Author Topic: 2017 Remembrance Day Trophy Race:  (Read 559 times)


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2017 Remembrance Day Trophy Race:
« on: December 19, 2017, 05:11:14 AM »
David Hyland claims his biggest race win:
The Bathurst Cycling Club “Remember Them” Trophy is very stately silver cup in honour of the fallen Bcc Members who gave their life in the World Wars. The event is scheduled on, (or around) Remembrance Day with local soldiers Robert Dale, Jack Sandry, Kenneth Adlem, Ron Harper and Ivor Ezzy acknowledged on the trophy.
The long running road race, (starting in the 1940’s), gives riders of all levels an opportunity to win with a handicap format to decide the winner of the trophy. In fact since the trophy was reintroduced to the local cycling Calendar, the Backmarkers have never caught the very motivated outmarkers to claim the trophy. 2013 winner Michael Robinson having a lot to do with this, delivering a stirring introduction to the 2014 event explaining if there was ever a race where you try a little harder for the guys you a riding with, it is this race.
It was the out markers again winning in 2017 with David Hyland, riding off 18min taking the win from co marker John Kitchen with Eliza Bennett in third place with 12minute co marker Chris McEwan 4th ahead of Rosemary Hastings and Norman Wise both off 15minutes. Fastest Time going to Craig Hutton (Scratch) in 0:37:35