Author Topic: 3Roads Handicap and Enticer Support Event - 8th March 2020  (Read 71 times)


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3Roads Handicap and Enticer Support Event - 8th March 2020
« on: March 08, 2020, 04:34:59 AM »
3Roads Handicap and Enticer Support Event
Big Week in local cycling with the annual Bathurst Cycling Classic to take place at the end of the week. The local cycling club held a club handicap on the popular 3Roads Course to kick things off.
Claire Kirby and Rosemary Hasting where the early leaders chased by the group of Phil Cole, Glen Partridge , Patrick Crump and recent trophy race winners Peter McKinnon and Nick Barrett.
There was plenty of experience in the 5min 30sec bunch with Toireasa Gallagher, Glen Carter, Tim Scott, Rod Esdaile and Scott James all working smooth and fast from the outset and looked to have a great chance in the windy conditions.
At the back of the field scratch marker Mark Windsor was desperately trying the catch the 2minute Block Group after Jack Cannon, David Reece and Blue Mountains rider Ian Grant started the race very fast.
On Quarry Hill Rosemary Hasting surged and opened up a big lead with Nick Barrett Patrick Crump and Nev Krahe looking the main treat. At the rear of the field the very fast start had split the groups which made backmarker Mark Windsorís task to ride through the field a lot easier. Windsor joining Gallagher and Scott James at the final turn and had moved into contention for a race win.
In a Classic Handicap finish, Hasting looked the winner one minute, only to be suddenly caught by 2 groups, with Mark Windsor and Toireasa Gallagher storming to the lead just before the finish. Windsor taking a narrow victory over Gallagher with Scott James chasing the pair to the line in third. Patrick Crump and Nev Krahe rounding out the top 5 in front the very unlucky Rosemary Hastings. Penrith club rider Ian Grant was an impressive 7th, recording 2nd Fastest Time in the race behind Mark Windsor. With Nick Barrett in 8th place, Jack Cannon and Rod Esdaile rounding out the top 10 in front of Peter McKinnon Claire Kirby, David Reece and Glen Partridge .
Meanwhile the club also held an Enticer Support event on the day with Lithgow riders Robyn Partridge taking a well-deserved win over Kerryn Windsor. Former top club rider Geoff Ryan taking 3rd place in front of Orange rider Kristy Crump.

3Roads Handicap event (8 March 2020) -- 1Mark Windsor (Scr) 2Toireasa Gallagher (5:30) 3Scott James (5:30) 4Patrick Crump (11min) 5Neville Krahe (11min) 6Rosemary Hastings (23min) 7Ian Grant (2min) 8Rosemary Hastings (23min) 9 Nick Barrett (11min) 10Jack Cannon (2mins)
Enticer Race -- 1Robyn Partridge 2Kerryn Windsor 3Geoff Ryan 4Kristy Crump

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