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2017 Screamer/Dash
« on: December 19, 2017, 04:30:54 AM »
The 2017 Screamer:
Around the year 2000 Club Development Officer (JDO) Johnny Stephens re introduced a cycling event between Bathurst and Perthville & return, which would be the shortest event on the local Road Calendar and focused on Harold Buttsworths long standing race record. The event was referred to as the Record Breakers or The Screamer and later The Dash.
Although the race would change courses a number of time it remains today as a celebration of cycling on the Vale Road. Johnny Stephens re-introduced the Record Breakers “Screamer” event to pay respect for the past performances on the historical course; in doing so he made a connection to the earliest road cycling courses used in Bathurst.
Club records showing the Bathurst Pro Club racing on the course in the 1890s when the Safety Bicycle become more assessable, with a formal event contested by the League of Wheelmen racing on the course in September 26th 1896, while earlier in the 1890s the Cycling Union was using a Road Race loop course on the Vale Road.
The 2017 Screamer was won by Ian McEwen riding off 9 min Handicap with state junior rep Eliza Bennett second off 7minutes, 3rd was Claire Kirby riding off 9:30 min and the top 5 David Hyland and Tom McClelland.
Traditionally there is a big focus on Fastest time honors, and although well out of the placing, Cowra champ Will Hodges recorded a very impressive 19:36 for the event, while the Fastest female was Brooke Tuynman in 22:52