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Pro Racing / Trofeo Citta di Brescia (UCI 1.2)
« on: July 09, 2018, 07:41:44 AM »
Tim's important DNF in the Trofeo Citta di Brescia

Maybe its races like the Trofeo Citta di Brescia (UCI 1.2) that really allow us to get a look at the roller coaster lifestyle of the full time cyclist.   

Tim Guy and his Ljubljana Gusto Xaurum team mates including Aussie Ben Hill where coming off the hype of their success in their home tour at Slovenia racing against some of the world great cycling teams.
See -

However, there is no time to sit back and pat yourself on the back; your back-in-the-saddle training the next morning and the following weekend there will be another race with another set of challenges. One of those challenges is the better you perform the greater the desire of your opposition to defeat you.

For Tim Guy the race was simply a build-up event for the Tour of Hungry next month, Tim hoping to get miles in those leg after a series of training interruption recently.

With the 121.8km Trofeo Citta di Brescia held in the evening and consisting of many laps of a short circuit in Brescia it was difficult to compare the conditions in Italy to anything they would experience in Hungry. Yet there is no point questioning this, as procycling is just about getting harder and tougher, and growing to meet the demands of all races as the sport is tough and you need to be versatile to survive.

BUT here are Tim Guy’s Comments after the race --
"Absolutely crazy. 5.5km circuit, 21 laps. Started at 8pm on a cobbled 1km decent with 5 switch backs. Got dark in first half hour, there were no lights on large chunks of the course and a thunderstorm hit 2 laps in."

In hindsight a cobble decent straight off the start would be a factor to consider prior to the event. There was no Big Tour rolling neutral starts with a relaxing nature break at the Citta di Brescia, it was just hyped up Italians. As you would expect only 23 finished the race which was won by the unsigned Italian Rocchetti Filippo in 3hr04m49s.

But as Tim knows now if you are going to race in Europe you need to bounce-up, adapt and grow.. because sadly humans don’t grow in the right direction in the comfort zone..

Tim explained that
"Ben and I both picked up a stomach bug a few days ago and I'm still battling. Have not eaten a thing."

Certainly this would explain why the boys where on the back foot from the start, Tim actually using the decent to get back on the pack after getting squeezed out the back in the surges.. Of course this is the opposite circumstances to normal with Tim more a climber, so strangely a weak point of Tim cycling was targeted in this event and he had to face it.

Tim has grown in the Citti De Brescia, he knows to survive on the cycling roller coaster and reach his potential, he has to find some positive when floundering around in the Uncomfortable Zone.. and grow to cope.. So I was impressed at the end of a very irate cantankerous negative Tim Guy Race Report when he finished with –

“Actually, the race was still pretty darn cool. Crazy Italians, but cool.”

Bounce-up, adapt and grow.. I am not expecting Tim to descend like Froome, but he will be better for the Citta di Brescia.. Wait a minute! How did Froome become such a good descender –
#Growing in the Old UnComfortable Zone!
#The Uncomfortable Zone, the secret to success!

See Highlights -

Pro Racing / Grote prijs Jean-Pierre Monseré 1.1 UCI
« on: July 09, 2018, 04:45:56 AM »
Bolton finishes Continental ranked Event:

Thomas Bolton has finished 28th in the 193km Grote prijs Jean-Pierre Monseré 1.1 UCI Race on the 7th July from Ypres to Roeselare. The Race was won by Looij Andre  of the Monkey Town Continental Team and included a number of Australian cyclist of whish the best paced where Nicholas White (Olivers Real Foods) in 19th Thomas Bolton 28th, Tristan Ward (Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team) 30th and Liam Magennis of Drapac EF in 31st.

The Next Day Bolton was in action again in the Albert Fauville-Baulet GP, this one day event was won by Estonian rider Aksel Nõmmela of the BEAT CC Team with the best placed Aussie Nick White (Olivers Real Foods) in 13th place.

Bathurst Josh Corcoran continues to gain experience in Belgium, he raced in the 102 km Rozebeke Event in the municipality of Zwalm in Flanders West of Ghent on the weekend, the race won by Belgium’s Tom Verhaegen of United CT in 2hr 29 35.

Road Race Report / 2018 Police Remembrance Cup
« on: July 06, 2018, 08:31:18 AM »
Kelinda Robinson impressive ride for Bathurst at the Remembrance Cup
Bathurst Cycling Club Kalinda Robinson was an impressive winner at the 2018 Under 17 Girls 2018 Police Remembrance Cup which was held at the Sydney Dragway, Sunday 1st July. Orangised by the Marconi Cycling Club, the Remembrance Cup raises money for the NSW Police Legacy, and is quickly developing as a major event on the Sydney Cycling Calendar with over $10,000 in prizes in 2018.

Pro Racing / 2018 Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Beloften Zottegem
« on: July 06, 2018, 08:21:14 AM »
Nice start by Tom Bolton.

Tom Bolton has make a good start to his European Trip finishing 16th in Criterium on the 28th June behind Kenny Constant and Ballarat’s Nic White. He followed that up with a UCI Race Start with his Olivers Real Food Racing team at the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Beloften Zottegem on the 30th June.

The 175km Beloften Zottegem event was won buy Norway’s Erik Nordsaeter Resell of Uno-X Norwegian Development Team. Botlon and his Oliver´S Real Food Racing team were part of a large Aussie contingent, which also included Australian Teams Drapac Ef P/B Cannondale and the Inform Make team with Bathurst Hill Climb winner Liam Magennis finishing an impressive 23rd in the UCI 1.2 category event.

Meanwhile Josh Corcoran continues to clock up the miles racing in the 120km Melle Open Omloop 1.12B. None of the Aussies finished the event which was won by Lotto Soudal Rider Thomas Vereecken.

Past Senior Western Division Road Championship winners:-

2011 Ayden Toovey (M) Greg Wilmott (D) Simon Ross (D)
2012 Michael Troy (O) Ayden Toovey (M) Blair Windsor (B)
2013 Harry Carter (B) Nathan Dennis (D) Simon Ross (D)
2014 Mark Windsor (B) Ben Taylor (B) Jono Cutler (B)
2016 Craig Hutton (B) Will Hodges (B) Bradley Rayner (B)
2017 Will Hodges (B) Josh Corcoran (B) Kurt Eather (D)

2011 Max Newton (D) Andrew Foxall (O) Grant Roe (O)
2012 Craig Healey (O) Tony Barlow (B) Paddy Corcoran (B)
2013 Mason Manwaring (O) Mark Simons (B) Raymond Wheeler (D)
2014 Drew Carter (B) Hamish Burke (M) Luke Ensor (D)
2016 Colin Dibble (O) Stacey Fish (B) Rob Stephen (B)
2017 Andrew Carter (B) Simon Hickey (O) Simone Grounds (D)

2011 Josh Toovey (M) Tim  Reobuck (B) Anton Lynar (O)
2012 Mitchell Bland (O) Rob Stephen (B) Phil Mooney (O)
2013 Mick Cain (O) Max Newton (D) Chris Couper (D)
2014 Daniel Went (B) Rob Stephen (B) TonyHogan (B)
2016 Hayden Booth (B) John Anderson (B) Adam Williams (O)
2017 Isaiah Bennett (B) Kevin Bell (B) Mitchell Hines

2011 Rosemary Hastings (B) Dana Harris (D) Craig Granger (D)
2012 Matthew Eyles (O) Terry Rossi (O)  Philip Sharam (O)
2013 Aiden Sugden (O) Ray Selmes (O) Terry Rossi (O)
2014 Connor Whitley (O) Terry Rossi (O) Aidan Sugden (O)
2016 Jed Powell (B) Wayne Powell (B) Terry Rossi (O)
2017 Louise Mowlem (M) Rosemary Hastings (B) David Hyland (B)

Early Entries / Preview
The Western Division Road Championships will take place this weekend in Bathurst. The 2018 Title will be an important historical event at it with be the first Road event to Finish at Bathurst Multi-Million Dollar Bicycle Park.

Early Entries --
Top quality fields are expected in all grades, with Dubbo’s Junior National Champion Kurt Eather tipped as the man to beat in A Grade Championship. Eather was 3rd last year behind Cowra’s Will Hodges and Bathurst’s Josh Corcoran who are both in Belgium Racing this year. He will be backed a strong Dubbo team full of young talent including his brother Dylan and Daniel Barber with the experience of Tim Hines and Jason Farr. 
Recent championship winners Craig Hutton (2016) and Mark Windsor (2015) will lead a very experienced Bathurst continent, which includes d2f team riders Richard Hobson (last years ITT winner), Ryan O’Donnell, Steve Dunstall, Dennis Martin and Brad Rayner who won last weekends Bathurst A Grade Scratch Race.
Although not able to race for a title (due to her new Club) Top Class female rider Emily Watts looks set to have her first A Grade Start.

While Under 15yrs stars Oranges Ben Anderson and Luke Tuckwell (Bcc) look the favourites in B on recent Bathurst form.

Difficult to pick the winner in C with Glen Carter Toireasa Gallagher and Glen Partridge the podium at Bathurst recent club event, however given the hilly course newcomer Kevin Bell (Blue Mts) could be a good chance.

A Grade
Bradley Rayner Bathurst
Daniel Barber Dubbo
Richard Hobson Bathurst
Ryan O’Donnell Bathurst
Steve Dunstall Bathurst
Mark Windsor Bathurst
Jason Farr Dubbo
Kurt Eather Dubbo
Timothy Hines Dubbo
Dylan Eather Dubbo
Jeremy Ryan Bathurst
Dennis Martin Bathurst
Nick North Bathurst
Emily Watts HARTLEY (F)

B Grade
Ben Anderson Orange
Luke Tuckwell Bathurst
David Reece Bathurst
Drew Tuckwell Orange
Graeme Peadon Dubbo
Charlie Cross Bathurst
Haylee Fuller Dubbo (F)
Kalinda Robinson Bathurst (F)
Jodie Martin Bathurst (F)
Mitchell Hines Dubbo
Will Lesh Bathurst
Tony Shaw Bathurst
Daniel Googe Bathurst
Stuart Renshaw Bathurst
Alex Russell Dubbo
Alex Jones (Carnegie Caulfield)

C/D Grade
Glen Carter Bathurst
Glen Partridge Bathurst
Kevin Bell Bathurst
Mick Foran Bathurst
Toireasa Gallagher Bathurst (F)
Mitchell Bland Orange
Michael Robinson Bathurst
Bruce Hutton Bathurst
Trent Hines Dubbo
Ivan Podres Orange
Zac Fuller Dubbo
Zara Fuller Dubbo (F)
Gary Halloran Orange - D Grade
Ray Dally Orange - D Grade
John Howe Bathurst - D Grade
Mark Sutton Bathurst - D Grade
Peter Wilson Bathurst - D Grade
Neville Krahe Bathurst - D Grade

By entering the WD Titles - Coaches and Parents of Junior Riders are confirming the young rider is trained and conditioned to meet the demands of this event. If You have concern please notify your Club’s WD Committee member.

We allow “Visiting Riders” on request but they can’t win a title. If you have concern please notify your Club’s WD Committee member.

Regarding the Female competition – All Female Participants are racing for the grade result initially – HOWEVER we do acknowledge the Regions Top Females at the Championships. We rank the Females FIRSTLY by the Grade contested & completed – Then SECONDLY by their Grade position.

Please be aware of the Special 2018 Race Conditions. Special note of-
The 4km Neutral at the Start.
The Turn-off U Turn Neutral. (Half Way)
The RTZ Zone from Perthville to the Bike Park.
All riders should study the course prior to the event – attention to Rail Crossings etc
Special warning about the entry into the Bike Park which all rider should recon before the event (Dirt&Pothots)

For More see -
For Race Report see -

General Discussion / Unofficial Bcc Calendar (for non Facebookers)
« on: June 22, 2018, 07:27:27 AM »
INDEX of Recent Bathurst Club Calendar Events:
unofficial info only see website for details

25 Apr 2018 – 2018 R.H.Harris Anzac Trophy
RESULTS Summary:
1Tom Bolton 2Craig Hutton 3Josh Corcoran 4Julian Wood 5Steve Dunstall Fastest Time - Tom Bolton; First Female - Kirsten Howard

28 Apr 2018 – 3 Roads Scratch race – 3 roads Course
RESULTS Summary:
A Grade Harry Carter, B Grade Will Lesh, C Grade Daniel Googe, D Grade Rosemary Hastings

5th May 2018 – Vale Circuit Self Handicap
RESULTS Summary:
1 Darren Fenton (21min) 2 Drew Carter (3min) 3 Will Lesh (3min) 4 Steven Scott (3min) 5 Scott James (3min) Fastest Time - Mark Windsor 1hr 00 15sec (Course Record) First Female: Rosemary Hastings

12th May 2018 – Bcc All-In Handicap – Vale Circuit 4laps
RESULTS Summary:
1. Mark Windsor (Scr) 2. Brad Rayner (Scr) 3. Tom McClelland (21min) 4. Will Lesh (4min) 5. David Reece (6min). Fastest Time: Mark Windsor 1hr 03min 40sec First Female: Kalinda Robinson

19th May 2018 – ScottsTeam Tour de Course; Vale Circuit
RESULTS Summary:
1st DH – Team Blue and Team Red

26th May 2018 – Graded Scratch Races – Old Vale Circuit
RESULTS Summary:
A Grade Josh Corcoran Mark Windsor Brad Rayner
B Grade Drew Carter Ben Anderson Kalinda Robinson
C Grade Michael Foran John Anderson Glen Carter

2 Jun 2018 – Old Vale ITT
Overall Placings Summary:
Men: 1Mark Windsor 2Craig Hutton 3Dennis Martin
Women: 1Jodie Martin 2Kalinda Robinson 3Toireasa Gallagher

Saturday, June 9, 2018 - Vale Circuit Self Handicap 3.5 Laps 40km
Cancelled - Rain

Saturday, June 16, 2018 - Three Roads ALL IN GROUP Handicap
RESULTs 1st Craig Hutton (Scr) 2nd Brad Rayner (Src) 3rd Mark Windsor (Scr) 4th Tony Scott (8min) 5th Rich Hobson (3 Min) 1st Female Rosemary Hastings (23min)

Saturday, June 23, 2018 12:00 - ROUND 1 CLUB ROAD SERIES - Course - 2Rds Graded Scratch Race
RESULTS A Grade 1Brad Rayner 2Nick North 3Ryan ODonnell 4Steve Dunstall 5Mark Windsor
B Grade 1Ben Anderson 2Luke Tuckwell 3Daniel Went 4Dave Reece 5Emily Watts
C Grade 1Glen Carter 2Toireasa Gallagher 3Glen Partridge
D Grade 1Rosemary 2Hastings Norman 3Wise Robyn Partridge

Coming Up ---

Saturday, June 30, 2018 - WESTERN DIVISION ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS, Scratch Races - Bathurst Bike Park
Course - 4 Grades (A,B&C Grade XRds & Rtn to BikePark – D Grade; 3 Rds & Rtn to Bike Park)
On Line Entries –
Proposed Senior Race Details -
Junior Championship Details -

Saturday, July 7, 2018 - TEAM TIME TRIAL 1
Course - 2Roads
On Line Entries –
DETAILS - Get a Team Sorted for the NSW TTT Club Champs in Nowra, this is our first official training run for the historic State Premierships on the 21st July 2018.
INFO: Max of 4 riders, with the time taken on the 3rd finisher of the team. If your team is sorted you can enter all 4 riders on line. NOTE – Many member will not have a team – in this case, just enter your name in the Team Space and we will select the team for you.

Saturday, July 14, 2018 - TEAM TIME TRIAL 2
Course - 3Roads
On Line Entries –
DETAILS - Final Official Hit Out for the NSW TTT Club Champs in Nowra – As last week enter your team or You can enter as an individual and be allocated a team.

Saturday, July 21, 2018 - TEAM TIME TRIAL Premierships at Nowra

Saturday, July 21, 2018 – To be announced
Course - TBC
On Line Entries – Not Yet Available

Pro Racing / Re: 2018 Tour of Slovenia
« on: June 20, 2018, 08:25:23 AM »
final day -

A Memorable 2018 Tour of Slovenia:

After a shaky start for both locals, with Mark Renshaw falling in Stage 1 and Tim Guy missing the race all together, things have worked out very well for the pair.

In fact Tim Guy as a Ljubljana Gusto Xaurum team sponsor couldn’t be happier -- with team mate Ben Hill wearing both the KOM and Overall Leaders jersey during the Tour - and then outstanding prospect Tadej Pogacar winning the Best Young Rider classification on the final day of competition and finishing an amazing 4th overall.

While things just got better each day for Local Champion Mark Renshaw.

He was to start 2 week of competition on day 1 of the Tour of Slovenia when he had the fall, in a mission to improve fitness for the Tour de France after a season full of setbacks. If the fall forced a withdrawal from the race his 2018 Tour de France Plans would of have been under threat, instead he has improved each day and now continues to build to the 2018 Tour de France at his next assignment the Adriatica Lonica Tour. (see link for More)

Final Jerseys RESULTS
General Classification: Primož Roglič (LottoNL-Jumbo)
Sprint Classification: Simone Consonni (UAE Team Emirates)
KOM Classification: Fausto Masnada (Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec)
Young Rider Classification: Tadej Pogačar (Ljubljana Gusto Xaurum)

See Final day Highlights Here -

Road Race Report / Corcoran Hodges & Bolton head to Belgium
« on: June 20, 2018, 07:55:32 AM »
Young local cyclist heading to Europe for their summer:

Bathurst GPM Stulz cyclist Josh Corcoran was the first of 3 local cyclists heading to Belgium for a couple of months while the Australian NRS calendar is having a quiet period in mid-winter.

Corcoran has teamed up with Ghent cycling mentor Staf Boone for his stay in Belgium hoping to learn as much as he can in his Kingsnorth Wheelers Development Program. Boone has decades of experience and has been involved with some of the past team mates of Bathurst’s Windsor brothers including Doug Repacholi who rode with Blair at Budget Forklifts and Dean Downing who was with Dean Windsor at both Rapha and Endura Pro Teams along with Jack Bauer (Endura) who was also part of the Staf Boone Program.

Also heading to Belgium - are Will Hodges (GPM Stulz) and Tom Bolton (Oliver’s Real Foods) with both expected to arrive in the next week and race shortly after. Will is a CSU student from Cowra who rides for the Bathurst Club while Tom rides for the Dulwich Hill Cycle Club but both riders have been living and training in Bathurst prior to leaving for the trip.

See News on Josh Corcorans recent races Here -

Pro Racing / Bassevelde Open Omloop 1.12A
« on: June 20, 2018, 07:52:17 AM »
Young Bathurst Rider Josh Corcoran Belgium trip:

Bathurst GPM Stulz cyclist Josh Corcoran has quickly settled into the Belgium races having already raced 4 times, and finishing only 32sec behind race winner Steven Caethoven in his last start, the Bassevelde Open Omloop – (1.12A) on 19/06/2018.

Steven Caethoven (who rides for Decock/Van Eyck/Devos/Capoen) defeated Guy Ten Hartog (Dirk Verstuyft) and Kristof Dhollander (Thielemans De Hauwere) in the 125km event on the roads north of Ghent. A former World Tour Pro for many years, Caethoven is still in good form having won a number of events this year and is remembered in Australia for defeating Stuey OGrady in a stage of the Tour down Under when riding for Topsport Vlaanderen. Corcoran ride was impressive finishing in the main bunch in 37th place in 2hrs 43m 43s.

The Bassevelde race came after events on the 9th, 11th and 16th June for Corcoran. On the 16/06/18 he raced the 120 km Wetteren Ten Ede event, which was won by former Robobank Pro Hans Dekkers, while on the 11th June he raced the 110km Ursel (1.12B) Omloop which was won by Team Wales U23 Academy Rider Will Roberts.

Josh’s first race in Belgium was the 120km St Katelijne Waver race on the 9th June, just north of Brussels, where he rode aggressively to make the early break. He slipped out of contention in the final stages of the race won by Belgian Pauwel Verhulst ( Baguet / MIBA / Indulek / Derito) but showed the skills to be competitive in the tough events.

Road Race Report / 3 Roads "all-in" Handicap 16th June 2018
« on: June 17, 2018, 05:42:06 AM »
All in Handicap:
Good field lined up in the weekends Bathurst Cycling Clubs handicap considering the cold tough windy conditions.
Experienced riders Marian Renshaw and Rosemary Hastings had control of things early with the leaders working smoothly. But it was C Grade group that would soon challenge for the lead an look an excellent chance of winning.

Back in the field the 3 Backmarkers (Hutton Rayner & Windsor) had started fast to work off there 23minutes handicap. While impressive youngsters Luke Tuckwell and Ben Anderson had the experience of Richard Hobson and Ryan ODonnell in their 3 minute bunch and where making the ground on the B Grade bunch.

However at the final turn it was the three backmarker lead by Craig Hutton who raced to the lead that fast that only Tony Shaw could follow them. On the final climb Tony Shaw lost contact leaving Craig Hutton Brad Rayner and Mark Windsor fight out the finish.
Hutton took a well deserved win with Rayner second and Windsor third, Tony Shaw’s 4th place was another good performance for the cycling newcomer with Richard Hobson in the prizemoney in his first race since the Grafton to Inverell Race.

Rosemary Hastings who was close to the lead for the entire race was a very deserving winner of the best placed female on the day.

Pro Racing / Adriatica Lonica Tour UCI 2.1
« on: June 15, 2018, 06:04:23 AM »
Adriatica Lonica Tour UCI 2.1
The Serenissima Adriatica Lonica is a 5 day Tour starting the 20th June to the 24th June 2018 in the Republic of Venice. Mark Cavendish, Mark Renshaw and Dimension Data Sprint Squad will add this event to their program as extra preparation for the 2018 Tour de France given the unlucky run the world’s best sprinter has had this season with falls/ injuries and sickness.

The event starts with a 24km Team Time Trial at Musile di Piave; followed by stages to Maser  (150km), Passo Giau (160) and the long Grado stage of 230km, before the short ride of 125km to Trieste on the final day.

The Dimension Data team consists Bathurst’s Mark Renshaw, Team leader Mark Cavendish, Nickolas Dlamini, Ryan Gibbons, Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg and Jay Robert Thomson. There will be plenty of competition in the Italian event with the Quick-Step Sprint train will be looking to dominate for in form Elia Viviani while Giacomo Nizzolo (Trek – Segafredo), Simone Consonni (UAE-Emirates) and Italy’s Matteo Trentin will ensure the bunch sprints will be hard fought affairs.

Pro Racing / Re: 2018 Tour of Slovenia
« on: June 15, 2018, 06:02:12 AM »
Day 2 Tour of Slovenia:

What a Day for Ben Hill
Amazing Day for Tim Guy’s Ljubljana Gusto Xaurum Pro Cycling Team with Aussie Ben Hill moving to the overall lead in the Tour of Slovenia at the end of day 2.
As he did in Stage 1 (and every other race he does) Ben Hill when on the attack early picking up the time bonuses to take him to the overall lead in the 2018 Tour of Slovenia. 

The other good news for local area was that Bathurst Champion Mark Renshaw both started and finished (89th) stage 2 after his heavy fall yesterday.
Fellow NSW rider Caleb Ewan bouncing back after his fall yesterday to finish 3rd behind Dylan Groenewegen and Matteo Pelucchi.

Check out Ben Great attacking ride in this video

STAGE 2 Results
1 Dylan Groenewegen (LottoNL-Jumbo)  2 Matteo Pelucchi (Bora-Hansgrohe) 3 Caleb Ewan (Mitchelton-Scott)
Others -- 6th Mark Cavendish, 27th Marcel Kittel, 81st Ben Hill, 89th Mark Renshaw

General Classification after day 2
Benjamin Hill (Aus) Ljubljana Gusto Xaurum 7:07:33   
2 Matteo Pelucchi (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe 0:00:03   
3 Simone Consonni (Ita) UAE Team Emirates 0:00:05

Points Classification - 1 Matteo Pelucchi 2 Simone Consonni 3 Dylan Groenewegen 4 Benjamin Hill 5 Caleb Ewan

Mountains Classification - 1 Benjamin Hill 2 Gasper Katrasnik 3 Vojtech Hacecky

Details for 2018 Senior Western Division Championships

Bathurst – Bathurst Bike Park – Vale Road Bathurst.
Saturday - 30th June 2018
Course – CrossRoad “Caloolah Hill” Course – 50km (plus 4km Neutral)
TIME: 12:00 mid-day registration (closed 12:15pm) for a 12:30pm start
More Info -

Course Location:

Course Details:

Finish Details

Details for the 2018 Western Division Junior Championships
Date: Saturday 30th June
Venue: Sulman Park, Mt Panorama, Bathurst.
Titles: Western Division Junior ITT, Road Race, Criterium and Junior Pursuit Teams Town Cup
Junior Pursuit Teams Town Cup: Would Club Junior Coaches/Representatives please contact Marian Renshaw 0438 413 423 to discuss how this event will work so Juniors can do some practising prior to the event.
Entry: Please register your junior riders intention to compete before Wednesday 27 th June.
Please send registrations to - Please include Rider Name, Age Division and Club.
Entry Fee: $5.00 per rider, please pay in cash on the day.
Prizes: Western Division Ribbons for 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd place for all age groups and all events.
The Town Cup is a perpetual Trophy and will be awarded to the winning Team, to take pride of place for 12 months.
Start Time: Saturday 30/6/18  gates open at 8.00am with registration open at 8.15 am - 9.00 am racing starts
For Full Program and more Details see

Senior Results:
Dubbo take both Mens and Womens Titles at the 2018 WD Champs

Bathurst Cycling Club hosted its first road race at the multimillion dollar Bathurst Bicycle Park on the weekend with the 2018 Western Division Road Championships starting and finishing at the venue. Although the road racing tracks at the Park have not been completed race officials Elaine Ryan and Glen Allen reported the racing on the temporary course went very well, with Western Region Cycling President Mark Windsor very impressed with the quality of the racing.

While it was the Orange club that defeated Bathurst in the final of the Mark Renshaw Junior Cup at the end of a full program of Junior Championship in the morning at Mt Panorama, but it was the Dubbo club that dominated the Senior Program at the Bike Park, with exciting young riders Kurt Eather and Haylee Fuller taking the Champion Men and Women’s Titles.

With an excellent record in recent A Grade championships it was the Bathurst riders that went on the attack early in the 55km premier A Grade Title, with Jeremy Ryan, Mark Windsor and Craig Hutton all breaking clear, hoping to give the Bathurst Club the early control of the race. However, the strong Dubbo team quickly chased and neutralised the moves, resulting in a bunch of riders returning to the Bike Park for a show down on the hill they affectionate called the “Mother in-law”.

It was here that National Junior Champion Kurt Eather showed his class kicking past his brother Dylan to claim at comfortable win from Dubbo team mate Tim Hines with Bathurst’s Brad Rayner third infront of Dylan Eather, Craig Hutton and Daniel Barber. Steve Dunstall and Jeremy Ryan where next follow by Richard Hobson and Ryan ODonnell with Jason Farr rounding out the top 10 in front of Dennis Martin and top-class female rider Emily Watts who did not qualify for a title as she now rides for a Sydney Club to contest the NRS competition.

Another very promising rider, 13year old Ben Anderson of Orange defeated Dubbo’s world masters championship medallist Graeme Peadon in B Grade with Bathurst’s Will Lesh taking the Bronze. Next to finish was Haylee Fuller, Luke Tuckwell, Stuart Renshaw, Drew Tuckwell followed by Jodie Martin, David Reece and Tony Shaw rounding out the Top10 ahead of Daniel Googe, Alex Jones and Alex Russell.

Haylee Fuller’s 4th overall giving her the 2018 Champion female title ahead of Bathurst pair Jodie Martin and Kalinda Robinson with Toireasa Gallagher 4th and Zara Fuller rounding out the top 5 in the 2018 Women Championship.

Orange veteran Gary Halloran recorded an impressive victory in the Combined C&D Grade race defeating Blue Mountains Climber Kevin Bell and talented Dubbo junior Zac Fuller with Toireasa Gallagher and Graham Stait finishing just behind the trio. Next to finish was Orange’s Ivan Podres with Glen Carter, Michael Robinson, Mitch Bland and Zara Fuller rounding out the top 10.

RESULTS – 2018 Western Division Road Championships – Bathurst 30 June 2018
A Grade
1Kurt Eather 2Tim Hines 3Brad Rayner 4Dylan Eather 5Craig Hutton
B Grade
1Ben Anderson 2Graeme Peadon 3Will Leash 4Haylee Fuller 5Luke Tuckwell
C Grade
1Kevin Bell 2Zac Fuller 3Toireasa Gallagher 4Graham Stait 5Ivan Podres
D Grade
1Gray Halloran 2Peter Wilson 3Neville Krahe 4Ray Dally 5
Female Championship:
1Haylee Fuller 2JodieMartin 3Kalinda Robinson 4Toireasa Gallagher 5Zara Fuller

Junior Results

Top Juniors at the 2018 Junior Western Division Road Championships.
As well as the individual Titles the clubs race for the “Mark Renshaw” Western Division Town Cup which always is a highlight on the day, particularly this year with all the teams coming together after the event to paint some good luck banners for the local champion who is about to start his 10th Tour de France.

Orange Cycling Club (consisting of Cennedi Dally, Lachie Crump, Cam Crump, Patrick Crump and Xavier Bland) again showed there depth in the junior ranks defeating Bathurst (Alex Little, Jenna Gallagher, Charlotte Lovett, Ebony Robinson & Cadel Lovett) in the final of the Renshaw Town Cup, with hot favourites Dubbo (including Georgia Farr Emily Hines & Isabelle Russell) unlucky with a couple of their stars unavailable for the final.

Meanwhile some of NSW best juniors raced the 2018 Junior Western Divisions Road Championships at Mt Panorama.

The Under 9s divided into Boys, Girls and a Participation event for the younger ones. Alexander Little won the Boys title and Jenna Gallagher the Girls with Cooper Farr & Ellyra Dally showing plenty of talent in the Participation event.
Meanwhile Oranges Lachlan Crump and Dubbo’s Emily Hines where the Boys and Girls winners in the Under 11s Titles.

The Under 13 competition was intense with Dubbo’s Isabell Russell taking the win from Speedy Bathurst rider Ebony Robinson with Georgia Farr a close third in an excellent girls title. While State medalist Cadel Lovett defeat talented Orange Juniors Xavier Bland and Cameron Crump in the Under 13 Boys title.

There was also an under 15s Category at the 2018 Championships with Cennedi Dally and Patrick Crump taking the honours.

RESULTS - Junior Championships
The “ Mark Renshaw” Western Division Town Cup
1st Orange 2nd Bathurst 3rd Dubbo

Orange - Cennedi Dally Lachie Crump Cam Crump Patrick Crump Xavier Bland 
Bathurst - Alex Little Jenna Gallagher Charlotte Lovett Ebony Robinson Cadel Lovett
Dubbo Cycling Club - Georgia Farr Emily Hines Isabelle Russell

Western Division ITT - 30/6/18
U9P  Cooper Farr (3.51) Ellyra Dally (5.59)
U9G Jenna Gallagher (7.04) 
U9B  Alexander Little (8.44) 
U11G Emily Hines (5.41) 
U11B Lachlan Crump (5.52) 
U13G Isabell Russell (5.05) Ebony Robinson (5.17) Georgia Farr (6.15)
U13B Cadel Lovett (4.53) Xavier Bland (4.59) Cameron Crump (5.46)
U15G Cennedi Dally (5.30) 
U15B Patrick Crump (5.06) 

Western Division Road Race
U9P  Cooper Farr, Ellyra Dally 
U9G Jenna Gallagher   
U9B  Alexander Little   
U11G Emily Hines     
U11B Lachlan Crump     
U13G Isabell Russell   Ebony Robinson  Charlotte Lovett
U13B Cadel Lovett   Xavier Bland   Cameron Crump
U15G Cennedi Dally     
U15B Patrick Crump   

Western Division Criterium 30/6/2018
U9P  Cooper Farr 2 Ellyra Dally 
U9G Jenna Gallagher   
U9B  Alexander Little   
U11G Emily Hines     
U11B Lachlan Crump     
U13G Isabell Russell 2 Ebony Robinson  3 Charlotte Lovett
U13B Cadel Lovett 2 Cameron Crump
U15G Cennedi Dally     
U15B Patrick Crump   

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