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2018 Western Division Road Championships
« on: April 10, 2018, 05:55:03 AM »
2018 Western Division Road Championships
It is Bathurst Cycling Club turn to hold the Western Division Road Championships in 2018.
However a series of problem with holding road events in the Region has delayed the announcement of the senior titles however the Bathurst Junior committee has set a proposed date for the 2018 Junior Championships. However stay tuned for an announcement on the Senior Championships, and be warned it could even be aligned with the Junior Weekend. Originally scheduled for the 7th July 2018 the Event has to be Moved - due to the Rescheduling of the Country Champs to the Day -- PLEASE NOTE The 2018 WD TITLES TO BE MOVED DUE TO COUNTRY CHAMPS ON THIS WEEKEND! NEW DATE!! Saturday 30th June -- Waiting on Sanctioning -- see Below -
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Re: 2018 Western Division Road Championships
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2018, 04:28:54 AM »
The 7th July is now the NSW Country (& Metro) Championships - so no hope of getting CNSW to sanction a Senior event on that weekend. But still hoping to the run both the Senior and Junior Champs together on Saturday the 30th June (Sulman Park is available on that day.
CNSW has given an initial OK for the 30th June.. but still having talks -- re Club Open Sanction & Club Licenses.
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Re: 2018 Western Division Road Championships
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2018, 11:02:56 PM »
Confirmed Details for Junior Championship:

Western Division Junior Championships 2018

Dear Western Division Juniors and Families,
Bathurst Juniors are very excited to be hosting the upcoming 2018 Western Division Junior Championships on 30/6/18. With a full program planned for the day the Bathurst Junior Families hope you can make it!

In Summary:
Program will roll through with ITT, Road race and Criterium. If time allows we will conduct the Town Cup Team “Italian pursuit” at Sulman Park if not we will hold on the velodrome during the seniors road race.
Reconvene 12.00 noon at Velodrome Clubhouse, Vale Road for Town Cup, BBQ, Presentation and Tour de France Activities will occur during the seniors road race.

Date: Saturday 30 th June
Venue: Sulman Park, Mt Panorama, Bathurst
This course is a closed road.
Refer to Google Maps, Sulman Park Mt Panorama NSW 2795 for directions.
Titles: Western Division Junior ITT, Road Race, Criterium and Junior Pursuit Teams Town Cup
Junior Pursuit Teams Town Cup: Would Club Junior Coaches/Representatives please contact Marian Renshaw 0438 413 423 to discuss how this event will work so Juniors can do some practising prior to the event.
Entry: Please register your junior riders intention to compete before Wednesday 27 th June.
Please send registrations to
Please include Rider Name, Age Division and Club.
Entry Fee: $5.00 per rider, please pay in cash on the day.
Prizes: Western Division Ribbons for 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd place for all age groups and all events.
The Town Cup is a perpetual Trophy and will be awarded to the winning Team, to take pride of place for 12 months.

Start Time: Saturday 30/6/18
8.00 am gates open
8.15 am registration open - Sign on, Entry Fee collection, Licence check, Helmet and Roll out check.
9.00 am racing starts

Categories: U9 Participation B/G, U9 B/G, U11 B/G, U13 B/G, U15 B/G*.
Boys and girls will be racing together however separate prizes awarded.
*NB: U15 - this category is for those riders who have not transitioned to graded senior racing. Those U15 riders who are racing at Club graded level will compete in the Senior Western Division Graded Category.

Event Schedule:
Individual Time Trial
9.00am ITT: All divisions to marshalling
U9P – 1 lap yellow course 1.2km
U9+ - 2 laps yellow course, 2.4 km all categories

Road Race:
roll into Road Race: All divisions to marshalling
U9 Participation: 1 lap red/yellow course, 2.45 km
U9 B/G: 2 laps red/yellow course, 4.9 km
U11 B/G: 3 laps red and yellow course, 7.35 km
U13 B/G: 5 laps red and yellow course, 12.25 km
U15 B/G: 6 laps red and yellow course, 14.7 km

Roll into Criterium: All divisions to marshalling
U9 Participation: 1 lap yellow course 1.2km
U9: 3 laps yellow course 3.6km
U11: 10mins + 2 laps yellow course
U13/15: 12 mins + 2 laps yellow course

Roll into town cup if time:
Yellow course
12.00noon: Clubhouse Velodrome, Vale Road
BBQ, presentation, Tour de France activities.

Additional Information:
The Junior Championships will be finished in time for senior riders to travel to the Clubhouse for the Western Division Senior Road Championship.
Due to time constraints Bathurst CC will not be running a refreshment stall at Sulman Park, but we invite you to join us at the clubhouse for a sausage sandwich after.
Sulman Park has toilet facilities. There is no seating. Mt Panorama is notorious for its changing weather, please bring what you may need to cover all seasons.
Sulman Park has many Sporting Group users. Mt Panorama Motor Cross Club has an event planned for this day. Please drive carefully through from McPhillamy Park through to Sulman Park. For safety all families need to be departed by 12.00 noon for the Bathurst Rifle Club planned activities.
our De France Activities – Bathurst Cycling Club has a recent tradition of making signage and taking a group photo to send a shout out to Mark Renshaw for his planned Tour de France riding. We invite all riders to make a “sign” and bring along to the clubhouse for an even bigger shout out!
Weather – If we are concerned about the weather, a decision will be made Friday to avoid any unnecessary travel. Reserve Date Saturday 7 th July.

Contact Details:
Marian Renshaw 0438 413 423


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Re: 2018 Western Division Road Championships
« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2018, 05:46:07 AM »
Senior Western Division Road Champs to go ahead this weekend.

If you have been following the Western Division Senior Road Championship updates it will not surprize you that Bathurst has had some trouble while attempting to run the event. However, the Bcc is committed to running the event – so we do have a Senior WD Road Title this Saturday along with the Junior WD Champs at Mt Panorama. But for Safety and to avoid affecting traffic in the area there will be a few race regulations.

Unless significantly upgrading Traffic Control in some locations, (which of course impacts local traffic even further), Bathurst has limited course options for this type of event. In fact the “Cross Road Course” looks the only real option at this point. This means a change in normal championship procedure with all Grades doing the same Course; we had hoped that D Grade might be able to have an easier option (2Roads Quarry Course) but for this to happen the race has to be controlled by senior riders till the Newbridge Neutral Zone, this has been difficult to organise and D Grade (if contested) looks certain to start with the C Grade event.

So the Race details for the Saturday’s Western Division Senior Road Championships are:-
Bathurst – Bathurst Bike Park – Vale Road Bathurst.
Saturday - 30th June 2018, (Reserve date – No Reserve Date Available at this time)
Course – CrossRoad “Caloolah Hill” Course – 50km (plus 4km Neutral)
TIME: 12:00 mid-day registration (closed 12:15pm) for a 12:30pm start (see Note Below)
AGE Divisions: Senior Divisions (U19s, U23s Elite & Masters with U17s & U15s racing on Club Event Approvals
NOTE – Coaches Parents & Guardians are to consider the stress on all U15 U17 riders before entering the events).

EVENTS: Graded Scratch races (4 Grades if possible) - however it is likely there will be 3 separate grades (A, B & C Grades) with D Grade racing with C grade if required. 

ENTRIES – To Consider the Championship’s Handicapping & Planning All Initial Entries should be ONLINE ONLY – See the Attached Link….

So there is only Money Collected on the day before the race – There is a chance you will be able to get in the event on the day (ie Last Minute Rego) if you get there a bit earlier, but it is likely you will be handicapped into a harder grade as a penalty. 

For the latest info on the event, See the Bathurst Club Web Site or their FaceBook Site. Also there will be a summary on the Western NSW Cycling Site (Please Note This is the Page you are reading now)-
or for Race Reports and Results see:-

A B & C Grade (Long Course):
Start Bathurst Bike Park (Neutral to Rail lines at Perthville) then continue straight along the Trunkey/Vale Rd to Georges Plains, where you go over the bridge and turn Right towards Trunkey Creek on the Trunkey/Vale Rd. 
Continue to the turn at the Cross Road Neutral U Turn, (approx. 34km from Bathurst) and then return to the Bike Park Finish.
Note the change to race conditions (RTZ) after Perthville (approx. 3km) which includes no more than 2 abreast to avoid any impact on local traffic.
In simple terms, it is just a 55km (Approx.) out and back course from the Bike Park. 

As per the Bathurst Cycling Club Event Management Plan there are a number of Competition Neutral Zones (CNZ) on these Courses. All Competitors must take the time to understand these CNZs and by signing on you confirm you understand the Competition Rules (especially Neutral U Turn, Neutral Zones, and Respect the Traffic Zones (RTZ) )

Obey all Road Rules – eg - please note there are a number of Rail Crossing anyone illegally passing through a Rail Crossing will be Disqualified.

This is a Test Case for events at the bike park – Due to the expected low number of entries but good cross section of competitors this event has been identified as a trial, and will be the first time a Road Event will finish at the Bathurst Bike Park. This means that competitors are to take extra care and responsibility, eg the corner into the park has a section of dirt, which all competitors must take time to observe before the event. Please Note; that the finish has been moved up the hill in the park to ensure there is no advantage attacking through the corner, as the sprint should not start until well inside the Park Boundary.

Respect the Traffic Zones (RTZ)
This Zones means we cannot impede the local traffic on this section of road. Ride should only ride in a manner acceptable to pasting non-enter traffic. This means -
Only Ride 2 abreast Max
No Riding within 2.5 meters of the centre line or road centre markers – ie use the road edge where available.
No Rolling to the back of the Bunch in the centre of the Road
No Slowing at the front of the bunch or acratic riding causing the Bunch to fan across the road.
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