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General Discussion / Local Racing Events & Results for Summer 2023/24
« on: October 22, 2023, 12:22:19 PM »
Local Racing Events & Results for Summer 2023-2024

15 October 2023 - O'Regans Road Loop Handicap - 41km
1Marco Campiao 2Gary Hamer 3Rod Esdaile 4Nigel Swan 5Ian Grant
1st Female -Sienna Allen, FT- Nicholas Barrett, FFemale- Charlotte Lovett

22nd October 2023 - Bathurst Isuzu Ute Rockley Cup - 66km Handicap
1Alex Banner (40min) 2:38:19 2Tim Roebuck (40min) 2:38:19 3Luca Telfer (5min) 2:04:25 4Nic Barrett (Scr) FT 2:00:56 5Peter Fox (5min) 2:09:15 6Charlotte Lovett (16min) 2:21:11
Little Rock Cup - 1Will Ward (Orange), 2Rod Esdale, 3Kevin Bell, 4Anthony Curtin 5 Virginia Van Gend
Pebble Cup – 1Jenna Gallagher 2Teagan Smith 3Scott Smith

29 Oct 2023 3 Roads Handicap
1 Jeffery Parsons 2 Brad Rayner 3 Ben Ronald (Orange) 4 Haylee Fuller (Dubbo) 5 Charlotte Lovett
FT - Brad Rayner Haylee Fuller

5th Nov 2023 - 16th annual Toireasa Gallagher women’s handicap
1Teagan Smith 2Kate Tallentire 3Clare Newton 4Jenna Gallagher 5Brigette Evans
5th Nov 2023 - O'Reagans Gestingthorpe Mens Handicap 38km
1Robert Jeffries 2Oscar Hansen 3Gary Hamer 4Rob Stephen 5Steve Bennett FT Robert Jeffries 56:41

12th Nov 2023 - Remember Them Cup - 29km Handicap
1Bradley Rayner (5min) 49:01 2Robbie Milford (9min) 3Rob Stephen (9min) 4Tony Shaw (5min) 5Dave Reece (5min)
FT Nicholas Barrett 46:04, FF Charlotte Lovett 

General Discussion / Local Racing Events & Results for Winter 2023
« on: May 28, 2023, 11:05:23 PM »
7 April 2023 – Good Fri - College Road Loop Scratch Races
A GRADE 1Robert Jeffries 2Nicholas Barrett (Dubbo) 3David Flemming (Dubbo) 4Mick Ticehurst (Dubbo).
B GRADE 1Christopher Richards (Dubbo) 2David Reece 3Ben OBrien (Dubbo) 4Mark Windsor
C GRADE 1Peter Wilson 2Lara Allen.
D GRADE 1Luke Heunks 2Cathy Adams 3Sienna Allen

15 April 2023 - Rockley Loop 40km
1st Jett Hamilton (8min) 2nd Will Hodges (Scr) 3rd Chris Davis (11min)
Fastest Time Will Hodges, Fastest Female Fran Walker

20th April 2023 - Round 1 National ESports Club Series
Bathurst Finishers - Kirsten Weal, Alex Banner, Fran Walker, Laura Renshaw. Anne McAlary, Ange Falzarano, Cathy Adams, Jo Renshaw, Rosie Hastings, Brigette Evans, Marian Renshaw ,Nikki Thutell, Michelle Patton Craig Hutton, Mark Windsor, Craig McAlister, Cal Baker, Luke Barbetti, Gary Hamer, David Claypole, Peter Wilson, Nathan Pearce, Rod Esdaile, Rhy Baker, Steve Bennett.
Round 1 results: AusCycling National Club Cycling Esports Series - Waratah Masters Cycling Club – 538pts Bathurst Cycling Club – 351 ZSUN Cycling Club – 262 Randwick Cycling Club – 220 Vikings Cycling Club – Canberra 198

22 April 2023 – Bathurst Isuzu Ute Hurt on the Dirt
A grade 1 Josiah Cooke 2 Craig Hutton 3Jett Hamilton. (B Grade 1st Tony Shaw)
C grade 1Peter McKinnon 2 Gary Hamer 3 Neville Krahe (D grade 1 Peter Hickey 2 Kevin Bell)
Women Race - 1Toireasa Gallagher 2 Virginia Van Gent 3Angela Falzarano/Cathy Adams

25th April 2023 – 2023 “Private Jack H Hughes 56th Batt/n” ANZAC Memorial TROPHY RACE
1st Bruce Hutton 2nd Charlotte Lovett 3rd Georg Thierry(SA) 4th Mick Foran 5th Damien Bennett.
Fastest Time - 1st Cadel Lovett (38min 15sec seems to be new record), 2nd Luke Tuckwell 3rd Mark Renshaw
Fastest Female - 1st Mercede Cornelius-Feltus 2ndKirsten Weal 3rd Charlotte Lovett

29 April 2023 - no race Mudgee Classic

4th May 2023 ROUND 2 - National ESports Club Series - MAKAURI ISLANDS.
Bathurst Riders scoring points in Round 2 were –
Female - Kirsten Weal, Alex Banner, Fran Walker, Laura Renshaw, Cathy Adams, Ange Falz, Rosie Hastings, Jo Renshaw, Brigette Evans, Trudy O'Connor, Marian Renshaw
Male - Craig Hutton, Mark Windsor, Luke Barbetti, Stuart Renshaw, Gary Hamer, Davey Crockett, Rod Lovett, Stephen Jackson, Rhy Baker, Rod Esdaile, Steve Bennett

6th May 2023 – 2023 Graham Stait Memorial Race
1 Charlotte Lovett 2 Lachlan Crump 3 Gavin Hillier 4 Gary Halloran 5 Nigel Swan - FT Nick Barrett

13 May 2023 – Vale Circuit Scratch Races - Academy Games (annual RAS (regional academy of sport) cycling camp) 55 racers in 5 grades.
A Grade 1. Jack Cannon 2. Ian Grant 3. Xavier Bland 4. Cadel Lovett 5. Nic Barrett
B Grade 1. Cooper FinkBeiner 2. Liam Gottman 3. Patrick McRae 4. Charlotte Lovett 5. Gethin Thomas
C Juniors 1. Lucy Allen 2. Elsie Apps 3. Hugo Alcock 4. Will Ward 5. Boston Gillanders
C Seniors 1. Mick Foran 2. Tom Ward 3. Rob Stephens 4. Neville Krahe 5. Toireasa Gallagher
D Grade 1. Isobel Prince 2. Cathy Adams 3. Teddy Carboy 4. Rosemary Hastings 5. William Peace

18th May 2023 - National Club Esport Series – Round 3
Full list of finishers were Craig Hutton, Will Hodges, Mark Windsor, David Nicholas, Cameron Arnold, Stuart Renshaw, Stephen Jackson, Gary Hamer, Rod Esdale, Rhy Baker, Steve Bennett Nathan Pearson Kirsten Weal, Ella Falzarano, Laura Renshaw, Fran Walker, Rosemary Clifton, Brigette Evans, Rosie Hastings, Cathy Adams, Nikki Thurtell, Trudy O’Connor Jenn Arnold

20 May 2023 - Jack Mckay Memorial X Roads handicap
1Dave Claypole 2Scott James, 3Rodney Lovett, 4Rob Stephens 5Rod Esdale - FT Cadel Lovett, Fastest Female Charlotte Lovett

27th May 2023 – No Race (stream train??)

3rd June 2023 – Bathurst Road Club Championships Vale Road Circuit
A Grade: 1Craig Hutton 2Jack Cannon 3Jett Hamilton 4 Chris Hamilton.
B Grade: 1Rodney Lovett, 2 Charlotte Lovett 3Scott James
C Grade: 1Mick Foran 2Rob Stephen 3 Darren Fenton
D Grade: 1Peter Hickey 2Cathy Adams 3Rosemary Hastings
First Female: 1Charlotte Lovett 2Jenna Gallagher 3 Toireasa Gallagher

10/6/23 - Sulman Park Kermesse Racing.
D Grade: 10 laps, 23km- 1st Scott Smith, 2nd Cathy Adams, 3rd Angela Falzarano.
C Grade: 10 laps, 23km - 1st LT Hopper, 2nd Darren Fenton, 3rd Peter Wilson.
B Grade: 15 laps, 34.5km - 1st Rodney Lovett, 2nd Scott James, 3rd Brian Draper.
A Grade: 15 laps, 34.5km - 1st Xavier Bland, 2nd Nic Barrett, 3rd Jack Cannon. 

17/06/23 - Western Divisions ITT
A GRADE - 1st (Open) Aaron Seaman (Sth Div.) 1st Nicholas Barrett 2nd Greg Millburn
B GRADE - 1st Simone Grounds 2nd Luca Telfer 3rd Chris Richards
C GRADE - 1st Darren Fenton 2nd Rob Stephen 3rd Toireasa Gallagher
D GRADE - 1st Gavin Hillier 2nd Catherine Adams 3rd Henry Bagnell

24/06/23 RPP TdeF 3RoadSutho Finish – Presented by Renshaw's Pedal Project
A Grade – Will Hodges
B Grade – Luca Telfer
C Grade – Darren Fenton
D Grade – Cathy Adams

01/07/2023 Bathurst Isuzu UTE “Two Loops Course” 50km Handicap
1Ian Grant 2Nicholas Barrett 3Hallie Allen 4Rosemary Hastings 5Scott Allen, 6Neville Krahe, 7Mercede Cornelius-Feltus, 8Rob Stephen 9Kevin Bell 10Mark Windsor
Fastest Time - Nicholas Barrett Fastest Female - Mercede Cornelius-Feltus

06/07/2023 - Round 4 - 2023 Auscycling National Club Cycling Esports Series
Male - Cameron Arnold, Mark Windsor, Nic Barrett, Gary Hamer, Stephen Jackson, Russell Banner, Rhy Baker, Rod Esdaile, Dave Claypole, Scott James, Nathan Pearce, Peter Wilson
Female - Jenn Arnold, Kirsten Weal, Laura Renshaw, Cathy Adams, Rosie Clifton, Rosemary Hastings, Trudy O'Connor

08/07/23 Bathurst Isuzu Ute TwoRoads Handicap 30km
1Tony Shaw (6min), 2Charlotte Lovett (7min), 3Rodney Lovett (6 min), 4Peter Wilson (7min), 5Oscar Hanson (Scr), 6Josiah Cooke (Scr), 7Robert Jeffries (Scr), 8Mark Windsor (10min), 9Fran Walker (10min), 10Darren Fenton (7min)
Fastest Time - Oscar Hanson 43:41 - Fastest Female - Charlotte Lovett 49:15 - First Unplaced Female – Fran Walker

15/07/23 -- no racing in Bathurst this weekend

20/07/2023 - Round 5 - 2023 Auscycling National Club Cycling Esports Series
Men A Grade – Mark Windsor 10th Cameron Arnold 11th
Men B Grade - Chris Hamilton
Men C Grade - Russell Banner Stephen Jackson Rod Lovett Rod Esdaile Scott James Gary Hamer
Men D Grade – 2nd Nathan Pearce
Women B Grade - Kirsten Weal Alex Banner Jenn Arnold Angela Falzarano
Women C Grade - Laura Renshaw
Women D Grade - Cathy Adams Rosemary Hastings Rosemary Clifton

22/07/2023 - Bathurst Isuzu Ute Three Roads Handicap
1Sienna Allen (29min), 2Hallie Allen (29min), 3Rosemary Hastings (29min), 4Scott Allen (29min), 5Jenna Gallagher (12min), 6Rob Stephen (10min), 7Rod Esdaile (10min), 8Brian Draper (10min), 9 Fran Walker (12min), 10 Mark Windsor (10min).
Fastest Time – 1 Robert Jeffries 1:00:12 2nd Jack Cannon 3rd Charlotte Lovett
Fastest Female – 1 Charlotte Lovett 1:03:13 2nd Mercede Cornelius-Feltus 3rd Jenna Gallagher

29/07/2023 - Bathurst Isuzu Ute Old Vale Circuit Scratch Races:
OPEN – 1.Oscar Hanson (1:05:55) 2.Nicholas Barrett, 3.Luca Telfer
B Grade - 1.Luca Telfer (1:09:20), 2.Charlotte Lovett (1:15:30), 3.Scott James
C Grade - 1.David Mitchell (54:30), 2Rob Stephen, 3Brian Draper, 4Rod Esdaile, 5Mark Windsor, 6Jenna Gallagher, 7Gary Hamer, 8Peter McKinnon
D Grade - 1.Hallie Allen (1:05:15), 2.Peter Hickey, 3.Sienna Allen, 4.Scott Allen, 5.Rosemary Hastings

03/08/2023 - Round 6 - 2023 Auscycling National Club Cycling Esports Series
(Results not recorded. Bug) - Bathurst finish 2nd in Series behind Warratah
Finishers Round 6 - Kirsten Weal, Alex Banner, Ange Falz, Jenn Arnold, Laura Renshaw, Rosemary Clifton, Cathy Adams, Rosmary Hastings, Mark Windsor, Stu Renshaw, Stephen Jackson, Gary Hamer, Russ Banner, David Claypole, Steve Bennett, Gavin Borg, David Hyland, Rhy Baker, Gary Baker

A Grade Male - Mark WINDSOR (Bathurst)
B Grade Male - Stu RENSHAW (Bathurst)
C Grade Male - Stephen JACKSON (Bathurst)
D Grade Male - Rhy BAKER (Wollongong)
Open Female - Kirsten HOWARD (Bathurst)
B Grade Female - Kirsten HOWARD (Bathurst)
C Grade Female - Jenn ARNOLD (Bathurst)
D Grade Female - Rosemary Clifton (Bathurst)

05/08/2023 - John Butler & Harry Stephen Memorial Scratch Race:
RESULTS -- 48th John Butler Memorial Scratch Race 
1Oscar Hansen, 2Luca Telfer, 3David Mitchell, 4David Hansen, David Claypole
First B Grade - Luca Telfer, First Bathurst Rider - David Mitchell Mtb?, David Claypole
RESULTS -- 2023 Harry Stephen Memorial Scratch Race
1Darren Fenton, 2Rob Stephen, 3David Reece, 4Gary Hamer, 5Peter Hickey 

13th Aug 2023 - No Club Racing - State Age Road Cycling Championship

19th August 2023 – Western Div Crit - Dubbo Crit Track
A Grade 60km Tim Hines Greg Milburn Jason Farr
B Grade 60km Simone Grounds Emily Hines Harry Pickering
C Grade 30km Jenna Gallagher Toireasa Gallagher Gary Hamer
D Grade 30km Scott Smith Luke Beange
U13 Cooper Farr
U11 Sebastian Gallagher
U9 Nadia Gallagher

26th August 2023 – Western Div - Wongarbon Short Course
A Grade 60km – 1 Kyle Dunn 2 Luca Telfer 3 Simon Cordin (AWCC)? Tim Hines (Dubbo)
B Grade 60km – 1 Simone Grounds 2 Chris Richards 3 Darrell Wheeler
C Grade 30km – 1 Rob Stephen 2 Gary Hamer 3 Melissa Mertens
D Grade 30km - 1 Peter Hickey 2 Cathy Adams
Female Title – 1 Simone Grounds 2 Charlotte Lovett 3 Melissa Mertens

2nd Sept 2023 - Renshaw Pedal Project Time Trial – ITT Course 15km
A Grade - Nick Barrett 21:27 Oscar Hanson 22:18 Luka Telfa 23:31
B Grade - Tony Shaw 22:43 Bradley Rayner 23:46 Charlotte Lovett 26:50
C Grade - Gary Hamer 23:43 Damien Bennett 25:04 Teresa Gallagher 25:12
D Grade - David Hyland 27:52 Scott Smith 28:20 Peter Hickey 28:41

9th Sept 1923 – No Racing - NSW Champs-Junior/Masters

16th Sept 1923 - Bx Isuzu Ute Vale Circuit Scratch races
A Grade - 1Jack Cannon 2 Luca Teller
B Grade - 1Tony Shaw, 2 Brian Draper 3 Charlotte Lovett
C Grade - 1Rob Stephens 2Gary Hamer 3Darren Fenton
D Grade - 1Scott Smith 2Peter Hickey 3Sienna Allen

Saturday 23 September 3Roads Handicap (Sutho Finish) – 40km
1Hallie Allen 2y Dave Hyland, 3Sienna and 4Scott Allen, 5 Dave Reece, 6Billy, 7Darren 8 Brian.
FT Luca Telfer FF Fran Walker

Saturday 30th sept 2023 - Bx Isuzu 2Roads Sutherland drive finish handicap
1Toireasa Gallagher 2David Mitchell 3Stuart Renshaw 4Billy Hutton 5Cathy Adams
Fastest Time - Josiah Cooke

8th October 2023 -- No Race – Mt Panorama Canteen
Sunday, October 15 2023 - O'Regans Road Loop Handicap - 41km
1st Marco Campiao – For Full Results see 2023-24 Summer Results

General Discussion / Local Racing Events & Results for Summer 2022/23
« on: December 20, 2022, 02:22:30 PM »
Results: Bathurst Club Road Events - Summer 2022/2023

16th Oct 2022 Sunday 3Roads Handicap 40km
"No Results Posted"
Maybe Dave Hansen First, then the Scratch bunch ie Cadel Nic Jack and Oscar

23rd Oct 2022 Team Time Trial (Velo Start) 23km
Cancelled Rain

30th October 2022 - RESULTS 2022 “Bathurst Isuzu Ute” Rockley Cup
Overall - 1Cadel Lovett (6min), 2Josiah Cooke (6min), 3Luke Tuckwell (Scr), 4Will Hodges (scr), 5Isabelle Russell (20min)
Female Results - 1Isabelle Russell (Dubbo) 2Fran Walker (Bathurst-1st BCC), 3Haylee Fuller (Dubbo)
2022 Little Rock Trophy Race 1st Rosemary Hastings 2nd Darren Fenton (fastest time of 1:39:43) 3rd Cathy Adams
2022 “Bathurst Cardiology” Pebble Cup 1st Kevin Bell 2nd Barb Hill 3rdTeagan Smith

6th Nov 2022 Remember Them Race 18km (Sutho finish).
1st Rob Barlow (6m30s) 2nd Cadel Lovett (FT-26min) 3rd Mick Foran 4th Nev Krahe 5th Xavier Bland 6th David Hyland 7th Cathy Adams 8th Dave Reece 9th Peter Coxs 10th Dave Claypole

13th Nov 2022 -Toireasa Gallagher Womens Handicap 18km
1st Virginia Van Gend 2nd Amanda Robinson 3rd Fran Walker (FT) 4th Kate Tallentire 5th Lara Allen 6th Brigette Hands  7th Cathy Adams 8th Rosemary Stintson 9th Teagan Smith 10th Bec Wilson.
2Roads Men’s Handicap - 1st Ian Grant 2nd David Hyland 3rd Scott Allen 4th Lachlan Crump 5th Tony Shaw FT Nic Barrett

20 Nov 2022 2Roads (Ryan) Handicap race
1Robert Jeffries 2Tom Tudor(Fastest 42.38) 3Claire Wessel 4Fran Walker 5Peter McKinnon

27th November 2022 Vale Circuit - Graded Scratch Races
A Grade - Ben Anderson Josiah Cooke Cadel Lovett   
B Grade - Isabelle Russell Dave Claypole Cameron Crump
C Grade - Mick Foran Nev Krahe Gary Hamer
D Grade - Scott Allen Peter Hickey Dave Hyland

3 December 2022 Central West Track Open - No Road Racing

11 Dec 2022 Bathurst Club ITT
A Grade: Nic Barrett 21:35 Jack Cannon 22:14
B Grade: Tony Shaw 22:27 David Reece 25:10
C Grade: Gary Hamer 23:52 Darren Fenton24:23 Ray Thorn
D Grade: David Hyland 29:12 Lara Allen 29:35 Cathy Adams

18 Dec 2022 Christmas Hamper Scratch Races - 29km
A Grade: Josiah Cooke Jack Cannon Aaron Rodgers
B Grade: Ian Grant Dave Hansen David Reece
C Grade: Rob Stephen Ray Thorn Scott Allen
D Grade: Lara Allen David Hyland Cathy Adams


9th Jan 2023 –Race 1 of 2023 Bathurst Isuzu Ute Criterium Series – Bathurst Velodrome
Combined A/B GRADE Bathurst Isuzu Ute Criterium - 1Scott James 2Mark Windsor 3Ebony Robinson (First Female) 4David Reece Ray Thorn
GRADE C Bathurst Isuzu Ute Criterium – 1Mick Foran 2Rob Stephen 3Darren Fenton 4Neville Krahe 5ClaireWessell (First Female) 6Peter Wilson 7Cathy Adam
RESULTS D&E GRADE Bathurst Isuzu Ute CRIT - 1David Hyland 2Peter Hickey 3Rosemary Hastings (First Female) 4Marian Renshaw 5Tracey Robinson

15th Jan 2023 – 2nd Race of 2023 Bathurst Isuzu Ute Criterium Series – Bathurst Velodrome
GRADE A&B - 1Chris Davies 2Tony Barlow 3David Reece 4Mark Windsor 5 Mick Foran 6Rob Stephen
GRADE C Bathurst Isuzu UTE Criterium (Presented by Clancy Motors Bathurst) –1Darren Fenton 2Neville Krahe 3 Pete McKinnon 4Peter Wilson 5Rob Stephen 6Cathy Adams (First Female)
D&E GRADE Bathurst Isuzu UTE CRIT (Presented by Clancy Motors Bathurst) - 1Peter Hickey 2David Hyland 3Rosemary Hastings (First Female) 4 Angela Falzarano

22nd Jan 2023 - Race 3 of 2023 Bathurst Isuzu UTE Criterium – Bathurst Velodrome
A & B Grade Bathurst Isuzu Ute Criterium - 1David Nicholas, 2Mark Windsor, 3Ray Thorn. Then David Reece Nathan Pearce Chris Davis Darren Fenton Mick Foran dns Ebony Robinson Josiah Cooke Scott James.
C Grade Bathurst Isuzu Ute Criterium - 1 Scott Allen, Peter Wilson, Jenna Gallagher. Then Neville Krahe, Peter Hickey, Cathy Adams, Lara Allen. dns Rob Stephen, David Hyland; Top Female Jenna Gallagher.
D & E Grade Bathurst Isuzu Ute Criterium - 1Hallie Allen, 2Toireasa Gallagher, 3Rosemary Hastings. Then Sienna Allen, Tracey Robinson; Top Female Hallie Allen
Top Placed Female Overall 1Jenna Gallagher, 2Cathy Adams, 3Lara Allen

29 Jan 2023 – Round 4 Criterium Series- Velodrome
A and B grade Handcap Crit - 1Andrew Ballas 2Tony Shaw 3Craig Hutton (Fastest) 4 David Nicholas, 5 Jack Cannon.
C Grade - 1Bruce Hutton 2 Rob Stephens 3 Phil McFarlane
D grade 1 Rosemary Hastings 2 David Hyland 3 Peter Hickey

5th Feb 2023 TwoRoads Handicap -    
1st Angela Smith 2Virginia Van Gend 3David Nicholas 4Nick Barratt 5Mark Windsor
Fastest Time David Nicholas 40:30
Fastest Female Alex Banner 50:31

12th Feb 2023 – O’Regans Loop Handicap – 41km
1st Will Hodges 2 David Nicholas 3Jack Cannon 4 Nic Barrett 5 Ella Falzarana
Fastest Time Will Hodges 59:31
Fastest Female Ella Falzarana 22:00

19th Feb 2023 TwoRoads Handicap -
1st Gary Hamer 2 Peter Hickey 3Fran Walker 4 Jack Cannon 5 Oscar Hanson
Fastest Time Jack Cannon 39:38
Fastest Female Fran Walker 49:41

26th Feb 2023 – Bathurst ITT Champs
A Grade - 1 Jeremy Ryan 20:23 2Josiah Cooke 20:35 3Tim Guy 21:22
B Grade -1 Tony Shaw 22:35 2Ella Falzarano 3David Reece
C Grade -1 Gary Hammer 24:43 2Alex Banner 3Bryce Stacker
D Grade -1 Cathy Adams 28:22 2David Hyland 3Marco Campiao
Female 1Ella Falzarano 22:43 Alex Banner 24:51 Fran Walker 26:02

5 Mar 2023 - 2Rds (Ryans) Handicap
1st Jenna Gallagher (first senior road race) 2nd Cadel Lovett 3rd Oscar Hansen 4th Ian Grant 5th David Nichols
FT Cadel Lovett FF Jenna Gallagher

12 Mar 2023 - Vale Circuit
A Grade 1Will Hodges 2Luke Tuckwell 3Oscar Hansen 4Josiah Cooke 5Jack Cannon
B Grade 1Ella Falzarano 2Ian Grant 3Chris Davis 4Tony Shaw.
C/D grades 1Peter Wilson 2Rob Barlow, 3Neville Krahe 4Peter McKinnon 5Nigel Swan (DGrade 1Kevin Bell)

19 March 2023 - Bathurst Isuzu Ute O'Regans Loop Handicap - 41km
1Darren Fenton (16m) 2Peter Wilson (16m) 3Alexandra Banner (16m) 4Nev Krahe (16m) 5Chris Davis (9min) 6Mark Windsor (9min) 7Fran Walker (16min) 8Cathy Adams (Limit) 9David Reece (9min) 10Nicholas Barrett (Scr)
FASTEST TIME - 1Nicholas Barrett 2Josiah Cooke 3Jack Cannon
FASTEST FEMALE - 1 Alexandra Banner 2Fran Walker 3Cathy Adams

26th March 2023 - Bathurst Isuzu Ute 3-Roads Handicap
1Virginia Van Gend 2Neville Krahe 3Peter Wilson 4Gary Hamer 5Mick Foran 6Cadel Lovett 7Oscar Hanson 8Tom Tudor 9Nicholas Barrett 10 Jack Cannon; Fastest Time - 1Cadel Lovett 2Oscar Hanson 3Tom Tudor 1st Unplaced Female Rosemary Hastings, Fastest Female - Mercede Cornelius-Feltus

Road Race Report / Old Vale Circuit - 3 lap Handicap – 27/08/2022
« on: August 27, 2022, 11:18:30 PM »
Isuzu Ute Old Vale Circuit - 3 lap Handicap – 27/08/2022 – Presented by Clancy Motors Bathurst
Cathy Adams has taken an impressive solo win on the historic Old Vale Race Circuit today in Bathurst.
Adams started with Blue Mountains rider Kevin Bell and had to work hard early to catch Lara Allen and Rosemary Hastings, who were working well together in the race lead.
Back in the field, the 7min bunch of Chris Davis, Dave Claypole, Mick Foran, Darren Fenton and Nev Krahe where about to be joined by the 4minute Group of David Reece, Brian Draper, Tony Shaw and Dubbo club rider Graeme Peadon. This larger bunch posing a real threat to the leaders. Meanwhile the fast moving Scratch bunch of Jack Cannon Nicholas Barrett and Craig Hutton where making good gains on the whole field.
In the closing stages Cathy Adams surged away from the leaders with only Lara Allan able to chase. Adams taking the win from Allan with the scratch bunch bursting onto the scene with Jack Cannon leading out Nicholas Barrett for third place from old pro cyclist Graeme Peadon.
Sixth in the race went to Rosemary Hastings just ahead of Craig Hutton Tony Shaw Kevin Bell and Nev Krahe riding a strong race to finish in 10th Place.
The Top 15 made up of Brian Draper Darren Fenton Chris Davis Mick Foran and David Reece in front of the unlucky Dave Claypole who suffered mechanical difficulties.
Backmarker Nicholas Barrett recorded fastest time in the event, stopping the clock at 44m 28sec.

RESULTS - Old Vale Circuit 30km Handicap - 27/08/2022
Cathy Adams (20min) 1:08:19, 2Lara Allan (25min) 1:09:17, 3Nicholas Barrett (Scr) 1:09:28, 4 Graeme Peadon (4:30) 1:09:28, 5Jack Cannon (Scr) 1:09:28, 6Rosemary Hastings (25min) 1:09:44, 7Craig Hutton (Scr) 1:10:20, 8Tony Shaw (4:30) 1:10:22, 9Kevin Bell (20min) 1:11:14,  10 Nev Krahe (7:30) 1:11: 16.
Then - 11Brian Draper (4:30) 12Darren Fenton (7:30) 13 Chris Davis (7:30) 14 Mick Foran (7:30) 15 David Reece (4:30)
Fastest Time Nicholas Barrett (Scr) 44:28
Fastest Female Cathy Adams (20min) 1:03:19

Road Race Report / Re: 2022 National Club Esports Series
« on: August 23, 2022, 01:36:16 PM »
This is always a stressful part of entering a Zwift race.. The responsibly is on you to enter the correct grade which is worked off –
GRADE RANGES in Watts/KG as per July 2022
Men’s Grades - D Grade up to 2.49wKg - C grade up to 3.19wkg - B grade up to 3.99wkg - Meanwhile Women is the same except for B Grade women being up to 3.69wKg

These Grade ranges have resulted in some Grades/Categories holding a lot more competitors than others, eg B Grade in the Men is a huge field.. while D Grade and sometime C Grade is the biggest event in the female racing – resulting in very few in the women's A grade Category.

Consequently some racers ride up into the high grades in the womens event to build up the field size.. Strangely Auscycling has now introduced a rule to prevent this (Only able to ride up one category Rule).. Its clearly a work-around rule when really the problem is the lower numbers in the female events and dodgy handicap W/Kg ranges.

With ACE (Auto Cat Enforcement) turned off for Round 7 there is going to be Grade DQs.. this will be terrible if it is because on the NEW AusCycling Grade Control rule.. Plus there is a huge management issue in that Zwift grades change, so how does the Club or AusC manage this.. hence the 11:30am (23/08) Grade for the Round 7 team rego.

I have talked to Auscycling about it and they have agree it is a temporary Work–Around, and hoping common sense will prevail.. so if you are concerned ask a senior member of the Bathurst ESport team on what grade you should enter.

For more on the way the value is calculated that grades you check the conversation between myself and Jack Cannon about his Grade.. It actually is not worked off your FTP – it is the average of 95% of your best three 20min Power efforts in Zwift events over the last 3 months.

That leads to the next problem given it is worked out off the last 3 months a number of the experienced riders have lost or dropped in grade.. this again shows the concern about the NEW AusCycling Grade Control rule… as we have the stage situation of 2 NRS female riders only being able to ride C and B Grade while the new novice members could actually ride A Grade because they officially have no grade allocated in ZwiftPower.

Road Race Report / Re: 2022 National Club Esports Series
« on: August 23, 2022, 01:35:30 PM »
Your ESports Rego 
While you don’t have to worry about this… there is a lot going on behind the scenes getting this sorted. Bottom line the correct connection to a Registered Club is required.
The big issue for round 7 this week is if Rego fails you will not get an entry link.
At this point we have lost some BxCC members in the ESport Process – meaning there is people on the current team list on the Auscycling WebPage who have been dropped from the team for this next round general due to licencing issues..

See Registered Team Tab on the ESport Club National Series page –
Fingers crossed the following will all get emails entry links – and all are going through the rego process at the moment..

Cathy  Adams D (Female)
Jenn Arnold C (Female)
Cal Baker B
Gary Baker D
Rhy Baker D
Zac Baker C
Alex Banner C (Female)
Luke Barbetti None
Nicholas B None
Steve Bennett C
Gavin Borg D
Jack  Cannon B
Matt Cowley None
Steve Cox None
Rodney Esdaile D
Brigette Evans None (Female)
Angela Falzarano D (Female)
Ella Falzarano D (Female)
Toireasa Gallagher D (Female)
Gary Hamer D
Rosemary Hastings D (Female)
Will Hodges B
Kirsten Howard C (Female)
Craig  Hutton None
Stephen Jackson C
Rodney Lovett C
Rebecca Manning B (Female)
Craig McAlister B
Thomas McClelland None
David Nicholas C
Bec O'Connor None
Trudy O'Connor None (Female)
Ryan O'Donnell None
Michelle Patton D (Female)
David Reece C
Laura Renshaw C (Female)
Marian Renshaw None (female)
Stuart Renshaw C
Joanne Renshaw  None (Female)
Michael Robinson  D
Claire Scott D (Female)
Craig Smith B
Ray Thorn None
Luke Tuckwell A
Fran  Walker None (Female)
Peter  Wilson C
Ace Windsor A

* the letter next to the name is the grading supplied to the rego process, this has become an issue due to the AusC Grade Control Rule and the switching off ACE for Round 7 -- Please read the attached Grading Note to be aware of the potential problems with the "Work-Around" rule going into Round 7.

Road Race Report / Re: 2022 National Club Esports Series
« on: August 23, 2022, 01:33:47 PM »
Coming Rounds in the 2022 National Club Cycling Esports Series:

Round 7  6.30pm AEST Thursday 25th August                   
Sprinters Playground | Makuri Islands (2 laps, 25km)
NOTES – 1. Fast Aero Set up Required
2. 8 intermediate Sprints with big points for the top 10

Round 8  6.30pm AEST Thursday 1st September               
Figure 8 Reverse | Watopia (1 lap, 30km)

Round 9  6.30pm AEST Thursday 8th September               
London Classique | London (4 laps, 27.3km)

Round 10  6.30pm AEST Thursday 15th September           
Chain Chomper | Makuri Islands (2 laps, 27km)

Round 11  6.30pm AEST Thursday 22nd September           
Knickerbocker | NYC (1 lap 23km)

Round 12  6.30pm AEST Thursday 29th September           
Innsbruck (3 laps, custom finish top of Innsbruckring leg snapper, app 25km)

Road Race Report / Re: 2022 National Club Esports Series
« on: August 23, 2022, 01:33:10 PM »
Are you a member of the Bathurst Cycle Club and a Zwift Rider – why not join the BathurstCC ESport Team “BxCC” for the coming AusCycling Club National Club series.
To Join the Bathurst ESport Team – connect your Zwift account to a Zwiftpower account then Join BxCC – see below

No1. MAKE A ZWIFTPOWER ACCOUNT and connecting to your Zwift Account:
see instructions at


No2. You should be already login to Zwiftpower profile so you can Join the Bathurst Cycling Club Esports Team “BxCC” with this link.
There should be a “Join BxCC” in the top Right Corner.

No3. Auscycling ESport Rego
The Cycling Club will be in touch to get some contract for you to be register in the series

NOW you are a member of Bathurst BxCC - There are a few things worth doing before you race

You have to enter the race yourself - Easiest way is to use the Companion App – just scroll through the events to Wednesday 6:30pm and enter the correct grade –
THIS IS ALL CHANGING IN ROUND 7 as a Race Entry link will be emailed to you Now – More on that soon!!

Auscycling would like us add BxCC to our account name in Zwift (however haven't asked for it in Series 2 yet)
So you notice that many of the team member have updated the name field in their profile ie added (BxCC)
The BxCC logo should come up automatically in theZwiftPower results

At the moment we use basic blue Zwift Jersey.. It is called Basic 3 –
You just go to your Zwift garage to put that on.
While in the Garage you should have a bit of a think about the best setup for the next race.

Road Race Report / 2022 National Club Esports Series
« on: August 23, 2022, 01:30:46 PM »
For any proof that AusCycling is taking the ESports very seriously check out their “General & Esports Technical Regulations” in the Link Below

Plus the announcement that:-
The winning Team in the 2022 Club National Esports Series will be awarded a special Jersey

Road Race Report / Re: Queen Birthday Handicap - O’Regans Loop
« on: June 14, 2022, 10:07:49 AM »
Queen Birthday Handicap - O’Regans Loop - 41km - Monday, June 13, 2022
Presented by Bathurst Isuzu Ute & Clancy Motors Bathurst
1Josiah Cook Scr (Orange) 2Xavier Bland Scr (Orange), 3Cadel Lovett Scr (Bathurst), 4Oscar Hansen 1:30 (Orange) 5Billy Hutton 1:30 (Bathurst), 6Mark Windsor 4m (Bathurst), 7Tony Shaw 4m (Blue Mountains), 8Brian Draper 12m (Bathurst), 9Robert Jeffries 4m (Canberra), 10 Nicholas Barrett 1:30 (Bathurst).

Road Race Report / Re: Queen Birthday Handicap - O’Regans Loop
« on: June 14, 2022, 10:06:50 AM »
BATHURST ISUZU UTE QUEEN BIRTHDAY HANDICAP - Presented by Clancy Motors Bathurst - Monday, June 13, 2022

It was a tough start to the race having to complete 2 laps of the hilly O’Regans Loop. Rosemary Hastings, Cathy Adams and Kevin Bell leading the way with Glen Partridge, Rob Stephen, and Brian Draper working well and looking threatening. The big 10minute bunch which included Darren Fenton, Peter Wilson, Charlotte Lovett, Bryce Stacker, Lachlan Crump, Toireasa Gallagher, Bruce Hutton and Dave Claypole were widely tipped as favourites before the start however started to break up early on the hills and lose momentum.

There was plenty of youth in the Scratch Bunch with top local juniors Cadel Lovett, Josiah Cook and Xavier Bland joining experienced backmarker Craig Hutton to quickly catch block (Nicholas Barrett, Billy Hutton, Oscar Hansen) and second block (Mark Windsor, Dave Hansen, Tony Shaw & Robert Jeffries). This big group of back markers quickly started riding through the field.

By the final turn the big group of backmarkers had rode through the field to the lead and attacks started with Xavier Bland, Nic Barrett and Mark Windsor all trying to break clear.

However in the end the race came down to a 6 rider sprint with only a couple of centimeters between Orange stars Josiah Cook and Xavier Bland with Josiah awarded the win. Third was Bathurst’s Cadel Lovett in front of Oscar Hansen with Billy Hutton taking fifth ahead of Mark Windsor. Tony Shaw, Brian Draper, Robert Jeffries and Nicholas Barrett rounding out the top 10.

First and fastest in the Female category was Cathy Adams recording 1:30:00 for the course.  Rosemary Hastings was second in the female category and Charlotte Lovett third.

Road Race Report / Queen Birthday Handicap - O’Regans Loop
« on: June 14, 2022, 10:05:54 AM »
Queen Birthday Handicap - O’Regans Loop - 41km - Monday, June 13, 2022
Presented by Bathurst Isuzu Ute & Clancy Motors Bathurst

Early Handicaps-
Scr Craig Hutton, Cadel Lovett, Josiah Cook, Xavier Bland
1:30 Jack Cannon, Nicholas Barrett, Billy Hutton, Oscar Hansen
4:30 Dave Hansen, Mark Windsor, Tony Shaw, Robert Jeffries
10min Darren Fenton, Peter Wilson, Charlotte Lovett, Bryce Stacker, Lachlan Crump, Toireasa Gallagher, Bruce Hutton, Dave Claypole, Scott James. Ebony Robinson, Cameron Crump, Ray Thorn
12:30 Glen Partridge, Rob Stephen, Brian Draper, Jille Harris, Glen Carter
17:30 Kevin Bell
22:30 Cathy Adams
29:30 Rosemary Hastings

General Discussion / Local Racing Events & Results for Winter 2022
« on: May 29, 2022, 11:59:50 PM »
2022 Bathurst Cycling Club Road Season – Winter Saturday Road Season:
See Bathurst Cycling Club Website/Facebook for official information

9th April 2022 Round 4 Renshaw Pedal Project Rd Series - Hurt on Dirt
A Grade 1Nick Barratt 2Robert Jeffries
B Grade 1Ian Grant 2Scott James 3Ray Thorn 4Dave Reece 5Simone Grounds
C Grade 1Garry Dukes 2Gary Hamer 3Mick Foran 4Peter Wilson 5Bruce Hutton
D Grade 1Cathy Adams 2Rosie Hasting 3Marian Renshaw

15th April 2022 College Rd Loop Scratch Race
A Grade Jeremy Ryan Jack Cannon Craig Hutton
B Grade Ray Thorn Dave Reece Tony Barlow
C Grade Bruce Hutton Garry Hamer Rob Stephen
D Cathy Adams David Hyland Lara Allen

16th April 2022 O‘Regans Loop Handicap
1 Mick Foran (12:30) 2Gary Hamer (12:30)  3Rob Stephen (10min) 4Glen Partridge (10min) Peter Wilson (12:30)
FT-Nic Barrett 64:33; 1st & FF Jille Harris 74:30

21st April 2022 - Rd1 National ESport Series - France (R.G.V Course)
RESULTS - Bathurst Points
A Grade Female: 3rd Rebecca Manning
A Grade Male: 26th Mark Windsor
B Grade Female: 1st Angela Falzarano 2nd Cathy Adams 3rd Jenn Arnold
B Grade Male:
C Grade Female: 2nd Laura Renshaw
C Grade Male: 9th Ray Thorn 13th Stephen Jackson 20th David Reece
D Grade Female: 13th Joanne Renshaw 17th Rosemary Hastings
D Grade Male: 6th Gary   Baker 8th Michael Robinson

23rd April 2022 2Rds Handicap (Sutho Finish)
1Gary Dukes (6m30sec) 2Lara Allen 3Rosemary Hastings 4Kevin Bell 5Peter Wilson
Fastest Time: Nicholas Barrett 44:45
Fastest female Jille Harris 52:25

25th April 2022 - Lance Corporal A.C. Bosworth Memorial Anzac Handicap:
1Will Hodges (Scr), 2Nicholas Barrett (Scr), 3Mark Windsor (1:30), 4David Hyland (13min), 5David Reece (1:30), 6Lara Allen (16:30), 7Mick Foran (5:15), 8Gabriel Andrews (7:30), 9Rob Stephen (5:15), 10Glen Partridge (5:15)
Fastest Time - 1Will Hodges 41:38 2Nicholas Barrett, 3Mark Windsor
Fastest Female - 1 Ella Falzarano 46:37 2Cathy Adams 3 Lara Allen

28th April 2022 -Rd2 National ESport Series, Makuri Islands (Wondering Flats)
RESULTS - Bathurst Points
A Grade Female: 2nd Rebecca Manning, 6th Angela Falzarano
A Grade Male: 15th Mark Windsor, 30th Rodney Lovett
B Grade Female: 6th Cathy Adams 9th Jenn Arnold
B Grade Male: 25th Cal Baker
C Grade Female: 3rd Laura Renshaw 9th Alex Banner
C Grade Male: 6th Ray Thorn 11th Stephen Jackson 12th David Reece 18th Gary Hamer
D Grade Female: 11th Joanne Renshaw 15th Rosemary Hastings
D Grade Male: 2nd Gary   Baker

30th April 2022 No racing, Mudgee Classic weekend

5th May 2022 –Rd3 National ESport Series, Watopia (Legends and Lavaring Flats)
RESULTS - Bathurst Points
A Grade Female: 7th Jenn Arnold, 8th Cathy Adams
A Grade Male: 1st Craig Hutton 11th Mark Windsor
B Grade Female:
B Grade Male: 25th Cal Baker
C Grade Female: 1st Laura Renshaw 15th Alex Banner
C Grade Male: 6th Ray Thorn 10th Gary Hamer 11th David Reece 13th Rodney Lovett 28th Michael Robinson
D Grade Female: 10th Joanne Renshaw 12th Claire Scott 15th Rosemary Hastings
D Grade Male: 3rd Gary   Baker 4th Steve Bennett

7th May 2022 Inaugural Graham Stait Memorial Handicap - 57km (48starters)
1Xavier Bland (Orange), 2Cadel Lovett (Bathurst) 3Oscar Hansen (Orange) 4Charlie Gascoyne 5 Billy Hutton 6Nick Barrett 7Jeremy Ryan 8 Charlotte Lovett 9Graeme Peadon 10Garry Halloran 11Dave Reece 12Tony Barlow 13Mark Windsor 14Ian Grant 15jack Cannon
Fastest Time 1Jeremy Ryan 1:35:42 2Xavier Bland 3Cadel Lovett
First Female Charlotte Lovett Fastest Female Charlotte Lovett 2:01:59

12th May 2022 –Rd4 National ESport Series, Watopia (Beach Island Loop)
RESULTS - Bathurst Points
A Grade Female: 6th Kirsten Howard 7th Rebecca Manning, 9th Jenn Arnold, 10th Cathy Adams 11th Angela Falzarano
A Grade Male: 16th Mark Windsor
B Grade Female: 8th Alex Banner
B Grade Male: 15th Jack Cannon
C Grade Female: 1st Laura Renshaw 15th Alex Banner
C Grade Male: 4th Ray Thorn 5th Rodney Lovett 17th Gary Hamer 20th Stephen Jackson 21th David Reece
D Grade Female: 12th Joanne Renshaw 17th Rosemary Hastings
D Grade Male: 2nd Steve Bennett 7th Rodney Esdaile

14th May 2022 - Canteen - Liqui Moly 12hr car race

19th May 2022 –Rd5 National ESport Series, Bologna (TT Lap)
RESULTS - Bathurst Points
A Grade Female: 7th Kirsten Howard 9th Ella Falzarano, 10th Jenn Arnold, 11th Angela Falzarano
A Grade Male: 20th Will Hodges 22nd Mark Windsor
B Grade Female:
B Grade Male: 17th Jack Cannon
C Grade Female: 12th Cathy Adams
C Grade Male: 11th David Reece 13th Ray Thorn 14th Stephen Jackson 26th Gary Hamer
D Grade Female: 7th Joanne Renshaw 8th Rosemary Hastings
D Grade Male: 1th Rodney Esdaile 4th Michael Robinson

21st May 2022 - 25th Jack McKay Memorial Handicap – xroads (Velo Start) (over 60 starters)
Results - 1Hunter Behnke (23min) Wagga, 2Angus Behnke (23min) Wagga, 3Charles Alcock (31min) Illawarra, 4Gabriel Jakobsen (23min) Illawarra, 5Rosemary Hastings (41:30) Bathurst, 6Cathy Adams (33min) Bathurst, 7Nicholas Barrett (2min) Bathurst, 8Charlie Gascoyne (2min) Orange. 9Oscar Hansen (2min) Orange, 10Jack Cannon (2min) Bathurst, 11Lyn Vaughan (17min) Nowra, 12Elsie Russell (31min) Riverina, 13Ben Anderson (30sec) Orange, 14Craig Hutton (30sec) Bathurst, 15Cameron Oke (12min) Wagga, 16David Reece (7min) Bathurst, 17Rod Lovett (7min) Bathurst, 18Simone Grounds (7min) Dubbo, 19Catlin Rose (13min) Hunter Districts, 20Dave Claypole (17min) Blayney
First Female: 1Rosemary Hastings (Bathurst), 2Cathy Adams (Bathurst), 3Lyn Vaughan (Nowra), 4Elsie Russell (Riverina), 5Simone Grounds (Dubbo).
First Bathurst Rides (Weal Trophy): 1Rosemary Hastings 2Cathy Adams 3 Nicholas Barrett 4 Jack Cannon 5 Craig Hutton 6 David Reece 7 Rodney Lovett 8 Dave Claypole 9 Jille Harris 10 Rob Stephen 11 David Hyland 12 Brian Draper 13 Billy Hutton 14 Cadel Lovett 15 Peter Wilson 16 Mick Foran 17 Bruce Hutton 18 Garry Hamer 19 Lara Allen 20 Tony Shaw
Fastest Time Overall - 1Ben Anderson 1:11:29, 2Nicholas Barrett 1:11:42, 3Charlie Gascoyne 1:11:43, 4Oscar Hansen 1:11:44. 5Craig Hutton 1:11:47
Fastest Female – 1Simone Grounds 1:18:30, 2Lyn Vaughan 1:27:27, 3Jille Harris 1:28:55, 4Halley Dell 1:29:15, 5Hallie Boucher 1:29:15

26th May 2022 –Rd6 National ESport Series, Makuri Islands (Electric Loop)
RESULTS - Bathurst Points
A Grade Female: 5th Rebecca Manning 8th Kirsten Howard 9th Jenn Arnold, 11th Angela Falzarano
A Grade Male: 9th Mark Windsor
B Grade Female: 5th Alex Banner
B Grade Male: 4th Jack Cannon 28th Cal Baker
C Grade Female: 12th Cathy Adams
C Grade Male: 8th Gary Hamer 13th David Reece 19th Stephen Jackson
D Grade Female: 8th Claire Scott 12th Cathy Adams 15th Rosemary Hastings
D Grade Male: 3rd Rodney Esdaile 8th Steve Bennett 10th Michael Robinson 15th Gavin Borg

26th May 2022 –2nd Western NSW ESport Cycling Championships (held in conjunction with Rd 6 - National ESport Series)
A Grade Female - 1Kate SPICER (Dubbo Cycling Club), 2Rebecca MANNING (Bathurst Cycling Club), 3Kirsten HOWARD (Bathurst Cycling Club),
A Grade Male - 1 Mark WINDSOR (Bathurst Cycling Club), 2Will HODGES (Bathurst Cycling Club)
B Grade Female – 1 Alex BANNER (Bathurst Cycling Club)
B Grade Male – 1 Jack CANNON (Bathurst Cycling Club), 2 Cal BAKER (Bathurst Cycling Club)
C Grade Female – 1 Giselle DENLEY (Mudgee Cycling Club) 2 Lauren CARR (Mudgee Cycling Club)
C Grade Male - 1Tim HOWLETT (Dubbo Cycling Club), 2Gary HAMER (Bathurst Cycling Club), 3Sebastian HANSCOMB (Dubbo Cycling Club)
D Grade Female – 1Claire SCOTT (Bathurst Cycling Club), 2Cathy ADAMS (Bathurst Cycling Club), 3Rosemary HASTINGS (Bathurst Cycling Club)
D Grade Male - 1Rodney ESDAILE (Bathurst Cycling Club), 2Rowan ROWLANDS (Mudgee Cycling Club), 3Steve BENNETT (Bathurst Cycling Club)

28th May 2022 - Isuzu Ute Quarry 2 Roads Handicap – 29km
1Jille Harris 11min, 2Rob Stephen 11min, 3Garry Dukes 7:30, 4Ray Thorn 7:30, 5Bruce Hutton 9:30, 6Dave Claypole 7:30, 7Brian Draper 11min, 8Glen Carter 11min, 9Darren Fenton 9:30, 10Hanna Roots 7:30
Frist Female -- 1Jille Harris 2Hanna Roots 3 Cathy Adams
Fastest Time -- Jack Cannon
Fastest Female -- Hanna Roots

4th June 2022 - Renshaw's Pedal Project Road Series - Round 5
3 Roads Course - 40km - Graded scratch races. A-D grades
A Grade - 1Xavier Bland 2Jeremy Ryan 3Jack Cannon 4Nicholas Barrett 5Oscar Hansen
B Grade - 1Dave Reece 2Tony Shaw 3Mercede Cornsilus Feltus 4Graham Peadon 5Ray Thorn
C Grade - 1Ebony Robinson 2Cameron Crump 3Mick Foran 4Brian Draper 5Dave Claypole
D Grade - 1Cathy Adams 2Dave Hyland 3Rosemary Hastings

11th June 2022 - Individual Time Trial - 15km
Event Cancelled due to traffic caused by stream train.

13th June 2022 - Queen's Birthday Race - O'Regans Road Loop Handicap - 41km
2 laps O'Regans Road Loop and then finish at St John's Road - 8.30am sign on
1Josiah Cook (Orange) 2Xavier Bland (Orange), 3Cadel Lovett (Bathurst), 4Oscar Hansen (Orange) 5Billy Hutton (Bathurst), 6Mark Windsor (Bathurst), 7Tony Shaw (Blue Mountains), 8Brian Draper (Bathurst), 9Robert Jeffries (Canberra), 10 Nicholas Barrett (Bathurst).

18th June 2022 - Bathurst Road Club Championships incorporating Rd6 Renshaw's Pedal
Vale Rd Circuit - A Grade 3.5 laps - B and C Grades 2.5 laps - D Grade 1.5 laps
A Grade -1Ben Anderson (Orange) 2Craig Hutton 3Nich Barrett  4Jack Cannon 5Jeremy Ryan 6Mark Windsor
(So 2022 Club Title - 1Craig Hutton 2Nicholas Barrett  3Jack Cannon 4Jeremy Ryan 5Mark Windsor)
B Grade - 1Robert Jeffries 2David Reece 3Tony Shaw 4Mercede Cornelius-Feltus (First female) 5Scott James
C Grade - 1Dave Claypole 2Mick Foran 3Rob Stephen 4Brian Draper 5Peter Wilson
D Grade - 1Cathy Adams 2 David Hyland 3Rosemary Hastings

25th June 2022 - Renshaw's Pedal Project Road Series - Round 7
A, B & C Grades - 2laps of O'Regans Road Loop-St John's Road finish. (D Grade - One lap)
A Grade - Josiah Cooke Jeremy Ryan Jack Cannon
B Grade - Ian Grant Tony Shaw Scott James
C Grade - Mick Foran Darren Fenton Rob Stephen
D Grade - Baxter Brown Cathy Adams Peter Hickey

2nd July 2022 - Renshaw's Pedal Project Road Series - Round 8 - Crossroads - 47km
Cancelled due to Rain!

9th July 2022 - Bathurst Isuzu Mens & Womens Separate Handicaps -
Bathurst Isuzu Ute Female 29km Handicap
1Fran Walker 2Cathy Adams 3Charlotte Lovett 4Toireasa Gallagher 5Rosemary Hastings
Fastest Time 1Charlotte Lovett 55m 13s, 2Toireasa Gallagher 3Mercede Cornelius-Feltus
Bathurst Isuzu Ute Men’s 40km Handicap
1Bryce Stacker 2Chris Davies 3Cameron Crump 4Jack Cannon 5Lachlan Crump
Fastest Time 1 Jack Cannon 1h 02m 48s 2Nicholas Barrett 3Oscar Hanson

16th July 2022 - Round 9 2022 Renshaw's Pedal Project Road Series – Rockley Loop
A Grade 1Ben Anderson 2Mark Windsor
B Grade 1Scott James 2Brian Draper 3Glen Partridge
C Grade 1Mick Foran 2Dave Claypole 3Rob Stephen
D Grade 1David Hyland 2Peter Hickey 3 Rosemary Hastings

23rd July 2022 - Western Division Road Club Championships (Bathurst - 3Road Course)
Overall Champs (A Grade)- 1st Ben Anderson (Dubbo)&Luke Tuckwell (Bath) (Dead heat) 3Cadel Lovett (Bath) 4 Jack Cannon (Bath) 5 Josiah Cooke (Org)
Top female 1st Ebony Robinson 2nd Charlotte Lovett 3rd Toireasa Gallagher
B GRADE: 1st Cameron Crump (Org) 2nd Brian Draper 3rd Tony Shaw 4th Graeme Peadon (Dubbo) 5th Glen Partridge
C GRADE: 1st Ebony Robinson 2nd Lachlan Crump (Org) 3rd Charlotte Lovett 4th Rob Stephen
D GRADE: 1st David Hyland 2nd Cathy Adams 3rd Rosemary Hastings 4th Neil Yeo (Orange)

30th July 2022 - Isuzu UTE TwoRoads Split Handicap - Sutho Finish - SEALED Handicap format
A Grade Isuzu UTE Sealed Handicap RESULTS:
Handicap Results - 1st Nicholas Barrett (1m20s) 2nd Jack Cannon (1m 25s) 3rd Josiah Cooke (50s) 4th Cadel Lovett (10s) 5th Ben Anderson (5s)
Fastest Time- 1Ben Anderson (43:09) 2Cadel Lovett 3Josiah Cooke 4Xavier Bland 5Nicholas Barrett 6Oscar Hanson 7Jack Cannon 8Mark Windsor 9Tony Shaw 10David Reece
B Grade Isuzu UTE Sealed Handicap RESULTS:
Handicap Results - 1st Peter Wilson 2nd Philip McFarland 3rd John Anderson
Fastest Time Lachlan Crump John Anderson and Peter Wilson.

6th August 2022 - Butler & Stephen Memorial (xRoad Course)
RESULTS 2022 John Butler Memorial
A Grade – 1st Jeremy Ryan 2Cadel Lovett 3Oscar Hanson 4Charlie Gascoyne 5Nicholas Barrett 6Mark Windsor 7Ian Grant
B Grade – 1st Tony Shaw 2Scott James 3David Reece Dave 4Claypole Cameron 5Crump 6Charlotte Lovett 7Brian Draper 8Ebony Robinson
Female – 1st Charlotte Lovett, Runner up - Ebony Robinson
RESULTS 2022 Harry Stephen Memorial.
Overall – 1st Lachlan Crump 2Darren Fenton 3Peter Wilson 4Chris Davis 5Rod Esdaile 6Bryce Stacker 7Neville Krahe 8Philip McFarland 9Toireasa Gallagher 10Gary Hamer Bruce Hutton
D Grade – 1st Cathy Adams 2Rosemary Hastings 3Peter Cox
Top Female – 1st Toireasa Gallagher 2Cathy Adams 3Rosemary Hastings

13th August 2022 - Isuzu Ute BCC 30km Handicap  (Quarry 2Roads Course)
1Chris Davis (8min) 2Darren Fenton (8min) 3Philip McFarland (9min) 4Bryce Stacker (8min) 5Rod Esdaile (8min)
Fastest Time - Oscar Hansen 42:36, 2Xavier Bland 3Tony Shaw 4Mark Windsor 5Cameron Crump
First Female - Cathy Adams, Runner up - Ebony Robinson

20th Aug 2022 – Mens 3Roads Handicap (40km) and Women 2Roads Handicap (30km)
Isuzu Ute Female BCC Handicap- 1 Ebony Robinson 2 Charlotte Lovett 3 Toireasa Gallagher 4 Rosemary Hastings 5 Fran Walker
Isuzu Ute 3Roads Mens Handicap- 1 Peter Hickey 2Jack Cannon 3Nicholas Barrett 4Cadel Lovett 5 David Hyland – FT 2Jack Cannon

Round 7 - National Esport Series:
The Bathurst Club Finisher included:- 
FEMALE:Kirsten Howard, Jenn Arnold Alex Banner Laura Renshaw Ella Falzarano Fran Walker Cathy Adams Rosie Hastings Ange Falzarano Michelle Patton 
MALE: Will Hodges Mark Windsor Nic Barrett Jack Cannon Craig McAlister Craig Smith David Nicholas Stuart Renshaw Lovey Lovett Rod Esdaile Stephen Jackson Gary Baker Rhy Baker Ray Thorn Gavin Borg Tom Mcclelland Matt Cowley Steve Bennett

27th Aug 2022 - Isuzu UTE Old Vale Circuit - 3 lap Handicap -30km
1Cathy Adams 2 Lara Allan 3Nicholas Barrett 4Graeme Peadon 5 Jack Cannon
Fastest time Nicholas Barrett 44m 28sec.

Round 8 - National Esport Series:

3rd Sept 2022 - Round 10 Renshaw's Pedal Project Road Series – 2Rd Quarry Course Sutho Finish - 30km Graded Scratch
A Grade - 1Xavier Bland (Org) 2Cadel Lovett 3Jack Cannon 4Mark Windsor 5Robert Jeffries 6Nic Barrett DNS David Nicholas Craig Hutton Oscar Hansen
B Grade - 1Brian Draper 2Dave Claypole 3Charlotte Lovett 4David Reece 5Ebony Robinson
C Grade - 1Chris Davis 2Ray Thorn 3Nev Krahe 4Mick Foran 5Gary Hamer DNS Rob Stephen Bruce Hutton
D Grade - 1David Hyland 2Peter Hickey 3Lara Allen

Round 9 2022 National Club Cycling Esports Series
Bathurst had an impressive 23 finishers scoring series points for the club in round 9, they included -
Ella Falzarano Kirsten Howard Laura Renshaw Fran Walker Ange Falzarano Claire Scott Cathy Adams Michelle Patton Rosie Hastings Craig Hutton Will Hodges Jack Cannon Luke Barbetti David Nicholas Gary Hamer Steve Bennett Matt Cowley Zach Baker Rod Lovett Gary Baker Darren Fenton Ray Thorn Rhy Baker and Gavin Borg

10th Sept 2022 - Western Division Individual Time Trial Championships – Bathurst 15km
A Grade -1Simon Hickey 21:42 2Luke Tuckwell 21:49 3Josiah Cooke 22:09 4Nicholas Barrett 22:24 5Mark Windsor 23:44 6Cadel Lovett 24:13
B Grade - 1Tony Shaw 23:30, 2Ella Falzarano 24:39, 3Brian Draper 26:29, 4David Reece 27:29, 5Charlotte Lovett 29:36, 6Ebony Robinson 30:05
C Grade - 1Darren Fenton 25:53, 2Gary Hamer 27:08
D Grade - 1Cathy Adams 29:07, 2David Hyland 30:57, 3Peter Hickey 31:40, 4Lara Allen 34:41

ROUND 10 - 2022 National Club Cycling Esports Series –Makuri Islands course
Top riders for Bathurst included --
Ella Falzarano Kirsten Howard Jenn Arnold Laura Renshaw Alex Banner Fran Walker Ange Falzarano Rosie Hastings Brigette Evans Claire Scott Cathy Adams Marian Renshaw Michelle Patton Jo Renshaw
Will Hodges Mark Windsor Cal Baker Stephen Jackson David Nicholas Stuart Renshaw Gary Hamer Zach Baker Gary Baker Rod Esdaile Rhy Baker Ray Thorn & Gavin Borg..

Sept 19 2022 -BCC 3 Roads Scratch Races - 40km
A Grade 1Will Hodges 2Craig Hutton 3Oscar Hanson
B Grade 1Ella Falzarano 2 Mark Windsor 3 David Reece
C Grade 1 Gary Hamer 2 Rod Esdaile 3 Peter Wilson
D Grade 1 Cathy Adams 2 Lara Allen 3 Peter Hickey

Round 11 2022 National Club Cycling Esports Series - New York Knickerbocker circuit.

25th Sept 2022 – Wollongong World Champs – No Bathurst Racing

Round 12 - final round of the 2022 National Club Series
Jenn Arnold,  Kirsten Howard,  Ella Falzarano, Alex Banner, Fran Walker, Laura Renshaw, Ange Falzarano, Claire Scott, Cathy Adams, Rosie Hastings, Jo Renshaw,  Michelle Patton
Will Hodges Mark Windsor Nic Barrett David Nicholas Jack Cannon Luke Barbetti Matt Cowley Cal Baker Steve Bennett Gary Hamer Stephen Jackson Gary Baker Darren Fenton Peter Wilson Rhy Baker Gavin Borg..

1st Oct 2022 - Ryan’s 2 Roads Handicap - 29km
1Lara Allen(22min) 59:59, 2Rosemary Hastings(22min), 3Peter Hickey (17min), 4Kevin Bell (17min), 5Tony Shaw (4min), 6Nicholas Barrett (Scr), 7Ian Grant (Scr), 8Darren Fenton (6min), 9Ray Thorn (6min), 10Mick Foran (6min)
Fastest Time Male - Nicholas Barret 49:08, Female - Lara Allen 59:59

8th Oct 2022 – Mt Panorama Canteen - No Racing
End of Saturday Winter Racing -- see Summer 2022/23 Results

Road Race Report / Re: 2022 Western NSW ESport Cycling Champs
« on: May 27, 2022, 02:58:49 PM »
RESULTS - 2022 Western NSW ESport Cycling Champions – 26th May 2022
A Grade Female - 1Kate SPICER (Dubbo Cycling Club), 2Rebecca MANNING (Bathurst Cycling Club), 3Kirsten HOWARD (Bathurst Cycling Club), 4Jenn ARNOLD (Bathurst Cycling Club), 5Angela FALZARANO (Bathurst Cycling Club)
A Grade Male - 1 Mark WINDSOR (Bathurst Cycling Club), 2Will HODGES (Bathurst Cycling Club)

B Grade Female – 1 Alex BANNER (Bathurst Cycling Club)
B Grade Male – 1 Jack CANNON (Bathurst Cycling Club), 2 Cal BAKER (Bathurst Cycling Club)

C Grade Female – 1 Giselle DENLEY (Mudgee Cycling Club) 2 Lauren CARR (Mudgee Cycling Club)
C Grade Male - 1Tim HOWLETT (Dubbo Cycling Club), 2Gary HAMER (Bathurst Cycling Club), 3Sebastian HANSCOMB (Dubbo Cycling Club), 4David REECE (Bathurst Cycling Club), 5Stephen JACKSON (Bathurst Cycling Club), 6Gary BARBER (Dubbo Cycling Club), 7David VAN SCHAIK (Mudgee Cycling Club), 8John EMPSON (Mudgee Cycling Club), 9Gary Baker (Bathurst Cycling Club), 10Rod Lovett (Bathurst Cycling Club), 11Peter Wilson (Bathurst Cycling Club)

D Grade Female – 1Claire SCOTT (Bathurst Cycling Club), 2Cathy ADAMS (Bathurst Cycling Club), 3Rosemary HASTINGS (Bathurst Cycling Club)
D Grade Male - 1Rodney ESDAILE (Bathurst Cycling Club), 2Rowan ROWLANDS (Mudgee Cycling Club), 3Steve BENNETT (Bathurst Cycling Club), 4Michael ROBINSON (Bathurst Cycling Club), 5Gavin BORG (Bathurst Cycling Club), 6Carl HOLLEMAN (Mudgee Cycling Club)

Road Race Report / Re: 2022 Western NSW ESport Cycling Champs
« on: May 27, 2022, 02:57:17 PM »
A copy of the Live Coverage of the Race can be viewed here -

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