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2017 Rockley Cup
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:46:57 AM »
Handicaps for the 2017 Rockley Cup:

Jeremy Ryan, Craig Hutton, Ryan O’Donnell, Mark Windsor

Harry Bryant, Charlie Gascoyne, Billy Hutton, Kirsten Howard

Steve Dunstall, Steve Scott

10 minutes:
Bruce Goddard, Jim Lavis, Hayden Booth, Geoff Short

14 minutes:
Steve Bennett, Nathan Maher, Andrew Carter

18 minutes:
Dan Kirby, Rob Stephen, David Reece, Brian Draper

21 minutes:
David McKellar, Glen Partridge, Bruce Hutton

25 minutes:
Peter Wilson, Rob Barlow, Nev Krahe, Rob McAlary

28 minutes:
Darren Fenton, Brett Dinger, Donna Scott, Graham Stait, Jette McKellar


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Re: 2017 Rockley Cup
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2017, 10:48:15 AM »
Scratch marker wins the 2017 Cup:
Cowra’s hard riding cyclist Jeremy Ryan (riding for the Goulburn Cycling Club) has brilliantly won the 2017 Rockley Cup, ride through the field from Scratch to defeat Lithgow cycling legend Graham Stait in the final 50m of the 70km event.
Donna Scott who is in training for the world Gran Fondo Championship in France was the first female home…. (More Soon)

RESULTS 2017 Rockley Cup: (Top 25 across the line -- ie Results on Handicap)
1.Jeremy Ryan Scr (Cowra) 2.Graham Stait 28min (Lithgow) 3.Brian Draper 18min (Bathurst) 4.Darren Fenton 28min (Rockley) 5.David Reece 18min (Bathurst) 6.Charlie Gascoyne 2min (Orange) 7.Steve Bennett (Bathurst) 8.Rob Barlow 25min (Bathurst) 9.Peter Wilson 25min (Bathurst) 10.Nev Krahe 25min (Bathurst)
then came:- BrettDinger Bruce Goddard Steve Scott Jim Lavis Hayden Booth Ryan ODonnell Steve Dunstall David McKellar Donna Scott Rob Stephen Kirsten Howard Glen Partridge Rob McAlary Craig Hutton Mark Windsor

Female Rockley Cup: 1.Donna Scott 2.Kirsten Howard 3.Jette MKellar

Fastest Time (Top10): Jeremy Ryan 1h47m44s then - Charlie Gascoyne Ryan ODonnell

Little Rock Trophy: 1.Greg Griffith 2.Simon Snare 3.Daryl Dinger