Author Topic: CycleSafe Bathurst Meeting No3 - 19 August 2020  (Read 2678 times)


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CycleSafe Bathurst Meeting No3 - 19 August 2020
« on: August 19, 2020, 11:16:44 PM »
Acknowledgement of Country
Reports on Projects
a.   Incorporation – Geoff
b.   Talking Points - Peter S, Geoff
c.   Website and Social Media presence – Mark
d.   Mapping Group – Mark, Bill, Greg
e.   Albury Link –peter Simmons follow up
f.   Membership Drive – Geoff
g.   Publicity with other organisations – Anyone
h.   Councillor connections – Geoff
i.   Public liability insurance – Geoff
j.   Council Bike Planning Action

Treasurer’s Report
General Business


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Re: CycleSafe Bathurst Meeting No3 - 19 August 2020
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2020, 04:26:43 PM »
Acknowledgement of Country:
Attendees: Peter, Simon, Geoff, Rob B, Wendy H, Mark W
Apologies: Murray, Greg Griffith.
Minutes Previous Meeting: Distributed prior to meeting

1.   Reports on Projects
(a)   Incorporation – Geoff

FIRST NEWSLETTER – has been published and feedback from folk and it has been well-received. One page in week 2 of the month. To keep members involved. So now we need a big membership drive. He will send each Committee members the link for membership…..
Now we’re ready to talk to other organisations…..
List of organisations that we could commit to talking to before the next meeting.
Peter - we can draw people’s attention to put them in the environment of a cyclist.
We want to get people to be interested and sign up

(b)   Talking Points - Peter S, Geoff
•   The newsletter gave a good outline – and give to new members
•   Bx  -we have equal rights on the road & people need to acknowledge our existence
•   Working with politicians at local and state level to achieve our goals….to make Bx more appealing for active transport users – the feel of the town
•   Road safety …..remind people about rules and we all identified with the danger FIRST POINT
•   The vulnerability of a cyclist
•   Fun and benefits of cycling…. Independence, freedom & fun WHY WE DO IT.
•   ROLE OF THE DRIVER – responsibility, lack of attention, rushing…..
•   CONNECTING PARTS OF BATHURST – simple signage, directions, green strip??

Make politicians aware of our existence before we get media involved. We don’t want to blindside them.
Geoff – greening groups & council members; Rob Rotary; Mark – bike clubs; Simon Seymour Centre & West BX preschool;

(c) Website and Social Media presence – Mark – website address.
Latest News – will take you to Minutes………
Discussions – action needs to be taken
Project updates – to Mark
Register link will take you to registering form
Twitter, Facebook …… news page with stuff that Mark finds. Money going elsewhere…..Facebook will be a closed site.

(d)   Mapping Group – Mark, Bill, Greg

(e)   Albury Link –Peter Simmons follow up – talked with traffic planner and they are in a good position. The Albury plan is all happening with many folk on board. They are looking at their routes, knowing what is working, and what’s not working. The contrast was palpable, with staff doing a good job.

Ribbon Gang Lane – advertising agency. $30, 000 grant and he has suggested some campaign ideas and they will create a campaign.
Moved Rob B sec Wendy – that committee work with them; Geoff to take the lead. It’s due next week.       CARRIED

(f)   Membership Drive – Geoff
See above
(g)   Publicity with other organisations – Anyone
(h)   Councillor connections – Geoff
Jess Jennings will support us and Ian North has replied and wants to have meeting
Need a repository of near misses
Mark W working on the same issues – we need a group to develop evaluation of near misses.
Develop a “survey” of members of their near misses. Use the forum to get near misses – get people who have had issues to put it up.
Hazard reporting – we need to own the data. We need this as another project

(i)   Public liability insurance – Geoff
(j)   Council Bike Planning Action -

Treasurers Report:   AGM Minutes required for bank account. Geoff to send to her.

General Business:
New members are always welcome -

Active Transport Plan in Orange….. need to get a copy and use at meetings.

Meeting closed 6.40pm
Next Meeting: 16 September.