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14.5km Screamer Scratch Race (Sept 15) – Round 7 BccSeries
« on: September 21, 2018, 06:27:48 AM »
14.5km Screamer Scratch Race – Round 7 Bathurst Road Series:
The 7th round 2018 Bathurst Road Rider of the Year Series was another 14.5km, often called the Screamer race. While there could be some debate whether this event is closer to a track race than a road event, it was the second round to use the format with round 1 of the Bcc Road Series using the same course.
This time round the winner of the A Grade was Craig Hutton defeating Brad Rayner and Dubbo’s Chris Couper defeating Nick North for 3rd.
B Grade was taken out by sprinter Daniel Went defeating Glen Carter and young star Luke Tuckwell with Oranges Mal Haig and  Jim Lavis rounding out the top 5.
Toireasa Gallagher defeated Wayne Powell in C Grade with Graham Stait finishing third in front of Rob Stephen and Bruce Hutton. While Norman Wise just defeated Caroline Robinson in a very close sprint in D grade with Rosemary Hastings finishing 3rd.
Top female performers on the day where Kalinda Robinson in B Grade and Toireasa Gallagher and Jillene Harris in C Grade.

Update on the Bathurst Road Series - TBC
With main challenger, Mark Windsor, away at the world triathlon championships Brad Rayner has turned his comfortable lead in A Grade to an unbeatable one with his 2nd in Round 7 behind Craig Hutton.
The B Grade title has been confused by the regrading of Glen Carter, after some dominate performances in C Grade, Glen solid second placing on the weekend behind Daniel Went will now possibly take him to the lead of the B Grade title infront of Hayden Booth, Dave Reece and Tony Shaw.
Rob Stephen still holds a comfortable lead in C Grade, while Rosemary Hastings has a huge lead in D Grade.

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