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2019 Bathurst Cycling Club Road Championships.
« on: June 09, 2019, 12:11:18 PM »
The first Bathurst cycling championships where held in 1885. Two title where held, both won by Robert Ashworth. In the endurance championship (8km) Ashworth defeated William Brown and John Hemsley - (he defeated Hemsley in the 1600m title at the Bathurst Sportsgound).
Although it is yet to be confirmed whether championships have been held every year since then, amazingly, Bathurst has continued to hold cycling events even through World War 1 when almost 70% of the cyclist went to war.

Bathurst A Grade Road Cycling Championships (Last 20yrs)
Bathurst Cycling Championships established 1885.
1998 1st Mark Renshaw 2nd Mark Windsor 3rd Rob Stephens
1999 1st Matt Farmer 2nd Mark Windsor 3rd Rob Stephen
2000 1st Mark Renshaw 2nd Mark Windsor 3rd Matt Farmer
2001 1st Andrew Carter 2nd Dean Windsor 3rd Mark Windsor
2002 1st Dennis Martin 2nd Dean Windsor 3rd Kane Brennan
2003 1st Dean Windsor 2nd Kane Brennan 3rd Mitch Chapman
2004 1st Dean Windsor 2nd Mitch Chapman 3rd Hamish Elliot
2005 1st Hamish Elliot 2nd Dean Windsor 3rd Owen McPhillamy
2006 1st Dean Windsor 2nd Drew Carter 3rd Mark Windsor
2007 1st Blair Windsor 2nd Spenser Flugge 3rd  Kane Brennan
2008 1st Blair Windsor 2nd Tim Guy 3rd Bruce Goddard
2009 1st Conor Trott 2nd Gus Tobin 3rd Craig Hutton
2010 1st Steve Bennett 2nd Jarrod Bell 3rd Bruce Goddard
2011 1st Craig Hutton 2.Harry Carter 3.Billy Hutton
2012 1st Craig Hutton 2.Steve Bennett 3.Harry Carter
2013 1st Blair Windsor 2.Craig Hutton 3.Harry Carter
2014 1st Steve Bennett 2nd Richard Hobson (Only 2 finishers due to Blizzard)
2015 1st Craig Hutton 2nd Nick North 3rd Brad Roughley
2016 1st Steve Bennett 2nd Brad Rayner 3rd Ryan O’Donnell
2017 1st Craig Hutton 2nd Ryan O'Donnell 3rd Jarrod Bell
2018 1st Bradley Rayner 2nd Mark Windsor 3rd Julian Wood

Grade Champions – Bcc Road Championship.
2000 TBC B Grade Tony Hogan C Grade Meg Windsor
2001 B Grade Toireasa Ryan C Grade 1st Luke Warren D Grade 1st Rosemary Hastings
2002 B Grade: 1st Brad Wright C Grade: 1st Steve & Frank Moon
2003 B Grade: 1st Glen McGill C Grade: 1st Craig McAllister D Grade: 1st Mark Gallagher
2004 B Grade: 1st Blair Windsor C Grade: 1st Allan Cunyngham D Grade: 1st Daniel Beckensale
2005 B Grade: 1st Steve Brilley C Grade: 1st Mark Simons D Grade: 1st Bjorn Lategan
2006 B Grade: 1st Ryan O Donnell C Grade: 1st Steven Moore D Grade: 1st Jody Parker
2007 B Grade: 1st Jodie Martin C Grade: 1st Daryl Thorncraft D Grade: 1st Tim Woodford-Smith
2008 B Grade: 1st Simon Hine C Grade: 1.Bruce Goodfellow D Grade: 1.Dominique Goddard
2009 B Grade: 1st Scott Allen C Grade: 1.Garry Taunton D Grade: 1.James Robinson
2010 B Grade: 1st HarryJones C Grade: 1.Brad Roughley D Grade: 1.Cintarra Micarelli
2011 B Grade: 1st Zach Baker C Grade: 1.Jamie Stephens D Grade: 1. Gary Baker
2012 B Grade: 1st Rhyle Baker C Grade 1.Josh Corcoran D Grade 1.Donna Scott
2013 B Grade: 1st Mark Eves C Grade: 1.Nathan Bankovic D Grade: 1.Garry Taunton E Grade: 1.Ken Birch
2014 B Grade: 1st Kirsten Howard C Grade: 1.Rob Stephen D Grade: 1.Rosemary Hastings
2015 B Grade: 1st Robert Stephen C Grade: 1Emily Watts D Grade: 1Chris McEwan
2016 B Grade: 1st Andrew Gordon C Grade: 1. Rob Stephen D Grade: 1. Jaz Lee
2017 B Grade: 1st Stuart Renshaw C Grade:  1st Rob Stephens D Grade:  1st Tom McClelland
2018 B Grade: 1st Julian Woods C Grade Rob Stephen D Grade Norman Wise

Bathurst Female Road Champions
2003 1st Jess Ridder, 2nd Toireasa Ryan, 3rd Meg Windsor
2004 1st Jodie Martin, 2nd Toireasa Ryan/Lindy Hou, 3rd Hanna Lee
2005 1st Toireasa Gallegher, Rosemary Hastings, Gerry Steida
2006 maybe - Jasmine Lee Kerryn Windsor Rosemary Hastings tbc
2007 1st Jodie Martin Jill Harris Rosemary Hastings
2008 1st Toireasa Gallagher Courtney Puzicha Dominique Goddard
2009 1st Anne McAlary Rosemary Hastings Carol Goddard
2010 maybe Cintarra Micarelli tbc
2011 maybe Jess Marshall Carol Goddard tbc
2012 maybe Donna Scott tbc
2013 1st Hollee Simons Toireasa Gallagher Jasmine Lee
2014 1st Kirsten Howard Jill Harris Toireasa Gallagher
2015 1st Kirsten Howard
2016 1st Stacey Fish Jill Harris Donna Scott
2017 1st Toireasa Gallagher tbc
2018 1st Toireasa Gallagher 2nd Rosemary Hastings 3rd Caroline Robertson

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Re: 2019 Bathurst Cycling Club Road Championships.
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2019 Bathurst Road championship:
(Also Rd 8 Bcc Road Series – So a number of Riders from other clubs also involved in the event)

In a repeat of last year event Bradley Rayner has defeated Mark Windsor in the 2019 Bathurst Cycling Clubs A Grade Road Cycling Championship.
After 5 laps of the historic Vale Circuit Racing circuit 8 riders raced onto the final set of climbs where Mark Windsor attacked and Rayner closed it down only to have Chris Couper break clear. After working with Mark Hoyer to come back into contention Stuart Renshaw tried to jump across to Couper however Charlie Gascoyne and Luke Tuckwell chased and the group came back together. Defeating Champ Brad Rayner jumped away again with a winning break with Windsor chasing him home in second and Daniel Googe sprinting over Charlie Gascoyne for the bronze medal.

Orange rider Drew Tuckwell out sprinted Dave Reece Jack Cannon Tony Shaw in the B Grade Championship with Rob Stephen outsprinting Kalinda Robinson for 5th

Braedon Smith was too powerfull for top Orange junior Xavier Bland and Penrith's Martin Dalitz in C grade followed it by Patrick Crump Mitch Bland David McKellar and Peter Wilson. Jette McKellar won the 2019 D Grade championship, and also finished second overall in the Top female title behind Kalinda Robinson.

2019 Bathurst Road Championship
A Grade - 1st Bradley Rayner 2nd Mark Windsor 3rd Daniel Googe
B Grade – 1st Dave Reece 2nd Jack Cannon 3rd Tony Shaw
C Grade – 1st Braedon Smith 2nd David McKellar 3rd Peter Wilson
D Grade – 1st Jette McKellar
Female title - 1st Kalinda Robinson Jette McKellar Toireasa Gallagher dnf
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