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2019 John Butler Trophy & Harry Stephen Trophy
« on: September 15, 2019, 09:56:55 AM »
2019 John Butler Trophy & Harry Stephen Trophy

Sadly the prestigious John Butler Memorial race had the smallest field in it 44 year history on the weekend however the winner Jeremy Ryan of Cowra is a quality cyclist and his place on the winners honour roll is very deserved as his is a current Gold Medallist at the National Road Masters.
As expected Ryan attacked the A Grade field and rode away for a big win, finishing almost 7minutes clear of the next competitor Jack Cannon with Dan Googe third overall. It has been an impressive debut year for Jack Cannon as besides finishing 2nd overall he was the leading B Grade infront of Tony Shaw and Graham Stait.

Also contested on the day is the Harry Stephen Memorial C & D Grade Scratch Race, first run in 2017 this years event was won by David McKellar with Mrs Stephen on hand to present David with the trophy. Second in the event was Ray Thorn with Jette McKellar 3rd and top female on the day infront of Rosemary Hastings and Marian Renshaw.

44th John Butler Memorial Event:
1 Jeremy Ryan 2 Jack Cannon 3 Dan Googe (B Grade – 1Jack Cannon 2Tony Shaw 3Graham Stait)

3rd Harry Stephen Memorial Trophy:
1 David McKellar 2 Ray Thorn 3 Jette McKellar (First Female- 1Jette McKellar 2Rosemary Hastings 3Marian Renshaw)
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Re: 2019 John Butler Trophy & Harry Stephen Trophy
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This photo is the podium of 1974 Bathurst Senior Road Championship on the Peel Road – 1Ray Davis 2Robert Stephen 3 John Butler – with John Butler taking the top junior in the Bathurst titles.
Johnny had only just returned from the Australian Junior Championships in Port Arlington (Vic) with a top ten result.. That year he would also finish runner up in the Bathurst club’s roadman of the year.
Sadly only around a year later he would be killed on Mt Panorama at 19yrs old..
The Butler Race remains the premier Scratch Race Trophy on the Bcc Calendar as a memorial to him... worth noting the inaugural winner Rodney Crowe went on to win the Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic shortly after.

Past Winners - John Butler Memorial.
1976 Rodney Crowe
1977 Jim Burke
1978 Ken Burke
1979 Jim Burke
1980 Jim Burke
1981 Greg Clifton
1982 Greg Clifton
1983 Graham Stait
1984 Ray Davis
1985 Jim Burke
1986 Greg Clifton
1987 Jim Burke
1988 Rob Stephen
1989 Jim Burke
1990 Rob Stephen
1991 Darren Covington
1992 Darren Covington
1993 Graham Stait
1994 Graham Stait
1995 Dave Wilton
1996 Rob Stephen
1997 Rob Stephen
1998 Mark Renshaw
1999 Mark Renshaw
2000 Mark Windsor
2001 Kane Brennan
2002 Drew Carter
2003 Kane Brennan
2004 Dean Windsor
2005 Dean Windsor
2006 Mal Haigh
2007 Dean Windsor
2008 Dean Windsor
2009 Gus Tobin
2010 Blair Windsor
2011 Dean Windsor
2012 Billy Hutton
2013 Dean Windsor
2014 Jarrod Bell
2015 Mark Windsor
2016 Steve Bennett
2017 Craig Hutton (Harry Stephen Trophy C&D Grade – Rob Stephen)
2018 Craig Hutton (Harry Stephen Trophy C&D Grade – Rob Stephen)
2017 Jeremy Ryan (Harry Stephen Trophy C&D Grade – David McKellar)
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