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Road Race Report / The 2019 Zealand Cycle Classic
« on: January 19, 2019, 06:12:16 AM »
Pat Corcoran with GPM in New Zealand.
Bathurst Pat Corcoran continues to establish himself in Cycle Management as he assists with the Team Management on his first UCI Tour.

Pat has been working for some time now at NRS level events in Australia with the GPM team, but this weekend he will work on his first UCI level event at the 4th annual Gravel and Tar Classic (UCI 1.2) in the Manawatu region of NZ.

It will be a great opportunity for Corcoran as he will stay on with the GMP team after the event to work with long time GPM manager Trent Wilson at the long running 2019 "Grassroots Trust" New Zealand Cycle Classic in the Waipa region. See the link to the field below

Bathurst have had a long connection with the long running New Zealand UCI event which was established in 1988 by enterprising promoter Jorge Sandoval, including a female director in 1998 when Kerryn Windsor assisted with the Australian Teams

See Field for the UCI 2.2 Zealand Cycle Classic

Track Racing / 2018/19 Bathurst 500m Champs
« on: January 19, 2019, 04:49:25 AM »
Female Riders dominate the Track Champs

Bathurst Cycle Club held their first Track Championship event for the 2019 season with the 500 meter Time Trial Title contested in good conditions.

Josh Corcoran recording fastest time to take the Bathurst A Grade Title, recording 36.84seconds for the 500metres. It was a great result for Corcoran after taking a break from the sport at the end of 2018 after a tough European Trip during the year. Second in A Grade was Daniel Googe (37:00) who is a real find for the local club having only taken up the sport in the last 12 months.

Yet maybe the big story of the night is the performance of the female riders with Oceania Junior Champ Eliza Bennett (37:91) finishing 3rd in A grade. While Kalinda Robinson was on fire recording the 3rd fastest time overall in winning B Grade with an outstanding 37:01, the speedie Tyler Puzicha 2nd in B Grade with a sensational 37:17.

Bennett’s 3rd place in a local A Grade championship is a very unique performance and maybe even be the first time a female rider has finished on a A Grade podium. Yet Robinson’s time may even be the fastest set on the Bathurst Velodrome by a female rider.

The female domination continued in the lower grades with Toireasa Gallagher (43:94) defeating Marian Renshaw in the C Grade Championship and Catlin Lovett (43:10 winning the D grade.

The Junior title also dominated by the girls with Ebony Robinson (42:24) defeating Charlotte Lovett and Genna Gallagher.

Road Race Report / Re: 2019 BCC Screamer Race
« on: January 13, 2019, 06:38:06 AM »
The Screamer Race
The Screamer Race is a short flat event on the road south of Bathurst which celebrates the amazing cycling history on the Vale Road. The Event is generally a Handicap event but has been run as a scratch race on a few occasions. Due to the development of the city the course has been changed on a number of occasions to ensure safety, but the event remains a flat fast ride in honour of the extensive cycling history on the Vale Road
The Bathurst Cycling club has been contesting 10 & 12mile events on the Queen Charlotte Vales Road since the 1800s. Each year the Club celebrates that history by running “The Screamer” (sometimes referred to as the Record Breakers). Club records showing the Bathurst Pro Club racing on the course in the 1890s when the Safety Bicycle become more assessable, with a formal event contested by the League of Wheelmen racing on the course in September 26th 1896, while earlier in the 1890s the Cycling Union was using a number of different courses in the Perthville area including a Road Race loop course on parts of the Old Vale circuit.

After World War 2 a course between the Farmers Arms and the Bridge Hotel and return was regularly used, with a series of records set for the course. Bathurst club legends Harold Buttsworth, the Stephens Brothers, Geoff Rice and the Lords etc all laying claims to records on the famous cycling route.

At the end of the 20th Century, then Club development Officer Johnny Stephens re introduced the cycling event between Bathurst and Perthville and referred to as the Record Breakers (also the Screamer and the Dash), with the race billed as an opportunity to break Harold Buttsworths long standing course record which stood at a tic over 19minutes for the 14km round trip between the Farmers Arms and Bridge Hotel Pubs. The hype quickly built when the initial Record Breakers “Screamer” events could not break Buttsworths Record which reported as standing for 50years.

The prefect conditions for 2002 event would result in the 19minutes barrier for the first time. A young Blair Windsor out on limit with Marian Renshaw and Kerryn Windsor took the Handicap win infront of his mum and Jeremy Hill. While Dean Windsor led the backmarkers home with both his father & sister helping him in the final stages to stop the clock at 18min 59sec to claim the Course record which still stands today, as the course was soon after retired.

RESULTS of Recent Screamer Races:

2010 Bcc Screamer Handicap
1Blair Windsor 2Jarrod Bell 3 Bruce Goddard 4Brad Roughley 5Damian Bennett 6Mark Windsor 7Toireasa Gallagher 8Dom Goddard
Fastest Time - Blair Windsor

2011 Bcc Screamer Split Handicap
A/B Grade Handicap - 1 Steve Bennett, 2 Paul Wayne, 3 Brad Roughley - Fastest Time Blair Windsor 19m52s FT
C/D Grade Handicap - 1 Russell Yeomans, 2 Chris Davis, 3 Adam Goddard -  Fastest Time Toireasa Gallagher 23.06

2013 Bcc Screamer Scratch
A Grade - 1Blair Windsor 2Mark Windsor 3Zach Baker - New Course Record 19m 50.1sec
B Grade- 1Karl Addison 2Steve Brilley 3Tony Barlow - Time - 22m 09sec
C Grade - 1Rod Esdaile 2Darryl Thorncraft 3Mick Foran - Time - 23m 40sec
D Grade - 1Steve Thorncraft 2Jette McKellar 3Tyler Buckley - Time - 25m 36sec
E Grade - 1Rosemary Hastings 2Ian Hill 3Reece Busito - Time 29min 00sec

2014 Bcc Screamer Scratch
A Grade: 1Steve Bennett 2Ryan O'Donnell, 3Paddy Corcoran.
B Grade: 1Daniel Went, 2Jim Lavis, 3Chris Davis.
C Grade: 1Gary Taunton, 2Roy Barlow, 3Rob Barlow.
D Grade: 1Rosemary Hastings, 2Marian Renshaw, 3Naomi Whitford

2015 Bcc Screamer Handicap
1 Eliza Bennett 2 Wayne Powell 3 Isaiah Bennett 4 Jed Powell 5 Thomas Anderson 6 Kalinda Robinson 7 Marian Renshaw 8 Chris Ward
Fastest Time - Richard Hobson 2 Mark Windsor 3 Paddy Corcoran 4 Steve Bennett

2016 Bcc Screamer Handicap
1Chris McEwen 2Ian McEwen 3Isaiah Bennett 4Kalinda Robinson 5Greg Wills  6Toireasa Gallagher 7Jetta McKellar 8Brooke Tuynman
Fastest Time – 1Josh Corcoran 2Brad Rayner 3Steve Bennett

2017 Bcc Screamer Handicap (Pub Start)
1 Ian McEwan 2 Eliza Bennett 3 Claire Kirby 4 David Hyland 5 Tom McClelland C 00:06:00 09:23:32 09:47:40 00:24:08 35.1 6 Marian Renshaw 7 Chris McEwan 8 Jette McKellar
Fastest Time – 1 William Hodges 00:19:36 2 Graeme Peadon 3 Steve Bennett
Fastest Female - Brooke Tuynman

2018 Bcc Screamer Scratch
A Grade: 1Craig Hutton 2Brad Rayner 3Chris Couper
B Grade: 1Daniel Went 2Glen Carter 3Luke Tuckwell
C Grade: 1Toireasa Gallagher 2 Wayne Powell 3 Graham Stait
D Grade: 1Norman Wise 2 Caroline Robinson 3 Rosemary Hastings

Road Race Report / 2019 BCC Screamer Race
« on: January 13, 2019, 06:35:15 AM »
2019 BCC Screamer Race:
Eliza Bennett has won the Bcc Screamer Race for the second time with a powerful sprint to defeat another Track Star Tyler Puzicha and Cadel Lovett in his first every Senior Road Race.

The 12min bunch of Rosemary Hastings, Cathy Adams, Alex Macquarrie and Marian Renshaw lead early till caught by the 9 min and the 8min15sec bunches which had come together at the front of the event.

At the back of the race the Backmarkers had a tough task giving 12minutes to the leaders but had started fast with the Scratchmarker (Craig Hutton Bradley Rayner Harry Bryant and Tom Bolan) closing in on the 1 minute group which included the powerful David Nicholas.

However the frontmarkers kept a solid pace and held a lead to the finish were as expected Eliza Bennett (9min) and Tyler Puzicha (9min) where much too fast for their co-markers and took the top two positions. Cadel Lovett was an impressive performance making the podium riding off 8m15second mark. Braedon Smith (8m15s) and Rod Esdaile (9min) rounding out the top 5 with Rod Lovett (8min15sec) Aleks Krajler 8m15s) Mark Craig (9min), Caroline Robinson (3min) and Rosemary Hastings (Limit) the top 10 just infront of Cathy Adams (Limit)

Craig Hutton was the top rider on the day recording the fastest time with Bradley Rayner 2nd fastest and young Orange star Luke Tuckwell 3rd Fastest infront of Graeme Peadon and David Nicholas. Fastest Female in the race was Kalinda Robinson.

RESULTS 2019 Bcc Screamer
1Eliza Bennett (9min) 2Tyler Puzicha (9min) 3Cadel Lovett (8m15s) 4Braedon Smith (8m15s) 5Rod Esdaile (9min)  6Rod Lovett (8min15sec) 7Aleks Krajler 8m15s) 8Mark Craig (9min)
Fastest Time 1Craig Hutton (scr) 2Bradley Rayner (scr) 3Luke Tuckwell (1min)
Fastest Female Kalinda Robinson (3min 30sec)


Overall 2014/15 Champion Club
1st Mudgee (1802) 2ndOrange (1261) 3rd Bathurst (856) 4thCowra (765) 5thDubbo (600)

Note - 2014/15 Champion Club was Weighted on Clubs Members Numbers
Raw Scores & Members - Mudgee 865 (48), Orange 1412 (112), Bathurst 308 (36), Cowra 176 (23) Dubbo 378 (63)


Overall 2013/14 Champion Club
1st Orange (1268) 2nd Mudgee (615) 3rd Dubbo (497) 4th Bathurst (368) 5th Cowra (185)

Age Group Champions
Under 20s - Female – Laura Auberson, Male – Luke Chalker
20-29 - Female – Bridgette Burge, Male – Nick North
30-39 - Female – Jessica Richards, Male – Dan Miller
40-49 - Female – Janet Martin, Male – Phillip Tudor
50-59 - Female - Julie Middleton, Male - Tony Selwood
60-69 - Female – Judy Tarleton, Male – Wayne Stewart


Overall 2017/18  Champion Club
1stBathurst (2336) 2ndOrange(1380) 3rdDubbo(1178) 4th Mudgee(858) 5thCowra(403)

Overall 2017/18  Individual Winners
Men -Jack Bilton (69) Matt Webster (62) Thomas Hanrahan (58) Mark Windsor (52) Mark Delaney (43)
Women - Jessie Dean (73) Estelle Dean (72) Jessica Richards (57) Giselle Denley (52) Julie Middleton (44)

Age Group Champions
Under 20s - Female – Jessie Dean, Male - Jack Bilton
20-29 - Female – Jennifer Raines, Male – Thomas Hanrahan
30-39 - Female – Jessica Richards, Male – James Carmody
40-49 - Female – Estelle Dean, Male – Matt Webster
50-59 - Female - Julie Middleton, Male - Mark Windsor
60-69 - Female – Susan Richards, Male – Steve Jackson
70+ - Brian Sharp

Note- Championship point where weighted the raw numbers where Bathurst (687) Orange(1380) 3Dubbo(302) Mudgee(613) Cowra(106)

In the Media / Re: News January 2019
« on: January 09, 2019, 06:04:10 AM »

Glenn Allen awarded Bathurst Cycling Club’s Dave Carroll Memorial Trophy
Alexander Grant January 4 2019
Glenn Allen has been presented with the Dave Carroll Memorial Trophy for his services for the Bathurst Cycling Club in 2018

In the Media / News January 2019
« on: January 09, 2019, 06:03:15 AM »

Emilie Miller win two gold medals at Cycling Australian Road Nationals
Anya Whitelaw January 8 2019
TWO Cycling Australia Road Nationals gold medals, conquering an infamous climb for the first time and then racing in a UCI event to cap it off – hand cyclist Emilie Miller certainly enjoyed her time in Ballarat.

Emily Watts will make her Women's Tour Down Under debut for Sydney Uni-Staminade
Anya Whitelaw January 7 2019
Emily Watts, front left, will be part of the Women's Tour Down Under field for the first time.

Will Hodges and Harry Bryant suffer tough Road Nationals under 23s rides
Alexander Grant January 6 2019
FEED zone collisions, illness and red hot pace all reared their ugly heads at the Road Nationals for former Bathurst Cycling Club duo Will Hodges and Harry Bryant but they’re hoping to build off the experience

Emilie Miller is ken to claim national time trial gold
Anya Whitelaw January 6 2019
Emilie Miller took out the Cycling Australia Road Nationals Paracycling road race crown, now has time trial gold on her mind

In the Media / Re: News December 2018
« on: January 09, 2019, 05:55:21 AM »

Bathurst Cycling Club presents end-of-year awards to junior cyclists
Bradley Jurd Dec 2018
Bathurst Cycling Club has honoured some of its most talented junior cyclists, presenting awards for riders who have had stand-out performances

The Bathurst Cycling Club will hold a unique Le Mans-style start race
Jordan Treloar Dec 2018
IT is rare enough to witness a renowned Le Mans style race start at Mount Panorama, but come this Friday night it will be deployed at an entirely unexpected venue.

In the Media / News December 2018
« on: January 09, 2019, 05:54:20 AM »

Women For Tri Triathlon event draws in over 100 competitors | Photos
Alexander Grant December 3 2018
WHEN the Bathurst Wallabies Triathlon Club set out to run a women’s event at the start of this season they were hoping they could encourage a couple of people to give the sport a go. The response they received was overwhelming.

Former cycling world champion Renee Covington enjoys switch to triathlon
Anya Whitelaw December 11 2018
The former masters track cycling world champion is one of the increasing number of women who have taken up triathlon.

Road Race Report / First Club Race 2019
« on: January 06, 2019, 05:03:01 AM »
First BCC Race for 2019.
Bathurst Cycling Club held it first Road Race of 2019 on the weekend with 3 separate Scratch Races contested. The event celebrates the Aussie Road Championships which is held on the same day with Bathurst Cycling Club members having featured in the championships over the years. Of course, the rider that has won the most medals overall in the Australian Road Championships Kerry Hoole lived in Bathurst for many years.

Fitting nicely into the National Champs theme was the A Grade winner Craig Hutton who has a top 25 placing in the National Criterium Title on his resume, Hutton intended riding at the Nationals this year but withdrew with a back injury. Feeling a little better, a determined Hutton was keen to get things back on track with a win and defeated current club Road Champion Brad Rayner and Mark Windsor who has also placed in the top 20 of the Elite Mens Road National Championship on a number of occasions.
The exciting news for the club was young guns Dan Googe and Luke Tuckwell also in the top 5 in A Grade, of course Tuckwell a medallist this year at the Junior Nationals.
The winner of B Grade, Graeme Peadon has a great National Road Championships heritage, not only has he recorded some impressive placings in the open Men National Champions himself but his father won the Australian Road Championships. Peadon was an impressive winner out-sprinting a former Bathurst Road Champion Andrew Carter with David Reece 3rd who was the club rep at the World Road Masters Championships in Italy last year.
Champion Female cyclist Toireasa Gallagher has a podium finish at the Elite Women’s National Road Championships on her resume and was too strong for a Junior National Medallist Kalinda Robinson in C Grade, with very consistent Bruce Hutton third.

A Grade – 1.Craig Hutton 2.Brad Rayner 3.Mark Windsor
B Grade – 1.Graeme Peadon 2.Drew Carter 3.David Reece
C Grade – 1.Toireasa Gallagher 2.Kalinda Robinson 3.Bruce Hutton
(D Grade winner – Robyn Partridge)

Road Race Report / Round 3 Bathurst Triathlon Series:
« on: December 17, 2018, 07:05:59 AM »
Huge Fields for Round 3 of the Bathurst Tri Series:

Record Fields for round 3 of the Bathurst Wallabies Triathlon Season on the weekend (16/December/2018). Overall Winners where Nick North (Long Course) and Mark Windsor (Short Course) however the Women Categories are dominating the racing with huge numbers and some inspirational performances. The Women Long course was a super race  Peta Cutler drawing clear in the final stages of the run to defeat Hollee Simons by 54sec with Kristy Powyer, Jennifer Arnold and Katie Prior continuing there amazing improvement to finish top 5. Top Bathurst Athlete Kirsten Howard defeating Renee Covington (who was one of 3 generations of Covington girls racing the event). Also impress efforts by Stacey Jones, Alison Corcoran and Bronwyn Starkey to take top 5 honours.
However many of the best performances where by some of the new starters furthers back in the results – Check all the stars that finished the event below.

Long Course Men – 1st Nick North 0:49:46, 2nd Jack Reen 0:54:51, 3rd Stephen Jackson 0:56:18, 4th Daniel Watson 0:57:59 5th Jamie Rivett 0:58:44 -- Then came - Paul Upston Geoff Short Darren Fenton Damon Cupitt Chris Grady James Burt Richard Blackie Matt Hayes Alex MacQuarrie

Female Long Course - 1st Peta Cutler 0:56:33, 2nd Hollee Simons 0:57:27 3rd Kristy Powyer 1:03:03 4th Jennifer Arnold 1:07:11 5th Katie Prior 1:10:37 -- Then came - Illana Jones Natasha Lindsay Anna Blackie Cassie Pearce

Male Short Course - 1st Mark Windsor 0:38:15 2nd Thomas Hanrahan 0:42:05 3rd Mitch Nelson 0:46:11 4th Will Kelly 0:47:41 5th Thomas Press 0:48:00 Then came - Christopher Howarth Aaron Burgess Josh Corcoran Jock Cheetham Hayden Cupitt Alex Weal Gareth O'Rourke Scott Allen Christopher Jones Michael O'Connor Steven Vollebergh Troy Kearney Tyler Johnson Michael Stapley Craig Carter Scott Ellis Mitch England Fletcher Kelly

Female Short Course 1st Kirsten Howard 0:45:11 2nd Renee Covington 0:51:12 3rd Stacey Jones 0:51:38 4th Alison Corcoran 0:53:26 5th Bronwyn Starkey 0:53:54 Then came - Jen Gbel Jane Bennett Taleiha Gorman Jessica Brennan Pip Press Kirsten Watters Therese Ryan Sandra Hamer Kelly Carter Zoe Peters Tanya Manson Rebecca O'Connor Kate Malligan Olivia Pringle Laycee Covington Tania Pringle Michelle Patton Angela Jones Samantha Lane Jo Foster Shellie Burgess Megan Jackson Louise Hemopo Amanda Robinson Amanda Coe Lorraine Covington Jessie Adams Amanda Rohr Amanda Hayes Belinda Cooper

Teams - LongCourse Teams: 1st Team Canbuild 1:05:51 Also -- Team Wtd  TEAM 2s2w2d2q
Short Course Teams: 1st Team Wills Allstars 0:49:57, 2nd TEAM BREDEL 0:55:18, 3rd TEAM Hope/Weal 0:56:34 – Also Team Library Ladies Team 1st Timers Team Speedos TEAM Kendy and Ball

Road Race Report / Bathurst Hill Climb Champs
« on: December 09, 2018, 11:05:05 PM »
2018 Bcc Hill Climb - Hen & Chicken Road.
A new course on Hen & Chickens road was used for the 2018 Bathurst Hill Climb, the new course much shorter than those used in the past. Cow Flat was approximately 5km and Mt Panorama 3kms so obviously the 800m dash up Hen&Chickens was quite a power effort.

Inform rider Brad Rayner continued this winning ways defeating Steve Dunstall and Dennis Martin in the A Grade event, while Hayden Booth was impressive winning B Grade actually finishing 3rd overall. More Soon   

Unofficial Results:
A Grade - 1Brad Rayner 2Steve Dunstall 3Dennis Martin
B Grade - 1Hayden Booth Brian Draper/Daniel Googe
C Grade - 1Chris Davis Rob Stephen
D Grade - 1Rosemary Hastings

Road Race Report / Re: 2018 Forbes Triathlon
« on: December 09, 2018, 12:04:31 PM »
Decades of Triathlon History at Forbes:
Lake Forbes is certainly a great spot for a triathlon.. The local club has been holding events there for at lest 30years, that I known of.

In the 1980s Triathlon bust onto our TV screens through the Wide World of Sports coverage of the Hawaiian Ironman. Orange and Dubbo lead the way with a number of big bush promotions before Cowra and Mudgee joined them as the key clubs in the Central West Interclub series. However in the late 80’s a number of the smaller clubs held big events.
In 1988 Wellington (Tony Vernon) and Parkes (Secretary Geoff West) where 2 of the local triathlon committees that put up prizemoney to attracted some high profile triathletes to their events.

The promotions worked with the Wellington race won by Hall of Fame triathlete Bruce Thomas (prior to his feats at Hawaii) and also included stars such as Simon Skillicorn and Ron Bonham. Top Australian Female Triathlete Louise McKinnley was the best placed female at Wellington.

It was a similar story at 1988 Forbes Triathlon where Commonwealth Games representative Chris Unicomb defeated another National Star Mark Pringle leaving locals Kent Marchant (Dubbo) Mark Windsor (Bathurst) Tony Vernon (Wellington) to fight it out for third; with Lyn McDonnell winning the women’s honors

Brief Results -
1988 Back to Wellington Triathlon
Overall – 1 Bruce Thomas 2 Steve Wade 3 Craig Coates 4 G Watkins 5 Kent Marchant 6 Mark Windsor 7 Tony Vernon 8 Scott Wolfson 9.Vic Caplikas 10.M Fitsgerald; First Female Louise McKinnley

1988 Forbes Triathlon
Overall: 1 Tony Unicomb 2 Mark Pringle 3 Kent Marchant 4 Mark Windsor 5 Tony Vernan 6 Neil McMillan 7 Mick Cooper 8 Paul Mason 9 Geoff Cox 10 Brad Martin
Womens Placings – 1 Lyn McDonnell 2Tanya Graham 3 Jacqui Le Cornu
Team Placings – 1. John Shead Paul Wedd Stephen Girot; 2nd Tim Crouch Jason Nicholson Andrew Dent 3rd Russell Hay Peter Hesp
First Junior – Brad Martin (Dubbo)
First Junior Female – Debbie Ruge

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