Author Topic: June CrossRoad Graded Scratch Races  (Read 765 times)


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June CrossRoad Graded Scratch Races
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:45:52 AM »
17th June Club Race:
With the Rockley Race only a week away the Bathurst Cycling Club held Graded Scratch Races on the Tough Cross Road Course Today.
In A GRADE Orange riders Simon Hickey, Harry Bryant and Charlie Gascoyne were all prominent early however on Caloola Climb Gascoyne Mark Windsor Kirsten Howard Steve Scott got clear from the hard chasing Stuart Renshaw Stephen Dunstall. After a series of attacks Charlie Gascoyne got clear to take the win, with Mark Windsor second in front of Kirsten Howard with Steve Scott continuing to improve to finish 4th in front of Steve Dunstall and Stuart Renshaw who just failed the catch the bunch after chasing from the climb.
In B GRADE Bruce Goddard defeated Geoff Short in the sprint with Jim Lavis third infront of Drew Tuckwell, David Reece Brian Draper, Rob Stephen and Graham Stait
In C GRADE Lithgow's Glen Partridge defeated breakaway partners Rob Barlow & Nev Krahe in the C Grade race after the unlucky Luke Tuckwell suffered a puncture in the closing stages. Donna Scott was 4th infront of John Howe with Brett Dinger, Darren Fenton, Kalinda Robinson, Toireasa Gallagher and Mick Robinson rounding out the top 10
Former top Bathurst Sportsman Greg Griffiths defeated David Hyland in the D Grade Scratch Race