), 5 Luke Gillmer (Bathurst), 6 Mark Windsor (Bathurst), 7 Craig Smith (Bathurst), 8 Matthew Low (Mudgee), 9 Tim Robinson (Orange), 10 Thomas Hanrahan (Bathurst)

Bathurst Wallabies Female Narellan Pools Australia Day Triathlon (Round 2 Interclub Series) - 26/01/2022
1 Simons Hollee (Bathurst) 55:04, 2 Mercede Cornelius-Feltus (Bathurst), 3 Sian Potter (Mudgee), 4 Halle Potter  (Mudgee), 5 Molly Dean (Orange), 6 Melissa Mertens (Dubbo), 7 Jacqueline Dunlop (Mudgee), 8 Lauren Reed (Mudgee), 9  Sophie Martin (Orange),10 Kirsten Howard (Bathurst)

Bathurst Wallabies Teams Narellan Pools Australia Day Triathlon - 26/01/2022
1 Team North Martinez 44:17 2 Team Rivett 3 Team Hobson 4 Team Corcoran 5 Blackie Burgos      

Bathurst Short Course Male Narellan Pools Australia Day Triathlon - 26/01/2022
Short Course Male – 1 David Nicholas, 2 Craig Eves, 3 Mitchell Hall

Bathurst Short Course Female Narellan Pools Australia Day Triathlon - 26/01/2022
Short Course Female Race 1Emily Bennett 2Diana Hyder 3Donna Seage

Screamer All-In Handicap – 2022 underway!!
Bathurst Cycling Club held its first Sunday Club Race for 2022 on the weekend using the short fast Screamer course to kick the year off with some intense cycle action.
Frontmarkers Amanda Robinson and Bec OConner combined well to hold a good lead during the early stages of the 20km handicap event, with initially the challenge initially coming from Cathy Adams and Lara Adams who were being in turn chased by Scott Allen and Jill Harris.
However by the mid-way point it was clear that the 5minute bunch of Glen Partridge, Bruce Hutton, Darren Fenton and Gary Hamer looked the biggest threat to the early leaders, with the 4min group of Toireasa Gallagher, Peter Wilson and Rob Stephen trying very hard to close the gap.
The back markers looked unlikely to feature in the finish with lone scratch marker Craig Hutton set a difficult task to get across to the 45sec block group of Jack Cannon Mark Windsor who were catching the 2min brunch led by Ray Thorn, Robert Jeffries and Tony Barlow and also the 3min group of Steven Scott, Rod Esdaile and Damien Bennett.
In the final couple of kilometres Gary Hamer, Glen Partridge and Darren Fenton caught the leaders with Jille Harris going with the trio to make a 4 rider sprint to the finish were Darren Fenton took the win from Gary Hamer and Glen Partridge. Jille Harris the top placed female rider in fourth place with Cathy Adams fifth infront of Toireasa Gallagher and Peter Wilson. Ray Thorn, Mark Windsor and Steve Scott rounding out the top 10.
After 40years of Club racing Mark Windsor was excited about taking fastest time in the first race of 2022, recording 25m23sec for the 20km event, however he quickly admitted having a bit of luck defeating Craig Hutton and co marker Jack Cannon for the honour. Fastest Female honours going to Toireasa Gallagher in 28min 57sec .

RESULTS - Screamer All-In Handicap – First Race of 2022    
1Darren Fenton 2 Gary Hamer 3 Glen Partridge, 4 Jille Harris 5 Cathy Adams 6 Toireasa Gallagher 7 Peter Wilson 8 Ray Thorn, 9 Mark Windsor 10 Steve Scott
Fastest Time - 1 Mark Windsor 25m23sec 2Jack Cannon 3 Craig Hutton – Fastest Female Toireasa Gallagher 28min 57sec
First Female - 1 Jille Harris 2 Cathy Adams 3 Toireasa Gallagher

Road Race Report / 2021 Christmas Hamper Race
« on: January 09, 2022, 11:25:35 PM »
2021 Christmas Hamper Race – 2 road Scratch
A Luke Tuckwell Will Hodges Cadel Lovett
B Dave Reece Ray Thorn Ella Falzarano
C Glen Carter Ebony Robinson Mick Foran
D Lara Allen Rosemary Hastings Tracey Robinson

2021 THE REMEMBRANCE DAY RACE: (12/12/2021) Presented by - Clancy Motors Bathurst & Isuzu UTE Australia ..
The annual Bathurst Cycling Club “Remember Them” Trophy was held on the weekend. This trophy is very stately silver cup in honor of the fallen Bcc Members who gave their life in the World Wars. Each year the race for the cup is scheduled for Remembrance Day but in 2021 the race was postponed due to rain and was run on the weekend (12/12/2021).
Besides holding the Trophy Race; each year at event the club announces a Bathurst Cycling Club member from World War 1 who will be honored in the following year’s Anzac Day Memorial Event, (with the club naming the Anzac Day event after a club member that served in World War 1).
In 2022 we plan to honor Mr A Bosworth, a regular racer with the Bathurst Cycling Club before World War 1 including some of the major endurance events. Serving at Gallipoli before being killed in Action in France; Sadly Lance Corporal Arthur Bosworth leaving a Widow and 2 children in Bathurst.
2021 Race REPORT
Early leaders Peter Hickey and 2017 winner David Hyland set a good pace but at the midway point had been caught by the Middle Markers. This group consisted of 2013 trophy winner Michael Robinson, Gary Theiss and Nev Krahe who had been joined by the  6:30minute bunch of Peter Wilson Brian Draper Rob Stephen and Ebony Robinson.
Scratch Markers Mark Windsor Steve Bennett Jack Cannon where giving 13minutes start to the leaders but had started fast and would soon join the 2minute bunch of Bryce Stacker David Reece Ray Thorn and Ella Falzarano.
On the climb to the finish, top class junior Ebony Robinson looked to have the race won however the backmarkers suddenly the backmarker appeared with Ella Falzarano becoming the first female rider to ever win the Remember Them Trophy. Jack Cannon was the first Bathurst Club member in second place (also recording Fastest Time in the handicap event) with Ray Thorn just catching the unlucky Ebony Robinson to finish third. Peter Wilson rounding out the top5 in front of Mark Windsor who was second fastest in the event. Nev Krahe Brian Draper Rob Stephen and Peter Hickey rounding out the top 10 in the annual Trophy event.

Road Race Report / 2021 Bathurst Isuzu Ute Rockley Cup
« on: December 29, 2021, 11:11:34 PM »
The 2021 Bathurst Isuzu Ute Rockley Cup
The original Rockley Cycling Race dates back prior to World War 1 but was run from Rockley to Perthville and return. It wasn’t until 1969, that
the modern version of the race commenced, with the road to Rockley from Bathurst upgraded.
This 1969 Rockley Cup was a NSW League of Wheelman Championship Promotion, with the Senior Race supported on the day by a number of Junior State championships in a giant day of cycling for the Bathurst. 
Bathurst Champion Jeff Rice chasing down two good riders Robert Fisher (Cowra) and John McLean (Nowra) to win the inaugural Rockley Cup in 1969, with Dubbo champ Darrell Wheeler recording a very fast 1hr 46 06sec to set course record that wouldn’t be bettered for a decade when Olympian and top class professional Rob Whetters took first and fastest.
The 2021 Rockley Cup was sponsored by the Bathurst Isuzu Ute and faced a number of unusual challenges such as Covid19 and floods.. but in the end an excellent field faced the starter with Rauland Cycling Team entering the event after coming west for a training camp. So with the help of all the race officials and sponsors Bathurst Isuzu Ute, Clancy Motors Bathurst, Bathurst Cardiology the 2021 Rockley Race continued as the premier Handicap Trophy Race on the Bathurst Calendar.

Road Race Report / 20-21 Nov 2021 – Central West Track Open
« on: December 29, 2021, 11:10:07 PM »
NSW State official where full of praise of Bathurst and Orange Cycling officials on the weekend after the clubs hosted the first major track carnival on the AusCycling NSW 2021/22 calendar.
The Open also included the 2021 Country and Metropolitan Junior Track Championships and the Renshaw's Pedal Project and The Hotel Canobolas Wheelraces
On the Track some very fast times in the 500m time trial have organisers checking the record books, both Illawarra’s Joe Sossai (35.62) in the U17’s Mens and promising Bathurst Cyclist Ebony Robinson (37.61) the fastest riders on the track.  See attached Link for some interviews from the Carnival  --
Bathurst club finished 1st and 2nd in the Under-9 Country Track Championships with James Swan defeating Bathurst Team mate Theodore O'Connor.
Bathurst rider David Kirby won bronze in the Under-11 Country boys Championships with Sebastian Gallagher an unlucky 4th
In the Under 13s Country Championships Bathurst Jenna Gallagher was a very impressive winner defeating Bathurst team mates Hallie Allen Sienna Allen Amelia Kirby. Great ride by Ryan O'Connor in the boy’s title just missing the medals in 4th place
Great to see regular Bathurst rider Lachlan Crump of Orange claim the bronze medal in the U15 championship
Another Orange rider Xavier Bland backed up his win in last week’s Bathurst Club race by defeating Illawarra’s Joe Sossai in the U17s Boys with Bathurst Cadel Lovett an unlucky 4th.
After a brilliant start Ebony Robinson lead the Under 17 female title only to have the Central Coast champ Liliya Tatarinoff fight back to defeat her by 1 point in the 2021 Country U17 Championship.
Also a special mention to Nadia Gallagher and Audrey Smith for their impressive rides in the Country Junior Championships Participation events..  and thanks to Bathurst Club Sponsor Isuzu UTE Australia & Clancy Motors Bathurst..

2021 Toireasa Gallagher Women's Trophy Race 18km
The Gallagher Women’s Handicap officially started in 2008 after race sponsor Toireasa Gallagher returned from the Beijing Paralympic Games, but the event does connect to the National Level All-Female events run by the Bathurst Cycling Club in the early 2000s; and boosts an impressive list winners.
This year 3 former winners where on the starting line for the 14th running of the prestigious trophy race - Kirsten Howard, Fran Walker and Cathy Adams
Tracey Robinson Kate Yeo and Kristy Crump where the early leaders with the trio chased by Robyn Partridge and mother and daughter duo Cathy and Erin Adams. Behind them the middle markers included Candice Falconer, Trudy O'Connor, Amanda Robinson and Bec O'Connor who were hoping to form a strong working bunch in the windy conditions; but Brigette Evans and Jette McKellar lifted the pace and only Lara Allen could go with the pair.
Behind them the backmarkers where split into 4 groups with two times winner Kirsten Howard the lone scratchmarker; she had 1 minute between her and strong riding pair of Toireasa Gallagher Claire Scott who were in turn chase young local stars Charlotte Lovett and Ebony Robinson who just medalled at the NSW Junior Champs. While trying to hold them all a bay was former NSW rep rider Kate Tallentire and 2019 winner Fran Walker.
Up front Jette McKellar Brigette Evans and Lara Allen had caught the leaders and had a race winning lead, on the final climb Lara Allen jumping away to take the win in 40 mins 22 sec, with Jette McKellar second and 3rd place Brigette Evans.
Fourth place with to Robyn Partridge in front of Erin Adams and Cathy Adams, while Kate Yeo won the sprint for 7th in front of Kristy Crump, nice ride by Fran Walker and Ebony Robinson to round out the top ten.
Next in Charlotte Lovett Tracey Robinson Trudy O'Connor and Kirsten Howard who recorded fastest time in the event. Then Kate Tallentire Toireasa Gallagher Candice Falconer Bec O’Conner and Amanda Robinson with Claire Scott rounding out the top 20 on Handicap; with the 5th fastest time in the race behind Kirsten Howard Toireasa Gallagher Ebony Robinson and Charlotte Lovett.

14 Nov 2021 – Toireasa Gallagher Women’s Handicap & Men Screamer Scratch Race
Toireasa Gallagher Women’s Handicap - 1Lara Allen 11min 2Jette McKellar 11min 3Brigette Evans 11min 4Robyn Partridge 16min 5Erin Adams 16min 6Cathy Adams 7Kate Yeo 20min 8Kristy Crump 20min 9Fran Walker 7min 10Ebony Robinson (3min) -- Fastest Fastest Time - 1Kirsten Howard 33:06 2Toireasa Gallagher 3Ebony Robinson
Men's 18km Screamer scratch races

Junior Racing / 2021 NSW State Junior Road Cycling Championships
« on: November 10, 2021, 10:52:47 PM »
2021 NSW State Junior Road Cycling Championships –
5 medals for the Bathurst Crew

Certainly been a tough season for the States Junior Cyclist with their championships postponed due to covid but finally held last weekend in the Hunter Region.
The Bathurst club had 7 cyclists racing the State Road Championships, while 3 Orange club riders also contested the titles who regularly race with the Bathurst Club

U/17 Road Race -- Cadel Lovett rode an aggressive race and was impressive top 10 result, Orange’s Xavier Bland not far away in 11th and bad luck for Oscar Hansen who punctured.
U/17 Time Trial – Nothing between the local riders in the Time Trail Cadel Lovett 8th. Xavier Bland 9th Oscar Hansen 11th
U/15 Road Race – Great excitement for the Bathurst Team Ebony Robinson winning a Bronze medal, Charlotte Lovett a strong ride in 7th place. Cam Crump a 10 finish after overcoming an early mechanical problem. 
U/15 Time Trial – Ebony Robinson 5th, Charlotte Lovett just 3 secs behind in 6th, and Lara Allen in her debut for WRAS in 10th. While Orange’s Cam Crump 6th in the Male Race.
U/13 Road Race – Bathurst Jenna Gallagher winning the State Championship with Sienna and Hallie Allen performing well for 4th and 6th place
U/13 Time Trial - Jenna Gallagher finished with the Silver Medal while Sienna and Hallie Allen both in the top 10
U/13 Criterium – Another silver medal for Jenna Gallagher finished with the Silver Medal with Hallie and Sienna Allen both in the top 5
U/9 Road Race – Bathurst Sebastian Gallagher and Hamish Smith 4th and 7th in the State
U/9 Time Trial - Bathurst Sebastian Gallagher won the Bronze Medal in State Championship Hamish Smith in 8th place
U/9 Criterium – Nice riding Sebastian Gallagher and Hamish Smith 4th and 6th
NSW Participation Grade – Bathurst had a great result with Audrey Smith and Nadia Gallagher first and second in all events.

General Discussion / The Bathurst Cycling club 2021 AGM
« on: November 10, 2021, 10:50:30 PM »
The Bathurst Cycling club 2021 AGM - 7th November 2021.
The 2021 cycling year have been a tough one for the local cycling club Administrators with the Covid-19 disruptions and added Government requirements.
Marian Renshaw stepped down from the President after 3 years but will remain in her Track Co-ordinator role which she has been doing since 2018 (she also held that position earlier at the Sportsground).
Tracey Robinson and Hayden Booth continue in their positions, Hayden Booth going into his 7th term as Treasurer while Tracey Robinson going into her 4th term as Secretary after coming from the Junior Co-ordinator role. Also continuing is Road Co-ordinator Glen Partridge going into his 6th term in the position. While former Club President Toireasa Gallagher continues in her role as the Junior Co-ordinator for the 4th year.
The new President and Vice President are long time club members David Hyland and David Reece
David Hyland became the 14th president of the Bathurst Cycling Club’s new era. A long time rider, David is a grade winner in the club championships and also a trophy race winner having won the Memorial Cup in 2017, this came after the best part of 2 decades trying, as he was the race leader out on the road of both the Rockley Cup and Anzac Trophy race in 2001.
Vice President David Reece stated time with the club with a bang, winning one of his first starts in August 2008 defeating a young Tamsyn Moana-Veale. He has since made a name for himself winning one of the clubs most prestigious award The Weal Trophy twice.   

President – David Hyland
Vice President – David Reece
Treasurer – Hayden Booth
Secretary – Tracey Robinson
Committee Member (Road) – Glen Partridge
Committee Member (Track) - Marian Renshaw
Committee Member (Juniors) – Toireasa Gallagher

AusCycling Esports Tour, 29–31 October
This is AusCyclin first stage race with Zwift.. The tour looks set to be 3 days of top-shelf Australian virtual racing in 4 separate grades. Plus, there's an exclusive green-and-gold jersey for the Elite winners.
Here in Western NSW we are looking to make the most of the event, with a club challenge planned for the stage 1 Time Trial among the 4 western NSW clubs Bathurst (BxCC) Dubbo (DCC) Mudgee (MudgeeCC) and Orange (OrangeCC).
This comes after Western Division hosted the inaugural WD ESports Championships in July..

Western Division Time Trial Esports Challenge
Stage 1 — 6:30pm AEDT, Friday 29th October
Bologna / Time Trial Lap – 1 lap, 8km (Individual Time Trial)

More Info -

Road Race Report / Out of Lockdown Bcc Isuzu 2Roads Handicap
« on: October 24, 2021, 08:19:51 PM »
30km Ryan’s 2Rds Handicap - Sunday, October 24, 2021 08:30
Was schedules as 40km Ryan’s 3Rds course but Cow flat had to many potholes
Entry Link -

Initial Handicaps
Scratch - Will Hodges Luke Tuckwell
2min - Mark Windsor Jack Cannon Nic Barrett Cadel Lovett Stuart Renshaw Oscar Hansen
3:30min - Dennis Martin Xavier Bland Daniel Googe David Reece Drew Tuckwell Ella Falzarano Ray Thorn Tony Barlow Lachlan Burrows
6 min - Rob Stephen Rod Esdaile Charlotte Lovett Phil Stapleton Scott James Cameron Crump Mick Foran Nathan Pearce
8:30 min - Ebony Robinson Toireasa Gallagher Kevin Bell Brian Draper Peter Wilson Lachlan Crump
12 min - Scott Allen Nev Krahe Glen Partridge Michael Robinson Gary Hamer
15 min - Claire Scott Lara Allen
16 min - Angela Falzarano Cathy Adams

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