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2021 (Sept/Oct) AusCycling National Club ESPORTS SERIES TWO:
The National Club Esports Series returns this month after a successful debut in July. Unlike other Zwift races, this series is exclusive to the clubs and members of AusCycling, making it a genuine Australian club-versus-club contest. The inaugural series finished in a clean sweep for NSW clubs, with Waratah Masters taking victory ahead of Randwick and Bathurst.
See Full AusCycling Press Release here –

For any proof that AusCycling is taking the ESports very seriously check out their “General & Esports Technical Regulations” in the Link Above
Plus the announcement that:-
Performances in A Grade (in Series2 of the Club National Esports Series) may also be considered as part of AusCycling’s selection criteria for the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships.
Later this year, AusCycling esport riders will have the chance to unlock an exclusive Australian jersey.
Stay tuned for announcements about that.

Inaugural Podium AusCycling National Club ESPORTS Series – July 2021
GOLD - Waratah Masters Zwifters
SILVER - Randwick Cycle Club
BRONZE – Bathurst Cycling Club

Making up the Top 10 -
4Port Adelaide Cycling Club, 5Jindabyne Cycling Club, 6Gold Coast Cycling Club, 7Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club, 8Dubbo Cycle Club, 9Hawthorn CC, 10Coburg Cycling Club,

AusCycling & Zwift will be conducting their 2nd National Club ESPORTS Series over six-rounds in September and October 2021. There is a change with the club teams open to J15 and above aged riders who will be able to score points for their club. Plus this series all riders MUST be a financial member (primary or secondary) of the IRL (in real life) club they are registered to for the series. Riders can chose which club they wish to ride for, although they cannot change during the series. Riders will be required to hold a current AusCycling Lifestyle or Race – All Discipline or Off-Road membership.
Full Details Click Here -

SERIES 2 (Sept/Oct) - 2021 AusCycling National Club Series
Wednesday 15 September 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Open The Bell Lap - 24 km12 laps
Wednesday 22 September 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Open Knickerbocker - 23 km1 lap
Wednesday 29 September 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Open Chain Chomper - 30 km2 laps
Wednesday 6 October 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Open Watopia's Waistband - 28 km1 lap
Wednesday 13 October 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Open Serpentine 8 - 27 km1 lap
Wednesday 20 October 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Open Champs-Elysees - 23 km3 laps

NEW EVENT -- 4th September 2021
Another Lockdown Handicap on Zwift

With the Covid19 Lockdown preventing the Western NSW cycling Championships this weekend in Bathurst, plus the forecast of rain, we are we are proposing another Zwift Lockdown Handicap to get everyone moving.

A couple of weeks ago (21st Aug 2021) when the Lockdown was sprung on as, Renshaw’s Pedal Project came to the rescue for any local cyclists with access to the Zwift App for a bit of social competition. I am sure a number of you read the report in the press, the results and race report can be found here --
So with the 10 day lockdown now growing, plus a wet weekend forecast, we are proposing another event this weekend (4th Sept 2021).. Same format!!
It is Important If you would like to participate in the event that you follow the Renshaw’s Pedal Project Zwift Account as soon as possible. You need to follow this account before the invitations go out.

To Enter
Simply open the Zwift Companion App and go to Find Zwifters and type in Renshaw’s Pedal Project – note the apostrophe.
This should give you an invitation to the event, which you accept to be entered in the RPP Lockdown Special.
Before the event will need to get zwift up and going and JOIN EVENT before the start time as there will be no Late Starts.

Strangely the last event it somehow developed into an unofficial Bathurst Vs Dubbo Challenge; of course that wasn’t the intension, as it really is just some social competition, especially using the Meetup format where a few strange things can happen. However it made for some good racing and of course we are keen to have the regions cyclist involved again.
So a special invitation to all the DCC esports team as well as any other regional cyclist with a Zwift account.
A number of the Dubbo riders will be glad to know that the Handicaps have been adjusted after the event on the 21st Aug 2021. You can see the new handicaps on the Grade Site – see the link below
Now everyone is throw in together, sorry, and the idea is that you check your grade before the event to know who you are racing against.
It is important to note that the course remains the same so your first priority is to have a crack at a new PB on the course.

See Attached Link -- Will be adding riders to the Handicap list up to 10am Saturday 04/09/21 - otherwise you will just be in A Grade by default

General Discussion / Renshaws Pedal Project Zwift Chop-off Grades
« on: August 27, 2021, 08:45:01 PM »
Renshaws Pedal Project On-Line Special Lockdown Events - GRADING:
The Covid19 Lockdown has resulted in the shut down of cycle racing in NSW, so with local cyclists looking to get that weekly cycle race fix Renshaws Pedal Project Zwift events may be an alternative.
To allow races inside one meetup event the following grading system has been identified.

The initial Grades come from a mix of ZwiftPower ranking, Auscycling Club Series Grades and previous RPP chop-off times.
The intention is the results from a "Graded RPP event" will change the grades for the following week.
The general rule is top 3 up and the bottom 3 drop.
However there will be a consideration of the time recorded in the event.
(More on that soon - but there is a time range that is considered as the corrected level for a certain Grade)
There is other considerations such as bring (or Leaving) a group together eg moving female riders into one grade. (Again more on this later)
Handicaps are final -- and results are worked out off those grades - then the grades are again revised
(note once moved up a grade you should remain there for 2 to 3 events before a regrade back down.

CURRENT "UPDATED" Grades of RPP Chop-off Events - Version 6/09/21

A Grade
Mark Renshaw (TdF) -/-
Ace Windsor (Bath BXCC) A1/A5
C Lovett (Bath) -/A3
Cameron Arnold (BxCC) B1/A9
Craig Hutton (Bath) -/-
Craig McAlister (BxCC Bath) B3/A8
Dylan Eather (Dubbo) -/A3
Hobbo0 (Bathurst) -/-
Jeff Frank (Mudgee) -/C1
Kate Spicer (DCC Dubbo) B6/B2
Kurt Eather (Dubbo) -/A7
Luke Tuckwell (BxCC Bath/Org) -/A1
Nick North (Bathurst) A3/A2
Stuart Renshaw (Bathurst) -/A10
Tirian McManus (RPP NSW) -/-
W Hodges (Bathurst) -/-
Ryan McDonnell (Ex.Bath) B2/-
S Dunstall (Bathurst) -/-
Shane Haertsch (RPP Dub?) -/-
Simon Heppell (DCC Dubbo) A2/A5
Stephen Jackson (BxCC Bath) B5/B1

B Grade
A Giovanetti (RPP)
Cal Baker (BxCC - exBath)
Cowpat Climber (Bathurst)
Dave Reece (Bathurst)
Ella Falzarano (Bathurst)
Graeme Peadon (Dubbo)
Jack Cannon (BxCC - Bath)
Jenn Arnold (BxCC - Bath)
Karl Addison (BxCC - UK)
Kirsten Howard (BxCC - Bath)
Luke Gillmer (BxCC - Bath)
Lovey Lovett (Bathurst)
M Cowley (Bathurst)
M Marsh (ex Bathurst NSW)
M Riley (RPP Mudgee)
Mark Simons(D2FAdventure) (Bathurst)
Neil Diamond (Dubbo DCC)
Paul Jones (BxCC - Bath)
Ray Thorn (BxCC - Bath)
Rod Mildner (RPP -?)
S Bennett (Bathurst)
Stuart Jones (RPP -)
T Antechinus (RPP Mudgee)
T Cleasby (RPP -)
Troy Eastlake-smith (BxCC - Bath)

C Grade
Aaron Seaman7958 (Dubbo DCC)
Adam Young (AHDR) (RPP -)
B Readsled (RPP -)
*Belly** (Bathurst)
Ben OBrien (Dubbo DCC)
Craig Morgan (RPP -)
Claire Scott (BxCC Bath)
Dan Stewart (Dubbo Dcc)   
Daniel Richardson (Dubbo Dcc)   
Darren Fenton (Bathurst)
Dave Flemming (Dubbo Dcc)
Dave Huges (Bathurst/Lith)
Gary Baker (BxCC exBath)
Gary Hamer (BxCC Bath)
Geoff Short (BxCC Bath)
Georgia Farr (Dubbo)
James D (RPP -)
Jamie R (Cowpat Climbers) (Bathurst)
Jason Farr (Dubbo Dcc)
Jimmy Leno (RPP -)
John Curley (Dubbo Dcc)
Josiah Cooke (Orange)
L Renshaw (BxCC Bath)
L Reynolds (Dubbo Dcc)
Mick Marshall AHDR (BxCC ExBath)
Mick Robbo (Bathurst)
R.RPP (RPP Bathurst)
Rick Reynolds8237 (Dubbo Dcc)
Phil McFarland (Bathurst Mtb)
S Shaw (RPP -)
Seb Hanscomb (Dubbo Dcc)
Tim Howlett (Dubbo Dcc)
Will Lesh (BxCC Bath)

D Grade
Alex B (BxCC Bath)
B Evans (RPP -)
Bec O'Connor (BxCC Bath)
Brooke Tuynman (Bathurst)
C William (RPP -)
G Hope (Bathurst)
Gary B (Dubbo Dcc)
Glen Carter (BxCC Bath)
Graeme Bell (Bathurst)
J Renshaw (Bathurst)
Joshua Jackson (BxCC Bath)
L Wheeler (RPP - B)
Ken Addison (BxCC UK)
Mark Collett (Dubbo Dcc)
Michael Howlett (Dubbo Dcc)
Michelle Patton (BxCC Bath)
Mel Thorn (Bathurst)
Nicole Purdon (BxCC Bath)
P Wilson (Bathurst)
Sam Stringfield (RPP -)
Steve Cox (RPP -)
tony simic (Dubbo Dcc)
T opcat S (RPP -)

RPP Lockdown Special Zwift Event
Renshaw’s Pedal Project are putting on a Lockdown Esports Zwift event this weekend for any local Zwift Users to get together on line for a bit of social competition. (of course local could mean anywhere in the world on-line)
The event will attempt to grade the field into 4 grades along the same lines as the recent Esport Club series, but given the Zwift Meet-up format it will be a little clunky as all riders will be in together and the grade results will be simply compiled at the end of the event by identifying the leading Grade competitors in the overall results. This could be a bit tricky as organisers will not have quick way of identifying grades before the event, but plan to just have a crack at it. (It certainly means that some competitors could end up in the wrong grade, but it will be a bit of fun). More on this below - will try to post a list of the grades before the event so competitors has an idea who they are racing in there grade..

If you want to be involved you need to follow Renshaw’s Pedal Project on Zwift.
Simply open the Zwift Companion App and go to Find Zwifters and type in Renshaw’s Pedal Project – note the apostrophe
This should give you an invitation to the event, which you accept to be entered in the RPP Lockdown Special. Before the event will need to get zwift up and going and JOIN EVENT before the start time as there will be no Late Starts.

At this point the event is planned for 12:30pm Suturday 21st August 2021
More News soon... With more handicap details to be posted here soon.

Some of the Grade winners from the recent WesternNSW ESport Cycling Titles all of whom will be racing this weekend

John Butler and Harry Stephen Memorial Races
Back to back wins to top class rider Will Hodges in the 46th John Butler Memorial Race. Hodges defeated last year’s third placegetter Luke Tuckwell who looks certain to get his name on the prestigious trophy in the future.
Mark Windsor and Steve Bennett went on the attack early and built a good lead early in the race. However the chase got serious on the Caloola Climb splitting into 2 main groups the first lead by Hodges and Tuckwell with the leading pair soon caught.
On the return Hodges and Tuckwell attacked and fought out the finish with Hodges to fast for the young Orange rider in the dash to the line. Third placegetter Nick Barrett was also on the podium last year, finishing 2nd in the Harry Stephen memorial which is also contested on the day, his jump in grades to finished 3rd in the Butler Race certainly showing his improvement over the last 12 months. Young Gun Cadel Lovett was next to finish following in by Jack Cannon and Mark Windsor. Brad Rayner and Steve Bennett jumped clear of a bunch on the return trip to lead the B Grade riders home in 7th and 8th place overall with Dave Reece and Drew Tuckwell making up the top 10 in front of Tony Shaw and Rod Lovett. Nice Ride by Ella Falzarano to be the first female rider home in the 2021 Bulter Memorial Race.
In its 5th year, the Harry Stephen Memorial has become the major goal for C and D Category riders in the club. The race came down to a 4 rider break which moved clear on the Caloola Range, with a determined Brian Draper outsprinting current C Grade road series winner Damian Bennett for the trophy, Charlotte Lovett was the top female placegetter in third place with strong riding Bryce Staker fourth. Next in was Mick Foran and 2 time winner Rob Stephen with Darren Fenton, Kevin Bell, Peter Wilson and Ebony Robinson rounding out the top 10 infront of Michael Robinson and Peter Hickey who was the top place D grader...

John Bulter Memorial
1Will Hodges 2 Luke Tuckwell 3Nick Barrett 4Cadel Lovett 5Jack Cannon 6Mark Windsor 7Brad Rayner 8Steve Bennett 9Dave Reece 10Drew Tuckwell 11Tony Shaw 12Rod Lovett

Grade Winners
A Grade - 1Will Hodges 2 Luke Tuckwell 3Nick Barrett
B Grade - 1Brad Rayner 2Steve Bennett 3Dave Reece
First Female - Ella Falzanaro

Harry Stephen Memorial 7/8/21
1Brian Draper 2Damian Bennett 3Charlotte Lovett 4Bryce Staker 5Mick Foran 6Rob Stephen 7Darren Fenton 8Kevin Bell 9Peter Wilson 10Ebony Robinson 11Michael Robinson 12Peter Hickey

C Grade - 1Brian Draper 2Damian Bennett 3Charlotte Lovett
D Grade – 1Peter Hickey 2Scott Allen 3 Lara Allen
First Female - 1Charlotte Lovett

Road Race Report / 31/07/21 2Roads Handicap (Sutho Finish)
« on: August 09, 2021, 01:01:16 AM »
Bathurst Isuzu UTE Sutho Handicap – 31/07/2021
More pleasant conditions in the weekends Bathurst Cycling Club however club officials still working hard to manage Covid19 restrictions.
Early Leaders in the Handicap Rosemary Hastings, Lara Allen, Angelia Falzarano and Robyn Partridge would be firstly joined by Cathy Adams David Hyland then Scott Allen Peter Hickey Gary Theiss and Michael Robinson at the front of the race. But the middle markers where looking a real threat with Gary Hamer and Toireasa Gallagher riding strongly and a group which included Brian Draper, Charlotte Lovett, Peter McKinnon, Ebony Robinson Jim Allan in hot pursuit.
A few minutes further was the large group of Rob Stephen, Peter Wilson, Damien Bennett, Bryce Staker, Cameron Crump, Phil Stapleton and Mick Foran which contained plenty of experience and firepower and was expected to ride into contention.
At the back of the field scratch marker Luke Tuckwell looked to have a tough task when the 30sec block group of Nicholas Barrett, Mark Windsor, Cadel Lovett, Lachlan Burrows and Jack Cannon started pushing the pace after around 5kms when they caught sight of the 2:30min bunch which included Drew Tuckwell, Rod Lovett, Charlie Cross, Tony Barlow Brad Rayner and Dave Reece.
Toireasa Gallagher and Gary Hamer swept to the lead and took the win after fighting off a challenge from promising junior Ebony Robinson and Brian Draper who finished 3rd and 4th.
Finishing very fast in the event where the backmarkers lead in by Cadel Lovett, who put in an impressive performance to record fast time in the race ahead of Nic Barrett and Mark Windsor and Jack Cannon, with Brad Rayner and Jim Allan rounding out the top 10 in the event.

Bathurst Isuzu Sutho Handicap – 31/07/2021
1Toireasa Gallagher (11:30min), 2Gary Hamer (11:30min), 3Ebony Robinson (10min), 4Brian Draper (10min), 5Cadel Lovett (30sec), 6Nic Barrett (30sec), 7Mark Windsor (30sec), 8Jack Cannon (30sec), 9Brad Rayner (2:30min), 10Jim Allan (10min)
Fastest Time – 1 Cadel Lovett 43:53, 2 Nic Barrett, 3 Mark Windsor
First Female – 1 Toireasa Gallagher, 2 Ebony Robinson, 3 Charlotte Lovett

Road Race Report / 24/07/21 3Roads Scratch Race
« on: August 09, 2021, 01:00:26 AM »
Bathurst Isuzu UTE Handicap – 24th July 2021 (2Roads)
Bathurst Cycling Club faced extra Covid19 restrictions this weekend with the club officials managing the changes and able to proceed with the Bathurst Isuzu Ute Handicap, (be it with a reduced field). Praise to race organisers and sponsor Clancy Motors Bathurst for getting the event up and running
Organisers used a handicap format to split the field up, with a 20minute spread between the front backers and the Scratch bunch (the scratch bunch consisted of Nic Bennett Mark Windsor Cadel Lovett and Graeme Peadon).
Early leaders Lara Allen, Angelia Falzarano and Rosemary Hastings rode well together and still held a good lead over Cathy Adams and David Hyland at the mid-way point; the main threat was coming from Scott Allen, Gary Hamer former club champ Jim Allan making a comeback to the sport.
Behind them Peter McKinnon, Charlotte Lovett Brian Draper and Kevin Bell were riding well with the strong bunch of Damien Bennett, Rob Stephen and Peter Wilson making slow progress in chasing down the group.
At the final turn Gary Hamer and Jim Allan had caught the leaders and set sail for the finish. The only danger of defeat coming from Backmarkers, with Nic Barrett and Mark Windsor breaking away from the other Scratch markers and riding through the field in search of the win.
However the challenge would never eventuate, as they took a wrong turn, leaving Allan and Hamer to cruse home for an impressive victory. Jim Allan turning the clock back some 25yrs taking the win over the inform Gary Hamer who is having a run of podium placings.
Third and top placed female rider was Charlotte Lovett who rode back past Windsor and Barrett when they went off course. Barrett recovering to finish 4th (and fastest time) in front of Brian Draper.

Bathurst Izusu Ute Handicap RESULTS – 24 July 2021
1 Jim Allan (12m) (56min37sec),  2 Gary Hamer (12m), 3 Charlotte Lovett (7min), 4 Nicholas Barrett (scr), 5 Brian Draper (7min), 6 Rob Stephen (5:30m), 7 Damien Bennett (5:30m),  8 Peter McKinnon (7min), 9Kevin Bell (7min), 10 Lara Allen (20min)
Fastest Time - Nicholas Barrett - 48:34
First Female - 1Charlotte Lovett 2Lara Allen 3Cathy Adams

This is the Latest NEWS site for the 2021 Western Division Junior and Senior Road Championships.
However latest News may not be Officially approved - For final approved details on the 2021 Western Division Junior and Senior Road Championships please see the Bathurst Cycling Club official News Sites - The WebSite, FaceBook Site and Webscorer Site.

Big Thanks to the Bathurst Cycling Club for their efforts to get the 2021 Western Division Junior and Senior Road Championships on this year.
Subject to Covid19 restrictions this is the plan submitted to CNSW and is expected to be approved.

2021 Western Division Junior and Senior Road Championships – 4th (seniors) and 5th (juniors) September 2021
Subject to Covid19 restrictions.

Western Division Senior Road Championship - Saturday 4th September
Graded Scratch Events – 4 grades if number permit – only U15s and above in the senior Championships.

Senior Western Division Criterium Championship (Also the Bathurst Criterium Club championships)
Saturday Morning - 4th September, Sulman Park Top of Mt Panorama (Yellow criterium course)
8.30am Sign On
9am Race Start, races will "roll" into the next division (please NOTE- times are only a guide as grades can be combined if entries are low)
D Grade 15 min + 3 Laps
C Grade 20 min + 3 laps (approx start 9.30am)
B Grade 25 min + 3 laps (approx start 10.05am)
A Grade 30 min + 3 laps (approx start 10.40am)

Senior Western Division Road Race Championships
Saturday Afternoon - 4th September, Bathurst Bike Park
Course is the Bathurst “3Roads Course” – Please see notes on the course and local Traffic permission Rules on the Clubs Website, Facebook & Webscorer Sites.
12.00noon Sign-On - Clubhouse at the Velodrome
12.30pm Race Start - A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade (1or2 minutes gap)
Entry to both senior championships will be on-line only via the Club Webscorer race entry site – see Facebook for details when entries open.
Entry fees – “to be set” – and should be put in an envelope and placed in the container at the sign-on (procedure dependent on latest Covid19 restrictions)

Western Division Junior racing
Sunday 5th September. Sulman Park, Mt Panorama, Bathurst.
Sign on 9.45am - 10.15am
Riders briefing 10.20am
Racing starts at 10.30am

U9 participation, U9 Boys & girls, U11 Boys & Girls, U13 Boys & Girls
Entry fee $10 per child. This covers all 3 individual events and the team event. Pay on the day. Enter online through Webscorer by 11pm Thursday September 2nd.

10.30am Time Trial (U9p & U9 1.2km.  U11 2.4km.  U13 3.6km)
11am Criterium (U9p & U9 10mins.  U11 12 mins + 2 laps.  U13 15 mins + 2 laps)
12pm Road Race (U9p & U9 4.6km.  U11 6.8km.  U13 13.6km)
Club time trial challenge (Mark Renshaw Challenge Trophy)
Age categories will have boys and girls start together but will compete for separate medals.
U9P may be divided into 2 groups depending on entries. ie, kids on road bikes and are 7 yrs old may do the full listed distance, but 5 yr olds on a single speed bmx type of bike may do a shorter distance.
Start times are approximate but every effort will be made to be as close to the advertised time as possible.

Road Race Report / 40km Bcc Isuzu Ute Handicap - 10/07/2021
« on: July 11, 2021, 12:35:46 AM »
40km Bathurst Isuzu Ute Handicap (Presented by Clancy Motors)
Three Roads Course -- Saturday, July 10, 2021

The Bathurst 40km handicap was held on the weekend under tighter Covid19 restrictions but still drew a good field with Will Hodges and Luke Tuckwell the Scratch markers giving away almost 30min start.

Early leaders Rosemary Hastings, Robyn Partridge and Lara Allen were chased down by the Michael Robinson, Cathy Adams, Peter Hickey and John Kitchen.
However behind them Gary Hamer and former Club Scratchmarker Jim Allan where pushing the pace in the 19min group which also included Gary Theiss, Lachlan Crump and Scott Allen. In fact on Quarry Climb, Hamer and Allan would break clear of their group then catch and pass the leaders in what looked a winning move.
However while this was happening scratch markers Hodges and Tuckwell had caught the 2minute Block bunch prior to the climb; were they start riding through the field.
Two kilometres from the finish the back markers caught and passed Hamer and Allan with Will Hodges continuing his run of wins in recent club events out sprinting Luke Tuckwell for victory.
Jack Cannon and Cadel Lovett hung onto the Scratchies to finish 3rd and 4th with promising Orange junior Xavier Bland taking 5th in front of the luckless Jim Allen and Gary Hamer. Rounding out the top 10 was Angus Martin and WRAS reps Oscar Hansen and Cameron Crump.
NSW Junior Rep Ebony Robinson was the leading female rider in front of Ella Falzarano and Charlotte Lovett, with Cathy Adams and Country Junior medallist Lara Allen rounding out the top 5 in the female category.

Results - 40km Bcc Handicap Saturday, July 10, 2021
1Will Hodges (Scr) 2Luke Tuckwell (Scr) 3Jack Cannon (2min) 4Cadel Lovett (2min) 5Xavier Bland (5min) 6Jim Allen (19min) 7Gary Hamer (19min) 8Angus Martin (11min) 9Oscar Hansen (2min) 10Cameron Crump (16min)
Fastest Time - 1Will Hodges 59:44 2Luke Tuckwell 3Jack Cannon
First Female – 1Ebony Robinson (15:30min) 2Ella Falzarano (5min) 3Charlotte Lovett (15:30min)

Final Round “Renshaws Pedal Project” Road Series
50km X Roads scratch
The ninth and final round of the 2021 “Renshaws Pedal Project” Road Series was up the very difficult Caloola Range and all 4 grades of the series would be decided in the event.

A Grade:
After finishing runner up in the A Grade series every year since its inception in 2018, Mark Windsor was hoping to finally breakthrough for the win in 2021 and started the final round the leading rider in the A Grade Series.
However, things didn’t go well Windsor on the Caloola Climb when the quality A grade field broke up after Will Hodges and Luke Tuckwell went on the attack. Chasing hard was the 5-rider group of Jeremy Ryan, Craig Hutton, Jack Cannon, Cadel Lovett and Nic Barrett with promising young Orange rider Oscar Hansen and Mark Windsor trying to get back to that 5 rider group.
Yet on the return trip the field broke up even further with Jeremy Ryan and Craig Hutton jumping away in an attempt to catch Hodges and Tuckwell.
But the leading pair had a winning lead with Hodges taking the win from Tuckwell with Jeremy Ryan taking third in front of Hutton. Jack Cannon out sprinted Cadel Lovett for fifth place followed in by Nic Barrett Mark Windsor and Oscar Hansen.
Jack Cannon points for 5th place looks to have moved the hard riding Bathurst cyclist alongside Windsor in the Series, with officials set to do a recount which may see Windsor slip to second again for the fourth time in a row.

B Grade
It was the same story in B Grade, with the series B grade leader David Reece also missing the move on the Caloola Climb and forced to chase a 4 rider lead group of Steve Bennett Dave Hanson Drew Tuckwell and Will Lesh. Helping Reece to chase was Ella Falzanaro with Steve Scott, Ray Thorn, Brad Rayner and former good rider Billy Hutton also chasing hard.
But the 4-rider break had a winning lead and Steve Bennett would take the win, outsprinting Dave Hanson, Drew Tuckwell and Will Lesh. Dave Reece finished well to take 5th which is expected to enough to defeat Bennett in the series. Ella Falzanaro was 6th and the top placed female in the final round of the “Renshaws Pedal Project” Road Series. Next in was Steve Scott, Ray Thorn, Billy Hutton and Brad Rayner.

C Grade
Rob Stephen and Damien Bennett have been swapping the series lead in C grade coming into the final round with Kevin Bell also holding plenty of series points having been regraded to C Grade after a number of wins in D Grade in the early rounds of the 2021 series.
However, in the final round it was in form cyclist Phil Stapleton that was too strong for the field on the tough Caloola Course defeating Bryce Stacker.
Damien Bennett sealed the win in the series outsprint Mick Foran for third with Rob Stephen 5th in front of Kevin Bell, with Peter Wilson the next to finish ahead of Charlotte Lovett and Bruce Hutton

D Grade
Visiting Dubbo rider Tim Howlett enjoyed the hills in the D Grade breaking away on the Caloola Range for a big win. Gary Theiss and Gary Hamer took-up where they left off last week this time Theiss getting the better of his rival to claim second place ahead of Hamer. The battle for the series fought out by the riders behind this trio with Peter Hickey taking 4th ahead of Cathy Adams David Hyland and Rosemary Hastings. Hylands 6th place expected to be enough the defeat Adams and Hickey in the 2021 D Grade Renshaw’s Pedal Project Road Series

RESULTS - Round 9 Bcc Renshaws Pedal Project Road Series-49km X Roads scratch
A Grade: 1Will Hodges 2Luke Tuckwell 3Jeremy Ryan 4Craig Hutton 5Jack Cannon 6Cadel Lovett 7Nic Barrett 8Mark Windsor 9Oscar Hansen
B Grade: 1Steve Bennett 2Dave Hanson 3 Drew Tuckwell 4Will Lesh 5 Dave Reece 6 Ella Falzanaro Steve Scott Ray Thorn Billy Hutton 3Brad Rayner
C Grade: 1Phil Stapleton 2Bryce Stacker 3Damien Bennett 4Mick Foran 5Rob Stephen 6Kevin Bell 7Peter Wilson 8Charlotte Lovett 9 Bruce Hutton
D Grade: 1Tim Howlett 2Gary Theiss 3Gary Hamer 4Peter Hickey 5Cathy Adams 6David Hyland 7Rosemary Hastings

2021 BCC Road Race Championships
(Incorporating Round 8 Renshaw's Pedal Project 2021 Road Series)

The first Bathurst Bicycle Championship was held in 1885, so this week’s Championships traditionally provides spirited racing in all 4 separate grades.
With the Renshaw Pedal Project Road Series included in the 2021 Road championships a number of visiting riders also raced the local championships including a couple of high-profile local residents Thomas Bolton and David Nicholas who both still ride for their original home town club where they learnt their craft. These riders race for the overall prizes but obviously can’t take the Bathurst Title.

A Grade
Defeating Champ Will Hodges looked the man to beat going into the Bathurst A Grade Championship. The event also contained 2019 &18 title winner Brad Rayner he moved up into A Grade after a number of recent wins in B Grade. The A Grade Championship consisted of 5 laps around the historic Vale Circuit with the field swapping off at a high pace from the start. Having lifted his training for the Tokyo Para Olympics David Nicholas was the only attacker early in the event but after a couple of laps Will Hodges and Nic Barrett broke clear.
This stirred the race up with Tom Bolton and Dave Nicholas jumping across the gap and lifting the pace even further which resulted in Nic Barrett dropping back. Mark Windsor then attacking across to the three leaders before the hill where Dave Nicholas lost contact and then later Mark Windsor. This left Bolton and Hodges in lead with Windsor and Nicholas chasing with a further gap back to Jack Cannon and Nic Barrett.
This is how the race continued to the line, Tom Bolton defeating Hodges in the sprint for first, while Nicholas won a photo finish for 3rd with Mark Windsor, then Nic Barrett outsprinting Jack Cannon for 5th (and importantly the 3rd Bathurst rider home).

B Grade 
Plenty of action in B Grade with former A grade Champion Steve Bennett on the attached early with the bunch having to chase very hard to catch him. With the bunch back together this set up David Reece for the counter attack and Reece quickly built a winning lead however Bennett did get clear late in the race and put in a desperate chase. However Reece held on for a great solo win with Bennett 2nd and Griffith visitor Jason Minato putting in a strong ride to finish 3rd in the Renshaw Pedal Project event in front of David Shaw who was the 3rd Bathurst Club rider home.

C Grade
Another action packed race in C Grade which eventually came down to a sprint where smart racer Mick Foran took the win from legendary local veteran Robert Stephen. One of the pre-race favourites Damien Bennett finishing 3rd in the race

D Grade
Peter Hickey continues to improve and pushed the pace from the start of D grade, in the end he was simply too strong for Gary Theiss who finished second with the consistent David Hyland finishing third. Top female rider on the day was Cathy Adams, she defeated Rosey Hasting for the leading female in the 2021 Bathurst Road Champs.

Round 8 Renshaw's Pedal Project Road Series - Race Results:
A Grade- 1Tom Bolton 2Will Hodges 3David Nicholas 4Mark Windsor 5Nicholas Barrett then Jack Cannon Bradley Rayner
B Grade - 1David Reece 2Steve Bennett 3Jason Minato 4Tony Shaw 5Ray Thorn then Will Lesh Patrick Crump Josiah Cooke Scott James
C Grade - 1Mick Foran 2Robert Stephen 3Damien Bennett 4Tim Roebuck 5Phil Stapleton then Peter Wilson Peter McKinnon Kevin Bell Glen Carter Darren Fenton Cameron Crump
D Grade - 1Peter Hickey 2Lachlan Crump 3Gary Theiss 4David Hyland 5Garry Hamer Then Cathy Adams Steven Cox Rosemary Hastings Robyn Partridge DNS John Kitchen DNS

2021 Bathurst Road Championships
A Grade - 1Will Hodges 2Mark Windsor 3Nicholas Barrett 4Jack Cannon 5Bradley Rayner
B Grade - 1David Reece 2Steve Bennett 3Tony Shaw 4Ray Thorn 5Will Lesh
C Grade - 1Mick Foran 2Robert Stephen 3Damien Bennett 4Tim Roebuck 5Phil Stapleton
D Grade - 1Peter Hickey 2Gary Theiss 3David Hyland 4Garry Hamer 5Cathy Adams

General Discussion / Renshaw’s Pedal Project On-Line Cycling Events
« on: June 16, 2021, 12:45:42 AM »
Renshaw’s Pedal Project begin their Zwift racing events:-
Renshaw’s Pedal Project held its first ESports Chop-off event yesterday (Tuesday 15June 2021) on the Zwift Platform. The event used the popular Sand & Sequoias course which may be only 22kms but has a fairly solid climb in the second half of the course.
Former Bathurst Champion Harry Carter organised the event which included local Pro Riders Mark Renshaw and Will Hodges who took control of a 4 rider lead group and set a solid pace from the start.
The newly formed Bathurst Cycle Club Zwift team (BxCC) rode the event in preparation for the AusCycling ESports Club National Series with will be contested during July. The Bathurst Club excited about Renshaws Pedal Project organising these events to give the local riders some On-Line experience ahead of the National Series.
Former Bathurst Road Racing Co-ordinator Craig McAlister enjoyed the opportunity to ride with the club again and showed plenty on his old form finishing equal 6th overall in the event crossing the line with the events top female rider Kirsten Howard. Believed to be his first ZwiftPower Ranking event Craig was the big winner in the D grade BxCC Bathurst Team Category.
Meanwhile two other past Bathurst Club riders were the leading BxCC performers in C and B Grade, with former Bathurst Commassaire Gary Baker the leading C Grade BxCC competitor and Cal Baker third overall and leading B Grader in front local Champ David Nicholas who is in heavy training ahead of the Tokyo Para Olympics. Top A Grader for the BxCC team was Mark Windsor.
Renshaw’s Pedal Project are happy with how the how the On-line Cycling Events are going with a social ride organised for Thursday morning were cyclist can go for a ride indoors and also having the opportunity for a chat with fellow riders. The next Chop-off event is planned for next Tuesday afternoon.

Results –Bathurst Isuzu Ute Handicap – 12th June 2021.
With the local club championship scheduled for next weekend, the backmarkers were impressive in today’s Bathurst Isuzu Ute Handicap (Presented by the Clancy Motors Group).

It has been lean pickings for the scratchmarkers in this year, having only caught the frontmarkers in the local Handicaps on one occasion in 2021. However with the Local Championships looming Will Hodges and Thomas Bolton rode through the field after giving away over 20minutes start in the race. Promising junior Cadel Lovett also stamped himself as a contender in the local championship sticking with the pair from his 1 minute handicap to finish on the podium.

HOW It Happened --
Lara Allen and Steve Cox, having his first race start lead the way early but Kevin Bell, Neville Krahe and Scott Allen had started fast and soon took the lead.
Behind them Rob Stephen and Mick Foran had caught Toireasa Gallagher Pete McKinnon and Charlotte Lovett while Tim Roebuck and Scott James had broken away from Damien Bennett and Phil Stapleton and where also riding into contention.
At the back of the race Scratch markers Will Hodges and Tom Bolton had combined well to catch the block bunch of Cadel Lovett, Mark Windsor, David Nicholas, Jack Cannon and Nic Barrett and had their sights on the next group which included Steve Bennett Brad Rayner and Tony Shaw.
In the final stages Kevin Bell and Neville Krahe worked hard to build what looked to be a winning lead, however Tom Bolton Will Hodges and Cadel Lovett powered home to catch the pair in the final kilometre of the race. Olivers Racing Team rider Tom Bolton taking an impressive win considering he has been hampered by injury recently. Bathurst Champ Will Hodges looks in great form for next week’s championships finishing second while young Cadel Lovett stamped himself as new backmarker with an eye catching third placing. 
The unlucky Neville Krahe and Kevin Bell where the next to finish and may have won the event if the solid head wind hadn’t slowed their progress at the end of the event. Next to finish was Mark Windsor followed in by David Nicholas and Jack Cannon. With Mick Foran the first of the middle markers ahead of block rider Nic Barrett who rounded out the top 10.
Tom Bolton recorded fastest time in the race, riding 58:32 which is a very good effort considering the cold windy conditions, while the first female was champion cyclist Toireasa Gallagher in front of the promising Charlotte Lovett.

Results –Bathurst Isuzu Ute Handicap – 12th June 2021.
1Tom Bolton (Scr) 2Will Hodges (Scr) 3Cadel Lovett (1min) 4Nev Krahe (18:30) 5Kevin Bell (18:30) 6Mark Windsor (1min) 7David Nicholas (1min) 8Jack Cannon (1min) 9Mick Foran (10:30) 10Nic Barrett (1min)

40km 3-Roads Scratch Race (SUTHO. DRIVE FINISH)
Round 7 of the Renshaw's Pedal Project 2021 Road Series featured a hill top finish which produced results that have tightened up all 4 grades of the 2021 Renshaws Pedal Project Series with only a couple of rounds remaining.
Victory in A Grade going to Cowra hard man Jeremy Ryan who defeated promising young Bathurst Climber Cadel Lovett. Craig Hutton finishing very fast to race past Mark Windsor to snatch third, Jack Cannon rounding out the top 5 in front of David Nichalas who did a brave attack just prior to the hill, which made it very difficult for him on the climb.
The B Grade group came to the finishing climb all together where Will Lesh out climbed the bunch to defeat Dave Reece and Steven Scott who caught and passed Brad Rayner on the finish line. Ray Thorn is starting to come back to form after a recent setback rounded out the top5 in B Grade in front of Scott James Tony Shaw and Rocket Lovett.
Will be interesting to see C and D Grade Series points after the weekend with tear-away D Grade series leader Kevin Bell moving into C Grade for the last few rounds of the series, the likely series winners now difficult to pin-point in both Grades.
Damien Bennett continued his excellent form to win C Grade from talented young climber Charlotte Lovett who caught and passed Tim Roebuck on top of the Sutho Hill. Mick Foran pushed C Grade Series leader Rob Stephens back to fifth. New Starter Angus Mann rode well to defeat Jill Harris for 6th with Peter McKinnon Bruce Hutton and Kevin Bell rounding out the top 10.
Meanwhile young Orange cyclist Lachlan Crump showed he is a bit of a climber in D Grade, surprising everyone, including placegetters Peter Hickey and David Hyland with the speed at which he climbed the final hill.  Cathy Adams and Rosemary Hastings rounded out the top 5 ahead of junior country championship medallist Lara Allen.

All-In Sutho Climb Finish Handicap:
Presented by Bathurst Isuzu Ute
With challenging hill top finishes featuring in the Tour of Italy at the moment, the Bathurst Cycling Club held its own mini version with an All-In Handicap finishing on the tough Sutho Climb after a climb up Quarry Hill at the midpoint of the event.
2020 Bathurst Rookie of the year Nic Barrett continued his impress climb through the Bathurst ranking, riding through the field to defeat Damien Bennett and Rob Stephen who both started on the 8:30minute handicap mark. Jille Harris (11:30min) finished 4th overall and the first female home, while Peter Wilson made a very successful return to racing after a recent fall finishing 5th
Lone scratch marker Will Hodges rode the course in 45m30s to set the fastest time ahead of Nic Barrett and Mark Windsor. While Jille Harris defeated Toireasa Gallagher for first female with Rosemary Hastings third ahead of Cathy Adams and Lara Allen.

How it Happened-
Early leaders in the race were front markers Rosemary Hastings, Lara Allen and Robyn Partridge with Cathy Adams, Peter Hickey and John Kitchen chasing the trio.
At the midway point both Rosemary Hastings and Peter Hickey had broken clear but leading the chase was the 11minute bunch of Jille Harris, Peter Wilson, Kevin Bell, Toireasa Gallagher, Neville Krahe and Scott Allen who had been joined by Rob Stephen and Damien Bennett who had jumped clear of their 9minute bunch (which included Brian Draper Peter McKinnon Mick Foran & Ray Thorn).

Plenty of action at the back of the field with the block bunch of Nic Barrett and Mark Windsor desperately trying to jump across to the 4minute group of Tony Shaw, David Reece, Ian Grant, Will Lesh and Brad Rayner. This fast start was making the task even harder for the lone scratch marker Will Hodges who was urgently trying to catch sight of the other competitors in the race after giving away up to 22:30 minutes start.

Rob Stephen, Damien Bennett and 11 minute bunch caught leader Peter Hickey and look set to fight it out for the victory on the Sutho Climb. However Barrett and Windsor had caught and pasted the 4 minute group and were still chasing very hard.

On the climb Jille Harris, Peter Wilson, Kevin Bell looked strong but Rob Stephen and Damien Bennett were getting ready to sprint for the victory on top of the climb. Suddenly Nic Barrett appeared and swept to the lead to take a very impressive win.

Damien Bennett took 2nd with Rob Stephen third, Jille Harris and Peter Wilson rounding out the top 5; Kevin Bell, Toireasa Gallagher and Neville Krahe infront of the luckless Peter Hickey.

Scratchman Will Hodges never gave up crossing the line in 45m30s in 16th place to take fastest time in the event in front of Nic Barrett and Mark Windsor. While Jille Harris defeated Toireasa Gallagher and Rosemary Hastings in the top female category.

RESULTS – “Bathurst Isuzu Ute” Sutho All-In Handicap
1Nic Barrett (2:45min), 45m50s; 2Damien Bennett (8:30min); 3Rob Stephen (8:30min); 4Jille Harris (11:30min); 5Peter Wilson (11:30min); 6Kevin Bell (11:30min); 7Toireasa Gallagher (11:30min); 8Neville Krahe (11:30min); 9Peter Hickey (16:30min); 10Will Lesh (3:30min)
Fastest Time – 1Will Hodges 45m30s 2Nic Barrett 3Mark Windsor
First Female - 1Jille Harris 2Toireasa Gallagher 3Rosemary Hastings

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