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Annual BDSRC Sports Awards
« on: March 05, 2019, 07:19:55 AM »
Emilie Miller the 42nd Bathurst Sportsperson of the Year
The 42nd Annual BDSRC Sports Awards was celebrated on International Womenís Day and very fittingly (8th March 2019) it was the Girls that took the two main honours on the night with World Champion Para Cyclist Emilie Miller winning the Elders Nicoll & Ireland Sportsperson of the Year Award and Oceania Junior Track Cycling Champion Eliza Bennett winning the Devro Junior Sportsperson of the Year Award.
Emilie Millerís story is one of amazing determination after a terrible swimming pool accident left her in a wheel chair.

Guest Speaker, NSW Swifts Captain & Suncorp Super Netballer Abbey McCulloch who has a double degree, had spoken of the importance for young athletes to have a Plan B or back-up plan in their Sporting Lives. Then Emilie Millerís win in the 42nd Bathurst Sportsperson of the Year brought that advice to life for all present at the BDSRC Award to see. Emilie had to completely restart her life Ė she locked in a very ambitious set of goals with her focus to win a world championship in 2018 Ė simply outstanding. 

Years ago I remember running past Emilie and her coach Toireasa Gallagher on a lonely section of bike path off Durham Street where Emilie was learning to ride. I remember clearly thinking at the time - this is just going to be too difficult for her. Every time I run past spot now I think of Emilie latest achievement and then recall that memory of her starting out. Her focus and determination has been outstanding.

Being asked to announce the winner of the 2018 Sportsperson of the year with Toireasa Gallagher (a two time winner) was special; as only a handful of years earlier on a quite Bathurst Cycle path there was Emilie, Toireasa and myself running past with Emilie totally focusing on getting that bike to simply move; then Friday night there I was again with Toireasa, but this time with the BDSRC committee, the leaders of the city and the Bathurst Sporting Community presenting Emilie Miller with Sportsperson of the Year, what an effort! Congratulation Emilie..   

42nd Annual BDSRC Sports Awards
Celebrating the outstanding achievements of Bathurst Sportspersons in 2018, the Annual BDSRC Sports Awards took place on  Friday 8th March 2019.
Awards Winners:-

Sportsperson of the Year Award sponsored by Elders Nicoll & Ireland Real Estate
Emilie Miller

Senior Sportsperson of the Year Award sponsored by Panthers & RSL Clubs Ltd
Bathurst St Patricks Women's Rugby League

Junior Sportsperson of the Year Award sponsored by Devro Pty Ltd
Eliza Bennett

Junior Team of the Year Award sponsored by Devro Pty Ltd
Bathurst Netball Association U17s Representative Team

Jean Alexander Award for Administrative Excellence
Lou Shehade

Organisational Excellence Award sponsored by Bathurst Fire Protection
Bathurst Panthers Rugby League Football Team

Coaching Excellence Award sponsored by Reliance Bank
Jaden Ekert

School Sport Team Award sponsored by Edgell Jog Committee
MacKillop College - Senior Basketball Team

Refereeing/Umpiring Distinction (Senior)Award sponsored by Steele + Co Law & Conveyancing
Nick Lander

Refereeing/Umpiring Distinction (Junior) Award sponsored by Steele + Co Law & Conveyancing
Bevan Sampson

Special Recognition Award sponsored by Western Advocate & 1503 2BS Gold
Will Cranston-Lown
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Re: Annual BDSRC Sports Awards
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2019, 07:21:44 AM »
Sports Awards an insight into Bathurst sporting history.

The modern era of the BDSRC Bathurst Sports Award started in 1977-with the cities traditional sports well recognised on the honour roll with members of the local Hockey, Cycling & MotorSport Groups the most successful in the Sportsperson of the year Award.

There have been 4 successful years for both Rugby & Golf, while Cricket, the first organised team sport in Bathurst (formed 1849) has 3 separate winners.
Of course Bathurst is famous for motor sport and 6 times the Bathurst sportsperson of the year has gone to locals involved in Motor racing however it is worth noting that 5 of those 6 years the winners where motor cyclists and rally drivers Greg Brown & Arthur Davis are the only car drivers in that group.

Topping the list is Hockey and Cycling with 7 wins each in the Bathurst BDSRC sportsperson of the year Award. Cycling was established in Bathurst in 1884 by the top cycling in the world at the time; the local club producing many famous National and International level sportsmen and women.

There is also no doubting that Bathurst is a high profile Hockey centre, with the sport holding a prominent position in NSW Hockey circles. Yet strangely it took a while for Hockey to get established in Bathurst with Major W E Foxall (President of the NSW Hockey Association) getting hockey started officially in the city in 1925. Unofficially however school teams had been play hockey games on the Goal Square (Machattie Park) decades before, with sticks they made from tree branches. But interestingly the first formal hockey played in Bathurst was by female teams before World War 1, with amazingly, menís hockey at that time mostly limited to skating rinks.

With Bathurst first hockey stars the girls of Pixie Ladies College it was very fitting that the first ever Bathurst BDSRC sportsperson of the year Award was a female Bathurst Hockey Player.

Considering how sport is quite segregated these days, another interesting fact with the development of hockey was the interest shown by the other established group in Bathurst to get the sport going. Of Course many of the local cricket clubs where keen to get involved in the winter off season, but also School teams and the Staff of the Experimental Farm, Military Forces and Gaol all keen to field teams in the inaugural Competition. However fitting with the recent theory that many of Bathurst best cyclists played hockey as juniors before becoming National Champions in Cycling was the fact that the Cycling Club attended the 1925 meetings to establish Hockey in Bathurst to enter a team in the competition.

Rugby was the first of the Football codes in Bathurst and 4 times members of that sport have won the Sportsperson of the year including international star Marty Roebuckís 2 wins in 1989 and 1991. Golf has taken the Sportsman of the Year award 4 times and is another of Bathurstís most long established sports with the Bathurst Golf Club believed to have formed in 1895 making it the 3rd club in NSW behind the Australian and Royal Sydney Golf Clubs.

The full break down of winners to the sport they performed-in is attached:-

7 Hockey & Cycling
6 Motor Sports
4 Rugby & Golf
3 Cricket
2 Equestrian Sports & Shooting & Basketball
1 Soccer & Swimming & Karate & Boxing
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Re: Annual BDSRC Sports Awards
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Women at the Bathurst Sportsperson of the Year Awards

In the 41 years of Bathurst BDSRC Sports Awards the Sportsperson of the year has been won (or co-won) 11times by female athletes. Yet symbolically the very first winner back in 1977 was National Hockey player Sally Coopes.

In recent years the major award has been going 50/50; with 8 wins each for Men & Women since 2003 in the Sportsperson of the year at the Bathurst BDSRC Sports Awards.

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