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The Beginning of the CycleSafe Bathurst Group
« on: July 30, 2020, 04:56:13 PM »
CycleSafe Bathurst founded 2020:
CycleSafe Bathurst was created after popular Bathurst cyclist Kay Peacock was killed on a local roundabout while on a ride in the city in 2020.
A number of Kay’s riding companions reacting to her accident to form a group that would not only consider cycle safety in the region; but also educate the community on the benefits of cycling recreation and active transport. In honor of Kay the group planned to encourage Bathurst to become a cycling friendly city.

Vale Kay Peacock (Bathurst Cycling Club)
The Bathurst Cycling Club and local cycling community is shocked and saddened at the sudden death of Kay Peacock. A tragic accident on April 1st 2020 claimed the well-known local sports person's life. Kay was an outstanding golfer before she became more serious about her cycling and bush walking later in life.

Kay appreciated the relaxation that cycling provides and became a well-known Bathurst Touring Rider. The Bathurst cycling community remembers many of her cycling adventures including a very special local trio pedalling their way around the Kimberley region.
Kay enjoyed participating in events such as the Bathurst Cycling Classic. Kay's opinion on cycling matters were sought after and much appreciated given her great cycling experience.

Kay will be very sadly missed.

The Bathurst Cycling Club on behalf of all Members extends its condolences to Kay's Family and Friends.
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