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Final Results 2019 Bathurst Road Series Championship
« on: June 27, 2019, 03:24:48 AM »
2019 Bathurst Road Series Championship
Rayner wins again in 2019.
2018 Bcc Road Series winner Brad Rayner made it 2 out of 2, successfully defending his Bathurst A Grade Title in 2019. In fact, the top two positions remained the same with former Club Champion Mark Windsor again finishing runner up to Rayner in 2019. WRAS representative Daniel Googe finished third in A Grade which was an excellent effort by the young rider who only moved into A Grade at the start of the season. 
A Grade also featured a number of other excellent performances with Will Hodges (Olivers), Craig Hutton (GPM) and Charlie Gascoyne all winning rounds in the series this season. Hodges the inform rider in Australia at the moment with wins at the recent Grafton to Inverell and Gunnedah to Tamworth, was undefeated in the series winning the first 2 rounds.

After finishing third last year David Reece was a big winner in the B Grade Series in 2019, having scored 174pts to Lithgow’s Glen Partridge’s 136points in second place. There where a number of big improvers in the 2019 series including Rod Esdaile and Jack Cannon who finished 3rd and 4th in B Grade with Lithgow legend Graham Stait rounding out the top5.

Toireasa Gallagher the top ranked female in the 2019 Series finishing 6th overall in B Grade but lonely 16points ahead of Nationally ranked junior rider Kalinda Robinson. The third ranked female rider in the 2019 Series was Jille Harris who finished 6th in C Grade.

David McKellar dominated C Grade scoring 188points however Braedon Smith was very strong in the final few rounds moving to second infront of Neville Krahe who was using the series in preparation for the World Age Championships in Poland later in the year. Peter Wilson is also off to the Worlds and he finished 4th in the C Grade series ahead of round 1 winner Wayne Powell.

Making it a double for the McKellar family Jette McKellar defeated Phil Cole in a good battle for the 2019 D Grade Road Series title. Phil Cole did hold the lead early in the series however Jette was a comfortable winner in the end joining her husband David and his cousin David Reece as Series Winners in 2019. Nice to see David Hyland back on the podium in D Grade, Hyland was a regular rider back in the 1990s who has made a comeback to cycling in recent years. Last year’s D Grade winner Rosemary Hastings was 4th after an injury this season while Gary Baker was an excellent 5th after missing a number of rounds

RESULTs - 2019 Bathurst Road Series Championship – 8 Rounds

A Grade:
1Brad Rayner (202), 2Mark Windsor (131), 3Dan Googe (99), 4William Hodges (71), 5Josh Corcoran (65), 6Charlie Gascoyne (45), 7Stuart Renshaw (55) 8Craig Hutton (26) 9Luke Tuckwell (16) Others - Chris Couper (Dubbo), Emily Watts (Syd Uni velo)
B Grade:
1Dave Reece (174), 2Glen Partridge (136), 3Rod Esdaile (119), 4Jack Cannon (110), 5Graham Stait (100), 6Toireasa Gallagher (81) 7Nathan Pearce (77), 8Kalinda Robinson (65)  9Ben  Taylor (53), 10Rob Stephen (46), 11Chris Davis (44) & Scott James (44), 13Tony Shaw (36), 14Jim Lavis (32), 15Steve Bennett (23), 16Rod Lovett (16), 17Brian Draper (1) Others Paul Whitfield (BMts) Drew Tuckwell (Org) David Eggleton (TBC)
C Grade:
1Dave McKellar (188), 2Braedon Smith (136), 3Neville Krahe (98), 4Peter Wilson (67), 5Wayne Powell (27), 6Cadel Lovett (24) & Jille Harris (24), 8Rob Barlow (22) & Darren Fenton (22), 10Jim Allan (18), 11Gary Theiss (13)
D Grade:
1Jette McKellar (196), 2Phil Cole (155), 3David Hyland (102), 4Rosemary Hastings (96), 5Gary Baker (76), 6Alex MacQuarrie (60), 7Marian Renshaw (52), 8Caroline Robertson (48), 9Norman Wise (22) & Greg Cross (22), 11Karen Tuynaman (20), 12Garry Taunton (2)

2018 Bcc Road Series:
A Grade 1.Brad Rayner, 2.Mark Windsor, 3.Steve Dunstall
B Grade 1.Hayden Booth, 2.Andrew McGrath, 3.David Reece
C Grade 1.Rob Stephen, 2.Neville Krahe, 3.Graham Stait
D Grade 1.Rosemary Hastings, 2.Norman Wise, 3.Alex MacQuarrie