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2017 Harold Weal Trophy
« on: December 27, 2017, 06:52:41 AM »
David Reece wins 2017 Weal Trophy
David Reece has taken out the Harold Weal Trophy for 2017. The very historic award goes to the most consistent performer in Bathurstís two major Handicap events, (the Jack McKay Memorial and the Rockley Race).
Reece was a comfortable winner, defeating Rob Barlow and Hayden Booth with Bathurst Veterans Graham Stait and Rob Stephen next to finish in the ranking with Brian Draper and Darren Fenton. Top Female rider in the 2017 Weal Trophy was Jette McKellar. 
The Weal Trophy celebrates the Weal Families connection with local cycling, which goes back to the birth of the Bathurst Bicycling Club in the 1880ís when John Weal was the Club Treasurer. However it was his son Harold Weal who was the Bathurst Champion and Scratchmarker at the end of World War 1 who organized the Trophy in honour of his father and the Weal Family Connection to Bathurst Cycling.

2017 Harold Weal Trophy
1st David Reece
2nd Rob Barlow, Hayden Booth
4th Graham Stait
5th Rob Stephen, Brian Draper
7th Darren Fenton
8th Jette McKellar

Weal Trophy Winners (Last 10yrs):
2007 Craig McAlister
2008 Ryan ODonnell
2009 Harry Carter
2010 Simon Egar
2011 Joe Summersby
2012 Ben Taylor & Blair Windsor
2013 Mark Windsor
2014 Josh Corcoran
2015 Kirsten Howard
2016 Dean Windsor
2017 David Reece