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RPP Lockdown Special Zwift Event
Renshaw’s Pedal Project are putting on a Lockdown Esports Zwift event this weekend for any local Zwift Users to get together on line for a bit of social competition. (of course local could mean anywhere in the world on-line)
The event will attempt to grade the field into 4 grades along the same lines as the recent Esport Club series, but given the Zwift Meet-up format it will be a little clunky as all riders will be in together and the grade results will be simply compiled at the end of the event by identifying the leading Grade competitors in the overall results. This could be a bit tricky as organisers will not have quick way of identifying grades before the event, but plan to just have a crack at it. (It certainly means that some competitors could end up in the wrong grade, but it will be a bit of fun). More on this below - will try to post a list of the grades before the event so competitors has an idea who they are racing in there grade..

If you want to be involved you need to follow Renshaw’s Pedal Project on Zwift.
Simply open the Zwift Companion App and go to Find Zwifters and type in Renshaw’s Pedal Project – note the apostrophe
This should give you an invitation to the event, which you accept to be entered in the RPP Lockdown Special. Before the event will need to get zwift up and going and JOIN EVENT before the start time as there will be no Late Starts.

At this point the event is planned for 12:30pm Suturday 21st August 2021
More News soon... With more handicap details to be posted here soon.

Some of the Grade winners from the recent WesternNSW ESport Cycling Titles all of whom will be racing this weekend
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Grades for the RPP Lockdown Special Zwift Meet-up:
So just quickly - the handicap are supposed to be based on your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and weight, shown as watts per kilogram, as follows:
A Grade: 4W/kg or higher
B Grade: 3.2W/kg - 3.99W/kg
C Grade: 2.5W/kg - 3.19W/kg
D Grade: 1W/kg - 2.49W/kg

BUT with many new Zwift users in these meetup that is had to establish quickly before an event –
So the following is a first cut of the handicaps using the current handicaps of the local Zwift Clubs (ie BathurstZwift)
And also existing fastest times recorded at past Renshaw’s Pedal Project Events (RPP ZwiftTime)
So we get --

LIST UPDATED With Dubbo ZwiftPower Team Riders (17:30_20/8)
A Grade
Mark Renshaw (TdF)
Ace Windsor (BathurstZwift)
Luke Tuckwell (BathurstZwift)
Craig Hutton (RPP ZwiftTime)
Stuart Renshaw (RPP ZwiftTime)
Tirian McManus (RPP ZwiftTime)
W Hodges (RPP ZwiftTime)
Hobbo0 (RPP ZwiftTime)
S Dunstall (RPP ZwiftTime)
Simon Heppell (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Nick North (Ftp estimate)

B Grade
Cal Baker (BathurstZwift)
Cameron Arnold (BathurstZwift)
Craig McAlister (BathurstZwift)
Luke Gillmer (BathurstZwift)
Karl Addison (BathurstZwift)
Jack Cannon (BathurstZwift)
Jenn Arnold (BathurstZwift)
Kirsten Howard (BathurstZwift)
Stephen Jackson (BathurstZwift)
Troy Eastlake-smith (BathurstZwift)
Cowpat Climber (RPP ZwiftTime)
M Riley (RPP ZwiftTime)
M Cowley (RPP ZwiftTime)
A Giovanetti (RPP ZwiftTime)
Ryan McDonnell (RPP ZwiftTime)
T Antechinus (RPP ZwiftTime)
Dave Reece (RPP ZwiftTime)
M Marsh (RPP ZwiftTime)
T Cleasby (RPP ZwiftTime)
Graeme Peadon (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Kate Spicer (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Neil Diamond (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)

C Grade
Alex B (BathurstZwift)
Gary Hamer (BathurstZwift)
Geoff Short (BathurstZwift)
Michelle Patton (BathurstZwift)
Paul Jones (BathurstZwift)
Ray Thorn (BathurstZwift)
Will Lesh (BathurstZwift)
*Belly** (RPP ZwiftTime)
P Wilson (RPP ZwiftTime)
R.RPP (RPP ZwiftTime)
C Morgan (RPP ZwiftTime)
L Renshaw (RPP ZwiftTime)
S Shaw (RPP ZwiftTime)
Dave Huges (RPP ZwiftTime)
Phil McFarland (RPP ZwiftTime)
B Readsled (RPP ZwiftTime)
S Bennett (RPP ZwiftTime)
Aaron Seaman7958 (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Ben OBrien (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Dan Stewart (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)   
Daniel Richardson (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)   
Dave Flemming (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Jason Farr (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
John Curley (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Rick Reynolds8237 (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Seb Hanscomb (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Tim Howlett (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Darren Fenton (FTP estimate)
Mick Marshall AHDR (RPP RideTime)

D Grade
Bec O'Connor (BathurstZwift)
Claire Scott (BathurstZwift)
Gary Baker (BathurstZwift)
Glen Carter (BathurstZwift)
Joshua Jackson (BathurstZwift)
Ken Addison (BathurstZwift)
Nicole Purdon (BathurstZwift)
L Wheeler (RPP ZwiftTime)
G Hope (RPP ZwiftTime)
B Evans (RPP ZwiftTime)
C William (RPP ZwiftTime)
T opcat S (RPP ZwiftTime)
J Renshaw (RPP ZwiftTime)
Gary B (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Mark Collett (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Michael Howlett (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
tony simic (Dubbo ZwiftTeam)
Mick Robbo (Ftp Estimate)

Yep I know there is some rough handicapping in these grades – the female riders especially – but it’s something –
Ideally we use fastest times set in the RPP events for all handicapping.. but expecting some new riders form the BxCC and DCC teams.
You can email issues to CyclingNSWwest@gmail_com – but remember the logic used need to be applied to the whole group.
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Latest News on the RPP Lockdown Zwift event.
Version 20:00 - 20/08

So if you follow the Renshaw’s Pedal Project Zwift account - you will have got an Invitation to Saturdays Renshaw's Pedal Project meetup.
This invitation will explain Further Details for the event.
(Please note you may receive details of other Renshaw'sPP meetups – later in the week).

LATEST NEWS - The Invitations for Saturdays Event have been Sent out -
Brief Event Details
Renshaw’s Pedal Project RPP's Meetup
12:30pm - 21/08/2021
Course - Watopia Flat Route
Details - 20km – 120m elevation TBC..
Late Start Disabled

PLEASE Note there is a limit of 100 people in this event - so enter early.
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Renshaw’s Pedal Project Meetups
Renshaw’s Pedal Project RPP's Meetup rides started on Zwift on the 15th June 2021, with the first of its Chop Off Tuesday Rides (the 'No Drop' weekly social ride, 6:15am started the following Thursday morning).

Chop Off Ride History:
The first couple of events held on different courses (Sand and Sequoias and Seipentine8 courses) which were relatively tough with a bit of climbing.
So on the 29th June 2021 organisers opted to regularly use the same course, so participants could compare times from week to week.
A 20km course on the Watopia Flat Route was used and since then riders of different levels have pushed each week for PBs in the RPP Tuesday Chop off.

Currently the men record in A Grade is a slick 26m53s on the 3rd August 2021 breaking the previous time of 27m26 set on the 20th July 2021, however the average overall winning time in just under the 30min barrier, so clearly times vary greatly depending on how much chat is going on in the bunch.
Laura Renshaw 32m35s looked the time to beat in the female category however Kirsten Howard’s 30m 50s set the early female record. This stood till last week (17th Aug 2021) when a record size field broke a number of the Category fastest times.
Before that the time to beat in B Grade were 30m 21m, C Grade 30m52s and D Grade 33m47 (yet it should be stated the average time in C and D grade is a lot slower that these records, suggesting whether those record holders should have been pegged in a higher grade.
Bottom line is a good B level time is 31minutes, while in C Grade is impressive if you can get anywhere near 33minutes. The faster D level riders goal would be targeting the 37minutes barrier, the big problem in this category is rarely are there other riders to get a draft off - making the 20km a lot further, and the 40minute barrier a tough task. Obviously then the times each week vary on the depth on the field and distracted people get during the event which still is considered a social event.

First Race Event
The first attempt at a race is the Renshaw’s Pedal Project 12:30pm Lockdown Special on the 21/08/2021.
We will attempt to identify the winners from the grades above.
But a word of warning - There are a few bugs in racing in a meet–ups, including inconsistency and slow starts and strange bugs in the judging at the finish, meaning you may beat someone in a sprint to the finish line but the result say otherwise.
Sadly the results stands – as we only have that Zwift Results page to award the placing off – so it’s just how it goes..
Bottom line it’s a bit of fun in lockdown, so fingers crossed all goes well.

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Brief Results (more soon - including Race Report)

Overall Male
1Mark Windsor (Bathurst) 2Simon Heppell (Dubbo) 3Nick Nnorth (Bathurst)
Overall Female
1Kirsten Howard (Bathurst) 2Kate Spicer (Dubbo) 3Jenn Arnold (Bathurst)

Grade Placings
A Grade - 1Mark Windsor 2Simon Heppell 3Nick North (Bathurst)
B Grade - 1Cameron Arnold 2Ryan O'Donnell 3Craig McAlister - Leading Female B Grade - Kirsten Howard
C Grade - 1Paul Jones 2Steve Bennett 3Ray Thorn - Leading Female C Grade - Alex B.
D Grade - 1 Michael Robinson 2Gary Baker 3Claire Scott - Leading Female D Grade - Claire Scott

Green Jersey - TBC
Male - 1Mark Renshaw 25.68  2Mark Windsor 3Craig McAlister Steve Jackson Ryan O'Donnell
Female - 1Jenn Arnold 28.19, 2Kate Spicer, 28.54 3Kirsten Howard 28.6s 4Alex B. 5Nicloe Purdon

Todays Esport Event -
With both Bathurst and Dubbo Cycling club ranked in the top8 of AusCyclings National Esports Club cycling ranking, The Weekends (21/08/21) Lockdown Ecycle Race hosted by Renshaws Pedal Project on the Zwift App. quick build into a classic cycling battle between the two old rivals..
Overall honors went with the Bathurst team who did have a numerical advantage, but the event produced some quality racing and proved to be a nice race option in the Covid19 lockdown period.


Overall Winners at recent Western NSW ESports Cycling Championships
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Renshaw’s Pedal Project Lockdown Special Event - 21st Aug 2021

D Grade Report
Michael Robinson in his first Esport Cycle Race has sprung a surprize in the Weekends RPP Lockdown Cycling Race. Robinson took out the D Grade event defeating current Western NSW Esports D grade Champion Gary Baker who started the event as the hot favourite.

Robinson who is better known as the father of champion female cyclists Kalinda and Ebony, is in fact a trophy race winner himself on both the track and the road, so he certainly shouldn’t of been underestimated in the race, his D grade winning time of 32m21s thought to be a new D grade record for the RPP Events. Western NSW D grade female champ Claire Scott was 3rd behind Mick and Gary, Claire has a long history in local cycling and it is wonderful to have her back in the sport and enjoying her riding after a period out of sport.

Just missing the placings was Josh Jackson who is a young athlete who continues to improve in all his sporting endeavours he finished in front of Dubbo’s Nicloe Purdon and Mark Collett, followed in by Jo Renshaw who has lower her times on the course down to 37minute with a huge increase in the Watts she is putting out in the event.

RESULTS - D Grade Placing
Men - 1 Michael Robinson 2Gary Baker 3Josh Jackson
Female - 1Claire Scott 2Nicloe Purdon 3Jo Renshaw
Green Jersey (TBC) – Mark Collett

Ready to start in the inaugural RPP Graded Race. 21/08/21
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Renshaw’s Pedal Project Lockdown Special Event

C Grade Report
Current Western NSW C Grade Champion Paul Jones defeated an impressive field in the Renshaw’s Pedal Project C Grade Race, with former Bathurst Road Champ Steve Bennett second and the well performed Ray Thorn third in a personal best time. In fact the top 3 all stayed with the front bunch during the 20km event which resulted in Jones, Bennett and Thorn all recording times under the previous C Grade race record.

There was a strong Dubbo contingent in C Grade, who were unlucky to loose contact on one of the climbs with the front bunch, with their chance of a podium finish lost at that point. Recent C Grade Western NSW ESports Championship medallist David Flemming and John Curley finishing in 4th and 6th place respectively, with Dubbo teammate Tim Howlett also riding very well the finish between the pair in 5th place.
Also in the top 10 in C Grade were Bathurst World masters rep Peter Wilson and strong triathlete Darren Fenton.
Alex B was the leading female rider defeating current C Grade Western NSW champ Michelle Patton. It was an impressive performance by Alex B who also took third place against the male riders in the Green Sprint classification in C Grade behind Ray Thorn (recording 28.52) and Paul Jones (28.74).

RESULTS – C Grade Placing
Men - 1Paul Jones 2Steve Bennett 3Ray Thorn 4 David Flemming 5Tim Howlett
Leading Female – 1Alex B, 2Michelle Patton
Green Jersey - 1Ray Thorn, 2Paul Jones, 3Alex B.

C Grade winner Paul Jones with his Western NSW Esports C Grade Champs Trophy he won recently.
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Renshaw’s Pedal Project Lockdown Special Event

B Grade Report
Cameron Arnold put in his best performance since joining the Bathurst ESports cycling team winning todays Renshaw’s Pedal Project B Grade Race. Arnold defeated former Bathurst Cycling A Grade rider Ryan O'Donnell, with another former high profile Bathurst Club rider Craig McAlister in 3rd place.
Female champ Kirsten Howard 4th and the local clubs most experienced Esports cyclist Stephen Jackson rounding out the top 5 in B Grade. Just a hand full of seconds further back was Dubbo Champ Kate Spicer and very experienced Jenn Arnold with David Reece rounding out the top8.

The Quality of the B Grade race in today’s Renshaw’s Pedal Project Chop-off was indicated by the times recorded, with all riders in the category breaking the 30minute barrier.

Jenn Arnold almost defeated all the men in the sprint classification, finishing only 0.03sec behind Craig McAlister who took the green jersey with Stephen Jackson in 3rd position.
RESULTS – B Grade Placing
Male - 1Cameron Arnold 2Ryan O'Donnell 3Craig McAlister 4Stephen Jackson 5David Reece
Female - 1Kirsten Howard, 2Kate Spicer 3Jenn Arnold
Green Jersey Sprint - 1Craig McAlister (28.16s) 2Jenn Arnold 3Stephen Jackson

Half way - The lead bunch goes on to their second lap
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Renshaw’s Pedal Project Lockdown Special Event

A Grade Report (Overall Male & Female Races)
The inaugural Renshaw’s Pedal Project ESports Weekend Lockdown Race turned into a classic battle between old rivals Bathurst and Dubbo for the overall win in both Men and Women outright divisions. Bathurst Club having the more competitors proving to be the difference in the end with Bathurst riders Kirsten Howard and Mark Windsor taking the overall honours in front of their Dubbo rivals.

In the A Grade Mens Race it was Nick North who broke clear with around 5kms to go, the top Bathurst triathlete looked to be building a winning lead forcing Dubbo’s bronze medallist from the recent Western NSW Esports A Grade Championships Simon Heppell to go to the front of the bunch with female champ Kate Spicer. This set up Mark Windsor (runner up in the overall Western NSW title) for his winning move on the hill late in the event. Windsor winning from Heppell and North an impressive third on his return from injury.

Meanwhile in the outright Female race it was a similar story with current Western NSW ESports Female Champion Kate Spicer pushing forward with Dubbo team mate Simon Hepple only to have former international cyclist Kirsten Howard go with the big surge in the final kilometres to take the win. Spicer 2nd with Western NSW B Grade female champ Jenn Arnold 4sec further back in 4th place.

At this point still looking at the data on the overall Green Jersey – Results coming soon.

RESULTS – Overall Placing
Overall Male - 1Mark Windsor (Bathurst) 2Simon Heppell (Dubbo) 3Nick North (Bathurst)
Overall Female - 1Kirsten Howard (Bathurst) 2Kate Spicer (Dubbo) 3Jenn Arnold (Bathurst
Green Sprint Jersey Overall TBC – Mark Renshaw (25.68) Mark Windsor Craig McAlister
Green Sprint Jersey Overall Female - Jenn Arnold (28.19)

Great Battle developed between the Dubbo and Bathurst clubs with riders covering each others moves
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NEXT EVENT: -- ?????

Not sure when our next Renshaw's Pedal Project event will be - as their account has pushed well past the 100 invite limit.
This makes it a lot more difficult to host the event, so not sure when the next event may occur, as RPP plan to ask for extra permissions from Zwift.
In the mean time the Grades have been adjusted for the next event - when ever that may be -

Big well Done Everyone.. Sorry about the regrades - tried to used the criteria documented on the Grading Page -- see Link

To see the new grades go to --


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Re: Renshaw’s Pedal Project Lockdown Zwift E-Cycling Event - 21st August 2021
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NEW EVENT -- 4th September 2021
Another Lockdown Handicap on Zwift
With the Covid19 Lockdown preventing the Western NSW cycling Championships this weekend in Bathurst, plus the forecast of rain, we are we are proposing another Zwift Lockdown Handicap to get everyone moving.

Intro -
A couple of weeks ago (21st Aug 2021) when the Lockdown was sprung on as, Renshaw’s Pedal Project came to the rescue for any local cyclists with access to the Zwift App for a bit of social competition. I am sure a number of you read the report in the press, the results and race report can be found in the above posts.
So with the 10 day lockdown now growing, plus a wet weekend forecast, we are proposing another event this weekend (4th Sept 2021).. same format..
It is Important If you would like to participate in the event that you follow the Renshaw’s Pedal Project Zwift Account as soon as possible. You need to follow this account before the invitations go out.

To Enter -
Simply open the Zwift Companion App and go to Find Zwifters and type in Renshaw’s Pedal Project – note the apostrophe.
This should give you an invitation to the event, which you accept to be entered in the RPP Lockdown Special.
Before the event will need to get zwift up and going and JOIN EVENT before the start time as there will be no Late Starts.

Racing –
Strangely the last event it somehow developed into an unofficial Bathurst Vs Dubbo Challenge; of course that wasn’t the intension, as it really is just some social competition, especially using the Meetup format where a few strange things can happen. However it made for some good racing and of course we are keen to have the regions cyclist involved again.
So a special invitation to all the DCC esports team as well as any other regional cyclist with a Zwift account.
A number of the Dubbo riders will be glad to know that the Handicaps have been adjusted after the event on the 21st Aug 2021. You can see the new handicaps on the Grade Site – see the link below
Now everyone is throw in together, sorry, and the idea is that you check your grade before the event to know who you are racing against.
It is important to note that the course remains the same so your first priority is to have a crack at a new PB on the course.

NEW HANDICAPS - (will be adding riders up to 10am Saturday 04/09/21 - otherwise you will just be in A Grade by default)