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Bathurst November ITT Event
« on: November 06, 2017, 06:47:19 AM »
Bathurst November ITT Event
Things have been a bit quite with the club events recently at the Bathurst Cycling Club with the major focus on the Track Open which was again a very successful promotion; however the club did run an annual time trial event.
This event in the past has actually been the Clubs long course ITT Title however with plenty of road problems around Perthville at the moment it was very much a scaled down version in 2017 on a shorter course which included Quarry Hill. The course made even tougher by a strong wind which made the event very difficult.
Back on the bike after racing the World Championships in France, Mark Windsor was the Fastest Overall he defeated another of Bathurst World Championships representatives Steve Jackson with Stuart Renshaw enjoying the tough conditions finishing 3rd overall.
In the Grade Results, obviously Windsor was the A Grade winner, with Steve Jackson winning B Grade from Stuart Renshaw, Ian Glen, Brian Draper and Lithgow’s Glen Partridge rounding out the top 5
Darren Fenton had a good day winning C Grade from Phillip Stapleton with Brett Dinger defeating Chris McEwen for third.
While David Hyland had a great battle with Cathy Adams in D Grade winning by less than 1 second.
Overall Result Bathurst Time Trial – 1 Mark Windsor 2 Steve Jackson 3 Stu Renshaw 4 Ian Glen 5 Darren Fenton
Grade Winners A Grade- Mark Windsor (39:06), B Grade- Steve Jackson (42:06), C Grade- Darren Fenton (45:20), D Grade- David Hyland (57:08)