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The Bathurst Cycling club 2021 AGM
« on: November 10, 2021, 10:50:30 PM »
The Bathurst Cycling club 2021 AGM - 7th November 2021.
The 2021 cycling year have been a tough one for the local cycling club Administrators with the Covid-19 disruptions and added Government requirements.
Marian Renshaw stepped down from the President after 3 years but will remain in her Track Co-ordinator role which she has been doing since 2018 (she also held that position earlier at the Sportsground).
Tracey Robinson and Hayden Booth continue in their positions, Hayden Booth going into his 7th term as Treasurer while Tracey Robinson going into her 4th term as Secretary after coming from the Junior Co-ordinator role. Also continuing is Road Co-ordinator Glen Partridge going into his 6th term in the position. While former Club President Toireasa Gallagher continues in her role as the Junior Co-ordinator for the 4th year.
The new President and Vice President are long time club members David Hyland and David Reece
David Hyland became the 14th president of the Bathurst Cycling Club’s new era. A long time rider, David is a grade winner in the club championships and also a trophy race winner having won the Memorial Cup in 2017, this came after the best part of 2 decades trying, as he was the race leader out on the road of both the Rockley Cup and Anzac Trophy race in 2001.
Vice President David Reece stated time with the club with a bang, winning one of his first starts in August 2008 defeating a young Tamsyn Moana-Veale. He has since made a name for himself winning one of the clubs most prestigious award The Weal Trophy twice.   

President – David Hyland
Vice President – David Reece
Treasurer – Hayden Booth
Secretary – Tracey Robinson
Committee Member (Road) – Glen Partridge
Committee Member (Track) - Marian Renshaw
Committee Member (Juniors) – Toireasa Gallagher