Author Topic: 2019/20 Harold Buttsworth Memorial Wheelrace  (Read 3590 times)


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2019/20 Harold Buttsworth Memorial Wheelrace
« on: July 29, 2020, 11:41:30 PM »
2019/20 Harold Buttsworth Memorial Wheelrace results. (- Dim)

The featured race of the night, the Harold Buttsworth Memorial Wheelrace over five laps went to Billy Hutton. Riding off 80m and with his scratch marker brother Craig and Daniel Googe chasing, he certainly made the superhuman effort to ride through the field. Billy would be the first to attribute part of his win to national track champion Kalinda Robinson who showed her class riding with with A grade field. It was only the quick cadence of another junior Ebony Robinson and ever green Drew Carter that made him work all the way to the line. Billy only taking the lead two meters from the line denying young Ebony.

Bill (returning to the track this season) seemed chuffed with the historic win. Saying later “It’s always important to remember and celebrate the people who have left a legacy within local sporting communities”. He also said he was very stoked that his name will now appear on this trophy!