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2021 BCC Road Race Championships
(Incorporating Round 8 Renshaw's Pedal Project 2021 Road Series)

The first Bathurst Bicycle Championship was held in 1885, so this week’s Championships traditionally provides spirited racing in all 4 separate grades.
With the Renshaw Pedal Project Road Series included in the 2021 Road championships a number of visiting riders also raced the local championships including a couple of high-profile local residents Thomas Bolton and David Nicholas who both still ride for their original home town club where they learnt their craft. These riders race for the overall prizes but obviously can’t take the Bathurst Title.

A Grade
Defeating Champ Will Hodges looked the man to beat going into the Bathurst A Grade Championship. The event also contained 2019 &18 title winner Brad Rayner he moved up into A Grade after a number of recent wins in B Grade. The A Grade Championship consisted of 5 laps around the historic Vale Circuit with the field swapping off at a high pace from the start. Having lifted his training for the Tokyo Para Olympics David Nicholas was the only attacker early in the event but after a couple of laps Will Hodges and Nic Barrett broke clear.
This stirred the race up with Tom Bolton and Dave Nicholas jumping across the gap and lifting the pace even further which resulted in Nic Barrett dropping back. Mark Windsor then attacking across to the three leaders before the hill where Dave Nicholas lost contact and then later Mark Windsor. This left Bolton and Hodges in lead with Windsor and Nicholas chasing with a further gap back to Jack Cannon and Nic Barrett.
This is how the race continued to the line, Tom Bolton defeating Hodges in the sprint for first, while Nicholas won a photo finish for 3rd with Mark Windsor, then Nic Barrett outsprinting Jack Cannon for 5th (and importantly the 3rd Bathurst rider home).

B Grade 
Plenty of action in B Grade with former A grade Champion Steve Bennett on the attached early with the bunch having to chase very hard to catch him. With the bunch back together this set up David Reece for the counter attack and Reece quickly built a winning lead however Bennett did get clear late in the race and put in a desperate chase. However Reece held on for a great solo win with Bennett 2nd and Griffith visitor Jason Minato putting in a strong ride to finish 3rd in the Renshaw Pedal Project event in front of David Shaw who was the 3rd Bathurst Club rider home.

C Grade
Another action packed race in C Grade which eventually came down to a sprint where smart racer Mick Foran took the win from legendary local veteran Robert Stephen. One of the pre-race favourites Damien Bennett finishing 3rd in the race

D Grade
Peter Hickey continues to improve and pushed the pace from the start of D grade, in the end he was simply too strong for Gary Theiss who finished second with the consistent David Hyland finishing third. Top female rider on the day was Cathy Adams, she defeated Rosey Hasting for the leading female in the 2021 Bathurst Road Champs.

Round 8 Renshaw's Pedal Project Road Series - Race Results:
A Grade- 1Tom Bolton 2Will Hodges 3David Nicholas 4Mark Windsor 5Nicholas Barrett then Jack Cannon Bradley Rayner
B Grade - 1David Reece 2Steve Bennett 3Jason Minato 4Tony Shaw 5Ray Thorn then Will Lesh Patrick Crump Josiah Cooke Scott James
C Grade - 1Mick Foran 2Robert Stephen 3Damien Bennett 4Tim Roebuck 5Phil Stapleton then Peter Wilson Peter McKinnon Kevin Bell Glen Carter Darren Fenton Cameron Crump
D Grade - 1Peter Hickey 2Lachlan Crump 3Gary Theiss 4David Hyland 5Garry Hamer Then Cathy Adams Steven Cox Rosemary Hastings Robyn Partridge DNS John Kitchen DNS

2021 Bathurst Road Championships
A Grade - 1Will Hodges 2Mark Windsor 3Nicholas Barrett 4Jack Cannon 5Bradley Rayner
B Grade - 1David Reece 2Steve Bennett 3Tony Shaw 4Ray Thorn 5Will Lesh
C Grade - 1Mick Foran 2Robert Stephen 3Damien Bennett 4Tim Roebuck 5Phil Stapleton
D Grade - 1Peter Hickey 2Gary Theiss 3David Hyland 4Garry Hamer 5Cathy Adams
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