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2019 Jack McKay Memorial Handicap
« on: May 19, 2019, 09:48:43 AM »
2019 Jack McKay Memorial Handicap: (Jack Mackay (1919 – 1997) Bathurst Cycling Club Life Member).
To be run this year on the 19th May 2019 the Jack McKay Memorial Handicap celebrates the life of one of the biggest supporters of Bathurst Cycling. The event is one of the major trophy events on the Bathurst Cycling Club Calender originally part of a the Western Region Interclub Premiership and a City vs Country Challenge event; and a fitting memorial of one of Bathurst’s most popular cycling identities, Jack McKay(1919-1997).

Going under the alias of “Pedal or the Pedler” he spent over 50years in the local newspaper industry, and with friend Jack Gunning was responsible for the publicity that has provided the foundation for the club’s modern day profile, which has seen cycling in the local area develop into a high profile sport boosting a number of professional riders.

The Jack McKay Memorial Event started as the Bathurst round of the Western NSW Cycling Premierships with the inaugural event run in 1998, however former Club President Clive Laing was given the job to construct a trophy which was first awarded in 1999 event. The race has varied in distance over the years but has always included the infamous Caloola Hill which remains as the key part of the race today.

Jack worked as the clubs handicapper for many years (well as Timekeeper and Starter) so it was very appropriate to use the handicap format for Jack’s Memorial Race allowing riders of all levels to have a chance to feature in one of the club premier events.


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Re: 2019 Jack McKay Memorial Handicap
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Honour Roll - 2 Decades of Jack McKay Memorial Results
Of course the Jack McKay is appropriately a Handicap Event as he was a very successful handicap rider and proudly the handicapper for the Bathurst Cycling Club for many years.
The Handicap format allowing a race within a race with the trophy going to the first rider to the finish on handicap. However the times are also calculated to acknowledge the fastest rider over the course, obvious it is possible for the scratch markers to ride through the field to win both line honours and fastest time however in the first 20years of the McKay Memorial this has only happened twice, (in 2012 & 2016). With only one female winner in 20years (in 2002) a new trophy was added for the first female finisher.   

Jack McKay Memorial Handicap Winners
1998 Paul Amos (25min)
1999 Garry Taunton (16mins)
2000 Gareth Fuller (15mins)
2001 Brad Wright (9min)
2002 Jodie Martin (15mins)
2003 Bruce Goddard (29mins)
2004 Charlie Gascoyne (3mins)
2005 Mark Windsor (5mins)
2006 Michael Buttsworth (9min)
2007 Charlie Gascoyne (2min)
2008 Charlie Gascoyne (1min)
2009 Harrison Carter (16min)
2010 Billy Hutton (9min)
2011 Joe Summersby (36mins)
2012 Blair Windsor (scr)
2013 Steve Bennett (block)
2014 Steve Buckley (19m)
2015 Steve Scott (block)
2016 Dean Windsor (Scr)
2017 Hayden Booth (14min)
2018 Isaiah Bennett (21min)

Jack McKay Memorial Fastest Time Winners
1998 Mark Windsor
1999 Adrian Trevor
2000 Adrian Trevor
2001 Mark Windsor
2002 Dean Windsor
2003 Dean Windsor
2004 Owen McPhillamy
2005 Mitch Chapman
2006 Dean Windsor
2007 Charlie Gascoyne
2008 Charlie Gascoyne
2009 Blair Windsor
2010 Craig Hutton
2011 Michael Troy
2012 Blair Windsor
2013 Dean Windsor
2014 Jarrod Bell
2015 Craig Hutton
2016 Dean Windsor
2017 Ryan ODonnell
2018 Josh Corcoran

First Female – Jack McKay Memorial Handicap
1998 - Shannon Howe
1999 - Leanne Nicholls
2000 - Toireasa Ryan
2001 - Toireasa Ryan
2002 - Jodie Martin
2003 - Jasmine Taunton
2004 - Rosemary Hastings
2005 - Kerryn Windsor
2006 - Toireasa Gallagher
2007 - Vanessa Bennet
2008 - Rosemary Hastings
2009 - Jill Harris
2010 - Toireasa Gallagher
2011 - Toireasa Gallagher
2012 - Jodie Martin
2013 - Trina Compton
2014 – Lucy Hobson
2015 - Kirsten Howard
2016 Jodie Martin
2017 Jette McKellar
2018 Jille Harris


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Re: 2019 Jack McKay Memorial Handicap
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2019, 12:12:50 PM »
2019 Jack McKay Memorial Trophy
Front markers Garry Taunton and Scott Allen have combined brilliantly to take out the 2019 Jack McKay Memorial Handicap. Riding off 34minites the pair combined to hold-off the chasers which included the inform rider in Australia at the moment Will Hodges (Grafton to Inverell Winner) who rode off Scratch with Brad Rayner and Dubbo’s Chris Couper.

In a bold move, female rider Jette McKellar attacked the front markers on the hills forcing experienced riders Taunton and Allen to form an alliance get back on terms. The pair breaking clear of co markers Backhouse and Hyland and then catching at passing McKellar.

The 25minute markers David McKellar and Peter Wilson were the main challenges to the leaders in the final stages however the Middle & Back markers did finish fast with Charlie Gascoyne doing a big turn for Hickey and Windsor to give them a chance at getting a top10 finish.
It was Garry Taunton that was judged the winner, after he and Scott Allen crossed the finish line together, Jette McKellar chased the pair home in third place and also taking the lead Female Trophy for the second time having won it in 2017. Next was David McKellar and Peter Wilson.

David Eggleton was the first of the 20minute bunch in 6th place ahead of Brian Draper, Rob Stephen and Graham Stait with Steve Bennett from the 10minute bunch finishing fast to take tenth place.

Fastest Time went to Will Hodges (Olivers Real Foods) in a very slick 1h 05m 11sec with Simon Hickey and Mark Windsor 2nd and 3rd fastest. Charlie Gascoyne and Brad Rayner rounding out the top 5 fastest riders in the event after doing big turns for their co markers to get them into contention.

RESULTS - 2019 Jack McKay Memorial Trophy
Line Honours:
1Garry Taunton (34min15sec)
2Scott Allen (34min15sec)
3Jette McKellar (34min15sec)
4David McKellar (25min15sec)
5Peter Wilson (25min15sec)
6David Eggleton (20min30sec)
7Brian Draper (20min30sec)
8Rob Stephen (20min30sec)
9Graham Stait (20min30sec)
10Steve Bennett (10min)

Fastest Time:
1Will Hodges (1h 05m 11sec), 2Simon Hickey, 3Mark Windsor, 4Charlie Gascoyne, 5Brad Rayner

First Female: 1Jette McKellar
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