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Unofficial Bcc Calendar (for non Facebookers)
« on: June 22, 2018, 07:27:27 AM »
INDEX of Recent Bathurst Club Calendar Events:
unofficial info only see website for details

1st Apr 2018 – 2018 Jack McKay Handicap Trophy Race
RESULTS Summary:
1Isaiah Bennett 2Andrew McGrath 3David Reece 4Tim Scott 5Jille Harris 6John Anderson 7Michael Robinson 8Julian Wood 9Luke Tuckwell 10Kalinda Robinson. Fastest - Josh Corcoran

25 Apr 2018 – 2018 R.H.Harris Anzac Trophy
RESULTS Summary:
1Tom Bolton 2Craig Hutton 3Josh Corcoran 4Julian Wood 5Steve Dunstall Fastest Time - Tom Bolton; First Female - Kirsten Howard

28 Apr 2018 – 3 Roads Scratch race – 3 roads Course
RESULTS Summary:
A Grade Harry Carter, B Grade Will Lesh, C Grade Daniel Googe, D Grade Rosemary Hastings

5th May 2018 – Vale Circuit Self Handicap
RESULTS Summary:
1 Darren Fenton (21min) 2 Drew Carter (3min) 3 Will Lesh (3min) 4 Steven Scott (3min) 5 Scott James (3min) Fastest Time - Mark Windsor 1hr 00 15sec (Course Record) First Female: Rosemary Hastings

12th May 2018 – Bcc All-In Handicap – Vale Circuit 4laps
RESULTS Summary:
1. Mark Windsor (Scr) 2. Brad Rayner (Scr) 3. Tom McClelland (21min) 4. Will Lesh (4min) 5. David Reece (6min). Fastest Time: Mark Windsor 1hr 03min 40sec First Female: Kalinda Robinson

19th May 2018 – ScottsTeam Tour de Course; Vale Circuit
RESULTS Summary:
1st DH – Team Blue and Team Red

26th May 2018 – Graded Scratch Races – Old Vale Circuit
RESULTS Summary:
A Grade Josh Corcoran Mark Windsor Brad Rayner
B Grade Drew Carter Ben Anderson Kalinda Robinson
C Grade Michael Foran John Anderson Glen Carter

2 Jun 2018 – Old Vale ITT
Overall Placings Summary:
Men: 1Mark Windsor 2Craig Hutton 3Dennis Martin
Women: 1Jodie Martin 2Kalinda Robinson 3Toireasa Gallagher

Saturday, June 9, 2018 - Vale Circuit Self Handicap 3.5 Laps 40km
Cancelled - Rain

Saturday, June 16, 2018 - Three Roads ALL IN GROUP Handicap
RESULTs 1st Craig Hutton (Scr) 2nd Brad Rayner (Src) 3rd Mark Windsor (Scr) 4th Tony Scott (8min) 5th Rich Hobson (3 Min) 1st Female Rosemary Hastings (23min)

Saturday, June 23, 2018 12:00 - ROUND 1 CLUB ROAD SERIES - Course - 2Rds Graded Scratch Race
RESULTS A Grade 1Brad Rayner 2Nick North 3Ryan ODonnell 4Steve Dunstall 5Mark Windsor
B Grade 1Ben Anderson 2Luke Tuckwell 3Daniel Went 4Dave Reece 5Emily Watts
C Grade 1Glen Carter 2Toireasa Gallagher 3Glen Partridge
D Grade 1Rosemary 2Hastings Norman 3Wise Robyn Partridge

Saturday, June 30, 2018 - WESTERN DIVISION ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS, Scratch Races - Bathurst Bike Park
A Grade 1Kurt Eather 2Tim Hines 3Brad Rayner 4Dylan Eather 5Craig Hutton
B Grade 1Ben Anderson 2Graeme Peadon 3Will Leash 4Haylee Fuller 5Luke Tuckwell
C Grade 1Kevin Bell 2Zac Fuller 3Toireasa Gallagher 4Graham Stait 5Ivan Podres
D Grade 1Gray Halloran 2Peter Wilson 3Neville Krahe 4Ray Dally 5
Female Championship: 1Haylee Fuller 2JodieMartin 3Kalinda Robinson 4Toireasa Gallagher 5Zara Fuller

Saturday, July 7, 2018 - TEAM TIME TRIAL 1
Race called off due to Rain and Snow

Saturday, July 14, 2018 - TEAM TIME TRIAL 2
1st Team Rayner/Ryan/Hobson 2nd Reece/Lavis/Stephen/Stait

Saturday, July 21, 2018 - TEAM TIME TRIAL Premierships at Nowra
Gold Medal – Bathurst 150yrs Team – Martin/Windsor/Hobson/Ryan
4th Place - – Bathurst 150yrs Team – Reece/Lavis/Stephen/Stait

Saturday, July 28, 2018 – Round2 Bathurst Road Series – 3 Rds Scratch Races
A Grade 1 Brad Rayner 2 Ryan O'Donnell 3 Steven Dunstall 4 Mark Windsor 5 Mike Ticehurst
B Grade 1 Dave Reece 2 Jim Lavis 3 Charlie Cross 4 Hayden Booth 5 Tony Shaw
C Grade 1 Glen Carter 2 Graham Stait 3 Neville Krahe 4 Peter Wilson 5 Kevin Bell
D Grade 1 Rosemary Hastings 2 David Hyland 3 Alex MacQuarrie 4 Robyn Partridge

Saturday, 4th Aug 2018 Bathurst ITT Championship
Western Division Time Trial Championships --  Round 3 of the Club Road Series Champs
Course - 15km Perthville TT Course 
Overall Winners - 1Mark Windsor (21m12sec) 2Brad Rayner 3Richard Hobson 4Steven Dunstall 5Chris Couper
Female Winners - 1Jille Harris (26m09sec) 2Karlinda Robinson 3Hollie Simons 4Eliza Bennett 5Caroline Robinson
B Grade - 1David Reece (23m58sec) 2Luke Tuckwell 3Jono Cutler 4Luke Gilmer 5Jim Lavis
C Grade - 1Graham Stait (25m01sec) 2Rob Stephen 3Neville Krahe 4Mick Foran 5Jille Harris
D Grade - 1Caroline Robinson (27m38sec) 2Rosemary Hasting 3Norman Wise 4Chris Stott 5Alex MacQuarrie

Saturday, August 11, 2018 – Graded Scratch Races (Round 4 Road Series)
Course - 3Roads with Sutho Hill Finish - ROUND 4 of the Bathurst Club Champ Road Series
A Grade Brad Rayner Mark Windsor Josh Corcoran (Chris Couper Steve Dunstall)
B Grade Stuart Renshaw David Reece Jim Lavis Andrew McGrath Luke Gilmer
C Grade Glen Carter Graham Stait Rob Stephen Mick Foran Nev Krahe
D Grade Rosemary Hastings Garry Taunton Alex MacQuarie.

Saturday, 18th Aug 2018 – Hurt on DIRT (Round 5 Road Series)
Course – Guessingthorpe Duty Officers Jille Harris, Rob Stephen
Results TBC
A Grade - 1Brad Rayner 2Craig Hutton 3Richard Hobson 4Nick North 5Mark Windsor 6Josh Corcoran
B Grade - 1GrahamPeadon 2Charlie Cross 3Tony Shaw 4Daniel Googe
C Grade - 1ToireasaGallagher 2GrahamStait

Saturday, August 25, All In Handicap
Cancelled - Rain 

Saturday, September 1, 2018 - Graded Scratch Races
ROUND 6 Club Champ Road Series - Old Vale Circuit (A 52km, B 40km, C 29km D 17km)
A Grade 1Josh Corcoran 2Brad Rayner 3Chris Couper 4Mark Windsor 5Richard Hobson.
B Grade 1Daniel Googe 2Hayden Booth 3Charlie Cross
C Grade 1Toireasa Gallagher 2Damien Bennet 3Chris Davis
D Grade 1Rosemary Hastings 2Norman Wise 3Marian Renshaw

Saturday, September 8 2018 – Handicap 35km
Cancelled Rain.

Saturday, September 15 2018 - 15km Graded Scratch Race
ROUND 7 Club Champ Road Series Screamer (Newbridge Turn and Return)
A Grade: 1Craig Hutton 2Brad Rayner 3Chris Couper 4 Nick North
B Grade: 1st Daniel Went 2Glen Carter 3Luke Tuckwell 4 Mal Haig, 5 Jim Lavis
C Grade: 1st Toireasa Gallagher 2 Wayne Powell 3 Graham Stait 4 Rob Steven 5 Bruce Hutton
D Grade: 1st Norman Wise 2 Caroline Robinson 3 Rosemary Hastings
Female: 1Kalinda Robinson (B) 2Toireasa Gallagher (C) 3Jill Harris (C)

Coming Up ---

Saturday, September 22nd 2018
No Local Race due to the 2018 NSW Masters Road Championships at Molong & Orange

Saturday, September 29, 2018 - All In Handicap Sutherland Drive Hill Top Finish
Course– Cross-Rds to Sutho Drive for Finish-TBC-as FACEBOOK has October Long Weekend Vale Road Graded Scratch Race?
On Line Entries –
DETAILS - Saturday Handicap (WebScorer) or Scratch (Facebook)

Wednesday, October 3-7 Oct 2018– V8 Car Race Wkend
No Local Race due to Mt Panorama Car Race Canteen Duty
To register see -

Sunday, October 14, 2018 – Rockley Cup Handicap
ROCKLEY CUP TROPHY RACE Handicap - Perthville to Rockley then rtn to Rockley Mt Finish - TBC
DETAILS - All in Handicap from Perthville to Rockley with the finish via Georges Plains, Cow Flat Road to the KOM on Rockley Mount. Followed by Presentation at the Club House. Sign on will close at 8:30am. All riders must attend rider briefing before rolling out to start. $5 ENTRY FEE payable on the day. Roll out to Start Area from 8.45am. Re-group at designated Start Area for race start BEFORE 9.00am. TBC

Sunday, October 21 Club Handicap
Club Race Handicap (Rockley Cup Reserve)

Sunday, October 28 2018, Club Race Weekend
Conflicting reports - another Reserve weekend

Sunday, November 4th 2018 X Road Race
Round 8 of the Bathurst Road Series - Cross Roads race

Sunday, November 11th 2018 - Remembrance Day Race TBC
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