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Western NSW Interclub Series 1990's
« on: November 05, 2017, 08:28:46 AM »
Central Western Challenge:
Under Construction --

Inaugural Western NSW Interclub Triathlon Challenge:
The early Dubbo and Orange Triathlon events had quite and impact on the Central West in the 1980s, with a number of Western NSW regions developing local clubs resulting in some well run club triathlon series in the 1990's - Mudgee's successful Macquarie Valley Summer Series (headed by Nick Kastelein and Vickki Cannon) just one of the examples of the rapidly developing Triathlon Club Culture in the Central West.
With promoters Sports West scaling down there very successful annual Orange Triathlon, the local Orange Club was looking at a new approach in the late 1990's. So The well established central west triathlon clubs discussed a regional championship, with Mudgee's Nick Kastelein, Orange's Mark Chapman, Cowra's Harry Gamball, and Dubbo's Dougy Beal (and their clubs) getting together to work out the details.

The initial plan was to develop the championship on the successful NSW Clubs Format- So in the Summer of 1997/98 on the 8th March 1998 the inaugural event was held at Orange between teams from Dubbo, Mudgee, Cowra & Orange on their proven 500m swim 20k bike 5krun course. The points awarded on the day to decide the championship where calculated on the top 5 men and women in both the Open Seniors and the Junior Category.


1997/1998 Central Western Triathlon Championships
8th March 1998 and Oranges Lake Canobolas Course
1997/1998 Winners - Mudgee Triathlon Club

1998/1999 Central Western Triathlon Challenge Championships
In 1998/1999 the concept was changed to a series of 2 rounds with Cowra holding Round 1 December 1998 and Mudgee holding the final on the 21 March 1999 at the Mudgee Pool. Cowra lead after the first round but Mudgee to strong in the final round.
1998/1999 Winners - Mudgee Triathlon Club

RESULTS Mudgee (21 March 1999) at Mudgee Pool
Senior Male Placings - 1Nick Kastelein (Mudgee) 2Jason Pattison (Mudgee) 3Scott Stevenson (Dubbo) 4Jeremy Ryan (Cowra) 5Mark Windsor (Bathurst)
Senior Female Placings - 1Kim Thomas (Mudgee) 2Rhonda Gainsford (Mudgee) 3Rebbecca Rolls (Dubbo) 4Giselle Denley (Mudgee) 5Karen Salmon (Dubbo)
Junior Male Placings  - 1James McMillan (Orange) 2Nathan Evans (Mudgee) 3Josh Ludwick (Mudgee) 4Matt Murphy (Mudgee) 5Brett Thoms (Cowra)
Junior Female Placings - 1Leanna Nichols (Orange) 2Tania Murphy (Mudgee)  3Lisa Marhoff (Mudgee)

Top Mudgee Male Performers - Nick Kastelein, Jason Pattison, Nathan Evans, Steve Hawkins, Josh Ludwick, Adam Mort, Tony Muller, Matthew Murphy, Mark Roth, Tim Russell, Robert Spearman, Greg Wilson, Michael Sharp, Vic Southgate, Paul Amos
Top Mudgee Female Performers - Kim Thomas, Rhonda Gainsford, Giselle Denley,

Top Dubbo Male Performers - Scott Stevenson, Craig May, Warren Gawthorne, Chris Brook, Jeff Sargent, Ian Hawkins, Doug Beal
Top Dubbo Female Performers - Rebbecca Rolls Karen Salmon

Top Orange Male Performers - James McMillan, Mark Chapman, Tony Cummins, Bruce Smith
Top Orange Female Performers - Leanne Nicols

Top Cowra Male Performers - Jeremy Ryan, Brad Carroll, Mark Fisher, Brett Thoms, Kendall McMaster, Andrew Fishers

Bathurst didn't have a club - Mark Windsor competing for Mudgee
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