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CycleSafe Bathurst Meeting No1 - 17 June 20
« on: August 18, 2020, 08:34:44 PM »
CSB Safety Meeting No.1 - Jun 17, 2020 5:00 PM
Zoom Meeting: Chaired Geoff Hastings

President’s report – Registering the association and the vision, membership drive, future meeting times and sites
Treasurer’s Report
Report from the Sub Committees
Council Interaction – Rob and Pete
Mapping – Mark. Bill Griffo
The 2011 Cycle plan analysis - everyone
Developing a brand Website, facebook, twitter etc
Making connections – who and what organisations?
Next steps

Present: Geoff Hastings, Wendy Hastings, Rob Barlow, Megan Rickard – Bell, Simon Coomans, Mark Windsor, Renee Covington, Bill Miller, Carly Sewell, Greg Griffith, Peter Simmons, Steven Scott
Apologies: Peter Wilson

Presidents Report
1.Meeting to be set from 5.30-6.30pm and continue with Zoom as a model – AGREED.  If F2F required, we can meet at TABLELANDS offices. Potentially TBC as monthly meeting
2.Registration of the Association.
a.Name is fine – Cycle Safe Bathurst
b.Association “Objects”?? – 3 aspects of Vision Statement:

This association exists to:
•Contribute constructively to evidence informed decisions about local safety priorities and infrastructure related to cycling.
•Promote a culture that encourages safe cycling and cooperative road use.
•Build partnerships with groups and individuals interested in active transport.
3.Need a Public Officer – to deal with Fair Trading. Nom Rob B; Sec Carly S. Needs to pay $180 registration– Geoff to pay and be re-imbursed.   CARRIED
4.Motion to create a not for profit incorporated  Association with the name Cycle Safe Bathurst, register it and with the name. Mov: Billy M; Sec Mega R-B   CARRIED

The old BADBUGS has about $1200 and old members agreed to pass the money to this group.
Moved Rob B for Megan to have access and give report to each meeting
Basic Operation will be that this Committee creates Sub-Committee who run with specific projects./tasks and they report to each meeting.

1.Council Interactions (Rob & Peter S) . Decided to put energy into a submission later rather than sooner that would have more chance of being successful. Andrew Cutts is Road Safety Cycle Officer for Council = community liaison.
Rob to organise a meeting with Council personnel.

2.Mapping group – Mark, Griff & Billy. Education and awareness of current mapping. Council, State (Find a Path) and look at Regional Councils. Blayney, Orange etc but not on public record. When MG meet with council, they will have background info. They will meet re Zoom/Skype next Wed.
Billy noted that there is sufficient information to create interactive maps.
Renee C noted Albury has done a very comprehensive public mapping and path infrastructure. Bike lanes in CBD, motel, hotel and Council there encourages it. Need to access that to take to our Council.
3.Other Councils’ activities
Carly will contact Albury & she will drive that group. Greg is interested in the online presence. Peter, +Wendy
Albury have printed versions and online access. High quality material.
If we have a model to use as a Case Study. We need to be able to leverage Council.

Bathurst 2040 Plan…. Needs money
Membership – we all need to get one more person to sign up.. Need an updated version (Inc the new photo)
Domain name – agreed. Mark to order.
Facebook page – but it should be closed. Mark, Geoff & Wendy to sort it.
Need a twitter account for media – branding again
Are we ready to do presentations?  Peter – need to agree on Communication Principles. Murray & Geoff to consider this.
Peter is developing some online questions to pilot with the committee.
Steven Scott – getting positive feedback re his Roundabout Alert. Can the group look at his Cycle Safe Roundabout Facebook. Geoff to forward it through.

Meeting Closed 6.00pm
Next Meeting 15th July 5.30pm – the third Wednesday of the month.

5. Mark W – reported Quote for the BBPinc was Management Liability $959 - Public Liability $780 (for $20 mill) also $33 intermediary fee
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