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Local Racing Events & Results for 2021
« on: February 07, 2021, 10:10:39 PM »
2021 Bathurst Cycling Club Road Season:
See Bathurst Cycling Club Website/Facebook for official information

Sunday, January 3, 2021 – No Race

Sunday, January 10, 2021 - 29km Quarry 2Rds Handicap + E grade enticer
RESULTS 1Nic Barrett 2David Reece 3Tony Shaw 4Ray Thorn 5Rodney Esdaile
Fastest Time - 1Mark Windsor 43:07 2Jack Cannon 3Craig Hutton
First Female – Jille Harris; Fastest female – Toireasa Gallagher

Sunday, January 17, 2021 - Ryan's 2 Rds handicap 29km + E grade 18km enticer
RESULTS 1Stuart Renshaw (4min), 2Ray Thorn (4min), 3Drew Tuckwell (4min), 4David Reece (4min),
5Tony Barlow (4min)
Fastest Time - 1 Nick North 42:54, 2Mark Windsor, Jack Cannon
First & Fastest Female – Rosemary Hastings

Sunday, January 24, 2021 - 18km Screamer Handicap + E grade 18km enticer
RESULTS 1Luke Tuckwell (Scr) 2Ebony Robinson (6min) 3Xavier Bland (1m45s) 4Nic Barrett (1m45s) 5Nick North (1min)
Fastest Time - 1Luke Tuckwell 22:58 (record) (Finley Moutter DQed 22:57)

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 – Bcc Australia Day Handicap
Ryan’s 2 Rds Handicap + E grade 18km enticer
RESULTS - 1Steve Bennett (4:30) winnerstime 43:40, 2Vanessa Bennett (6:15), 3Cadel Lovett (4:30), 4Jack Cannon (2:45), 5Geoff Short (6:15)
Fastest Time - Stephen Cuff 39:45 Fastest Female - Vanessa Bennett 45:30

Sunday, January 31, 2021 - Quarry 2 Rds Graded scratch Races + E grade enticer
A Grade: 1Finley Moutter 2Craig Hutton 3Stephen Cuff 4Taylor Forrest 5Malachi Covington 6Mark Windsor
B Grade: 1Nic Barrett 2Oscar Hansen 3Steve Bennett 4Scott James 5Ray Thorn 6David Reece
C Grade: 1Rod Esdaile 2Peter Wilson 3Rob Stephen 4Mick Foran 5Jille Harris 6Ebony Robinson
D Grade: 1Kevin Bell 2Peter Hickey 3Cathy Adams 4Rosemary Hastings - E Grade: 1Tracey Robinson

Sunday, February 7, 2021 - Individual Time Trial 15km (TT Course)
RESULTS A Grade – Nick North 20:44, B Grade – Tony Shaw, C Grade-Toireasa Gallagher, D Grade-Cath Adams, E Grade-Robyn Partridge.

Sunday, February 14, 2021 – 3Roads all in handicap + E grade enticer
RESULT - 1Steven Scott (5mins) 2Oscar Hansen (5mins) 3Ray Thorn (5mins) 4David Reece (4mins) 5Will Lesh (5mins) 6Ebony Robinson (12mins) 7Tony Shaw (4mins) 8Vanessa Benett (4mins) 9Steve Bennett (4mins) 10Bruce Hutton (13min30sec)
Fastest Time - 1Craig Hutton 1:00:13, 2David Nicholas 3David Reece
First Female - Ebony Robinson, Fastest Female - Vanessa Benett 1:01:31
E Grade – 1Tracey Robinson 2Kristy Crump

Sunday, February 21, 2021 - XRoads 49km all-in handicap + 26km E grade
RESULTS - 1Stuart Renshaw (2min) 2Nicholas Barrett (2min) 3Steven Scott (3m30s) 4Steve Bennett (3m30s) 5Will Lesh (3m30s) 6Rod Esdaile(6min) 7David Nicholas (Scr) 8Jack Cannon (Scr)9 Mick Foran (8min) 10Geoff Short (8mins)
Fastest Time - David Nicholas 1:13:02 First Female – Rosemary Hastings Fastest Female – Cathy Adams 1:45:21

Sunday, February 28, 2021 - 3Roads all in handicap + E grade enticer
1Charlotte Lovett 24min 2 Peter Hickey 24min 3Tom Bolton (Scr) 4Cadel Lovett (5:30min) 5Will Hodges (Scr)
Fastest - 1Tom Bolton 55:20 2Will Hodges 3Simon Hickey – Fastest Female Charlotte Lovett 1:17:57

Sunday, March 7, 2021 – Rd 1 Bathurst Road Series – Ind Time Trial
A Grade  1Jeremy Ryan 2Craig Hutton 3Mark Windsor 4Jack Cannon 5Nick Barrett
B Grade 1Stephen Bennett 2Tony Shaw 3David Reece 4 Geoff Short 5Mark Simons
C Grade 1Damien Bennett 2Darren Fenton 3Phil Stapleton 4Mick Foran 5Rob Stephen
D Grade 1Cathy Adams 2Kevin Bell 3Rosemary Hastings 4David Hyland 5 Rebecca O'Connor
Para Title - 1Emilie Miller
Female Championship - 1Toireasa Gallagher 2Jille Harris 3Cathy Adams 4Rosemary Hastings 5Brooke Tuynman

Sunday, March 12-14, 2021 – 2021 Bathurst Cycling Classic
Renshaw pedal Project Hill Climb – Mt Panorama 12/03/2021
Division 1 Men - 1st Samuel Hill Tamworth 6:45.07 2nd Ben Hill
Division 1 Women - Emily Watts Sydney Uni Velo 8:26.21 2nd Gina RICARDO Sydney Uni Velo     
Division 2 Men - 1st Brayden Bloch Randwick Botany 7:53.85
Division 2 Women - 1st Erin Chamberlen Randwick Botany 9:43.80
Division 3 Men - 1st Malcolm Taylor Randwick Botany 8:51.00
Division 3 Women - 1st   Jasmine Lamont Central Coast 11:21.54
Ride Male - 1st Mark Renshaw Bathurst 8:34 2nd Mark Windsor 3rd Michael Troup
Ride Female - 1st Anna Murray 10:51.75 2nd Jemima Paxton 3rd Helen Springer

Saturday March 13, 2021. Tour de Cure Bathurst Cycling Classic Criteriums
Division 1 Men - 1st Tom BOLTON Dulwich Hill – Olivers, 2nd Stephen CUFF Penrith CC - Avantias, 3rd Ben HILL Canberra – BridgeLane
Division 1 Women - 1st Emily WATTS Sydney Uni Velo Club, 2nd Gina RICARDO Sydney Uni Velo Club, 3rd Nicole WILSON Sydney Uni Velo Club   
Division 2 Men - 1st Brayden BLOCH Randwick Botany, 2nd Robbie ALLEN Randwick Botany, 3rd Maximilian CYRESZKO St George
Division 2 Women - 1st Peta BRILL Vikings, 2nd Erin CHAMBERLEN Randwick Botany, 3rd Joan KUHRMANN Manly Warringah CC
Division 3 Men – Naturalised due to fall
Division 3 Women -1st Dominique HENRY Sydney, 2nd Jasmine LAMONT Central Coast, 3rd Anna WATT Inverell

Bathurst Cycling Classic B2B Stage3 Result
Division 1 Men – 1st Samuel Hill 2:27:59, 2nd Tom Bolton 3rd Ben Hill
Division 2 Men – 1st Bob Brace 2:43:01, 2nd Brayden Bloch 3rd Ben Treble   
Division 3 Men – 1st Ross Bowles 2:58:00, 2nd Adam Hartard 3rd Matthew Passerini
Division 1Women - 1st Emily Watts 2:58:58, 2nd Gina Ricardo 3rd Nicole Wilson
Division 2 Women - 1st Erin Chamberlen 3:04:42, 2nd Sheryl Rotondo 3rd Joan Kuhrmann
Division 3 Women - 1st Jasmine Lamont 3:19:51 2nd Dominique Henry 3rd Anna Watt
RIDE Category MALE: 1st Andrew Hellmich 2:43:37.56 2nd Nicholas Barrett 2:43:45.76 3rd Jack Cannon 2:43:46.20
RIDE Category FEMALE – 1st Megan Scott 2:58:38.40 2nd Eloise Warren 2:59:27.29 3rd Shaneen Marshall 2:59:55.28

Sunday, March 21, 2021 - Rd 2 Bathurst Road Series – TwoRoads Course
RESULTS - Round 2 of the 2021 Renshaw’s Pedal Project Road Series
A Grade – 1Simon Hickey 2Nic Barrett 3Jack Cannon 4Mark Windsor 5Ian Grant
B Grade – 1David Reece 2Ray Thorn 3Tony Shaw 4Cadel Lovett 5Steve Bennett
C Grade – 1Damien Bennett 2Rob Stephen 3Phil Stapleton 4Glen Carter
D Grade - 1Charlotte Lovett 2Kevin Bell 3David Hyland 4Peter Hickey 5Cathy Adams

Sunday, March 28, 2021 - 3Roads all in handicap + E grade enticer
RESULT - 1Geoff Short 2Phil Stapleton 3Rob Stephen 4Cadel Lovett 5Charolette Lovett
Fastest Time - Cadel Lovett (FT 58:55) 2Stuart Renshaw 3Jack Cannon /  Female Charlotte Lovett (75m10)

Friday, April 2, 2012 - Good Friday College Rd Loop scratch races
A Grade 4laps - 1Will Hodges 2Jeremy Ryan 3Mark Windsor (Fastest Lap Will Hodges 11:35)
B Grade 4laps - 1Steve Bennett 2Ella Falzarano 3Steven Scott (Fastest Lap Ella Falzarano 12:25)
C Grade 3laps - 1Tim Roebuck 2Ebony Robinson 3Robert Stephen (Fastest Lap Tim Roebuck)
D Grade 3 laps - 1Josh Ryan 2Kevin Bell 3Cathy Adams

Sunday, April 4, 2012 - Easter 40km 3 Rds Handicap
RESULTS – BCC Easter Handicap: 1Rosemary Hastings(33min) 2David Hyland(26min) 3Jeremy Ryan(2min) 4Mark Windsor(3min) 5Ella Falzarano(8:30) 6David Reece(4:30) 7Cathy Adams(26min) 8Bradley Rayner(8:30) 9Josiah Cooke(4:30) 10Nic Barrett(3min)
Fastest Time - 1Jeremy Ryan 58:30 2Mark Windsor 59:30 3Nic Barrett 1:00:09
Fastest Female - 1Ella Falzarano 1:05:01 2Cathy Adams 1:22:32 3Rosemary Hastings 1:28:01
E grade 24km enticer – 1Tracey Robinson 2Robyn Partridge

Saturday April 10, 2021 - Round 3 Bcc Road Series- 18km "Screamer" scratch
A Grade – 1 Simon Hickey 2 Mark Windsor 3 Jack Cannon
B Grade – 1 Steve Bennett 2 Bradley Rayner 3 Ray Thorn
C Grade – 1 Glen Carter 2 Damien Bennett 3 Robert Stephen
D Grade – 1 Kevin Bell 2 Peter Hickey 3 Brooke Tuynman

Saturday April 17, 2021 - Round 4 Bcc Road Series- "Hurt on the Dirt" scratch
A Grade – 1Craig Hutton 2Simon Hickey 3Nick Barrett 4Mark Windsor 5Cadel Lovett
B Grade – 1Steve Bennett 2Ray Thorn 3David Reece, 4Will Lesh 5Tony Shaw
C Grade – 1Phillip Stapleton 2Damien Bennett 3Rod Esdaile 4Robert Stephen 5Wayne Powell
D Grade – 1 Kevin Bell 2Lachlan Crump 3David Hyland 4Peter Hickey 5Will Jeffress
Top Female - 1Charlotte Lovett 2Ebony Robinson 3Cathy Adams 4Marian Renshaw 5Robyn Partridge

Saturday April 24th 2021 Isaac Maher ANZAC "Flatlands" 29km Ryans 2 Rds
RESULTS – 1 Michael Robinson (13min), 2 Scott Allen (20min), 3 Kevin Bell (13min). 4 Peter Hickey (16min) 5 David Hyland (16min), 6 Peter Tutty (20min), 7 Lara Allen (20min), 8 Rob Stephen (6min), 9 Damien Bennett (6min), 10 Gary Thiess (16min)
Fastest Time - 1Cadel Lovett (43:47) 2Mark Windsor 3Jack Cannon
First Female – 1Lara Allen (20min) 2Donna Scott (11min) 3Rosemary Hastings (20min)

1/05/21 Round 5 Bcc Road Series 40km - 3 Roads scratch with St John's Rd finish
Round 5 of the Renshaws Pedal Project Bathurst Road Series Results
A Grade Craig Hutton Jack Cannon Jeremy Ryan Nic Barrett Mark Windsor
B Grade Steve Bennett David Reece Graeme Peadon
C Grade Glen Carter Damien Bennett Robert Stephen
D Grade Kevin Bell Jillene Harris Gary Theiss

08/05/21 3Roads Handicap
Overall - 1Bradley Rayner (3:15) 1:06:00 2Jack Cannon (Scr) 3David Reece (3:15) 4Cadel Lovett (Scr) 5Tony Shaw (3:15) 6Charlotte Lovett (13:45) 7Mark Windsor (Scr) 8Damian Bennett (8:45) 9Phillip Stapleton (8:45) 10Scott James (8:15) - Fastest Time - Jack Cannon (1:02:45) - First Female - Charlotte Lovett

15/5/21 Round 6 Bcc Road Series-Rockley Mt loop scratch
RESULTS Round 6 Renshaws Pedal Project Road Series
A Grade - 1Will Hodges 2Tom Bolton 3Nic Barrett 4Jack Cannon 5Cadel Lovett 6Mark Windsor -DNF Luke Tuckwell DNS Josh Corcoran
B Grade - 1Bradley Rayner 2Steve Bennett 3Xavier Bland 4David Reece 5Will Lesh 6Tony Shaw 7Drew Tuckwell 8Oscar Hanson 9Patrick Crump -DNS Ray Thorn Rodney Lovett Scott James
C Grade – 1Phil Stapleton 2Robert Stephen 3Cameron Crump 4Ebony Robinson 5Rod Esdaile - DNS Charlotte Lovett Darren Fenton
D Grade - 1Kevin Bell 2Gary Theiss 3David Hyland 4Peter Hickey 5Cathy Adams 6Rosemary Hastings - DNS Jille Harris John Kitchen Peter Tutty
E Grade - 1Kristy Crump 2Lachlan Crump - DNS Robyn Partridge

22/05/21 Jack MacKay 50km X-Roads Memorial Handicap - 22/05/2021 - Presented by Bathurst Isuzu Ute
RESULTS - 1Bradley Rayner (3min) 2David Reece (3min) 3Damien Bennett (9min) 4Will Lesh (3min) 5Tony Shaw (3min) 6Scott James (9min) 7Darren Fenton (13min) 8Jille Harris (16min) 9Brian Draper (13min) 10 Lachlan Crump (21min) Then - Gary Theiss Cadel Lovett Michael Robinson Kevin Bell Rob Stephen Cameron Crump Peter Hickey Mark Windsor Patrick Crump - Fastest Time - Bradley Rayner 1:16:18 - First Female - Jille Harris

29/05/21 “Bathurst Isuzu Ute” Sutho All-In Handicap
Quarry 2 Roads handicap (Sutherland Dr finish)
RESULTS – 1Nic Barrett (2:45min), 45m50s; 2Damien Bennett (8:30min); 3Rob Stephen (8:30min); 4Jille Harris (11:30min); 5Peter Wilson (11:30min); 6Kevin Bell (11:30min); 7Toireasa Gallagher (11:30min); 8Neville Krahe (11:30min); 9Peter Hickey (16:30min); 10Will Lesh (3:30min)
Fastest Time – 1Will Hodges 45m30s 2Nic Barrett 3Mark Windsor
First Female - 1Jille Harris 2Toireasa Gallagher 3Rosemary Hastings

5/06/21 Round 7 Bcc Road Series-40km 3 Roads scratch with Sutherland Drive finish
A Grade - 1Jeremy Ryan 2Cadel Lovett 3Craig Hutton 4Mark Windsor 5Jack Cannon
B Grade - 1Will Lesh 2Dave Reece 3Steven Scott 4Brad Rayner 5Ray Thorn
C Grade - 1Damien Bennett 2Charlotte Lovett 3Tim Roebuck 4Mick Foran 5Rob Stephen
D Grade - 1Lachlan Crump 2Peter Hickey 3David Hyland 4Cathy Adams 5Rosemary Hastings

12/06/21 3Roads Handicap
Results –Bathurst Isuzu Ute Handicap – 12th June 2021.
1Tom Bolton (Scr) 2Will Hodges (Scr) 3Cadel Lovett (1min) 4Nev Krahe (18:30) 5Kevin Bell (18:30) 6Mark Windsor (1min) 7David Nicholas (1min) 8Jack Cannon (1min) 9Mick Foran (10:30) 10Nic Barrett (1min)

19/06/21 Round 8 Bcc Road Series-Vale Road Circuit - incorporating BCC Road Championships
RESULTS - 2021 Bathurst Road Championships
A Grade - 1Will Hodges 2Mark Windsor 3Nicholas Barrett 4Jack Cannon 5Bradley Rayner
B Grade - 1David Reece 2Steve Bennett 3Tony Shaw 4Ray Thorn 5Will Lesh
C Grade - 1Mick Foran 2Robert Stephen 3Damien Bennett 4Tim Roebuck 5Phil Stapleton
D Grade - 1Peter Hickey 2Gary Theiss 3David Hyland 4Garry Hamer 5Cathy Adams
Note – Champs Club members Only – Overall -Tom Bolton 1st and David Nicholas 3rd in A Grade – while Jason Minato (Griffith) 3rd B Grade & Lachlan Crump 2nd D Grade

26/06/21 ORegans Road Loop (Trial Race) – Scratch Race
A Grade: 1Will Hodges 2Luke Tuckwell 3Cadel Lovett 4Jack Cannon 5Mark Windsor
B Grade: 1Dave Hanson 2Ian Grant 3Brad Rayner 4Dave Reece 5Oscar Hansen
C Grade: 1Phil Stapleton 2Damien Bennett 3Charlotte Lovett 4Peter Wilson 5Bryce Stacker
D Grade: 1Gary Hamer 2Gary Theiss 3Cathy Adams 4Peter Hickey 5Rosemary Hastings
Top Placed Female: 1Ella Falzarano 2Charlotte Lovett 3Cathy Adams 5Rosemary Hastings 5Robyn Partridge

3/07/21 Round 9 Bcc Road Series-49km X Roads scratch
A Grade: 1Will Hodges 2Luke Tuckwell 3Jeremy Ryan 4Craig Hutton 5Jack Cannon 6Cadel Lovett 7Nic Barrett 8Mark Windsor 9Oscar Hansen
B Grade: 1Steve Bennett 2Dave Hanson 3 Drew Tuckwell 4Will Lesh 5 Dave Reece 6 Ella Falzanaro Steve Scott Ray Thorn Billy Hutton 3Brad Rayner
C Grade: 1Phil Stapleton 2Bryce Stacker 3Damien Bennett 4Mick Foran 5Rob Stephen 6Kevin Bell 7Peter Wilson 8Charlotte Lovett 9 Bruce Hutton
D Grade: 1Tim Howlett 2Gary Theiss 3Gary Hamer 4Peter Hickey 5Cathy Adams 6David Hyland 7Rosemary Hastings

10/07/21 3Roads Handicap
1Will Hodges (Scr) 2Luke Tuckwell (Scr) 3Jack Cannon (2min) 4Cadel Lovett (2min) 5Xavier Bland (5min) 6Jim Allen (19min) 7Gary Hamer (19min) 8Angus Martin (11min) 9Oscar Hansen (2min) 10Cameron Crump (16min)
Fastest Time - 1Will Hodges 59:44 2Luke Tuckwell 3Jack Cannon
First Female – 1Ebony Robinson (15:30min) 2Ella Falzarano (5min) 3Charlotte Lovett (15:30min)

17/07/21 Rockley Loop Handicap -- CANCELLED BAD WEATHER

24/07/21 3Roads Scratch Race - Bathurst Izusu Ute Handicap RESULTS
1 Jim Allan (12m) (56min37sec),  2 Gary Hamer (12m), 3 Charlotte Lovett (7min), 4 Nicholas Barrett (scr), 5 Brian Draper (7min), 6 Rob Stephen (5:30m), 7 Damien Bennett (5:30m),  8 Peter McKinnon (7min), 9Kevin Bell (7min), 10 Lara Allen (20min)
Fastest Time - Nicholas Barrett - 48:34
First Female - 1Charlotte Lovett 2Lara Allen 3Cathy Adams

31/07/21 2Roads Handicap (Sutho Finish) - Bathurst Isuzu Sutho Handicap – 31/07/2021
1Toireasa Gallagher (11:30min), 2Gary Hamer (11:30min), 3Ebony Robinson (10min), 4Brian Draper (10min), 5Cadel Lovett (30sec), 6Nic Barrett (30sec), 7Mark Windsor (30sec), 8Jack Cannon (30sec), 9Brad Rayner (2:30min), 10Jim Allan (10min)
Fastest Time – 1 Cadel Lovett 43:53, 2 Nic Barrett, 3 Mark Windsor
First Female – 1 Toireasa Gallagher, 2 Ebony Robinson, 3 Charlotte Lovett

7/08/21 John Butler and Harry Stephen Trophies X Roads 49km scratch races
46th - John Bulter Memorial - 1Will Hodges 2 Luke Tuckwell 3Nick Barrett 4Cadel Lovett 5Jack Cannon 6Mark Windsor 7Brad Rayner 8Steve Bennett 9Dave Reece 10Drew Tuckwell 11Tony Shaw 12Rod Lovett
Grade Winners
A Grade - 1Will Hodges 2 Luke Tuckwell 3Nick Barrett
B Grade - 1Brad Rayner 2Steve Bennett 3Dave Reece
First Female - Ella Falzanaro

5th Harry Stephen Memorial - 1Brian Draper 2Damian Bennett 3Charlotte Lovett 4Bryce Staker 5Mick Foran 6Rob Stephen 7Darren Fenton 8Kevin Bell 9Peter Wilson 10Ebony Robinson 11Michael Robinson 12Peter Hickey
C Grade - 1Brian Draper 2Damian Bennett 3Charlotte Lovett
D Grade – 1Peter Hickey 2Scott Allen 3 Lara Allen
First Female - 1Charlotte Lovett

14/08/21 2Roads (Quarry) Scratch
A Grade - 1Will Hodges, 2Luke Tuckwell, 3Nicholas Barrett
B Grade - 1Steve Bennett, 2Bradley Rayner, 3Ella Falzanaro
C Grade - 1Rob Stephen, 2Charlotte Lovett, 3Bryce Stacker
D Grade - 1Cathy Adams, 2Robyn Partridge, 3Lara Allen

Covid19 LOCKDOWN --

21/08/21 Inaugural Renshaw's Pedal Project Zwift Lockdown Special Event
Overall Male - 1Mark Windsor (Bathurst) 2Simon Heppell (Dubbo) 3Nick North (Bathurst)
Overall Female - 1Kirsten Howard (Bathurst) 2Kate Spicer (Dubbo) 3Jenn Arnold (Bathurst)
Grade Winners -
A Grade - 1Mark Windsor
B Grade - 1Cameron Arnold - Leading Female B Grade - Kirsten Howard
C Grade - 1Paul Jones - Leading Female C Grade - Alex B.
D Grade - 1 Michael Robinson - Leading Female D Grade - Claire Scott
Green Jersey - Mark Windsor 25.68

28/08/21 Windsor Cycling Heritage Tour - to coincide removal Sportsground Track) - CANCELLED Lockdown Extended

04/09/21 2nd Renshaw's Pedal Project Zwift Lockdown Special Event
RESULTS - Overall Top10 - Luke Tuckwell (Bcc Orange) Nick North(Bath)  Dylan Eather (Dubbo) and Cadel Lovett (Bath) Mark Windsor (Bath) Simon Heppell (Dubbo) 7Kurt Eather (Dubb0) Jeff Frank (Mudgee) Craig McAlister (Bcc Vic) Stephen Jackson (Bath) Overall Female - Kate Spicer (Dubbo) Jenn Arnold (Bath) 3Claire Scott (Bath)

15 September 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Bell Lap Zwift Crit Course - 24 km 12 laps

22 September 2021 - 18:30 2021 AusCycling Club Series - Open Knickerbocker - 23 km1 lap

Waiting News on Covid Lockdown --
To Be Confirmed – Unofficial Only!

25/09/21 XRoads Handicap

03/10/21 2Roads Scratch Race (Sutho Finish)

7-10/10/21 Car Races – Canteen

17/10/21 3Roads Handicap

24/10/21 Rockley Cup 70km, Little Rock 47km, Pebble 18km Trophy Races

31/10/21 TTT (Velo Start)

7/11/21 Remember Them Quarry Trophy Race 2 Roads 29km

14/11/21 3Roads Handicap (Sutho Finish)

21/11/21 Gallagher Women's Handicap Trophy Race 18km

28/11/21 Vale Circuit Handicap

05/12/21 2Roads (Quarry) Handicap

12/12/21 ITT (Velo Start)

19/12/21 Christmas Hampers Ryan's 2 Rds 29km
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Re: Local Racing Events & Results for 2021
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2021 Renshaws Pedal Project Bathurst Road Series
Unofficial Results (03/07/2021) -
A Grade - 1Jack Cannon 180pts 2Mark Windsor 178pts 3Nic Barrett 146pts
B Grade - 1Dave Reece 210pts 2Steve Bennett 199pts 3Will Lesh 161pts
C Grade - 1Dim Bennett 199pts 2Rob Stephen 192pts 3Kevin Bell 157pts
D Grade - 1David Hyland 190pts 2Peter Hickey 182pts 3Cathy Adams 179pts

Past Winners - Renshaws Pedal Project Bathurst Road Series
2018 BCC Road SERIES Cycling Championships
The Series held over 8 rounds between June and November with a total of 70 riders competing.
A grade - 1 Brad Rayner 2 Mark Windsor 3. Steven Dunstall
B grade - 1 Hayden Booth 2 Andrew McGrath 3 Daniel Googe
C grade - 1 Rob Stephen 2 Neville Krahe 3 Graham Stait
D grade - 1 Rosemary Hastings 2 Norman Wise 3 Alex MacQuarrie

2019 BCC Road SERIES Cycling Championships
The Series held over 8 rounds starting March 10th 2019
A Grade - 1st Bradley Rayner 2nd Mark Windsor 3rd Daniel Googe
B Grade – 1st David Reece 2nd Glen Partridge 3rd Rod Esdaile
C Grade – 1st David McKellar 2nd Braedon Smith 3rd NevKrahe
D Grade – 1st Jette McKellar 2nd Phil Cole 3rd Dave Hyland

2020 Bcc “Renshaw Pedal Project” Series Winners
The Series was sponsored by Renshaw Pedal Project in 2020 with 6 rounds contested due to Covid19
A Grade - 1Will Hodges 2Mark Windsor 3Craig Hutton
B Grade - 1David Reece 2Hollee Simons 3Will Lesh
C Grade - 1Nick Barrett 2Phil Stapleton 3Rob Stephen
D Grade - 1David Hyland 3Rosemary Hastings 3Peter Hickey
E Grade - 1Robyn Partridge 2Tracey Robinson 3Joanne Renshaw

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Re: Local Racing Events & Results for 2021
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2021 Most Successful Handicap Riders (up to 12/07/21)
Points for the Top5 in each Bcc Handicap in 2021
5points a win down to 1pointt for 5th

Nick Barrett 16pts
Dave Reece 15pts
Cadel Lovett 14pts
Will Hodges 10pts
Stu Renshaw 10pts
Brad Rayner 10pts
Luke Tuckwell 9pts
Jack Cannon 9pts
Ray Thorn 9pts
Steve Scott 8pts
Tom Bolton 8pts
Dim Bennett 7pts
Steve Bennett 7pts
Geoff Short 6pts
Charlotte Lovett 6pts
Peter Hickey 6pts
Rob Stephen 6pts
Rosemary Hastings 5pts
Dave Hyland 5pts
Mick Robinson 5pts
Tony Shaw 5pts
Xavier Bland 4pts
Kevin Bell 4pts
Vanessa Bennet 4pts
Oscar Hanson 4pts
Phil Stapleton 4pts
Scott Allen 4pts
Will Lesh 4pts