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Road Race Report / Round 3 Bathurst Triathlon Series:
« on: December 17, 2018, 07:05:59 AM »
Huge Fields for Round 3 of the Bathurst Tri Series:

Record Fields for round 3 of the Bathurst Wallabies Triathlon Season on the weekend (16/December/2018). Overall Winners where Nick North (Long Course) and Mark Windsor (Short Course) however the Women Categories are dominating the racing with huge numbers and some inspirational performances. The Women Long course was a super race  Peta Cutler drawing clear in the final stages of the run to defeat Hollee Simons by 54sec with Kristy Powyer, Jennifer Arnold and Katie Prior continuing there amazing improvement to finish top 5. Top Bathurst Athlete Kirsten Howard defeating Renee Covington (who was one of 3 generations of Covington girls racing the event). Also impress efforts by Stacey Jones, Alison Corcoran and Bronwyn Starkey to take top 5 honours.
However many of the best performances where by some of the new starters furthers back in the results – Check all the stars that finished the event below.

Long Course Men – 1st Nick North 0:49:46, 2nd Jack Reen 0:54:51, 3rd Stephen Jackson 0:56:18, 4th Daniel Watson 0:57:59 5th Jamie Rivett 0:58:44 -- Then came - Paul Upston Geoff Short Darren Fenton Damon Cupitt Chris Grady James Burt Richard Blackie Matt Hayes Alex MacQuarrie

Female Long Course - 1st Peta Cutler 0:56:33, 2nd Hollee Simons 0:57:27 3rd Kristy Powyer 1:03:03 4th Jennifer Arnold 1:07:11 5th Katie Prior 1:10:37 -- Then came - Illana Jones Natasha Lindsay Anna Blackie Cassie Pearce

Male Short Course - 1st Mark Windsor 0:38:15 2nd Thomas Hanrahan 0:42:05 3rd Mitch Nelson 0:46:11 4th Will Kelly 0:47:41 5th Thomas Press 0:48:00 Then came - Christopher Howarth Aaron Burgess Josh Corcoran Jock Cheetham Hayden Cupitt Alex Weal Gareth O'Rourke Scott Allen Christopher Jones Michael O'Connor Steven Vollebergh Troy Kearney Tyler Johnson Michael Stapley Craig Carter Scott Ellis Mitch England Fletcher Kelly

Female Short Course 1st Kirsten Howard 0:45:11 2nd Renee Covington 0:51:12 3rd Stacey Jones 0:51:38 4th Alison Corcoran 0:53:26 5th Bronwyn Starkey 0:53:54 Then came - Jen Gbel Jane Bennett Taleiha Gorman Jessica Brennan Pip Press Kirsten Watters Therese Ryan Sandra Hamer Kelly Carter Zoe Peters Tanya Manson Rebecca O'Connor Kate Malligan Olivia Pringle Laycee Covington Tania Pringle Michelle Patton Angela Jones Samantha Lane Jo Foster Shellie Burgess Megan Jackson Louise Hemopo Amanda Robinson Amanda Coe Lorraine Covington Jessie Adams Amanda Rohr Amanda Hayes Belinda Cooper

Teams - LongCourse Teams: 1st Team Canbuild 1:05:51 Also -- Team Wtd  TEAM 2s2w2d2q
Short Course Teams: 1st Team Wills Allstars 0:49:57, 2nd TEAM BREDEL 0:55:18, 3rd TEAM Hope/Weal 0:56:34 – Also Team Library Ladies Team 1st Timers Team Speedos TEAM Kendy and Ball

Road Race Report / Bathurst Hill Climb Champs
« on: December 09, 2018, 11:05:05 PM »
2018 Bcc Hill Climb - Hen & Chicken Road.
A new course on Hen & Chickens road was used for the 2018 Bathurst Hill Climb, the new course much shorter than those used in the past. Cow Flat was approximately 5km and Mt Panorama 3kms so obviously the 800m dash up Hen&Chickens was quite a power effort.

Inform rider Brad Rayner continued this winning ways defeating Steve Dunstall and Dennis Martin in the A Grade event, while Hayden Booth was impressive winning B Grade actually finishing 3rd overall. More Soon   

Unofficial Results:
A Grade - 1Brad Rayner 2Steve Dunstall 3Dennis Martin
B Grade - 1Hayden Booth Brian Draper/Daniel Googe
C Grade - 1Chris Davis Rob Stephen
D Grade - 1Rosemary Hastings

Track Racing / 2018 Sydney Cup on Wheels
« on: December 09, 2018, 08:52:46 AM »
2018 Shimano SCOW Wheelrace
The young riders from the country stood out at last night's Shimano Sydney Cup on Wheels.

Bathurst Eliza Bennett continued her wonderful year winning the historic Open Womens Shimano SCOW Wheelrace on the weekend, her coach Marian Renshaw also making the final but did not start.

It was an amazing effort by Dubbo to fill the Podium in the Historic Mens Shimano SCOW Wheelrace, Eather winning from Hines and Farr, Bathurst’s top performer was Daniel Googe in 10th

Bathurst also had success in the Junior SCOW Events with wins in the Under 17s and Under13s

Kalinda Robinson defeated Canberra rider Lily Stratford in the Junior Womens U17 Shimano SCOW Wheelrace, with Bathurst Tyler Puzicha and Dubbos Haylee Fuller and Zara Fuller also in the top10.

Ben Anderson was 7th in the Under15 boys final and Bathurst Cadel Lovett 14th, however the local region had a win in the Under 15 girls with Dubbo’s Isabelle Russell taking the win.

Paige Squire was an impressive winner of the Under 13 SCOW Wheelrace with her Bathurst Team Mate Ebony Robinson riding a super race for 4th

Others at the carnival included Graeme Peadon and Glen Carter – see the full results here

Also see more on Eliza and Kurts impressive wins here --

Road Race Report / 2018 Forbes Triathlon
« on: December 09, 2018, 06:10:12 AM »
Bathurst Athletes on the Podium at Forbes:
Great day for the Bathurst Club at the 2018 Forbes Triathlon.

Crocs Super Sprint
Angus Argent-Smith (41:28) was the fastest overall however the Try Hards Team took line honours in 40:12. Bathurst made the podium in the Female category with Carol North recording a slick 45:41 to finish 3rd overall behind the very experienced Mudgee Triathlete Tracy Kastelein and Amanda Sullivan.

Crocs Challenge
Plenty of pace on in the The Challenge event (750m 30km 7km) with 2015 Forbes Triathlon winner Angus Westaway (West Wylong) leading after the swim, however the King of the Forbes Triathlon Nick North took control in the cycle leg and quickly established a winning lead with his Bathurst Teammate riding through the field to move to second. Bathurst taking the top 2 placing with Nick North recording  1:20:56 and Mark Windsor 1:22:29 and Angus Westaway third in 1:26:17  with Stephen Trevaskis 4th
Very impressive effort by Albury Triathlete Angla Sandral who not only won the Overall Female Section in 1:30:01 but also finished 5th overall in front of strong Bathurst Triathlete Steve Jackson (1:31:05). Bathurst also on the Podium in the Female Challenge Podium with Hollee Simon runner up to Sandral with Dubbo Triathlete Katherine Mellor 3rd.

Crocs Long Course
It was a tough day for the Long Course Competitors with the temperature up in the 30s for the 2km swin 90km Bike 21km run. Bathurst Triathetes Luke Gillmer and Thomas Hanrahan sat first and Second after the Swim however former Young Footballer Michael Stallard who has been the find of the season for the Cowra Triathlon Club dominated the Cycle lead to set up a win in the tough event. Stallard certainly had to work for it with Hanrahan finishing very fast in the run leg, finishing only 40seconds behind Stallard with Gillmer third. Former Orange Professional Jess Richards defeating Sonia Commins in the female section.

See all the results here (including the Rivett V Short Challenge)--

Road Race Report / 2018 Bathurst Road Championships - Vale Circuit
« on: December 02, 2018, 08:59:16 AM »
2018 Bathurst Road Championships
Bathurst Cycling Club held its 2018 Road Championships on the Weekend with 4 Separate Grades contested on the Historic Vale Circuit.

While the Vale Circuit is famous as a motor racing circuit hosting the Australian National TT in the 1930s the circuit and parts of it have been used for cycling events for more than 100years. While the first Bathurst Cycling Championship took place in 1885.

This year the Bathurst Cycling Club also hosted a championship Road Series as well as the weekend’s stand alone Road Championships. However todays Championships reinforced the results of the Series with the same two riders Bradley Rayner and Mark Windsor finishing first and second in the overall A Grade title. Rayner was too strong for Windsor in the dash to the line recording a very fast 1h32m17s for the 6 lap A Grade Championship which is an average of 42.93 kph for the 66km in the tough windy conditions.

B Grade broke up early with Julian Woods and Daniel Googe going on the attack, only Stewart Renshaw and Drew Carter able to get across to the pair. Renshaw tried a few attacks which resulted in Carter losing contract when looking the likely winner. Jilian Woods taking the title by centimenters over Renshaw with Daniel Googe taking the bronze with the trio averaging 38.86 kph on the 5 lap course.

It was a similar story in C Grade with Rob Stephen and Toireasa Gallagher forcing the pace early with only Nev Krahe and Glen Carter remaining in contention. However Stephen and Gallagher kept the pace high and they had the race between them. Stephen averaging 37.04 kph on the tricky circuit defeating Gallagher who finished the top placed female rider in the 2018 Road Championships. Mick Foran recovered from a slow start to take the bronze from Krahe, Wayne Powell and Graham Stait.

D Grade was a tough match up on the 30km Course with Norman Wise out sprinting world masters champion Rosemary Hastings and Caroline Robertson who put in an impressing performance for the bronze infront on Pete McKinnon and former A Grand Champion Jim Allen.

Brief Results - 2018 Bathurst Road Championships – 2nd Dec 2018 – Old Vale Circuit
A Grade – (6 laps 66km) 1st Bradley Rayner (1h32m17s - 42.93 kph) 2nd Mark Windsor
B Grade - (5 laps 54km) 1st Julian Woods (1h23m23s – 38.86kph) 2nd Stewart Renshaw
C Grade - (4 laps 42km) 1st Rob Stephen (1h08m02s – 37.04kph) 2nd Toireasa Gallagher
D Grade - (3 laps 30km) 1st Norman Wise (1h01m52s – 29.09kph) 2nd Rosemary Hastings
Female Championship – 1st Toireasa Gallagher 2nd Rosemary Hastings 3rd Caroline Robertson

Road Race Report / John Butler Trophy & Harry Stephen Trophies
« on: November 26, 2018, 04:49:40 AM »
2018 John Butler Trophy & Harry Stephen Trophies

Hot Favourites Craig Hutton and Rob Stephen have won the trophies at the John Butler & Harry Stephen Memorial Events. Both these riders won in 2017 and successfully defended their titles on the weekend.

43rd John Butler Memorial Event:
1Craig Hutton 2Dennis Martin 3Daniel Googe (B Grade winner – Brian Draper)

2nd Harry Stephen Memorial Trophy:
1Rob Stephen 2Toireasa Gallagher 3Kalinda Robinson

more soon!

Road Race Report / Round 2 Bathurst Tri Series
« on: November 26, 2018, 04:08:52 AM »
Round 2 - Bathurst Wallabies Triathlon Series 25th Nov 2018

The Bathurst Wallabies recent membership drive for more female triathletes has been an amazing success with record numbers at Round 2 of the Bathurst Triathlon Season.

The event was contested in very cold tough conditions making the large fields attending the event even more impressive. Overall both Nick North and Mark Windsor repeated their Round 1 performances with Nick a clear winner in the Long Event defeating the rapidly improving Luke Gilmer and newcomer Jack Reen who is showing a lot of potential. Mark Windsor catching Thomas Hanrahan in the bike leg to win the short course event with champion local mountain biker Dan Watson third.

After super performances at the Mudgee Interclub last week Hollee Simons Kirsty Powyer and Jennifer Arnold were again in form making-up the podium on the long course female event. While the female short course was a super race between Stacey Jones and Candice Falconer, who was runner up in her age division at Mudgee, after swimming and riding almost together it was the final transition that Stacey made her move and held on in the run to win by 18seconds.

Certainly another highlight of round 2 was the quality of the junior triathletes in the Boomers race, some of Bathurst’s most talented young athletes are squaring off in this competition. 

Bathurst Long Course 25th Nov 2018
Men Long:
Nick North 50:40 Luke Gilmer 53:10 Jack Reen 56:32 Jayden Hunter 57:13 Paul Upston 59:19
Then – Tim Miller, Andrew Paul Steve Jackson, Danny Weal Geoff Short, Jamie Rivett Mitch Nelson James Burt
Female Long:
Hollee Simons 1:03:00 Kirsty Powyer 1:06:05 Jennifer Arnold 1:09:22 Katie Prior 1:11:17 Fran Grady 1:12:38 Natasha Lindsay 1:17:37
Teams Long:
Team Triceratops (Brooke Brad Rayner) 58:39 Team Tortoise & Hare, Team Srs

Bathurst Short Course 25th Nov 2018
Men Short:
Mark Windsor 39:28 Tom Hanrahan 40:27 Dan Watson 47:36 Craig Eves 48:04 Christopher Howarth 50:42 – 5:22 Then Aaron Burgess Todd Nelson Craig Nelson Hayden Cupitt James Hunter Christopher Jones Nicholas Gailer Cooper Watters Steven Vollebergh David Jones Alex MacQuarrie
Female Short:
Stacey Jones 52:42 Candice Falconer 53:00 Renee Covington 56:01 Caitlin Chandler 56:26 Taleiha Gorman 57:38 Then Zoe Peters, Anna Blackie, Pip Press, Therese Ryan, Sandra Hamer, Rebecca O’Connor, Kirsten Watters, Megan Goodwin Angela Jones Barb Hill Tania Pringle Donna Seage
Teams Short:
Team Hope/Weal 50:10, Team Pete/Jules 51:41, Team 2s2w 1:00:50

In the Media / News November 2018
« on: November 23, 2018, 02:08:27 AM »
Mark Renshaw to work with Mark Cavendish in 2019
Anya Whitelaw November 22 2018
WHEN sprinting star Mark Cavendish first witnessed the lead out skills of Mark Renshaw back in the 2008 Tour de France, he knew he wanted the Bathurst talent on his side.

Emilie Miller is finalist in 2018 Cycling Australia award
Anya Whitelaw November 15 2018
BATHURST hand cyclist Emilie Miller had a dream come true earlier this year when crowned a dual Para-cycling Road World Champion in Italy.

Emily Watts finishes National Road Series on a high with Sydney Uni-Staminade
Anya Whitelaw November 22 2018
THE first two stages may not have gone to plan, but it was a case for third time lucky Emily Watts and her Sydney Uni-Staminade team-mates in the Tour Of Tasmania.

Pro Racing / 2018 Tour of Furhou UCI 2.1
« on: November 18, 2018, 11:54:51 AM »
Tim Guy Finishes off the season in Asia:

St George rider and this year’s Mt Panorama Elite Men Hill Climb winner Ben Dyball has finished 2nd overall in the 7th Tour of Furhou UCI 2.1 behind Beijing XDS-Innova riders Ilya Davidenok. The 5 stage Tour which finished of 18th November 2018 in Yougtai.

Local cyclist Tim Guy who used races in both Bathurst and Orange to prepare for the tour rode a sold race for his Ljubljana Gusto Xaurum team, finishing in the top half of the field all race.

The Tour of Furhou came hot on the heels of the 3 Stage Tour of Quanzhou Bay in which Guy finish in the top 30 overall.

Road Race Report / 2018 Toireasa Gallagher All Women Trophy Race
« on: November 18, 2018, 11:12:36 AM »
11th Annual Toireasa Gallagher All Women Trophy Race.
First held in 2008 the Gallagher Womens Handicap boosts an impressive list winners and has its origins with a number of National Level Events hosted by the Bathurst club in the early 2000s.

Gallagher first sponsored this event after returning from the Beijing Paralympic Games, when wanting to give back to the cycling club that had supported her over the many years of her cycling career. That the time Gallagher explained to the media that she sponsored the women’s only event to encourage local women cyclist to race more regularly, while also trying to entice recreational women cyclists to come and join the Bathurst Cycling Club.

2018 Toireasa Gallagher All Women Trophy Race
Claire Kirby has jump clear of handicap partner Marian Renshaw to win the 018 Gallagher Trophy, Renshaw hung on for second place ahead of the fast finishing Kalinda Robinson with Toireasa Gallagher and Laura Renshaw rounding out the top 5.
Backmarkers Kirsten Howard and Jodie Martin battling it out for Fastest Time while Donna Scott Gemma Carter Rosey Hastings & Bathurst newly crowned Oceania Champ Eliza Bennett all riding strongly

2018 Toireasa Gallagher Handicap Results
1st Claire Kirby 2nd Marian Renshaw 3rd Kalinda Robinson 4th Toireasa Gallagher 5th Laura Renshaw 6th Donna Scott 7th Gemma Carter 8th Rosemary Hastings 9th Kirsten Howard 10th Jodie Martin 11th Eliza Bennett
Fastest time Kirsten Howard.

Western Division Champs / 2018 Western Division Track Championships
« on: November 17, 2018, 12:39:55 PM »
2018 Western Division Track Championships - Bathurst 17th November 2018:
Dubbo Cycling Club riders have been impressive at the 2018 Western Division Track Championships with Dylan Eather winning the 500m and Tim Hines the Scratch Race Titles. However it was Bathurst that took the Females Titles with Kalinda Robinson and Tyler Puzicha on top of the rankings

Local officials going to the record books to check if nationally ranked junior rider Dylan Eather has set a new course record for the 500m. Local World Champion Mark Renshaw set the initial record before the very promising Illawarra rider Mitchell Wright set at new best recording 36:13 in November 2015. Dubbo Dylan Eathers time of 35:82sec has certainly bettered that time but officials are yet to make the record official. 

Western Division Championships (Central West Titles) 17/11/2018

Time Trial Champs
U9P David Kirby (Bathurst CC) Thomas Karrasch (Orange CC) Annie Yeo (Orange CC)
U9G Amelia Kirby (Bathurst CC)   
U9B Billy Yeo (Orange CC)   
U11G Jenna Gallagher (Bathurst CC) Alexandra Karrasch (Orange CC) Charlotte Hoskins (Orange CC)
U11B William Karrasch (Orange CC) Matthew Crump (Orange CC) Alexander Little (Bathurst CC)
U13G Ebony Robinson (Bathurst CC) Paige Squire (Bathurst CC) Emily Hines (Dubbo CC)
U13B Cameron Crump (Orange CC) Tristan Robinson (Bathurst CC) Lachlan Crump (Bathurst CC)
U15G Cennedi Dally (Orange CC)   
U15B Benjamin Anderson (Orange CC) Trent Hines (Dubbo CC) Xavier Bland (Orange CC)
D Women Marian Renshaw (Bathurst CC) Rosemary Hastings (Bathurst CC) 
C Women Toireasa Gallagher (Bathurst CC) Caroline Robertson (Bathurst CC) 
C Men Nigel Squire (Orange CC) Mitchell bland (Orange CC) Michael Robinson (Bathurst CC)
B Women Kalinda Robinson (Bathurst CC) Tyler Puzicha (Bathurst CC) 
B Men Drew Carter (Bathurst CC) Rodney Lovett (Bathurst CC) Wayne Powell (Bathurst CC)
A Men Dylan Eather (Dubbo CC) Tim Hines (Dubbo CC) Daniel Barber (Dubbo CC)

Sprint Championships
U9P David Kirby (Bathurst CC) Annie Yeo (Orange CC) Thomas Karrasch (Orange CC)
U9G Amelia Kirby (Bathurst CC)   
U9B Billy Yeo (Orange CC)   
U11G Jenna Gallagher (Bathurst CC) Alexandra Karrasch (Orange CC) Charlotte Hoskins (Orange CC)
U11B William Karrasch (Orange CC) Matthew Crump (Orange CC) Alexander Little (Bathurst CC)
U13G Ebony Robinson (Bathurst CC) Paige Squire (Bathurst CC) Emily Hines (Dubbo CC)
U13B Cameron Crump (Orange CC) Gydion Dally (Orange CC) Tristan Robinson (Bathurst CC)
U15G Cennedi Dally (Orange CC)   
U15B Benjamin Anderson (Orange CC) Trent Hines (Dubbo CC) Xavier Bland (Orange CC)
C Women Toireasa Gallagher (Bathurst CC) Caroline Robertson (Bathurst CC) 
C Men Michael Robinson (Bathurst CC) Nigel Squire (Orange CC) Mitchell bland (Orange CC)
B Women Kalinda Robinson (Bathurst CC) Tyler Puzicha (Bathurst CC) 
B Men Drew Carter (Bathurst CC) Rodney Lovett (Bathurst CC) Wayne Powell (Bathurst CC)
A Men Dylan Eather (Dubbo CC) Tim Hines (Dubbo CC) Daniel Barber (Dubbo CC)

Scratch Race Championships
U9P Thomas Karrasch (Orange CC) David Kirby (Bathurst CC) Annie Yeo (Orange CC)
U9G Amelia Kirby (Bathurst CC)   
U9B Billy Yeo (Orange CC)   
U11G Jenna Gallagher (Bathurst CC) Alexandra Karrasch (Orange CC) Charlotte Hoskins (Orange CC)
U11B William Karrasch (Orange CC) Matthew Crump (Orange CC) Alexander Little (Bathurst CC)
U13G Ebony Robinson (Bathurst CC) Paige Squire (Bathurst CC) Emily Hines (Dubbo CC)
U13B Cameron Crump (Orange CC) Gydion Dally (Orange CC) Tristan Robinson (Bathurst CC)
U15G Cennedi Dally (Orange CC)   
U15B Benjamin Anderson (Orange CC) Trent Hines (Dubbo CC) Xavier Bland (Orange CC)
C Women Toireasa Gallagher (Bathurst CC) Caroline Robertson (Bathurst CC)
C Men Nigel Squire (Orange CC) Jim Allen (Bathurst CC) Mitchell bland (Orange CC)
B Women Kalinda Robinson (Bathurst CC) Brooke Tuynman (Bathurst CC) Tyler Puzicha (Bathurst CC)
B Men Drew Carter (Bathurst CC) Wayne Powell (Bathurst CC) Rodney Lovett (Bathurst CC)
A Men Tim Hines (Dubbo CC) Daniel Barber (Dubbo CC) Dylan Eather (Dubbo CC)

Reliance Bank Senior Team Challenge:
1, Dubbo 2Bathurst 3Orange

Mark Renshaw Junior Club Challenge
1Bathurst 2Orange

Flying 200s
A Grade
Tim Hine 11:75
Dylan Eather 11:99
Mitchell Hines 12:03

Kalinda Robinson 12:99
Tyler Puzicha 13:00
Caroline Robertson 14:40

B Grade
Drew Carter 12:55

C Grade
Mitchell Bland 13:63

Under 15s
Ben Anderson 13:05

Road Race Report / Mudgee Interclub Triathlon
« on: November 14, 2018, 06:20:12 AM »
Round 2 - Central West Interclub Triathlon Series – Mudgee 18th November 2018

Mudgee Red Devils Triathlon Club will host round 2 of the 2018 Central West Triathlon Series on the weekend. The powerful Orange Club will go into the event as the early leaders of the club Championships.

Club Premierships after Round 1:
Orange 5pts, Bathurst 4pts, Cowra 3pts, Mudgee 2pts and Dubbo 1pt


Track Racing / 2018 Clarence Street Cup
« on: November 12, 2018, 12:17:26 AM »
Clarence Street Cyclery Cup:
Impressive cycling by the Central West Cycling Clubs on the weekends in Sydney at the Dunc Gray Velodrome with Cycling NSW hosting it prestigious Clarence Street Cyclery Cup Promotion.

Very Promising young Orange Cyclist Ben Anderson won the U15 Clarence Street Cyclery Cup Final, while Bathurst’s Ebony Robinson (u13s) and Dubbo’s Dylan Eather (U17s) finishing close 2nds in their respective Clarence Street Cyclery Cup Finals.

Bathurst and Dubbo in the money in the open Finals with recently crowned Junior Oceania Champ Eliza Bennett of Bathurst finishing second to St George star Kaarle McCulloch in the Womens Final and top class Dubbo rider Kurt Eather finishing 4th to Thomas Cornish in the Mens Clarence Street Cyclery Cup Final.

Among a number of other events contested at the Clarence St Cup Promotion was the NSW Elimination Championships with locals Ebony Robinson (Bathurst U13s) Ben Anderson (Orange U15s) Daniel Barber & Haylee Fuller (Dubbo U17s) and Kurt Eather (Dubbo U19s) all winning NSW Championships.
Girls U13s Clarence Street Cyclery Cup Final
1. Caitlin Rose (Hunter District)     
Others - 2. Ebony Robinson (Bathurst) 4. Georgia Farr (Dubbo), 5. Imogen Fuller (Dubbo), 6. Emily Hines (Dubbo) 7. Makayla Fuller (Dubbo), 9. Paige Squire (Bathurst)

Boys U13s Clarence Street Cyclery Cup Final
1. Josef Valtwies (Lidcombe Auburn)
Others - 7. Gydion Dally (Orange), 8. Lachlan Farr (Dubbo)

Girls U15s Clarence Street Cyclery Final
1. Keira Will (Lidcombe Auburn)
Others - 6. Isabelle Russell (Dubbo), 10. Cennedi Dally (Orange)

Boys U15 Clarence Street Cyclery Cup Final
1. Benjamin Anderson (Orange)     
Others - 9. Trent Hines (Dubbo), 12. Cadel Lovett (Bathurst)

Girls U17 Clarence St Cyclery Cup Final
1. Claudia Marcks (Canberra)
Others - 8. Kalinda Robinson (Bathurst), 11. Haylee Fuller (Dubbo), 13. Tyler Puzicha (Bathurst)   

Boys U17 Clarence St Cyclery Cup Final
1. Jarrah Anderson (Vikings (Act))     
Others - 2. Dylan Eather (Dubbo), 4. Daniel Barber (Dubbo), 5. Luke Tuckwell (Bathurst), 7. Mitchell Hines (Dubbo)
Open Women Clarence St Cyclery Cup Final
1. Kaarle McCulloch (St George)   
Others - 2. Eliza Bennett (Bathurst)     

Open Men Clarence St Cyclery Cup Final
1. Thomas Cornish (Southern Cross)
Others - 4. Kurt Eather (Dubbo), Dnf Tim Hines (Dubbo)

Track Racing / BCC Track report (10/11/2018)
« on: November 10, 2018, 07:19:25 AM »
BCC Track report (10/11/2018) by Marian (Bcc Track Coordinator)
Once again a very cool night but a great turnout, with great racing and plenty of fun ahead of next weeks Western Division Track Champs.

The warmup derbys set-up the riders for some excellent flying 200m times followed by some Sprint Match-ups.
Dan and Josh recording the fastest flying 200m times both stopping the clock at 12.36, but josh’s experience shone through later in the Sprint
Little between Brad and Drew’s 200m times with Brad recording 12.36 and Drew 12.85,
But once again Drews experience showed through in the sprint.
In the other match ups --
Ethan (13.15) showed his potential defeating Damien (14.16)
Graeme (13.76) just just beaten on the line by a flying Rocket Rod (13.87)
Wayne (14.10) winding that big gear up to defeat Toireasa (14.87)
Robo (14.74) just pipping young gun Cadel (16.18) in their match-up
Jim (14.62) put in a determined effort to defeat old rival Peter (15.50)
Caitlin (15.16) showing a clean set of heals to beat Marian (15.85)

Bathurst National Junior medallists all recorded brilliant times in their final 200m hit out before this weekend’s Clarence Street Cup - Eliza recording 12.99, Kalinda 13.25 and Tyler 13.72

The racing ended with some hotly contested Combine-Grade Moto-Scratch Races with Josh defeating Brad, Dan, Drew Rocket and Graeme in the A/B Grade. While Ethan defeated Jim in the C / D Grade event, followed by Peter, Toireasa and Caroline.

To Enter next week's Western Division Track Championships at Bathurst use the following link -

Road Race Report / Remembrance Day Trophy Race 11th November 2018:
« on: November 09, 2018, 10:40:13 AM »
2018 Remembrance Day Trophy Race:
The Bathurst Cycling Club “Remember Them” Trophy is very stately silver cup in honour of the fallen Bcc Members who gave their life in the World Wars. The event is scheduled on, (or around) Remembrance Day with local soldiers Robert Dale, Jack Sandry, Kenneth Adlem, Ron Harper and Ivor Ezzy acknowledged on the trophy.

The race has always been a relatively short Handicap event, giving riders of all levels an opportunity to race against the local champions for the historic trophy. The Cup first contested in the mid-1940s, when Bathurst Cycling Club life member Jack Mckay won the inaugural event, (over 72 years ago now).

In recent years the message behind the elegant cup and the significance of Remembrance Day has been highlighted by the local cycling club with the announcing each year of a local cycling World War veteran to be remembered for the following year, culminating in the Bathurst Anzac Trophy which will be named in honour.

World War Veterans honoured recently include R.H. Harris last year, and before that little John McKay (2017) E.Johnson (2016) R.G.Honeyman (2015) and Jack Windsor in 2014. This year’s Bathurst Cycling Clubs World War 1 Veteran will be named before the Remembrance Day event on Sunday. 

At 11 am on 11 November 1918 the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years continuous warfare in World War 1, so 2018 will be the 100 year anniversary of the Armistice which ended the First World War.

On Remembrance Day 2018 the Bathurst cycling club will again join Australians observing one minute’s silence in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts; but also continue its tradition of naming a local cycling WW1 veteran who they will investigate and remember so as to breathe life into their spirit in the lead up to the Anzac Day event to be named in their honour.

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