Author Topic: 40km Bcc Isuzu Ute Handicap - 10/07/2021  (Read 732 times)


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40km Bcc Isuzu Ute Handicap - 10/07/2021
« on: July 11, 2021, 12:35:46 AM »
40km Bathurst Isuzu Ute Handicap (Presented by Clancy Motors)
Three Roads Course -- Saturday, July 10, 2021

The Bathurst 40km handicap was held on the weekend under tighter Covid19 restrictions but still drew a good field with Will Hodges and Luke Tuckwell the Scratch markers giving away almost 30min start.

Early leaders Rosemary Hastings, Robyn Partridge and Lara Allen were chased down by the Michael Robinson, Cathy Adams, Peter Hickey and John Kitchen.
However behind them Gary Hamer and former Club Scratchmarker Jim Allan where pushing the pace in the 19min group which also included Gary Theiss, Lachlan Crump and Scott Allen. In fact on Quarry Climb, Hamer and Allan would break clear of their group then catch and pass the leaders in what looked a winning move.
However while this was happening scratch markers Hodges and Tuckwell had caught the 2minute Block bunch prior to the climb; were they start riding through the field.
Two kilometres from the finish the back markers caught and passed Hamer and Allan with Will Hodges continuing his run of wins in recent club events out sprinting Luke Tuckwell for victory.
Jack Cannon and Cadel Lovett hung onto the Scratchies to finish 3rd and 4th with promising Orange junior Xavier Bland taking 5th in front of the luckless Jim Allen and Gary Hamer. Rounding out the top 10 was Angus Martin and WRAS reps Oscar Hansen and Cameron Crump.
NSW Junior Rep Ebony Robinson was the leading female rider in front of Ella Falzarano and Charlotte Lovett, with Cathy Adams and Country Junior medallist Lara Allen rounding out the top 5 in the female category.

Results - 40km Bcc Handicap Saturday, July 10, 2021
1Will Hodges (Scr) 2Luke Tuckwell (Scr) 3Jack Cannon (2min) 4Cadel Lovett (2min) 5Xavier Bland (5min) 6Jim Allen (19min) 7Gary Hamer (19min) 8Angus Martin (11min) 9Oscar Hansen (2min) 10Cameron Crump (16min)
Fastest Time - 1Will Hodges 59:44 2Luke Tuckwell 3Jack Cannon
First Female – 1Ebony Robinson (15:30min) 2Ella Falzarano (5min) 3Charlotte Lovett (15:30min)
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Re: 40km Bcc Isuzu Ute Handicap - 10/07/2021
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Pre Race Handicaps for Bathurst Isuzu Ute Handicap 10/07/2021

Will Hodges
Luke Tuckwell
Jeremy Ryan

Mark Windsor
Nicholas Barrett
Oscar Hansen
Jack Cannon
Cadel Lovett
David Nicholas

David Reece
Drew Tuckwell
David Hansen
Ella Falzarano
Xavier Bland
Brad Rayner

Damien Bennett
Mick Foran
Steve Scott
Phillip Stapleton
Bryce Stacker
Rodney Lovett
William Martin
Angus Martin

Peter Wilson
Robert Stephen
Glen Carter
Rod Esdaile

Cameron Crump
Charlotte Lovett
Ebony Robinson   

Brian Draper
Darren Fenton
Mitch Bland
Kevin Bell

Gary Hamer
Gary Theiss
Jim Allan
Lachlan Crump
Scott Allen

Michael Robinson
David Hyland
Cathy Adams
Peter Hickey
John Kitchen

Rosemary Hastings
Robyn Partridge
Lara Allen