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Road Race Report / Re: 2017 "Little John McKay" Anzac Trophy Race
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:43:00 AM »
Brief Results of Bathurst Anzac Day events and the honored local WW1 heroes

2014 Jack Windsor Anzac Trophy Race
1st Ayden Toovey; Fastest Time – Ayden Toovey; Leading Female - Kirsten Howard

2015 R G Honeyman Anzac Trophy Race
1st Eliza Bennett; Fastest Time – Steve Bennett; Leading Female - Eliza Bennett

2016 Edwin Johnson Anzac Trophy Race
1st Scott Allen; Fastest Time – Dean Windsor; Leading Female – Kalinda Robinson

Road Race Report / 2017 "Little John McKay" Anzac Trophy Race
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:41:58 AM »
Carter Wins the “John McKay” Anzac Trophy Race
Current Nsw Track Champion Harry Carter has won the 2017 “John McKay” Anzac Race defeating Billy Hutton and Mark Windsor with Nick North also part of the winning bunch in fourth.
The race holds a special place on the local club calendar as it honours a Bathurst Cycling Club member who served in the World Wars, this year the club honoured young Evans Plain Farmer John McKay whose very promising cycling career was dramatically cut short when he was killed in action on the Western Front.
Carter inspired by the acknowledgement of Little John McKay before the event was very motivated and combined well with his bunch to ride through the field and hold off the large scratch bunch which included Josh Corcoran, Jayson Austin, Richard Hobson, Craig Hutton, Brad Rayner, Ryan ODonnell and Charlie Gascoyne who chased hard for the entire race.
However the major hurdle for the block bunch (Carter, Windsor, North, Howard and Dunstall) would become the middle markers of Rob McAlary and Hollee Simons. Both having their first start for some time the pair had made the most of their good handicap mark and held a solid lead going into the final stages of the 25km handicap event. A former Australian Junior Champion Hollee Simon looked set to make a dream comeback to the sport breaking clear of McAlary in the final kilometre of the race only to have the Carters breakaway group (Carter, Windsor, North, Billy Hutton & Graham Peadon) catch her in the final sprint to the line.
Carter outsprinting Billy Hutton and Mark Windsor with Nick North fourth and former national level rider Graham Peadon rounding out the top 5.
Hollee Simons was the first female rider home in 6th place with Rob McAlary 7th. GPM Stulz Team Rider Josh Corcoran was impressive in 8th place recording the fastest time for the race with Kirsten Howard and Richard Hobson rounding out the top 10.

2017 “John McKay” Anzac Race.
Top 10 - 1Harry Carter 2Billy Hutton 3Mark Windsor 4Nick North 5Graham Peadon 6Hollee Simons 7Rob McAlary 8Josh Corcoran 9Kirsten Howard 10Richard Hobson.
First Female – Hollee Simons
Fastest Time Male - Josh Corcoran
Fastest Time Female - Kirsten Howard

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 Bathurst ITT Champs
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:40:56 AM »
Jayson Austin wins Bathurst Championship
After the initial attempt to run the annual Bathurst Club Time Trial Championships was declared a Non Event for all grades due to road maintenance occurring on the course, the Championship was re scheduled to Easter Saturday with excellent competition for the podium places in all grades.

Brief Results were: -
A Grade Jayson Austin Will Hodges Mark Windsor
B Grade Daniel Went Glen Partridge Steve Jackson
C Grade Toireasa Gallagher Rob Stephen Donna Scott
D Grade Rosemary Hastings Cathy Adams Norman Wise
Para Category - Emilie Millie 37min 42sec (New Georges Course)

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 Bathurst ITT Champs
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:39:33 AM »
Bathurst Champs to be re-run:
Bathurst Club Champs have been declared a Non Event for all grades , due to the numerous hold ups at the rail crossing . New date for ITT club champs to be advised.

The Bathurst Time Trial Championships drew a quality field with the unofficial times recorded on the day very fast with 2 of the top 3 times recorded including a significant “foot on the ground stop” yet still recording a fast time.

However what made the times of little consequence was the fact that most riders also had to slow, and almost stop.  Obviously this slowing down time to varying degrees could not be gauged by event officials and made the times impossible to access. 

Road Race Report / 2017 Bathurst ITT Champs
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:38:24 AM »
The 2017 Bathurst Time Trial Championship was the 17th running of the Title on the Perthville TT Course which has also been used for a NSW State Time Trial Title and also more recently the NSW Women’s Commission State Series. Little doubt the course itself has been a major reason for the success of this title in the modern era of Bathurst Cycling.

RESULTS of all 17 Bathurst Short Course Time Trial Championships run on the famous Perthville TT Course:
Champion Male:
2001 Mark Windsor
2002 Matt Farmer
2003 Mick Coates
2004 Dean Windsor
2005 Dean Windsor
2006 Dean Windsor
2007 Dennis Martin
2008 Tim Guy
2009 Tim Guy
2010 Dennis Martin
2011 Blair Windsor
2012 Blair Windsor
2013 Brad Roughly
2014 Brad Roughly
2015 Steve Bennett
2016 Brad Roughly
2017 Jayson Austin

Champion Female:
2001 Toireasa Ryan
2002 Jodie Martin
2003 Meg Windsor
2004 Toireasa Gallagher
2005 Toireasa Gallagher
2006 Toireasa Gallagher
2007 Jodie Martin
2008 Jodie Martin
2009 Rosemary Hastings
2010 Toireasa Gallagher
2011 Jodie Martin
2012 Toireasa Gallagher
2013 Kirsten Howard
2014 Kirsten Howard
2015 Kirsten Howard
2016 Jodie Martin
2017 Toireasa Gallagher

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 Cycling NSW Hill Climb Championships
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:36:51 AM »
Impressive number of riders breaking 9mins on Mt Pam

The Record Times for the climb up Mt Panorama at the NSW Hill Climb Titles again remained unbroken in 2017, although the Number of riders breaking the magical 9 minute barrier increased this year.

2017 Fastest Men – NSW Hill Climb Champs – Mt Panorama
1st Michael POTTER 1st U23M Northern Sydney - 08:29.10
2nd Dylan SUNDERLAND 2nd U23M Inverell - 08:36.47
3rd Brodie TALBOT 1st ELITEM St George - 08:36.72
4th Ayden TOOVEY 3rd U23M Mudgee - 08:39.83
5th Scott BRADBURN 2nd ELITEM Illawarra - 08:49.71

2017 Fastest Women – NSW Hill Climb Champs – Mt Panorama
1st Nicky WESTERN 1st WMAS4 –Muswellbrookcc 11:05.96
2nd Emily WATTS 1st Under-19 Women –Bathurstcc 11:07.84
3rd Ella BLOOR 1st ELITEW -Sydney Uni Velo Club 11:13.38
4th Lisa KEELING 2nd ELITEW -Vikings CC (ACT) 11:17.97
5th Deborah HENNESSEY 1st WMAS3 -Port Macquarie CC 11:30.43

NSW CHAMPIONSHIP (times under 9mins)
1. Michael Potter U23M Northern Sydney CC 08:29.10
2. Dylan Sunderland U23M Inverell CC 08:36.47
3. Ayden Toovey U23M Mudgee CC 08:39.83
4. Samuel Hill U23M Hunter District CC 08:51.50
5. Ben Carman U23M Logan City CC (QLD) 08:53.55
6. Peter Livingstone U23M Bicisport 08:54.40
7. Aidan Kampers U23M Illawarra CC 08:55.63
1. 11 Brodie Talbot ELITEM St George CC 08:36.72
2. 40 Scott Bradburn ELITEM Illawarra CC 08:49.71
3. 34 Jay Dutton ELITEM St George CC 08:58.40
4. 23 Cameron Roberts ELITEM Goulburn CC
1. Kelsey Boreham MMAS1 ANU ACT) 08:54.80
1. Andrew East MMAS4 Lidcombe Auburn 08:55.62

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 Cycling NSW Hill Climb Championships
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:36:17 AM »
3 Golds for Bathurst in the NSW Hill Climb Champs

Bathurst cycling club has finished the NSW Hill Climb championship with 3 Gold Medals, 1 silver and 2 riders qualifying for the world championship Time Trial in France in August.

Bathurst club riders Emily Watts Mark Windsor and Jim Lavis won NSW Titles with Jette McKellar winning Silver medal while Windsor and Nev Krahe qualified for the world in the timed dash up Mt Panorama.
While Lavis won the Masters 8 title and Windsor the Masters 6 championship, while Emily Watts was particularly impressive in her under 19 womens championship win as her time was less than 2 second behind the fastest female time of the day set by Muswellbrook rider Nicky Western who recorded 11:05.96.

Jette McKellar State Silver Medal was a very popular result with the club as she has been one of Bathurst most consistent female performers for a long time.

Unlucky to miss a state medal was former international rider Toireasa Gallagher who recorded a good time to 4th in the championship. While Juniors Kalinda Robinson and Luke both made the top 10 state ranking in the under 15s Division, Tuckwell 7th behind ACT’s Harry Jones and Malachi Covington who has strong family ties with Bathurst.
New Bathurst member Jay Austin was very impressive breaking the 10min barrier up the mountain to record a top 10 ranking in the Masters 4 category
Likewise Stephen Dunstall (MMAS1) and Ryan O'Donnell (MMAS3) finished in the Top10 in their Categories while Hayden Booth and Rob Barlow recorded new personal best time with Rob again in the top10 of the Master6 category.

Bathurst had 3 riders in the very competitive Masters Men 5 Championship with David MCKellar setting a new personal best time of 12:07 and joining Tim Roebuck and Greg Wills in the top 20 rankings

Road Race Report / 2017 Cycling NSW Hill Climb Championships
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:35:55 AM »
Qualifying for the World Gan Fondo Time Trail Championship:
The World Age Group Time Trail Championships will be held at Albi WorldChamps on the 24th Aug 2017 with the NSW Hill Climb Championship on Mt Panorama on the Saturday of the nab B2B weekend the only specific qualifying event in Australia.

Local Qualifiers where ---
Hayden Booth (9th Qualifier 19-34yrs)
Mark Windsor (1st Qualifier 55-59yrs)
Nev Krahe (2nd Qualifier 65-69yrs)

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 nab B2B Gold Silver and Rec waves
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:34:53 AM »
Many don’t realise the significance of 2017:

2017 will be year that the nab B2B moved to the world stage. The initial event started as a Regional Challenge in 1990 and took a decade before moving to a city vs country event at the turn of the millennium. The Sportif (O2B) concept was first introduced in 2004 before moving to a full open NSW event in 2005 which it has remained till 2017.

The Rotary Club of Bathurst Daybreak moving from co promoters with the Bathurst Cycling Club to taking full control in 2008/9. The event is now run by the Bathurst Council, with the cities Event Staff negotiated a deal with Cycling World Body the UCI to put the events SILVER Waves in the 2017 World Gran Fondo World Series.

Many of the volunteers involved in the development of the nab B2B gathered for the announcement of the Blayney to Bathurst event moving to the World Series earlier this year; with all emotional about the event becoming an international event.

It certainly is very fitting that the nab B2B Silver Waves have been added to the World Series as Bathurst does hold a special place in Australian Cycling History being the home of the Bicycle in colony with William George’s Bicycle in the 1860’s.

But for the local Bathurst Cycling Community this event has grown before their eyes…. The Sportif section consisted of around 20 people a dozen years ago who were presented with a locally made clay medal; in 2017 there are over 2000 cyclist with the lucky ones presented with a UCI medal. It is an example of the community coming together to make something special. 

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 nab B2B Gold Silver and Rec waves
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:34:13 AM »
UCI GranFondo World Series
The UCI GranFondo World Series is 20 events in the world’s most exotic cycling locations, the last round in 2017 being the actual world Championship while the previous 19 races have been Qualifiers
With the Bathurst Round there are still 12 more events on the UCI Calendar with the next Qualifier in Greece on the 21st April at Rhodos while Denmark’s Holbaek Event will be the last event in the series with the World Gran Fondo Championships on the 24th of August in Albi France.

More Info -

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 nab B2B Gold Silver and Rec waves
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:33:32 AM »
UCI World Masters Championships Qualifier Silver Wave RACE RESULTS:
Qualifying for the World Gran Fondo Road Race Championships was in the SILVER WAVE nab B2B races on Sunday between Blayney and Bathurst.
The Bathurst Qualifiers (& their weekend Qualifying ranking) from the weekends nab B2B included:-
Steve Dunstall (18th) Hayden Booth (35th) Scott James (31st)  Graham Wheeler (39th) Dave Reece (36th) Charlie Gascoyne (40th) Mark Windsor (3rd) Robert MCAlary (33rd) Rob Barlow (35th) Steve Jackson (11th) Nev Krahe (5th).
Note1 – Donna Scott also apparently Qualified but her entry was messed up

19-34yrs UCI Qualifier Category
1. 1127 Richard MILLIGAN YOUNGER 2h51:42 YES   
 2. 1108 Benjamin DALEY 2h53:02 YES   
 3. 1128 James NICOL 2h53:06 YES   
1. 1001 Lucy ALLMAN 3h15:01 YES   
2. 1008 Fiona MORRIS 3h18:07 YES   
3. 1003 Jennifer DARMODY 3h20:28 YES   

35-39yrs UCI Qualifier Category
 1. 1168 Andrew FINLAYSON 2h51:41 YES   
 2. 1180 Benjamin PINES 2h53:01 YES   
 3. 1172 Tai HUYNH 2h53:02 YES   
 1. 1019 Laurelea MOSS 3h04:47 YES   
 2. 1024 Amy VESTY 3h05:12 YES   
 3. 1021 Megan SCOTT 3h08:54 YES   

40-44yrs UCI Qualifier Category
1. 1253 Nathan BONARIUS 2h51:40 YES   
2. 1238 Jonathan SKINNER 2h51:42 YES   
3. 1207 Daniel FORSYTHE 2h53:00 YES   
1. 1036 Deborah HENNESSEY 3h03:53 YES   
2. 1035 Julie-Anne HAZLETT 3h15:46 YES   
3. 1033 Belinda CHAMBERLAIN 3h17:39 YES   

45-49yrs UCI Qualifier Category
1. 1291 Tony HOLLAND 2h49:21 YES   
2. 1317 Andrew PERCIVAL 2h52:54 YES   
3. 1284 Andrew EAST 2h54:58 YES   
1. 1054 Mary FIEN 3h21:26 YES   
2. 1053 Josephine CLARK 3h26:33 YES   
3. 1051 Emma ALDER 3h48:32 YES   

50-54yrs UCI Qualifier Category
1. 1416 Wayne SANCHEZ 2h56:09 YES   
2. 1356 Innes DAVIE 2h56:10 YES   
3. 1380 David LEDGER 2h56:10 YES   
1. 1065 Karen DUTTON 3h17:46 YES   
2. 1069 Kate OLGERS 3h20:35 YES   
3. 1071 Bronwen THOMPSON 3h25:27 YES   

55-59yrs UCI Qualifier Category
1. 1464 Peter SELKRIG 3h03:44 YES   
2. 1448 Phil KESBY 3h03:45 YES   
3. 1472 Mark WINDSOR (59) 3h03:45 YES   
1. 1079 Terry MOORE 3h25:53 YES   
2. 1074 Lynda BEHAN 3h45:59 YES   
3. 1080 Judy TYNAN 3h47:03 YES

60-64yrs UCI Qualifier Category
1. 1493 Trevor HYDE 3h07:32 YES   
2. 1488 Kevin GOODMAN 3h08:24 YES   
3. 1514 Kevin YOUNG 3h08:24 YES   
1. 1084 Jennifer MASSEY 3h22:09 YES   
2. 1082 Meriel CUSTANCE 3h45:20 YES   
3. 1085 Susan NICHOLSON 3h55:05   

Male 65-69
1. 1521 Lindsay BURGOYNE 3h10:08 YES   
2. 1527 Roger HEYES 3h21:04 YES   
3. 1534 Mark LONG 3h22:22 YES   

Male M70+
1. 1557 Colin MACIVER 3h10:09 YES   
2. 1543 John HORSBURGH 3h17:23 YES   
3. 1541 Richard BARVILLE 3h26:41 YES   

Female 65+
1. 1088 Penelope ROWBOTHAM 3h49:18 YES   
2. 1086 Helen HORSBURGH 4h21:33     
3. 1089 Margaret WATROBA 4h24:45

For full B2B race results including qualifiers for the UCI visit

Note – Bathurst did have a number of qualifiers from Australia’s other event on the World Series the Amy Gillett Great Ocean Road Event back in September.. They include – Bruce Goddard, Peter Wilson and Steve Scott--  (also Nev Krahe & Rob Barlow Qualified at Amy Gillett so in fact Qualified twice)
Note – There is a wild card entry for the current Nationals Champions – Hence Mark Windsor would have received also spot in the Albi Road Race World Championship for winning the Australian National Road Championships.. We also expect Jim Lavis might pick up a spot for his 65-69yrs national Champion series Jersey Win if he decides to go TBC.

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 nab B2B Gold Silver and Rec waves
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:32:38 AM »
2017 nab B2B 110km Results
Away from the UCI World Championship Qualifying Race, the nab B2B race remained the same - with the Gold Waves deciding the 2017 overall B2B winner and the separate Recreation Waves in 110km and 70km deciding the general B2B sportif placings (as in the past).
Its is confusing but logical to have separate events as there is a major difference between the format of the Silver and Recreational Waves - The Silver is racing against others in your category for Qualifying Positions and the Rec Wave is decided on time with riders of all ages mixed together.
Hence the Silver wave is a Gun Start and the Rec Wave is a timed start. Obviously we would have riders of the same age attacking and then slowing to out position opponents in the silver wave but in the Rec Wave older riders would just be trying to hung behind younger riders for as long as they can to get a fast time. Clearly this is why any Masters rider in the Gold Wave has a huge advantage in the race for age category placings. 
nab B2B Outright Placings
Overall - 1 Dylan Sunderland 2Marcus Culey 3Michael Potter 4Rowan Dever 5Peter Livingstone 6Alastair Loutit 7Patrick Sharpe 8Tristan Ward 9Aaron Bicknell 10Ayden Toovey
Women – 1 Lucy Bechtel 2 Deborah Hennessey 3 Lisa Keeling 4 Laurelea Moss 5 Amy Vesty 6 Kate Vandenberg 7 Megan Scott 8 Renee Simon 9 Ella Bloor 10 Mia-Louise Barry

2017 nab B2B 70km Results
Overall - 1 Stewart Campbell   2 Kurt Eather 3 Samuel Estell 4 Luke Ensor 5 Edmund Wright 6 Will Mcclennon 7 Timothy Spackman 8 Billy Hutton 9 Joshua Brodie 10 Harrisen Bryant
Female - 1 Kirsten Howard 2 Gail Pearson 3 Lucie Fityus 4 Ashlee Jones 5 Haylee Fuller 6 Tahlia Dole 7 Stephanie Lord 8 Jasmine Lee 9 Rebel Brooker 10 Tasmin Davies

Road Race Report / 2017 nab B2B Gold Silver and Rec waves
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:32:11 AM »
Qualifying for the World Gan Fondo Time Trail Championship:
The World Age Group Time Trail Championships will be held at Albi WorldChamps on the 24th Aug 2017 with the NSW Hill Climb Championship on Mt Panorama on the Saturday of the nab B2B weekend the only specific qualifying event in Australia.

Local Qualifiers where ---
Hayden Booth (9th Qualifier 19-34yrs)
Mark Windsor (1st Qualifier 55-59yrs)
Nev Krahe (2nd Qualifier 65-69yrs)

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 nab B2B Challange Weekend
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:29:34 AM »
Womens Race:

Chloe Heffernan not only took out the 70km Short Course nab B2B challenge last year but also was an impressive winner of the U19 Female NSW Hill Climb championship in the 2nd fastest female time overall behind only Elite Women winner Lucy Bechtel. Her switch to the long course in 2017 will see her start one of the favorites in this year 110km challenge.

Another that performs well at Bathurst is Ella Bloor she finished in the top 10 in last years 110km womens nab B2B and was second in the Elite Women NSW Hill Climb Title with the 3rd fastest time overall. She comes to the event in good form after winning the Female Category of the recent Bowral Invitational Road Race.

Also on the podium with Bechtel and Bloor in the 2016 Hill Climb title was Port Macquarie’s Deborah Hennessey who also finished and impressive 4th in last years women’s nab B2B. However Deborah is one of the many cyclists focusing on the World Championships Qualifications hence it is difficult to assess the impact this will have on her chances in women’s  outright nab B2B classification as the lack of a Female Gold Wave means the women are split into the Recreational Wave and Qualification waves which race under different conditions eg a gun start for the Worlds Qualifier Waves.

Another twist in the womens event is potential race winner Kirsten Howard is battling a hip injury after winning Round 2 of the NSW Masters Women’s Road Premierships recently. Howard who has been runner-up in the 110km women’s nab B2B an amazing three times (2013, 2014 & 2015) defeated Georgia Whitehouse and Holly Khan in that event with Khan’s recent win at the Newcastle Orica Kermesse suggesting that the Bathurst rider would be one of the favorites on the weekend.

Others returning for the 2017 Mens Race:

After winning the nab B2B 70km course in 2016 Stephen Cuff is set to challenge for the 110km event podium in 2017. Cuff’s win at Bathurst last year was the start of a great 12months for the very promising Penrith junior rider which included a win in Australia Oldest Cycle Race “The Austral”.
In fact Cuff will be coming to Bathurst having just been informed he has been selected in the 2017 Australian Junior Track Long Squad to train for UCI World Championships to be held August 23-27 in China.

Also returning after impressing at Bathurst last year is Liam Magennis returns to Bathurst for the 2017 nab B2B, Magannis was the fastest man on Mt panorama in the 2017 Hill Climb and back it up with a podium in the nab B2B finishing 3rd behind Dylan Sunderland and Ben Dyball. A stage win in Canada at the Tour de White Rock in 2016 backed up by a recent win in the recent Oceania Time Trial Championships in Canberra would suggest Liam Magennis is a key player this weekend.

Outside Sunderland and Magennis, 6 of the Top12 in last years men’s nab B2B have already entered the 2017 including B2B legend Stuart Shaw (9th), Marcus Culey (10th), Matthew Rizzuto (11th) and Mudgee star Ayden Toovey (12th).

Winners Return in 2017:
The Male and Female winners from 2016 have returned for the 2017 nab B2B 110km challange, infact not only have Dylan Sunderland and Lucy Bechtel again entered the 110km long course nab B2B but both winners of the 70km nab B2B short course in 2016, Stephen Cuff and  Chloe Heffernan have moved up to the long course as serious contenders.
Coming off and impressive win in the recent 2017 Orica Kermesse, last year’s nab B2B men’s winner Dylan Sunderland looks in great form and ready for a big weekend in Bathurst as he is also entered in the NSW Hill Climb Champs on the Saturday morning and then the Division 1 Criterium in the afternoon which will be contested in the center of Bathurst.

Following in his famous uncle’s footsteps, Sunderland impressed last year in Belgium finishing on the podium on a number of times and winning a race in Wervik riding for the Belgium development program Baguet - MIBA - Indulek – Derito.

After winning the women’s long course nab B2B in 2016 Lucy Bechtel raced overseas in America before return to Australia where she was 7th in the recent Oceania Road Race Championships. Bechtel was also the fastest female rider up Mt Panorama in the 2016 Hill Climb Championship but at this stage looks likely just focusing on the nab B2B in 2017 which is a worrying sign for her opposition.

Can both Dylan and Lucy go back to back wins in 2016 & 2017??? –
It’s a feat rarely achieved, in fact only Bathurst European Professional Dean Windsor can claim to have done it in the mens 110km nab B2B after winning his wave in 2008 and then taking out the 2009 race when his Drapac Porsche team dominated the race. Three separate women has achieved the feat with both Lynne Clarke (2014 – 15) and Sarah Troy (2012 -13) winning female nab B2B crowns 2 years in succession, with Jess Ridder winning the O2B (Orange to Bathurst) back to back in 2003 – 04.

Road Race Report / Re: 2017 nab B2B Challange Weekend
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:28:17 AM »
Brief Results from last year;
2016 nab B2B results
Men nab B2B 110km- 1Dylan Sunderland, 2Ben Dyball, 3Liam Magennis, 4Rylee Field, 5Cameron Scott, 6Harry Carter, 7Harrison Bailey, 8Daniel Bonello, 9Stuart Shaw, 10Marcus Culey
Women nab B2B 110km - 1Lucy Bechtel (02:57:35.21), 2 Amy Vesty, 3 Vanessa Benett, 4 Deborah Hennessey, 5 Rachel Blakers, 6 Megan Scott, 7 Kate Olgers, 8 Ella Scanlan-Bloor, 9 Alex Bentley, 10 Emma Viotto,
Men nab B2B 70km- coming
Women nab B2B 70km- coming

Dylan Sunderland wins Blayney to Bathurst long course
Alexander Grant 11 Apr 2016
DYLAN Sunderland raised his arm in triumph as he outsprinted Ben Dyball to the line to be crowned champion of yesterday’s Blayney to Bathurst long course.

Lucy Bechtel the female winner in Blayney to Bathurst long course
Alexander Grant 11 Apr 2016
IN the space of just four years Lucy Bechtel has gone from a novice club rider to being crowned the female winner of the 2016 Blayney to Bathurst long course.

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