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Trofeo Citta di Brescia (UCI 1.2)
« on: July 09, 2018, 07:41:44 AM »
Tim's important DNF in the Trofeo Citta di Brescia

Maybe its races like the Trofeo Citta di Brescia (UCI 1.2) that really allow us to get a look at the roller coaster lifestyle of the full time cyclist.   

Tim Guy and his Ljubljana Gusto Xaurum team mates including Aussie Ben Hill where coming off the hype of their success in their home tour at Slovenia racing against some of the world great cycling teams.
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However, there is no time to sit back and pat yourself on the back; your back-in-the-saddle training the next morning and the following weekend there will be another race with another set of challenges. One of those challenges is the better you perform the greater the desire of your opposition to defeat you.

For Tim Guy the race was simply a build-up event for the Tour of Hungry next month, Tim hoping to get miles in those leg after a series of training interruption recently.

With the 121.8km Trofeo Citta di Brescia held in the evening and consisting of many laps of a short circuit in Brescia it was difficult to compare the conditions in Italy to anything they would experience in Hungry. Yet there is no point questioning this, as procycling is just about getting harder and tougher, and growing to meet the demands of all races as the sport is tough and you need to be versatile to survive.

BUT here are Tim Guy’s Comments after the race --
"Absolutely crazy. 5.5km circuit, 21 laps. Started at 8pm on a cobbled 1km decent with 5 switch backs. Got dark in first half hour, there were no lights on large chunks of the course and a thunderstorm hit 2 laps in."

In hindsight a cobble decent straight off the start would be a factor to consider prior to the event. There was no Big Tour rolling neutral starts with a relaxing nature break at the Citta di Brescia, it was just hyped up Italians. As you would expect only 23 finished the race which was won by the unsigned Italian Rocchetti Filippo in 3hr04m49s.

But as Tim knows now if you are going to race in Europe you need to bounce-up, adapt and grow.. because sadly humans don’t grow in the right direction in the comfort zone..

Tim explained that
"Ben and I both picked up a stomach bug a few days ago and I'm still battling. Have not eaten a thing."

Certainly this would explain why the boys where on the back foot from the start, Tim actually using the decent to get back on the pack after getting squeezed out the back in the surges.. Of course this is the opposite circumstances to normal with Tim more a climber, so strangely a weak point of Tim cycling was targeted in this event and he had to face it.

Tim has grown in the Citti De Brescia, he knows to survive on the cycling roller coaster and reach his potential, he has to find some positive when floundering around in the Uncomfortable Zone.. and grow to cope.. So I was impressed at the end of a very irate cantankerous negative Tim Guy Race Report when he finished with –

“Actually, the race was still pretty darn cool. Crazy Italians, but cool.”

Bounce-up, adapt and grow.. I am not expecting Tim to descend like Froome, but he will be better for the Citta di Brescia.. Wait a minute! How did Froome become such a good descender –
#Growing in the Old UnComfortable Zone!
#The Uncomfortable Zone, the secret to success!

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