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Western Division Champs / 2016 Western NSW Championships at Orange
« on: November 04, 2017, 11:09:33 AM »
2016 Western NSW Road Race Championships at Orange
A-70k – 1 Craig Hutton (B) 2 Will Hodges (B) 3 Bradley Rayner (B)
B-45k – 1 Colin Dibble (O) 2 Stacey Fish (B) 3 Rob Stephen (B)
C-45k – 1 Hayden Booth (B) 2 John Anderson (B) 3 Adam Williams (O)
D-22k – 1 Jed Powell (B) 2 Wayne Powell (B) 3 Terry Rossi (O)

2016 Time Trail Championships at Orange
A Grade – 1 Mark Windsor (B) 2 Richard Hobson (B) 3 Geoff Short (B)
B Grade – 1 Harrison Bryant (B) 2 Colin Dibble (O) 3 Mick Cain (O)
C Grade - 1 Sybilla Barry (O) 2 Al Giumelli (O) 3 Jeff Ferguson (O)
D Grade - 1 Terry Rossi (O) 2 Wayne Powell (B) 3 Gina Browne (O)
Under 15 - 1 Jed Powell (B)
U1 13 Girls – 1 Cennedi Dally (O)
U 13 Boys - 1 Ben Anderson (B) 2. Micah Dibble (O)
U 11 Girls - 1 Anja Dally (O)
U 11 Boys - 1 Xavier Bland (O) 2 Damian Chopping (O) 3 Hamish Blair (O)
U 9 Boys - 1. Nicholas Chopping (O) 2 Gydion Dally (O)

2016 Track Championships at Orange
A Grade - Kurt Eather Andrew Carter Darryl Thorncraft
B Grade - Daniel Went Dylan Eather Mitchell Bland
C Grade - Brooke Tuynman Ray Selmes Aidan Sugden
D Grade - Aaron Rodgers Marian Renshaw Phil Cole

Western Division Champs / 2015 Western NSW Championships at Orange
« on: November 04, 2017, 11:06:29 AM »
2015 Western NSW Track Championships at Orange
2015 Road Race Championships - Not Held due to the cancelling of Road Permissions at Mudgee

2015 Track Championships
A Grade: 1 Andrew Carter 2 Harry Jones 3 Max Stewart
B Grade: 1 Mitchell Bland 2 Kurt Eather 3 Graham Stait
C Grade: 1 Stacey Fish 2 Eliza Bennett 3 Phillip Branwhite
U15 – 1 Chris McEwan 2 Leo Fergerson 3 Jed powell
U13G – 1 Lucy Stewart 2 Brooke Martin 3 Poppy Hobson
U13B – 1 Dylan Eather 2 Lachlan Clarke 3 Daniel Barber
U11G – 1 Sophie Martin 2 Cennedi Dally 3 Anja Dally
U11B – 1 Jarred Barnes 2 Benjamin Anderson 3 Xavier Bland
U9 – 1 Olivia Martin 2 Aiden Barnes 3 George Grover

Western Division Champs / 2014 Western NSW Road Championships at Bathurst
« on: November 04, 2017, 11:05:09 AM »
2014 Western NSW Road Racing Championships at Bathurst
A-70k -Mark Windsor (B) Ben Taylor (B) Jono Cutler (B)
B-55k -Drew Carter (B) Hamish Burke (M) Luke Ensor (D)
C-45k -Daniel Went (B) Rob Stephen (B) TonyHogan (B)
D-35k -Connor Whitley (O) Terry Rossi (O) Aidan Sugden (O),

2014 Time Trail Championships at Bathurst
A Grade Jordan Payne Tim Guy Harrison Carter
B Grade Nick North Geoffrey Short Glenn Partridge
C Grade Neville Krahe Rob Stephen Toireasa Gallagher
D Grade Jeff Ferguson Rosemary Hastings Cathy Adams
U15B – 1 Aaron Rodgers (B) 2 Chris McKewan (B) 3 Cameron James (B)
U13G – 1 Kalinda Robinson (B)
U13B – 1 Travis Stewart (O) & Dylan Eather (D) 3 Thomas Anderson (B) Max Ringbauer (O)
U11G – 1 Lucinda Stewart (O) 2 Caitlin Lovett (B) 3 Evie Allen (B) & Cennedi Dally (7.28) (O)
U11B – 1 Luke Tuckwell (B) 2 Brodie Wheeler (D) 3 James Patterson (5.53) (B)
U9G - 1 Anjanka Dally (O)
U9B – 1 Cadel Lovett (B) 2 Archer Fish (B)

2014 Criterium Championships at Bathurst
A Grade Ayden Toovey Jordan Payne Gus Tobin
B Grade Hamish Burke Luke Ensor Geoff Short
C Grade Rob Stephen Dave Jones Mick Foran
D Grade Aidan Sugden Tyler Buckley Rosemary Hastings

2013 Road Racing Championships  - Dubbo
A - Harry Carter (B) Nathan Dennis(D) Simon Ross(D)
B- Mason Manwaring (O) Mark Simons (B) Raymond Wheeler (D)
C- Mick Cain (O) Max Newton (D) Chris Couper
D- Aiden Sugden (O) Ray Selmes (O) Terry Rossi (O)

2013 Criterium Champions -- Bathurst
A Grade - 1 Craig Hutton 2 Jordan Payne 3 Steve Bennett
B Grade - 1 Paddy Corcoran 2 Billy Hutton 3 Matt Cowley
C Grade - 1 David Jones 2 Jim Lavis 3 Darryl Thorncraft
D Grade - 1 Steve Thorncraft 2 Tanner Covington-Gorst 3 Greg Vinall
U13s Boys – 1 Lachlan Burke 2 NoahCowley
U13s Girls – 1 Kalinda Robinson 2 ElizaBennett
U11s Boys – 1 Luke Tuckwell
U9s Boys – 1 Cadel Lovett 2 Cohen Cowley 3 Xavier Blavel
U9s Girls – 1 Ebony Robinson

Western Division Champs / 2012 Western NSW Road Championships
« on: November 04, 2017, 11:01:06 AM »
Road Race Championships -- Orange
A- Michael Troy Ayden Toovey Blair Windsor
B- Craig Healey (O)  Tony Barlow Paddy Corcoran
C- Mitchell Bland (O) Rob Stephen (B) Phil Mooney (O)
D- Matthew Eyles (O) Terry Rossi (O)  Philip Sharam (O)
F- Kirsten Howard, U15- Max Stewart, U13- Travis Stewart.

Criterium Championships -- Bathurst (Mt Panorama)
A Grade - Brad Roughley Steve Bennett Charlie Gascoyne
B Grade - Graeme Peadon Paddy Corcoran, Geoff Short
C Grade - Warren Stocks Paul Waine Rob Stephen
D Grade - Drew Tuckwell Max Stewart Nigel Swan

The latest era of the Western Division Titles has began with the establishing of a work party Structure after talks with CNSW CEO Kevin Young.

2011 Western NSW Road Racing Championships at Mudgee
A- Ayden Toovey (M) Greg Wilmott (D) Simon Ross (D)
B- Max Newton (D) Andrew Foxall (O) Grant Roe (O)
C- Josh Toovey (M) Tim  Reobuck (B) Anton Lynar (O)
D- Rosemary Hastings (B) Dana Harris (D) Craig Grainger (D)

Criterium Championships at Bathurst (Mt Panorama)
A Grade - Gus Tobin Josh Apolony Mick Troy
B Grade - Andrew Foxall Damien Bennett Paul Waine
C Grade - Adam Mitchell Toireasa Gallagher Rod Esdaile
D Grade - Michael Stapley Hamish Burke Ian Hill

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 NSW Team Time Trial Championships
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:51:04 AM »
Bathurst Club 4th Overall at 2017 NSW Team Time Trial Champs:

Bathurst Womens90+ Team (Toireasa Gallagher, Laura Renshaw, Donna Scott) & the Mens 180s Team (Mark Windsor, Jim Lavis, Graham Stait, Robert Stephen) both have won Silver Medals at the 2017 NSW Teams Time Trial Championships at Nowra.
The Masters Womens Team was defeated by Sydney Cycle Club and the Bathurst masters Mens team finished second to Manly Warringah.

However excellent performances also by Bathurst Masters Women 140+ (Rosemary Hastings, Marian Renshaw, Jette McKellar) finishing 4th, the Masters Men 150 team (Mark Simons, Glen Partridge, David McKellar) making the top 15 and the Bathurst Mens 90+ Team (Ryan O'Donnell, Charles Gascoyne, Stephen Dunstall, Steven Scott)finishing Top 10 has resulted in Bathurst Cycling Club finishing an impressive 4th place overall in the NSW Champions Shield.

Results --

RESULT 2017 NSW Champion Shield
1.St George Cycling Club 495pts
2.Sydney Cycling Club 459pts
3.Sydney Uni Velo 443pts
4.Bathurst Cycling Club 307pts
5. Illawarra Cycling Club 294pts

More Details -

Road Race Report / 2017 NSW Team Time Trial Championships
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:50:21 AM »
NSW Club Premierships:
NSW Club Team Time Trial Championships will be held Saturday 8th July 2017 at Nowra Airport (Braidwood). Bathurst will have Rep teams in the Men Masters & Women Masters Categories.
Bathurst has a great record in the event finishing in the top 10 overall for the last 5 years. In fact not only has Bathurst regularly finished the highest ranked Country Club in the NSW Cycling Champions Shield but was second overall in 2014 only beaten by large metropolitan club Sutherland.
For more info see –

Bathurst Teams (and Start Times) for this weekend’s NSW Team Time Trial Championships:

11:36 BATHURST 90+ Masters Women - Toireasa Gallagher, Laura Renshaw, Donna Scott
11:52 BATHURST 180+ Masters Men - Mark Windsor, Jim Lavis, Graham Stait, Robert Stephen
11:56 BATHURST 140+ Masters Women – Rosemary Hastings, Marian Renshaw, Jette McKellar
12:36 BATHURST 150+ Masters Men - Mark Simons, Glen Partridge, David McKellar
1:36 BATHURST 90+ Masters Men -Ryan O'Donnell, Charles Gascoyne, Stephen Dunstall, Steven Scott
1:40 BATHURST 90+ Masters Men - Daniel Went, Geoffrey Short, Steven Scott

Road Race Report / NSW TTT Championships Bathurst Trial Event
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:49:23 AM »
Nice efforts ahead of the NSW Championships:
Bathurst Cycling Club held its Training event for next week’s NSW Teams Time Trial Championships. Winners outright of the event was the strong Open Age Team of Harry Carter Josh Corcoran Geoff Short and Steve Scott with NSW Champion Masters Team of Mark Windsor Jim Lavis Graham Stait & Rob Stephen finishing Second in front of the fast moving Orange team of Drew and Luke Tuckwell Adam and Simon Hickey.

Rounding out the top 5 overall on time was the team of David Reece Brian Draper Isaiah Bennett and Dan Kirby and Mark Simons Glen Partridge Dave McKellar pushing the team of Rob Barlow Rob McAlary Nev Krahe Peter Wilson to 6th overall.
Winners on handicap was the club’s highly credentialed women masters team of Rosemary Hastings Marian Renshaw and Jette McKellar from the Orange male team and the team of Damien Bennett Eliza Bennett Mick Robinson and Scott Allan.

Winning the Female section was the Clubs No 1 Women masters team of Toireasa Gallagher Donna Scott and Kalinda Robinson in front of Orange Triathlon.

While the Division 2 (C/D Grade) Category winners were John Backhouse Tom McClelland Daryl and Greg Cross in front of Brett Dinger Dave Hyland Norman Wise and Greg Griffith.

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 Rockley Cup
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:48:15 AM »
Scratch marker wins the 2017 Cup:
Cowra’s hard riding cyclist Jeremy Ryan (riding for the Goulburn Cycling Club) has brilliantly won the 2017 Rockley Cup, ride through the field from Scratch to defeat Lithgow cycling legend Graham Stait in the final 50m of the 70km event.
Donna Scott who is in training for the world Gran Fondo Championship in France was the first female home…. (More Soon)

RESULTS 2017 Rockley Cup: (Top 25 across the line -- ie Results on Handicap)
1.Jeremy Ryan Scr (Cowra) 2.Graham Stait 28min (Lithgow) 3.Brian Draper 18min (Bathurst) 4.Darren Fenton 28min (Rockley) 5.David Reece 18min (Bathurst) 6.Charlie Gascoyne 2min (Orange) 7.Steve Bennett (Bathurst) 8.Rob Barlow 25min (Bathurst) 9.Peter Wilson 25min (Bathurst) 10.Nev Krahe 25min (Bathurst)
then came:- BrettDinger Bruce Goddard Steve Scott Jim Lavis Hayden Booth Ryan ODonnell Steve Dunstall David McKellar Donna Scott Rob Stephen Kirsten Howard Glen Partridge Rob McAlary Craig Hutton Mark Windsor

Female Rockley Cup: 1.Donna Scott 2.Kirsten Howard 3.Jette MKellar

Fastest Time (Top10): Jeremy Ryan 1h47m44s then - Charlie Gascoyne Ryan ODonnell

Little Rock Trophy: 1.Greg Griffith 2.Simon Snare 3.Daryl Dinger

Road Race Report / 2017 Rockley Cup
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:46:57 AM »
Handicaps for the 2017 Rockley Cup:

Jeremy Ryan, Craig Hutton, Ryan O’Donnell, Mark Windsor

Harry Bryant, Charlie Gascoyne, Billy Hutton, Kirsten Howard

Steve Dunstall, Steve Scott

10 minutes:
Bruce Goddard, Jim Lavis, Hayden Booth, Geoff Short

14 minutes:
Steve Bennett, Nathan Maher, Andrew Carter

18 minutes:
Dan Kirby, Rob Stephen, David Reece, Brian Draper

21 minutes:
David McKellar, Glen Partridge, Bruce Hutton

25 minutes:
Peter Wilson, Rob Barlow, Nev Krahe, Rob McAlary

28 minutes:
Darren Fenton, Brett Dinger, Donna Scott, Graham Stait, Jette McKellar

Road Race Report / June CrossRoad Graded Scratch Races
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:45:52 AM »
17th June Club Race:
With the Rockley Race only a week away the Bathurst Cycling Club held Graded Scratch Races on the Tough Cross Road Course Today.
In A GRADE Orange riders Simon Hickey, Harry Bryant and Charlie Gascoyne were all prominent early however on Caloola Climb Gascoyne Mark Windsor Kirsten Howard Steve Scott got clear from the hard chasing Stuart Renshaw Stephen Dunstall. After a series of attacks Charlie Gascoyne got clear to take the win, with Mark Windsor second in front of Kirsten Howard with Steve Scott continuing to improve to finish 4th in front of Steve Dunstall and Stuart Renshaw who just failed the catch the bunch after chasing from the climb.
In B GRADE Bruce Goddard defeated Geoff Short in the sprint with Jim Lavis third infront of Drew Tuckwell, David Reece Brian Draper, Rob Stephen and Graham Stait
In C GRADE Lithgow's Glen Partridge defeated breakaway partners Rob Barlow & Nev Krahe in the C Grade race after the unlucky Luke Tuckwell suffered a puncture in the closing stages. Donna Scott was 4th infront of John Howe with Brett Dinger, Darren Fenton, Kalinda Robinson, Toireasa Gallagher and Mick Robinson rounding out the top 10
Former top Bathurst Sportsman Greg Griffiths defeated David Hyland in the D Grade Scratch Race

Road Race Report / 2017 John Butler Memorial & Harry Stephen Memorial Race
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:44:03 AM »
42nd John Butler Memorial Event:
1Craig Hutton 2Jayson Austin 3Bill Hutton 4Mark Windsor 5Richard Hobson. Top Female Kirsten Howard
1st Harry Stephen Memorial Trophy:
1Rob Stephen 2Toireasa Gallagher 3Brook Tuynman 4Greg Wills 5Brett Dinger

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 "Little John McKay" Anzac Trophy Race
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:43:00 AM »
Brief Results of Bathurst Anzac Day events and the honored local WW1 heroes

2014 Jack Windsor Anzac Trophy Race
1st Ayden Toovey; Fastest Time – Ayden Toovey; Leading Female - Kirsten Howard

2015 R G Honeyman Anzac Trophy Race
1st Eliza Bennett; Fastest Time – Steve Bennett; Leading Female - Eliza Bennett

2016 Edwin Johnson Anzac Trophy Race
1st Scott Allen; Fastest Time – Dean Windsor; Leading Female – Kalinda Robinson

Road Race Report / 2017 "Little John McKay" Anzac Trophy Race
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:41:58 AM »
Carter Wins the “John McKay” Anzac Trophy Race
Current Nsw Track Champion Harry Carter has won the 2017 “John McKay” Anzac Race defeating Billy Hutton and Mark Windsor with Nick North also part of the winning bunch in fourth.
The race holds a special place on the local club calendar as it honours a Bathurst Cycling Club member who served in the World Wars, this year the club honoured young Evans Plain Farmer John McKay whose very promising cycling career was dramatically cut short when he was killed in action on the Western Front.
Carter inspired by the acknowledgement of Little John McKay before the event was very motivated and combined well with his bunch to ride through the field and hold off the large scratch bunch which included Josh Corcoran, Jayson Austin, Richard Hobson, Craig Hutton, Brad Rayner, Ryan ODonnell and Charlie Gascoyne who chased hard for the entire race.
However the major hurdle for the block bunch (Carter, Windsor, North, Howard and Dunstall) would become the middle markers of Rob McAlary and Hollee Simons. Both having their first start for some time the pair had made the most of their good handicap mark and held a solid lead going into the final stages of the 25km handicap event. A former Australian Junior Champion Hollee Simon looked set to make a dream comeback to the sport breaking clear of McAlary in the final kilometre of the race only to have the Carters breakaway group (Carter, Windsor, North, Billy Hutton & Graham Peadon) catch her in the final sprint to the line.
Carter outsprinting Billy Hutton and Mark Windsor with Nick North fourth and former national level rider Graham Peadon rounding out the top 5.
Hollee Simons was the first female rider home in 6th place with Rob McAlary 7th. GPM Stulz Team Rider Josh Corcoran was impressive in 8th place recording the fastest time for the race with Kirsten Howard and Richard Hobson rounding out the top 10.

2017 “John McKay” Anzac Race.
Top 10 - 1Harry Carter 2Billy Hutton 3Mark Windsor 4Nick North 5Graham Peadon 6Hollee Simons 7Rob McAlary 8Josh Corcoran 9Kirsten Howard 10Richard Hobson.
First Female – Hollee Simons
Fastest Time Male - Josh Corcoran
Fastest Time Female - Kirsten Howard

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