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2022 National Club Esports Series
« on: August 23, 2022, 01:30:46 PM »
For any proof that AusCycling is taking the ESports very seriously check out their “General & Esports Technical Regulations” in the Link Below

Plus the announcement that:-
The winning Team in the 2022 Club National Esports Series will be awarded a special Jersey


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Re: 2022 National Club Esports Series
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2022, 01:33:10 PM »
Are you a member of the Bathurst Cycle Club and a Zwift Rider – why not join the BathurstCC ESport Team “BxCC” for the coming AusCycling Club National Club series.
To Join the Bathurst ESport Team – connect your Zwift account to a Zwiftpower account then Join BxCC – see below

No1. MAKE A ZWIFTPOWER ACCOUNT and connecting to your Zwift Account:
see instructions at


No2. You should be already login to Zwiftpower profile so you can Join the Bathurst Cycling Club Esports Team “BxCC” with this link.
There should be a “Join BxCC” in the top Right Corner.

No3. Auscycling ESport Rego
The Cycling Club will be in touch to get some contract for you to be register in the series

NOW you are a member of Bathurst BxCC - There are a few things worth doing before you race

You have to enter the race yourself - Easiest way is to use the Companion App – just scroll through the events to Wednesday 6:30pm and enter the correct grade –
THIS IS ALL CHANGING IN ROUND 7 as a Race Entry link will be emailed to you Now – More on that soon!!

Auscycling would like us add BxCC to our account name in Zwift (however haven't asked for it in Series 2 yet)
So you notice that many of the team member have updated the name field in their profile ie added (BxCC)
The BxCC logo should come up automatically in theZwiftPower results

At the moment we use basic blue Zwift Jersey.. It is called Basic 3 –
You just go to your Zwift garage to put that on.
While in the Garage you should have a bit of a think about the best setup for the next race.


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Re: 2022 National Club Esports Series
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2022, 01:33:47 PM »
Coming Rounds in the 2022 National Club Cycling Esports Series:

Round 7  6.30pm AEST Thursday 25th August                   
Sprinters Playground | Makuri Islands (2 laps, 25km)
NOTES – 1. Fast Aero Set up Required
2. 8 intermediate Sprints with big points for the top 10

Round 8  6.30pm AEST Thursday 1st September               
Figure 8 Reverse | Watopia (1 lap, 30km)

Round 9  6.30pm AEST Thursday 8th September               
London Classique | London (4 laps, 27.3km)

Round 10  6.30pm AEST Thursday 15th September           
Chain Chomper | Makuri Islands (2 laps, 27km)

Round 11  6.30pm AEST Thursday 22nd September           
Knickerbocker | NYC (1 lap 23km)

Round 12  6.30pm AEST Thursday 29th September           
Innsbruck (3 laps, custom finish top of Innsbruckring leg snapper, app 25km)


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Re: 2022 National Club Esports Series
« Reply #3 on: August 23, 2022, 01:35:30 PM »
Your ESports Rego 
While you don’t have to worry about this… there is a lot going on behind the scenes getting this sorted. Bottom line the correct connection to a Registered Club is required.
The big issue for round 7 this week is if Rego fails you will not get an entry link.
At this point we have lost some BxCC members in the ESport Process – meaning there is people on the current team list on the Auscycling WebPage who have been dropped from the team for this next round general due to licencing issues..

See Registered Team Tab on the ESport Club National Series page –
Fingers crossed the following will all get emails entry links – and all are going through the rego process at the moment..

Cathy  Adams D (Female)
Jenn Arnold C (Female)
Cal Baker B
Gary Baker D
Rhy Baker D
Zac Baker C
Alex Banner C (Female)
Luke Barbetti None
Nicholas B None
Steve Bennett C
Gavin Borg D
Jack  Cannon B
Matt Cowley None
Steve Cox None
Rodney Esdaile D
Brigette Evans None (Female)
Angela Falzarano D (Female)
Ella Falzarano D (Female)
Toireasa Gallagher D (Female)
Gary Hamer D
Rosemary Hastings D (Female)
Will Hodges B
Kirsten Howard C (Female)
Craig  Hutton None
Stephen Jackson C
Rodney Lovett C
Rebecca Manning B (Female)
Craig McAlister B
Thomas McClelland None
David Nicholas C
Bec O'Connor None
Trudy O'Connor None (Female)
Ryan O'Donnell None
Michelle Patton D (Female)
David Reece C
Laura Renshaw C (Female)
Marian Renshaw None (female)
Stuart Renshaw C
Joanne Renshaw  None (Female)
Michael Robinson  D
Claire Scott D (Female)
Craig Smith B
Ray Thorn None
Luke Tuckwell A
Fran  Walker None (Female)
Peter  Wilson C
Ace Windsor A

* the letter next to the name is the grading supplied to the rego process, this has become an issue due to the AusC Grade Control Rule and the switching off ACE for Round 7 -- Please read the attached Grading Note to be aware of the potential problems with the "Work-Around" rule going into Round 7.

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Re: 2022 National Club Esports Series
« Reply #4 on: August 23, 2022, 01:36:16 PM »
This is always a stressful part of entering a Zwift race.. The responsibly is on you to enter the correct grade which is worked off –
GRADE RANGES in Watts/KG as per July 2022
Men’s Grades - D Grade up to 2.49wKg - C grade up to 3.19wkg - B grade up to 3.99wkg - Meanwhile Women is the same except for B Grade women being up to 3.69wKg

These Grade ranges have resulted in some Grades/Categories holding a lot more competitors than others, eg B Grade in the Men is a huge field.. while D Grade and sometime C Grade is the biggest event in the female racing – resulting in very few in the women's A grade Category.

Consequently some racers ride up into the high grades in the womens event to build up the field size.. Strangely Auscycling has now introduced a rule to prevent this (Only able to ride up one category Rule).. Its clearly a work-around rule when really the problem is the lower numbers in the female events and dodgy handicap W/Kg ranges.

With ACE (Auto Cat Enforcement) turned off for Round 7 there is going to be Grade DQs.. this will be terrible if it is because on the NEW AusCycling Grade Control rule.. Plus there is a huge management issue in that Zwift grades change, so how does the Club or AusC manage this.. hence the 11:30am (23/08) Grade for the Round 7 team rego.

I have talked to Auscycling about it and they have agree it is a temporary Work–Around, and hoping common sense will prevail.. so if you are concerned ask a senior member of the Bathurst ESport team on what grade you should enter.

For more on the way the value is calculated that grades you check the conversation between myself and Jack Cannon about his Grade.. It actually is not worked off your FTP – it is the average of 95% of your best three 20min Power efforts in Zwift events over the last 3 months.

That leads to the next problem given it is worked out off the last 3 months a number of the experienced riders have lost or dropped in grade.. this again shows the concern about the NEW AusCycling Grade Control rule… as we have the stage situation of 2 NRS female riders only being able to ride C and B Grade while the new novice members could actually ride A Grade because they officially have no grade allocated in ZwiftPower.
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