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2021 Bathurst Cycling Classic - B2B Weekend
« on: March 13, 2021, 11:15:20 PM »
King & Queen of the Mountain:
DAY1 - The Renshaw Pedal Project Hill Climb - Mt Panorama:

Sam Hill has settled all debate on who is the Cycling King of Mt Panorama with a blistering climb up the mountain in the 2021 Renshaw Pedal Project Hill Climb on Friday (12/03/2021). Hill stopped the clock at an eye watering 6min 45.07sec to defeat his brother and defending NSW Hill Climb champ Ben Hill who also broke the 7 minute barrier on the course starting at the Mt Panorama finish line to the middle of Brock Skyline.
For around One and Half decades the Mt Panorama back roads have been used for the CNSW Champs however in 2021 the weekends hill climb was moved onto the motor racing circuit to a course used by the local cycling club and cycling promotor Martin Whitely as far back as the 1970s.

In recent times local cycling professionals have swapped fastest times up the famous motor circuit on the GPS monitoring app Strava with Tour de France star Mark Renshaw recording six & half minutes up the climb in 2013 in front of a group of spectators to set what was believed to be the fast climb up the Mountain. This segment is shorter than the weekend’s event, so a quick check of Strava confirms that Sam & Ben along with a number of the other riders in the top 10 have all bettered Renshaw’s Strava time.

But of course these Strava Time are unofficial records at best; for a record to be official it should be recorded in a race or championship; and by an independent timing authority.

Many of the local climbing records where on much shorter courses however in 1986 the Mt Panorama 600 promotor Martin Whiteley contacted NSW cycling federation to hold the 1986 Hill Climb Championship on the famous motor circuit as a warm up to his Mt Panorama 600 cycle race. The Hill climb was won by English Professional Denis Lightfoot who broke 7 minutes (6m 51.67) up the mountain in what was considered the fastest official climb up Mt Panorama. Sam Hill’s 6min 45.07sec on a longer course clearly now the fastest cyclist to ride up Mt Panorama.

So what of the Female Record? Although Olympic gold medallist Kathy Watt road the Martin Whiteley event and it credited with the lap record there was no female times for any female to the top of the mountain from a standing start. Obviously then Emily Watts 8:26.21 set in the Renshaw Pedal Project is fastest time officially recorded up Mt Panorama by a female.

So Sam Hill and Emily Watts are the true King and Queen of Mountain on the Mt Panorama motor racing circuit, and possible the King and Queen of the Mountain overall, as their times are obviously faster than the other record times on the other courses used in the past.. 
Results – 2021 Renshaw pedal Project Hill Climb – Mt Panorama 12/03/2021

Division 1 Men - 1st Samuel Hill Tamworth 6:45.07   
Division 2 Men - 1st Brayden Bloch Randwick Botany 7:53.85
Division 3 Men - 1st Malcolm Taylor Randwick Botany 8:51.00     
Ride Category Men – 1st Mark Renshaw Bathurst 8:34

Division 1 Women - Emily Watts Sydney Uni Velo 8:26.21    
Division 2 Women - 1st Erin Chamberlen Randwick Botany 9:43.80
Division 3 Women - 1st   Jasmine Lamont Central Coast 11:21.54
Ride Category Women – 1st Anna Murray Randwick Botany 10:51.75


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Re: 2021 Bathurst Cycling Classic - B2B Weekend
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2021, 11:16:42 PM »
Tour de Cure Bathurst Cycling Classic Criteriums
Local Bathurst resident Tom Bolton started one of the favourites for the Div1 men’s event at the 2021 Tour de Cure Bathurst Cycling Classic Criteriums in the Mt Panorama pit Complex and didn’t let down his Oliver’s Racing Team winning an entertaining racing from former national junior representative Stephen Cuff. Ben Hill moved into the overall lead in the Div1 Mens tour finishing 3rd in the stage.
Emily Watts continued her brilliant form in the womens Div1 race again defeating Sydney Uni Velo team mate Gina Ricardo with the pair building at nice buffer over the field in the race for the overall.

Brief Results -
Division 1 Men - 1st Tom BOLTON Dulwich Hill – Olivers, 2nd Stephen CUFF Penrith CC - Avantias, 3rd Ben HILL Canberra – BridgeLane
Division 1 Women - 1st Emily WATTS Sydney Uni Velo Club, 2nd Gina RICARDO Sydney Uni Velo Club, 3rd Nicole WILSON Sydney Uni Velo Club   
Division 2 Men - 1st Brayden BLOCH Randwick Botany, 2nd Robbie ALLEN Randwick Botany, 3rd Maximilian CYRESZKO St George
Division 2 Women - 1st Peta BRILL Vikings, 2nd Erin CHAMBERLEN Randwick Botany, 3rd Joan KUHRMANN Manly Warringah CC
Division 3 Men – Naturalised due to fall
Division 3 Women -1st Dominique HENRY Sydney, 2nd Jasmine LAMONT Central Coast, 3rd Anna WATT Inverell

See Full Results at -


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Re: 2021 Bathurst Cycling Classic - B2B Weekend
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2021, 02:29:02 PM »
DAY 3 - 2021 Bathurst Cycling Classic – 100km B2B Road Race.

Emily Watts and Gina Ricardo put on a great race in the 2021 Bathurst Cycling Classic B2B Stage with only millimetres between them at the end of 100km of racing.. Local cyclist Emily getting the win to give her back to back B2B wins!! 

It was a great battle in the Division1 Mens Category with Bridge Lane taking on Oliver Racing for the Stage.  Sam Hill jumping first and held a small gap to the finish to hold out Oliver’s Tom Bolton for the win. Ben Hill’s third place giving him the overall win,

Bathurst Cycling Classic B2B Stage3 Result

Division 1 Men – 1st Samuel Hill 2:27:59, 2nd Tom Bolton 3rd Ben Hill
Division 2 Men – 1st Bob Brace 2:43:01, 2nd Brayden Bloch 3rd Ben Treble   
Division 3 Men – 1st Ross Bowles 2:58:00, 2nd Adam Hartard 3rd Matthew Passerini

Division 1Women - 1st Emily Watts 2:58:58, 2nd Gina Ricardo 3rd Nicole Wilson
Division 2 Women - 1st Erin Chamberlen 3:04:42, 2nd Sheryl Rotondo 3rd Joan Kuhrmann
Division 3 Women - 1st Jasmine Lamont 3:19:51 2nd Dominique Henry 3rd Anna Watt

Overall RIDE Category:
MALE – 1st Andrew Hellmich 2:43:37.56 2nd Nicholas Barrett 2:43:45.76 3rd Jack Cannon 2:43:46.20
FEMALE – 1st Megan Scott 2:58:38.40 2nd Eloise Warren 2:59:27.29 3rd Shaneen Marshall 2:59:55.28

Official Results --


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Re: 2021 Bathurst Cycling Classic - B2B Weekend
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2021, 02:42:56 PM »
General Classification
Maybe the best ever result for the local riders in the history of the Bathurst Cycling Classic with Emily Watts winning the Womens Division 1 and another former Bathurst rider Vanessa Benett also in the Top10. Three locals in the top 10 in the Mens Divisions, Bathurst Resident Tom Bolton riding a great race to finish runner-up overall to top international rider Ben Hill and both Will Hodges and Junior Luke Tuckwell again showing plenty of potential finishing in the top 10 overall in Division 1. Craig Hutton also riding well in the top grade after focusing on his Mountain Biking this year.
Locals also performing well in the other Divisions - Jeremy Ryan (7th) and 29th Stuart Renshaw (29th) in Division 2 while David Reece (13th) Bruce Hutton (24th) in Division 3.
Bathurst riders also on the podium in the RIDE Category included - Nicholas Barrett (2nd) and  Jack Cannon (3rd) in the 100km B2B; and Tour De France star taking a bit of time from his other commitments to win the Renshaw Pedal Project Hill Climb with Mark Windsor 2nd.
Others locals to finish in the Top 50 of the 100km B2B Ride included - Illana Jones 49th overall in the Womens Ride Category - then John Roberts (14th) Steven Scott (18th) Ian Glen (43rd) Tony Barlow (44th) James Byrne (40th) Bruce Goddard (50th) in the Mens 100km Ride.
Just behind then included- 96th Mick Foran 144th Neville Krahe 159 Bryce Stacker 161 Alan Cattermole 185 James Tayler 186 Sam Forbutt 195 Tin Huynh 214 David Taylor 284 Bruce Weal 312 Greg Ryan 357 Christopher Jones.. super efforts by all in the conditions and all other finishers
Then of Course we have the unluck ones including Josh Ryan Shane Smiles and Andrew McGrath who slipped in the wet on Mt Panorama and had to withdraw, Andrew has always rode very well in the B2B and disappointing that he had to withdraw when we where all expecting a good time.

Overall RESULTS -    
Division 1 Men - 1st Ben Hill 128 2nd Tom Bolton 123 3rd Daniel Luke 117 4th Samuel Hill 116 5th Luke Cridland 104 6th Tom Chester 97 7th Benjamin Dyball 71 8th Will Hodges 70 9th Tom Lynch 63 10th Luke Tuckwell 54

Division 1 Women - 1st Emily Watts 140 2nd Gina Ricardo 133 3rd Eline Smit 102 4th Chloe Heffernan 97 5th Paula Schulz 95 6th Haylee Fuller 89 7th Jennifer Darmody 88 8th Katie Banerjee 88 9th Lucie Fityus 78 10th Vanessa Benett 75

Other Divisions & local results-
Division2 Men - 1st Brayden BLOCH (Others - 7th Jeremy RYAN 29th Stuart RENSHAW)
Division 3 Men - 1st Adam HARTARD (Others - 13th David REECE 24th Bruce HUTTON)
Division2 Women - 1st Erin CHAMBERLEN
Division3 Women – 1st Jasmine LAMONT

Overall RIDE Category 100km B2B:
MALE - 1 Andrew Hellmich 2:43:37.56 2 Nicholas Barrett 2:43:45.76 3 Jack Cannon 2:43:46.20
FEMALE - 1 Megan Scott 2:58:38.40 2 Eloise Warren 2:59:27.29 3 Shaneen Marshall 2:59:55.28
Others locals included - Illana Jones, John Roberts, Steven Scott, Ian Glen, Tony Barlow, James Byrne, Bruce Goddard, Mick Foran Neville Krahe, Bryce Stacker, Alan Cattermole, James Tayler, Sam Forbutt, Tin Huynh, David Taylor, Bruce Weal, Greg Ryan, Christopher Jones

Overall RIDE Category Renshaw Pedal Project Hill Climb:[/b]
MALE - 1st Mark Renshaw Bathurst 8:34 2nd Mark Windsor 3rd Michael Troup
FEMALE - 1st Anna Murray 10:51.75 2nd Jemima Paxton 3rd Helen Springer
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