Author Topic: Duramana Road Graded Scratch Races  (Read 747 times)


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Duramana Road Graded Scratch Races
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:13:59 AM »
Jayson Austin Impressive:

Jay Austin has taken his first Bathurst race with a dominate display in the Duramana Road Graded Scratch Races. The tough 84km course looked to suit the former Sydney rider who has been impressive in training leading up to the event and was the favourite for the win.

Austin defeated Richard Hobson and Ryan O'Donnell in A Grade with Tony Barlow defeating Stephen Jackson and Hayden Booth in B Grade. Ironically Jackson and Booth are both C Graders and their success on such a tough course suggests the handicapper may have to reassess their marks before the next club event. Donna Scott defeated Cathy Adams in the D Grade race.

A Grade - 1 Jayson Austin 2:33:03 2 Richard Hobson 2:33:24 3 Ryan O'Donnell 2:33:39 4 Josh Cocoran 5 Jean Paul William
B/C Grade -1 Tony Barlow 3:05:06 2 Stephen Jackson 3:05:08 3 Hayden Booth 3:09:05 4 Steve Scott 5 Geoff Short
D Grade - 1 Donna Scott 2:01:32 2 Cathy Adams 2:08:19